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    2018-06-24 16:58:48
    JSONObject json = JsonUtil.parseObject(jsonStr, JSONObject.class); List<JSONObject> arr = JSON.parseArray(json.getString("data"),JSONObject.class);
    JSONObject json = JsonUtil.parseObject(jsonStr, JSONObject.class);
    List<JSONObject> arr = JSON.parseArray(json.getString("data"),JSONObject.class);
  • json嵌套jsonWhile Voorhees, Statham, and Derulo all have their talents, both good and evil, I would propose that the best Json goes to the machine-readable file format. Json, or rather JSON, is an ...


    While Voorhees, Statham, and Derulo all have their talents, both good and evil, I would propose that the best Json goes to the machine-readable file format. Json, or rather JSON, is an important acronym in the tech world. JSON stands for JavaScript Object Notation. It is frequently used by data professionals, software engineers, and folks in IT. If you have never written a piece of code, this will seem like a foreign language to you. Guess what? It is.

    尽管Voorhees,Statham和Derulo都有自己的才能,无论善与恶,但我还是建议最好的Json使用机器可读的文件格式。 Json,或者说JSON,是科技界的重要首字母缩写。 JSON代表JavaScript对象符号。 数据专业人员,软件工程师和IT人员经常使用它。 如果您从未编写过一段代码,那么对于您来说,这似乎是一种外语。 你猜怎么了? 它是。

    Let’s break it down.


    {JS:JavaScript} ({ JS: JavaScript })

    JavaScript is a scripting or programming language that allows you to implement complex features on web pages (per Mozilla). This is one of the most popular programming languages used for constructing websites. Whether you are visiting Zillow.com or Gap.com , or almost any website, it is highly likely that the construction relies, to some extent, on JavaScript. How do I know that they use JavaScript?

    JavaScript是一种脚本或编程语言 ,可让您在网页上(按Mozilla )实现复杂的功能。 这是用于构建网站的最流行的编程语言之一。 无论您访问的是Zillow.com还是Gap.com或几乎任何网站,该构造在某种程度上都依赖JavaScript。 我怎么知道他们使用JavaScript?

    Let’s take a look.


    1. Open up a new tab and go to Gap.com (see images below).

      打开一个新标签,然后转到Gap.com (请参见下图)。

    2. Right click anywhere on the page and select, “Inspect Element” or “Inspect”, depending on your browser. This will open a new panel in the window from the bottom half.

      右键单击页面上的任意位置,然后根据您的浏览器选择“检查元素”或“检查”。 这将在下半部分的窗口中打开一个新面板。
    3. In this new panel, confirm that you are on the “Elements” or “Inspector” tab. Scroll up or down until you see the word, “text/javascript” or a file name that ends in “.js”.

      在此新面板中,确认您位于“元素”或“检查器”选项卡上。 向上或向下滚动,直到看到单词“ text / javascript”或以“ .js”结尾的文件名。
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    Go to Gap.com. Right click and select “Inspect” or “Inspect Element”.
    转到Gap.com。 右键单击并选择“检查”或“检查元素”。
    Image for post
    Image for post
    Under the “Elements” or “Inspector” tab, you can look for mentions of “javascript” or “.js” files.
    在“元素”或“检查器”选项卡下,您可以查找对“ javascript”或“ .js”文件的提及。

    One example of code is a line that reads the following:


    <script type=”text/javascript” src=”/static_content/onesitecategory/components/mfe/sitewide-app/69.5e08e990.js? defer=”defer”.></script>

    The above line calls one specific JavaScript file to run a set of code, or instructions. The instructions (i.e. JavaScript) change how the Gap homepage looks and feels when you interact with it.

    上一行调用一个特定JavaScript文件来运行一组代码或指令。 这些说明(即JavaScript)更改了与Gap主页交互时的外观。

    {ON:对象符号} ({ ON: Object Notation })

    Merriam-Webster defines notation as a system of characters, symbols, or abbreviated expressions used in an art or science or in mathematics or logic to express technical facts or quantities. One common notation is using $x$ to represent an unknown value, or variable, in mathematics. However, in this instance, humans designed JSON as a specific notation that can be easily interpreted by a machine. An apt comparison for notation that is easily human-readable would be a grocery list. The graphic below shows the transition of a typical grocery list from normal human notation into a JSON format.

