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    aws认证考试 AWS认证:参加考试 (AWS Certification: Taking the Exam)A short time ago I wrote two pieces on this platform to outline why you should consider taking an AWS Certifications exam and how to ...


    A short time ago I wrote two pieces on this platform to outline why you should consider taking an AWS Certifications exam and how to go about preparing for it. As I wrote them I was also preparing for an exam, myself. And guess what: I passed the AWS Certified Solutions Architect Professional exam!

    不久前,我在该平台上写了两篇文章,概述了您为什么应该考虑参加AWS认证考试以及如何进行准备 。 当我写信给他们时,我自己也在准备考试。 猜猜是什么: 我通过了AWS认证解决方案架构师专业考试

    In this piece, I want to go through my experience of taking the exam online, what you can expect to happen on the day of the exam, and what happens after gaining your certification.


    准备考试区 (Preparing your exam area)

    Due to the current global health situation, AWS is offering online proctoring for their certification exams. This means you can take your exam from the comfort of your own home. However, there are some steps you need to take to prepare your exam environment to make sure it goes as smoothly as possible:

    由于当前的全球健康状况,AWS为他们的认证考试提供在线指导。 这意味着您可以在家中舒适地进行考试。 但是,您需要采取一些步骤来准备考试环境,以确保其顺利进行:

    • Set up your exam space in an empty room if possible

    • Make sure there are no books, magazines, or other paperwork nearby

    • Set up your exam desk so that there will be a blank wall in front of you, if you can

    • Ensure the area immediately to your sides and behind you are also clear

    • If there are TVs or computer monitors nearby, unplug them

    • Remove any watch you are wearing

    • Make sure your computer is plugged into a charger


    Why do all this? Well, when you check in for your exam, you will be asked to provide photographs of your exam space. Just before the exam begins, the proctor will call you via your computer to go through a few things with you and will ask you to show the view in front of you (hopefully a blank wall).

    为什么要这样? 好吧,当您报名参加考试时,系统会要求您提供您考试空间的照片。 在考试即将开始之前,监理人员会通过计算机呼叫您,与您进行几件事,然后要求您在您面前显示视图(希望是一堵空白的墙)。

    If you take a little bit of time to think about and prepare your exam space, you can avoid any distracting delays before the exam begins.


    考试经历 (The exam experience)

    If you’ve taken the time to try some sample exams during your studies, you will know that the exam is in a multiple choice question format. You should know, approximately, how much time you have to spend on each question: sometimes you’ll go a little over that time, other times you’ll spend less time on a question. On average, try not to spend too long on a question.

    如果您花时间在学习过程中尝试一些示例考试,则您会知道该考试采用多项选择题格式。 您应该大概知道每个问题要花多少时间:有时您会花一些时间,而其他时候您会花更少的时间在一个问题上。 平均而言,尽量不要花太长时间在一个问题上。

    If you are unsure of any question or answer, you have the option to flag a question for review later on. Make sure you do this: I’ve sometimes found that I’ve been unsure of an answer I’ve given, only to find that a later question somehow gives a bit of extra information that’s useful to the first question. At the end of the exam you might find yourself with some extra time: use this time to review the questions you’ve flagged, even if you do feel mentally tired. It’s a very good way to pull in a few extra marks to get you over the line to pass the exam. Remember, there is no negative marking, so even if you get an answer wrong you won’t be penalised.

    如果不确定任何问题或答案,则可以选择标记问题以供日后检查。 确保您这样做:我有时发现我不确定自己给出的答案,只是发现后面的问题以某种方式提供了一些对第一个问题有用的额外信息。 在考试结束时,您可能会发现自己有一些额外的时间:即使您确实感到精神上的疲倦,也可以利用这段时间来复习已举报的问题。 这是增加一些额外分数以使您通过考试的一种非常好的方法。 请记住,没有负面的标记,因此即使您回答错误,也不会受到惩罚。

    Throughout the exam you will be monitored via camera and microphone by the proctor. If you’re like me, you will be a person who normally “beard strokes” and looks into the distance while thinking about a problem. Try not to do this during the exam, as the proctor will ask you to stop. If you do any actions which the proctor considers to be signs of cheating, they may end the exam and you will not pass.