    Merriam-Webster将符号定义为在艺术或科学,数学或逻辑中用于表达技术事实或数量的字符,符号或缩写表达形式的系统。 一种常见的表示法是使用$ x $表示数学中的未知值或变量。 但是,在这种情况下,人们将JSON设计为一种特定的符号,可以由机器轻松解释。 一个易于理解的符号比较是一个购物清单。 下图显示了典型的杂货清单从普通的人类符号到JSON格式的过渡。

    Image for post

    In this graphic, the objects are the name of the list, the categories of grocery items, and the various items themselves. Each object is surrounded by curly brackets, while the items inside them are written as “key” : “value” pairs. You can try writing in a JSON format here.

    在此图形中,对象是列表的名称,杂货项目的类别以及各种项目本身。 每个对象都用大括号括起来,而其中的项目则写为“键”:“值”对。 您可以在此处尝试以JSON格式编写。

    {如何解释JSON? } ({ How Can I Interpret JSON? })

    Because JSON files are difficult for humans to interpret, programmers need to eventually convert the output into something more readable. If you don’t have any programming knowledge and need to interpret a JSON file, there are JSON viewers on the web. We can test one out with the grocery list in JSON format from the image above.

    由于JSON文件难以让人理解,因此程序员需要最终将输出转换为更具可读性的内容。 如果您没有任何编程知识,并且需要解释JSON文件,那么网络上就有JSON查看器。 我们可以从上图使用JSON格式的杂货店清单进行测试。

    1. Open a new tab for this JSON viewer (see images below).

      为此JSON 查看器打开一个新标签(请参见下图)。

    2. While in the “Text” tab, paste in the JSON code below:


      {“Grocery List”: {“Food”: { “Bread”: “1 loaf”, “Chips”: “2 bags” }, “Drinks”: {“Soda”: “2 12 packs”, “Water”: “1 case”}, “Other”: {“Paper Towels”: “4 rolls”, “Cups”: “30 plastic cups”}}}

      {“杂货清单”:{“食物”:{“面包”:“ 1条面包”,“薯片”:“ 2袋”},“饮料”:{“苏打水”:“ 2 12包”,“水”: “ 1个案例”},“其他”:{“毛巾纸”:“ 4卷”,“杯子”:“ 30个塑料杯”}}}

    3. Click the “Viewer” tab

    4. Click the plus signs to keep opening up the different objects.

    Image for post
    Paste in the JSON string from above.
    Image for post
    In the Viewer tab, click the plus signs to open up the objects.

    {为什么JSON重要? } ({ Why is JSON Important? })

    Imagine trying to read a Harry Potter novel written in JSON format. Reading an entire chapter would probably take hours and it would give you a headache. This is comparable to the struggle that machines have with reading and interpreting our novels written in paragraph form, except I don’t think computers can have headaches. Regardless, a machine can read a JSON formatted file MUCH FASTER than data or text written in a human-readable format. Programmers refer to speed as performance. Programmers love it when their code has high performance (i.e. executes quickly).

    想象一下,尝试阅读用JSON格式编写的哈利波特小说。 阅读整章可能要花费几个小时,这会让您头疼。 这与机器在阅读和解释以段落形式写成的小说时所进行的斗争相当,但我认为计算机不会让人头疼。 无论如何,与以人类可读格式写入的数据或文本相比,机器读取JSON格式的文件都要快得多。 程序员将速度称为性能。 当程序员的代码具有高性能(即快速执行)时,程序员会喜欢它。

    Image for post

    Next time you hear someone mention JSON, it will no longer seem like a foreign language to you. No need to bite your pencil out of frustration. Think back to your grocery list. All JSON does is transform information into a different format. The new format allows machines to read the information quicker. I’m sure you will perform well, too.

    下次您听到有人提到JSON时,对您而言,它将不再像外国语言。 无需因挫折而咬铅笔。 回想一下您的购物清单。 JSON所做的只是将信息转换为其他格式。 新格式使机器可以更快地读取信息。 我相信您也会表现出色。

    ~ The Data Generalist


    翻译自: https://towardsdatascience.com/tech101-who-is-json-ab670914a9bb


  • json嵌套取值

    2019-07-22 15:58:28
    对于json嵌套,":"前是键,符号后是值大括号成对找,一层层剥开. 从外到里看,例子中就是一个数组,数组里面是两个json格式的字符串 取出name4值过程步骤: 1,将以上字符串转换为JSONArray对象; 2,取出对象...