    在整个考试过程中,监考人员将通过摄像头和麦克风对您进行监控。 如果您像我一样,您将是一个通常会“胡须抚摸”并在思考问题时注视着远方的人。 考试期间尽量不要这样做,因为督导员会要求您停止。 如果您执行了督导员认为是作弊迹象的任何动作,则他们可能会终止考试并且您不会通过。

    失败是宝贵的经验 (Failure is an invaluable experience)

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    If you’ve done all the above and done some good preparation in the days and weeks before the exam, you should — hopefully! — have had a good exam experience and now be the proud owner of an AWS certification.

    如果您已完成上述所有工作,并且在考试前的几天和几周做了一些良好的准备,则应该-希望如此! -拥有良好的考试经验,现在是AWS认证的骄傲所有者。

    If things didn’t go well for you, don’t worry. I truly believe that failing is the best way to learn, and a AWS certification exam is no exception: you will now have real exam experience, you’ll know what topics were challenging to you, and you’ll know what to expect for the next time you sit the exam. This information is invaluable.

    如果事情对您不利,请放心。 我真的相信,失败是最好的学习方法,AWS认证考试也不例外:您现在将拥有真正的考试经验,您将知道哪些主题对您构成挑战,并且您将对考试有什么期望下次您参加考试。 这些信息是无价的

    You have a couple of weeks before you can sit the exam again. Go ahead and reschedule your exam, and spend the time refocusing to build your new study plan.

    您有几周的时间才能再次参加考试。 继续并重新安排考试时间,并花时间重新调整重点,以建立新的学习计划。

    Trust me on this. I’ve failed AWS certification exams before, and while it’s disappointing at the time, it always allows me to rethink my exam approach and pass it with flying colours the next time I take it.

    相信我 我之前未通过AWS认证考试,虽然当时令人失望,但它始终使我能够重新思考自己的考试方法,并在下次参加考试时让其通过考试。

    我通过考试了! 接下来发生什么? (I passed the exam! What happens next?)

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    First and foremost, achieving an AWS certification will affirm your knowledge and experience of the technologies offered by Amazon Web Services. It will mean you have proven competency to create, work with, and engineer solutions in the cloud. That, in itself, is a great thing to have, but that’s not all there is.

    首先,获得AWS认证将肯定您对Amazon Web Services提供的技术的了解和经验。 这意味着您具有在云中创建,使用和设计解决方案的能力。 这本身就是一件很棒的事情,但这还不是全部。

    As soon as you achieve certification, you open up new opportunities and avenues in your professional life. AWS is a major player in the cloud space and companies and organisations using AWS will always be on the lookout for skilled engineers: having a certification immediately gives you an edge over non-certified job applicants, and because your skills are so in demand right now, you also have the means to negotiate a higher salary.

    一旦获得认证,您就可以在职业生涯中开辟新的机会和途径。 AWS是云计算领域的主要参与者,使用AWS的公司和组织将一直在寻找技术熟练的工程师:获得认证会立即使您比未认证的求职者更有优势,并且因为您的技能现在非常需要,您也可以协商更高的薪水。

    In fact, as soon as you add your new AWS certification to your LinkedIn profile, I guarantee that you will see more talent recruiters vying for your attention.


    Many companies who operate in the cloud are members of the AWS Partner Network (APN). This is a partner program for businesses who leverage AWS to build and provide cloud-solutions to their own customers. However, in order become an APN partner, a business needs to meet some criteria based on its size: one of these criteria is that the business needs to have a certain number of AWS Certified employees. Straight away you can see how having an AWS certification could make you a highly sought-after employee for such partners.

    许多在云中运营的公司都是AWS Partner Network(APN)的成员 。 这是针对利用AWS为自己的客户构建并提供云解决方案的企业的合作伙伴计划。 但是,要成为APN合作伙伴,企业需要根据其规模满足一些条件:这些条件之一是企业需要具有一定数量的AWS认证员工。 马上,您就会看到拥有AWS认证如何使您成为此类合作伙伴的抢手员工。

    最后的想法 (Final thoughts)

    Preparing for and sitting an AWS exam is not an easy task, but going into the challenge with a positive attitude and a good study plan will make it go as smoothly as possible for you. Putting in the work to achieve an AWS certification is a task that is worthwhile and rewarding: not only rewarding in the personal sense but also in the sense that it can open up whole new avenues of opportunity for you.

    准备和参加AWS考试不是一件容易的事,但是以积极的态度良好的学习计划来应对挑战将使您的考试尽可能顺利。 投入工作来获得AWS认证是一项值得且有意义的任务:不仅是个人意义上的奖励,而且还在于它可以为您打开全新的机会之道。

    Whether you already work with AWS or are hoping to broaden your horizons, I encourage you to take those steps to achieving certification. And when you do pass that exam, be proud of what you’ve done because you absolutely deserve it.

    无论您已经使用AWS还是希望拓宽视野,我都鼓励您采取这些步骤来获得认证。 当你这样做传递考试,为你做了什么,因为你绝对值得骄傲。

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  • aws认证考试的难度并不是很大,很多人认真备考几个月都会通过,而且现在云计算发展比较好,aws认证证书作用比较大。aws认证有用吗?怎么备考AWS认证考试? 下面认证大使就来给大家详细介绍下吧。 一、AWS认证体系...

    aws认证考试的难度并不是很大,很多人认真备考几个月都会通过,而且现在云计算发展比较好,aws认证证书作用比较大。aws认证有用吗?怎么备考AWS认证考试? 下面认证大使就来给大家详细介绍下吧。


    针对不同职位对AWS技能的要求不同,AWS认证体系包括系统架构师(Solutions Architect)、开发者(Developer)和系统管理员(SysOps Administrator)这三类,其中每个类别会有两个级别:助理级(Associate Level)和专业级(Professional Level)。











    最重要的是,考生也可以获得其他AWS认证,从而拓宽他们的技能。每一位AWS专业人员都不需要坚持某一个特定的角色。例如,你可以在获得AWS助理级Devloper认证之后获取AWS DevOps工程师认证。





  • aws 认证This article will teach you everything you need to know in order to get any AWS certification from home. You will learn how to schedule an exam, how to set up your workspace for the big day, ...

    aws 认证

    This article will teach you everything you need to know in order to get any AWS certification from home. You will learn how to schedule an exam, how to set up your workspace for the big day, and tips you need to have in mind.

    本文将教您所有必要的知识,以便在家中获得任何AWS认证。 您将学习如何安排考试,如何在重要的日子里设置工作空间以及需要记住的提示。

    什么是AWS认证? (What are AWS certifications?)

    AWS (Amazon Web Services) Certifications help validate your knowledge and ability to solve different problems using AWS. They're a great tool for helping you and others confirm how much you know about this cloud provider.

    AWS(Amazon Web Services)认证有助于验证您的知识和使用AWS解决各种问题的能力。 它们是帮助您和其他人确认您对该云提供商的了解程度的好工具。

    These certifications come directly from AWS, as they are the ones who produce the content for the certification and maintain them. When you earn an AWS certification you start belonging to a global community of AWS Certified people and you get some benefits for being part of this group.

    这些证书直接来自AWS,因为它们是产生证书内容并进行维护的人。 获得AWS认证后,您便开始加入全球AWS认证人员社区,并从中受益匪浅

    Currently there are 12 different AWS certifications covering different levels of knowledge and different expertise.  


    There are 2 different types of certifications: the specialty certifications and the more generalist ones.


    In the generalist certifications we have 3 levels of expertise - foundational, associate, and professional. These certifications generally cover most of the services that are available in AWS, depending on the level of depth you need to have.

    在通才认证中,我们具有3级专业知识-基础,准和专业。 这些认证通常涵盖AWS中可用的大多数服务,具体取决于您需要的深度级别。

    In the foundational level we have the Cloud Practitioner. This certification covers a lot of AWS services, but you really don’t need much depth.

    基础级别上,我们有Cloud Practitioner。 该认证涵盖了许多AWS服务,但您实际上并不需要太多深度。

    This certification is perfect for people beginning their cloud journey, as you will learn a lot of different services and concepts that are very important in the cloud.


    In the associate level there are 3 different certifications:


    • Solutions Architect Associate

    • SysOps Administrator Associate

    • Developer Associate.


    These certifications are also very broad in the amount of services they cover but they go deeper than in the foundational level.