    取出name4值过程步骤: 1,将以上字符串转换为JSONArray对象;







    JSONArray getJsonArray=JSONArray.fromObject(arrayStr);//将结果转换成JSONArray对象的形式
    JSONObject getJsonObj = getJsonArray.getJSONObject(0);//获取json数组中的第一项
    String result=getJsonObj.getJSONObject("name1").getJSONObject("name2").getJSONObject("name4");
  • java实现,json嵌套json

    2019-09-25 10:06:59
    java实现,json嵌套json Map<String, String> predata = new HashMap<String, String>(); Map<String, Object> returnCode = new HashMap<String, Object>(); predata.put(“state”, ...

    Map<String, String> predata = new HashMap<String, String>();
    Map<String, Object> returnCode = new HashMap<String, Object>();

    predata.put(“state”, “正常”);
    predata.put(“state1”, “超分”);
    predata.put(“state2”, “超分2”);
    predata.put(“state3”, “超分3”);
    predata.put(“state4”, “超分4”);

    returnCode.put(“returnMsg”, “异常”);
    returnCode.put(“returnMsg2”, “异常2”);
    returnCode.put(“returnMsg3”, “异常3”);

    String msgData = JacksonUtils.serialObject(predata);
    returnCode.put(“info”, predata);
    String msgew = JacksonUtils.serialObject(returnCode);
    System.out.println(msgew );

    import java.io.IOException;
    import com.fasterxml.jackson.core.JsonParseException;
    import com.fasterxml.jackson.core.JsonProcessingException;
    import com.fasterxml.jackson.databind.DeserializationFeature;
    import com.fasterxml.jackson.databind.JsonNode;
    import com.fasterxml.jackson.databind.ObjectMapper;
    import com.fasterxml.jackson.databind.ser.FilterProvider;
    public class JacksonUtils {
    	 * @param val
    	 * @param cls
    	 * @return
    	 * @throws JsonParseException
    	 * @throws IOException
    	public static <T> T parseJsonFromString(String val, Class<T> cls) throws JsonParseException, IOException {
    		ObjectMapper mapper = new ObjectMapper();
    		mapper.configure(DeserializationFeature.FAIL_ON_UNKNOWN_PROPERTIES, false);
    		return mapper.readValue(val, cls);
    	 * @param obj
    	 * @param filters
    	 * @return
    	 * @throws JsonProcessingException
    	public static String serialObject(Object obj, FilterProvider filters) throws JsonProcessingException {
    		ObjectMapper mapper = new ObjectMapper();
    		if (filters != null) {
    		return mapper.writeValueAsString(obj);
    	 * @param val
    	 * @return
    	 * @throws JsonParseException
    	 * @throws IOException
    	public static JsonNode parseJsonFromString(String val) throws JsonParseException, IOException {
    		ObjectMapper mapper = new ObjectMapper();
    		return mapper.readTree(val);
    	 * @param obj
    	 * @return
    	 * @throws JsonProcessingException
    	public static String serialObject(Object obj) throws JsonProcessingException {
    		return serialObject(obj, null);
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    2019-04-11 10:54:03
    解析json嵌套问题 package jansonDemo; import com.alibaba.fastjson.JSON; import com.alibaba.fastjson.JSONArray; import com.alibaba.fastjson.JSONObject; p...
  • 比如JSONObject: {"temp1":{"b":"2","a":"1"},"tem2":{"d":"4","c":"3"}} 也许json里无限嵌套 怎么递归获取json嵌套json里面的值?
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    go语言json嵌套数组结构体用法 一、转换思路 一个json对象就是一个结构体 一个json数组就是一个切片 json数组放json对象就是切片里面放结构体 二、实例 package main import( "encoding/json" "fmt" ) ...
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    2014-11-11 11:44:41
    关于json嵌套解析5 Java代码  {   "fullname": "Sean Kelly",   "org": "SK Consulting",   "emailaddrs": [   {"type": "work", "value": "kelly@seankelly.biz"},   
  • go语言json嵌套数组Map用法

    千次阅读 2019-08-16 10:34:25
    go语言json嵌套数组Map用法 一、转换思路 一个json对象就是一个map 一个json数组就是一个切片 json数组放对象就是相当于切片里面放map 二、实例 package main import( "encoding/json" "fmt" ) func ...
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    C#获取 json嵌套的数组 json对象datas: {"type":1,"message":null,"resultdata":{"totalCount":2,"pageSize":30,"pageNo":1,"pageCount": 1,"list":[{"meterNo":"000041100039","date":"20190308114451687",...
  • Android 解析无Key值JSON嵌套数组问题一、解析values值 先看看JSON是否符合规范二、观察这个JSON的结构,JSON结构是JsonArray - JsonArray - JsonArry - JsonObject,没有key1.结构清晰,先创建一个和Json结构符合的...
  • 使用fastjson 解析实体嵌套,只要一行代码就可以解析负责的json嵌套.zip,太多无法一一验证是否可用,程序如果跑不起来需要自调,部分代码功能进行参考学习。
  • go json嵌套数组结构体用法

    万次阅读 2015-12-08 23:14:56
    由于之前没有很好理解json,导致今天写单元测试的时候写json嵌套出现了大麻烦,记录一下。 golang生成json和解json数据都很简单,通过官方的“encoding/json”包,调用json.Marshal生成()和json.Unmarshal()解数据...
  • json嵌套json

    千次阅读 2016-02-14 10:59:47
    public string GetTdj()  {  DataSet ds = bll.GetAllDJtdjDS(PublicModels.XmGuid);  DataTable dt = ds.Tables[0];  DataTable dt_XM = new DataTable("XM");
  • 各位大神刚开始学spark sql想处理json数据,一般的json数据没问题,但是当json串中有json嵌套数组时,就不太清楚怎样获取这个数据里每一项的数据,请各位指点。格式如 {"name":"Yin","address":[{"city":"Columbus",...
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    千次阅读 2019-07-06 14:58:33
    string转化为json json在变为string 假如json为{“code”:200,“info”:{“token”:一大堆啥,"accid":一大堆啥}} 代码没写全,只是个参考,主要是想记录一下httpClient一般使用情况,外加json转变问题 不过...
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    千次阅读 2018-10-21 11:02:48
    jQuery 获取json 嵌套数组中的数据 代码 最近在学习使用echarts需要用到json,走过无数坑爹路…… 其实思路特别简单 但就是没有好好观察给的json的数据规律 耗费了好多时间T T //1.json中的数据: //{ // &quot;...
  • Json嵌套数组文件效果图: 一、思路分析: ①观察发现是2层嵌套 ②使用List集合实现--->创建类--->List集合--->Newtonsoft.json.dll 二、实现步骤 2.1、创建第2层嵌套的基础类:MapInfo.cs ...
  • 手把手教你实现json嵌套对象的范式化和反范式化 在json对象嵌套比较复杂的情况下,可以将复杂的嵌套对象转化成范式化的数据。比如后端返回的json对象比较复杂,前端需要从复杂的json对象中提取数据然后呈现在页面...
  • scala中json嵌套json

    2019-08-28 11:15:58
    最近在使用神策的时候,要把自己的一部分数据导入神策中 遇到问题: 1.因为 hdfsImporter 无法把数据直接导入到 kudu 中,用户数据都是存在 kudu 中的。所以会经过 kafka 到 kudu 目前机制是,hdfsImporter 导入...
  • 日志格式如下: {"ip":"","requestbody":[{"timestamp":"1590129627820","type\":\"page_view\"},{"timestamp":"1590239627820","type\":\"page_...mapreduce解析多层json嵌套日志,并输出到不同路径
  • Json解析(Json集合,Json嵌套)

    千次阅读 2018-12-02 16:15:15
    导入maven依赖: &lt;dependency&gt; &lt;groupId&gt;net.sf.json-lib&...json-lib&lt;/artifactId&gt; &lt;version&gt;2.4&lt;/version&gt; &lt;cl
  • Jackson JSON has no problem serializing/deserializing this class:public class MyClass {public class Nested {public String string;public Nested() {}}public Nested nestedVar;}but on this one:public clas...
  • jmeter 请求发送加密参数(其中包含Json嵌套)在Https接口涉及到验签问题,需要将Request的请求参数加密生成一个signature值,再和请求参数一起发送,其中还有List列表: 验签的方法实现 请求参数的组装加密生成...
  • 我使用Jackson注解解析JSON...使用Jackson注解解析嵌套Json在Scala中JSON文件来如:{"expand":"schema","maxResults":50,"total":542,"issues":[{"expand":"operation,transit","id":"23121","fields":{"customf...
  • I've got following classes:public class Container {private String name;private Data data;}public class Data {private Long id;}When I serialize Container class using Jackson I get{"name":"Some name","d...
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    千次阅读 2016-05-19 17:56:41
    (一)中提及了jsonModel这个开源库:这里介绍一下它的(嵌套解析)用法。 以下是从服务器获得的数据: 1.首先声明一个继承自JSONModel的基类: //.h #import "JSONModel.h" @interface ...


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