    Associate-level certifications are great to get a view of architecting, deploying and maintaining or developing applications in the cloud. These are a good way for technical people to get started in their journey with the cloud.

    助理级别的认证非常适合在云中构建,部署,维护或开发应用程序。 对于技术人员来说,这是开始使用云的好方法。

    And at the top of the generalist certifications we have the professional level certifications: Solutions Architect Professional and Developer Associate.

    在通才认证的顶部,我们拥有专业级别的认证:Solutions Architect Professional和Developer Associate。

    These are very broad and very deep certifications, and you need basically to know everything in AWS. These are meant for people working in AWS for a long time with broad experience.

    这些是非常广泛且非常深入的认证,您基本上需要了解AWS中的所有内容。 这些适用于长期在AWS中工作并具有丰富经验的人员。

    In the specialist category we have 6 certifications:


    • Advanced Networking

    • Security

    • Machine learning

    • Alexa Skill Builder

    • Data Analytics and Databases.


    These certifications are very specific in one topic and go very deep into that topic. They are great for professionals that are focused on those topics and want to learn as much as there is about it in AWS.

    这些认证在一个主题中非常具体,并且深入到该主题中。 它们非常适合专注于这些主题并希望了解AWS尽可能多知识的专业人士。

    如何学习AWS认证 (How to study for an AWS certification)

    Studying for a certification really depends on your background. There is no one path to rule them all. If you are not in tech and you want to get started, or you are a developer or architect new to the cloud, it's not the same as if you have been working with AWS for many years and just want to get your skills validated.

    学习证书确实取决于您的背景。 没有一条道路可以统治所有人。 如果您不是技术人员并且想入门,或者您是云计算的新手或开发人员或架构师,那与您已经在AWS上工作了很多年,只是想让您的技能得到验证是不一样的。

    AWS and its partners offer a lot of courses where you can go and sit for 3 days and learn everything you need to pass the certification. These instructor led courses tend to be quite expensive.

    AWS及其合作伙伴提供了许多课程,您可以在这里坐三天,学习通过认证所需的一切。 这些讲师指导的课程往往很昂贵。

    There are many platforms that offer paid online courses. These courses tend to be self learning and you have to follow the instructors. Usually the main advantage of these sites is that they have great forums and lots of tests exams.

    有许多平台提供付费在线课程。 这些课程通常是自学的,您必须跟随讲师。 通常,这些站点的主要优点是它们拥有出色的论坛和大量的测试考试。

    In freeCodeCamp you can find some free courses to study for some of the certifications. These are valuable resources as you can basically prepare for your exam for free following these videos:

    在freeCodeCamp中,您可以找到一些免费课程来学习一些认证。 这些是宝贵的资源,您可以按照以下视频免费为考试做准备:

    AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner Training 2020

    AWS认证的Cloud Practitioner Training 2020

    AWS Certified Solutions Architect - Associate 2020


    AWS Certified Developer - Associate 2020


    Also, if you need some extra motivation there is the #AWSCertified Challenge going on, so you can become part of a bigger group of people trying to achieve the same goals.

    另外,如果您需要其他动力,可以参加#AWSCertified挑战赛 ,这样您就可以成为试图实现相同目标的更大人群的一部分。

    如何在家中获得AWS认证 (How to take an AWS certification from home)

    Until 30th of March, 2020 you could only sit for an AWS certification from a testing center. Basically you had to visit a specific place in a specific time to take the exam.

    在2020年3月30日之前,您只能参加测试中心的AWS认证。 基本上,您必须在特定时间访问特定地点才能参加考试。

    After that date everything changed. The option of getting the certification from a testing center still exists, but now ALL AWS certifications can be taken in an online proctoring method - this means from home. This new choice adds a lot of flexibility for testing for an AWS certification, making it more accessible for everybody.

    在那之后,一切都改变了 。 从测试中心获得认证的选项仍然存在,但是现在所有的 AWS认证都可以通过在线监理方法获得-这意味着可以在家中进行。 这一新选择增加了测试AWS认证的灵活性,使每个人都可以轻松访问它。

    Taking the exam in a testing center has its benefits, as there is staff to assist you with the exam check-in process, the testing computers are setup perfectly for the exam, and the whole place is designed to be quiet and exam ready.


    When you take the exam with online proctoring, you will take the same exam, with the same time that you would have in a testing center. But you will take that exam from your computer and at a place that you have to prepare for that situation. There will be a proctor remotely that will monitor your exam.

    使用在线指导参加考试时,您将参加与考试中心相同的考试,并花费相同的时间。 但是您将在必须为这种情况做准备的地方从计算机上进行考试。 将会有一个远程的监考员来监视您的考试。

    您应该在家带证书吗? (Should you take your certification at home?)

    There are some conditions you need to have in place if you want to use the online proctoring for the exam.


    First, you need to be able to talk with an English-speaking proctor that will be the one monitoring your exam. AWS Certifications are available in English, Japanese, Korean or Simplified Chinese, but the communication with the remote proctor will be in English - no matter what language your certification will be on.

    首先,您需要能够与会说英语的监考员交谈,该监考员会监控您的考试。 AWS认证有英文,日文,韩文或简体中文版本,但是与远程代理的通信将以英文进行-不管您使用哪种认证。

    Online proctoring is available across the world - except for candidates in mainland China, Japan, Slovenia or South Korea. This is a great thing as finding testing centers in remote parts of the world can be challenging.

    在线指导在世界各地都可以使用-中国大陆,日本,斯洛文尼亚或韩国的候选人除外。 这是一件很了不起的事情,因为在世界偏远地区寻找测试中心可能会充满挑战。

    Also, these exams are available 24/7. That is very convenient for busy people so you can always find a spot that works for you.

    此外,这些考试全天24/7可用。 这对于忙碌的人们来说非常方便,因此您总是可以找到适合自己的地点。

    In addition, you will need to use your own computer for the online proctoring and there are specific system requirements and policies that you should be aware of before deciding on this option.


    It is always good to run the systems tests before registering for the exam, with the same computer and in the same location where you are going to take the exam. The main requirements are a stable internet connection, a microphone, and a webcam.

    最好在注册考试之前,在同一台计算机上和要参加考试的位置相同的位置运行系统测试。 主要要求是稳定的Internet连接,麦克风和网络摄像头。

    You need to have a private place that is silent where you won’t be interrupted. This is one of the most important requirements. If the proctor thinks that there is some voice or weird noises, they can fail your exam automatically.

    您需要有一个安静的私人地方,不会被打扰。 这是最重要的要求之一。 如果监理人员认为有声音或怪异的声音,他们可能会自动使您的考试不及格。

    Also, during the proctored exam you won’t be able to get up from your computer at all, as no breaks are allowed. You always need to be in the view of your webcam.

    另外,在监考期间,您将完全无法从计算机中起床,因为不允许休息。 您始终需要查看网络摄像头。

    If you are ok with all the previous restrictions then taking the certification from home will be possible for you.


    如何安排AWS认证 (How to schedule an AWS Certification)

    Even though online proctoring exams can be taken all around the clock every day, it is a good practice to register for the certification some time in advance. This way you can get everything ready and set up in your environment.

    即使每天都可以全天候进行在线监考考试,但最好还是提前一段时间注册认证。 这样,您就可以准备好一切并在您的环境中进行设置。

    Registering for the certification is quite straight forward. You need to follow the instructions in the AWS Certification page. Keep in mind that you might need to create many accounts and log into at least 3 different services.

    注册认证非常简单。 您需要按照AWS认证页​​面中的指示进行操作。 请记住,您可能需要创建多个帐户并至少登录3个不同的服务。

    This might sound scary, but the process is guided and well documented. One very important thing is that when you are creating these accounts make sure that the name you use is EXACTLY the same as the one that appears in your ID. This is crucial in the validation process.

    这听起来可能很可怕,但是该过程是经过指导的并有据可查的。 其中很重要的一点是,当你正在创建这些帐户确保您使用的名称是完全一样的一个出现在你的ID。 这在验证过程中至关重要。

    When you get to the page to pick your AWS Certification you need to pick the testing vendor “Pearson VUE”. That is the online proctoring vendor.

    当您进入该页面以选择AWS认证时,您需要选择测试供应商“ Pearson VUE ”。 那是在线代理供应商。

    After you pick the time and the date you need to pay for the certification. All certifications have different prices and you can find the price list in the AWS Certification page. When you've completed your payment then you are ready.

    选择时间和日期后,您需要支付认证费用。 所有认证都有不同的价格,您可以在“ AWS认证”页面中找到价格表。 完成付款后,就可以了。

    如何在家准备考试 (How to get prepared for your exam at home)

    There are many things you should do in the days before your exam to ensure that everything runs smooth on the day of the certification.


    Try to do as many mock exams as you can, making sure that you have the right timing on your practice exams. When you get to the hardest exams, time becomes an issue, so it's very important to practice answering questions quickly.

    尝试进行尽可能多的模拟考试,以确保您有适当的时间进行练习考试。 当您参加最艰难的考试时,时间成为一个问题,因此快速练习回答问题非常重要。

    Also, if you have some notes from studying it is a great time to read them again. Most online courses have summaries or some shortened version where you can review the most important concepts before the exam. It's always good to review at least the hardest topics again.

    另外,如果您从学习中获得一些笔记,那么现在是再次阅读它们的好时机。 大多数在线课程都有摘要或简短的版本,您可以在考试前复习最重要的概念。 再次回顾至少最难的话题总是很有益的。

    If you are taking the exam at home or at an office there are some things that you need to do some time in advance. First find where you want to do the exam, the exact location. And then run the system tests. Make sure that everything is working fine.

    如果您要在家中或办公室参加考试,则需要提前一些时间做一些事情。 首先找到您想在哪里进行考试,确切的位置。 然后运行系统测试。 确保一切正常。

    After you have done that, make sure that neither your family or coworkers will interrupt you during that time. If you have ANY interruptions you will fail automatically.

    完成此操作后,请确保您的家人或同事在此期间均不会打扰您。 如果您有任何干扰,您将自动失败。

    If you have pets make sure that they can be put in a different room. It is very important that nothing interrupts you and that there is not other movement or noise in the room when you are taking the exam.

    如果您有宠物,请确保可以将它们放在不同的房间里。 非常重要的一点是,任何东西都不会打扰您,并且在您参加考试时房间内没有其他动静或噪音。

    When you pick the place and sort out the external factors of distraction, now it is time to set up the environment. My recommendation is that you find a not very cluttered space with a clean and empty table. A table where you can remove everything that is on top.

    当您选择地点并弄清干扰的外部因素时,现在该设置环境了。 我的建议是,您会找到一个不太整洁的空间,桌子干净整洁。 您可以在其中删除顶部所有内容的表格。

    There should be no whiteboards with text or screens that cannot be turned off in the room. Make it as decluttered as possible, so then there are no reasons for the proctor to be nervous of your chosen place.

    房间内不应有带有文字或屏幕的白板不能关闭。 使它尽可能地整洁,这样就没有理由使监理员对您选择的地方感到紧张。

    Keep in mind that the proctor doesn't know your space – they can only see and hear what comes from your microphone and webcam, and if there is any doubt they will fail you.


    It's also good to pick clothing that shows your hands. The proctor will ask to see your sleeves and it helps if you don't have any. Also they will ask you to remove your watch if you have one.

    挑选能显示双手的衣服也很好。 监理人会要求看你的袖子,如果你没有袖子,它会有所帮助。 如果您有手表,他们也会要求您取下手表。

    If you want to know the time during the exam, the clock of your computer will be blocked and you won’t have a wrist watch, so make sure that you have a wall clock before going into the exam. During the exam you will have a timer on the screen that tells you how many minutes you have left.

    如果您想知道考试期间的时间,则计算机的时钟将被阻塞,并且您将没有手表,因此在参加考试之前,请确保您有挂钟。 考试期间,您会在屏幕上看到一个计时器,该计时器告诉您还剩多少分钟。

    在家里考试期间会期待什么 (What to expect during your exam at home)

    You are asked to check-in to the certification system 30 minutes before the exam time. That is very important to remember, and when the check-in process starts it is a good practice to have the whole space prepared for the certification.

    要求您在考试 时间 前30分钟登录认证系统。 记住这一点非常重要,并且在办理入住手续时,最好准备整个空间以进行认证。

    Thirty minutes before the exam, you should go to the email that you received during enrolment and click the link to start the check-in process. For that you need to have in hand your mobile phone and a valid id with photo.

    考试前30分钟,您应该转到注册过程中收到的电子邮件,然后单击链接以开始办理登机手续。 为此,您需要手持手机和带照片的有效身份证件。

    During the check-in process you will be sent an SMS to your mobile phone with a link. That link will open a web app that will be used to validate your identity and space.

    在办理登机手续期间,您会收到一条带有链接的SMS短信到您的手机。 该链接将打开一个网络应用程序,该应用程序将用于验证您的身份和空间。

    The first thing you will need to do is to take a selfie. Then you need to take a picture of both sides of your identity card. And finally you need to take four pictures from your testing space. You need to take pictures from all the directions showing all the walls around you.

    您需要做的第一件事就是拍照。 然后,您需要对身份证的两面拍照。 最后,您需要从测试空间拍摄四张照片。 您需要从所有方向拍照以显示周围的所有墙壁。

    After you complete this process, you need to put your phone away, in a place that is out of reach. Then you can move to the next step. You might need to wait for some minutes for a remote proctor to welcome you. This depends on how busy they are.

    完成此过程后,您需要将手机放在遥不可及的地方。 然后,您可以转到下一步。 您可能需要等待几分钟,以使远程督导员欢迎您。 这取决于他们有多忙。

    The first thing the proctor will do is to make sure that you are the one in the selfie that you took with your phone. They will also ask you to see your sleeves and hands to make sure that you don't have a watch. Also if you have glasses they will ask you to see the insides of your glasses.

    监考人要做的第一件事是确保您是用手机拍摄的自拍照中的那个。 他们还将要求您查看袖子和手,以确保您没有手表。 另外,如果您有眼镜,他们会要求您看一下眼镜的内部。

    Then the proctor will also validate your workspace. They will ask you to move your computer around, and show with the webcam the surroundings of your workplace. If there are things on top of the table they will ask you to remove them. The only thing you can keep on the table is a glass of water - and the glass needs to be transparent.

    然后监理人还将验证您的工作空间。 他们将要求您四处移动计算机,并使用网络摄像头显示工作环境。 如果桌子上有东西,他们会要求您将其删除。 您只能在桌子上放一杯水-而且杯子必须是透明的。

    After the proctor validates everything, they will say some basic rules and ask if you have any questions. Basically they will say that you need to keep your computer microphone and webcam open during the whole exam and that you need to have all your applications closed in your computer.

    监考人确认所有内容后,他们会说出一些基本规则,并询问您是否有任何问题。 基本上,他们会说,您需要在整个考试期间保持计算机麦克风和网络摄像头处于打开状态,并且需要在计算机中关闭所有应用程序。

    When everything is validated, the proctor will start the exam for you.


    During the exam, you cannot talk. Even if you are reading the questions out loud or thinking out loud, you cannot speak at all. Also you always need to be in the view of the webcam, you cannot take breaks or go to the toilet.

    考试期间,您无法说话。 即使您大声朗读问题或大声思考, 您也根本无法说话 。 同样,您始终需要从网络摄像机的角度出发,不能休息或上厕所。

    My personal experience taking the online certification was very pleasant, even with all the restrictions. As I knew the restrictions beforehand I prepared the whole workspace for this day. I was quite relaxed as I was in my house, a place I feel safe and where I studied for this exam. At some point I forgot that someone was watching me and it felt like I was just rehearsing for the exam.

    即使有所有限制,我个人获得在线认证的经历还是非常愉快的。 据我所知,我事先准备了整个工作区。 当我在家时,我感到很放松,那里是我感到安全的地方,也是我为这次考试而学习的地方。 在某个时候,我忘记了有人在看着我,感觉就像我只是在为考试排练。

    I made a video about this experience with some of the tips and tricks I mentioned in this blog post. In this video you can see more personal comments and clips of my feelings right away after I took the exam.

    我制作了一段有关此体验的视频,其中包含我在此博客文章中提到的一些提示和技巧。 在此视频中,您可以在参加考试后立即看到更多个人评论和感受片段。

    Thanks for reading.


    I’m Marcia Villalba, Developer Advocate for AWS and the host of a youtube channel called FooBar where I have over 250 video tutorials on Serverless, AWS and software engineer practices.

    我是AWS开发代言人Marcia Villalba,并且是一个名为FooBar的youtube频道的主持人,在这里我有250多个有关无服务器,AWS和软件工程师实践的视频教程。

    And I am also trying to get certified in as many certifications as I can, so you can follow me there and we can do it together.


    翻译自: https://www.freecodecamp.org/news/how-to-take-any-aws-certification-from-home/

    aws 认证

  • AWS认证课程大纲(全)
  • 亚马逊aws认证是一种能力认证考试,在国外考试的人比较多,随着国内云计算行业的发展,国内很多人也开始重视aws认证考试。亚马逊aws认证是什么?亚马逊aws认证证书含金量怎么样?下面就来给大家详细介绍下吧。 一、...







    高级网络,大数据,安全性,机器学习和Alexa Skill Builder的专业认证。



    1.利用 AWS 基础设施和服务提升安全性。

    使用 AWS,您将获得所需的控制权和信心,可以利用当今最灵活、最安全的云计算环境来安全地开展业务。作为 AWS 客户,您将受益于能够保护您的信息、身份、应用程序和设备的 AWS 数据中心和网络。借助 AWS 提供的全面的服务和功能,您可以提升满足核心安全性和合规性要求的能力,例如数据本地性、保护和机密性。

    AWS 让您可以自动化原本需要手动执行的安全任务,因此您可以将精力转移到扩展和创新业务上。另外,您只需为使用的服务付费。经审查,AWS 的服务产品和相关的供应链被视为对绝密的工作负载足够安全,AWS 是唯一能够达到此标准的商业云。


    借助 AWS,您可以控制数据的存储位置、有权访问数据的用户以及组织在任何给定时刻消耗的资源。细粒度的身份和访问控制与对近实时安全信息的连续监控相结合,确保无论您的信息存储在哪里,都能始终让正确的资源拥有正确的权限。



    大家知道如果一个平台的使用量越来越多,平台认证的价格会越来越高,随着云计算和 AWS 云在全球范围内加速普及,组织越来越需要掌握 AWS 最佳实践知识的人员。所以这个认证是会很有市场。AWS认证目前按照几个不同的角色来划分,比如说你是开发者,有开发人员认证。如果你是一个架构师,有架构师认证。如果你是一个做运维的,有运维的认证。获得证书有助于证明你使用 AWS 的丰富经验和可信度,同时还能提升你所在的组织熟练使用基于 AWS 云服务应用的整体水平。

  • aws认证包含的内容比较多,涉及到构架师、开发者、管理员等不同的类型,大家在选择考试类型时可以根据自己的情况来选择。aws怎么认证?AWS认证考试需要注意什么?下面认证大使就来给大家系统的回答下吧。 一、AWS...
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    最近业余时间考取了AWS助理架构师的认证,有一些朋友私下问了我一些相关问题,今天趁着有时间整理一下,给有需要的同学做个参考: 一 考试难么? 现时社会,认证越来越像一种纯商业行为。 技术认证给学习者们提供...
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  • AWS认证概况以及个人经历 读者可以通过这里来访问AWS的认证官网。这个官网包含了所有的关于认证的最新的消息,因此读者一定要花时间去看看这个官网。 总的来说,AWS的认证有4个大类Foundational,Associate,...
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  • 认证开发人员助理 - Stephane Maarek 的教程 (Udemy) 5. AWS 预算设置 计费仪表板 -> 预算 -> 创建预算 -> 成本预算 -> 名称:学习 AWS 预算金额:20 美元 配置阈值 设置邮箱 确认 -> 创建 11. AWS 区域和可用区 ...
  • 这是有关课程的关键概念和服务的简短文章,AWS在其学习平台上免费提供该课程,这对我获得认证的帮助最大。 从基本上讲,我从课程中记下了这些笔记,并对其进行了研究以取得认证。 模块1-AWS简介 云计算:按需付费...
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  • vce模拟器+vce格式的题库,直接运行文件夹中的play.exe,然后打开文件夹中.vce结尾的题库文件,start即可开始模拟练题。2019年4月最新题库,笔者考试的时候题库命中率百分之99,用模拟器练习了几次就过了。
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