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    jav101上不去Similarly to any other field, Computer Science is made of fundamental concepts. One of those core elements is the concept of data type. As most of its fundamental counterparts, it is very ...


    Similarly to any other field, Computer Science is made of fundamental concepts. One of those core elements is the concept of data type. As most of its fundamental counterparts, it is very hard to give a satisfying definition to what is a data type.

    类似于任何其他领域,计算机科学都是由基本概念构成的 。 这些核心要素之一是数据类型的概念。 与大多数基本对象一样,很难对什么是数据类型给出令人满意的定义。

    However, a functional definition would be to define a type as being a set of similar values (they have similar properties), on which we can apply an homogenous and defined set of actions, and that are stored on the machine in a similar way.

    但是,功能定义是将类型定义为一组相似的值 (它们具有相似的属性),我们可以在其上应用一组均质且已定义的动作 ,并以相似的方式 存储在机器

    A classical example to illustrate data types is animal species. Let’s say for example that one of our type is the cat specie, while the other is the bird one. Even though each individual cat is different, they are all part of the same specie (set). All the cats have similar properties (they have four legs and are fluffy), we can apply similar actions to them (sometimes, we can pet them) and they are “stored” the same way (usually around a blanket or a cardboard box). On the other hand, birds have different features (they can fly, they have feathers), we can perform different actions with them (I know for sure that my cat would never accept to be fed with seeds) and they tend to find their home on the branches of trees.

    用来说明数据类型的经典示例是动物物种。 例如,假设我们的一种是猫,而另一种是鸟。 即使每只猫都不同,它们也都是同一物种(一组)的一部分。 所有的猫都具有相似的属性(它们有四只腿并且蓬松),我们可以对它们进行类似的动作(有时我们可以抚摸它们),并且它们以相同的方式“存储”(通常在毯子或纸板箱周围) 。 另一方面,鸟类具有不同的特征(它们可以飞翔,它们有羽毛),我们可以与它们一起执行不同的动作(我确定我的猫永远不会接受种子的喂养),并且它们倾向于找到自己的家。在树枝上。

    In this story, we are thus going to cover what are the basic types in Go, what kind of actions we can perform on them, and how they are stored on the machine. If you are new to Go, and have missed the first part of this tutorial, feel free to go and check it by clicking on the following link.

    因此,在本故事中,我们将介绍Go中的基本类型是什么,我们可以对它们执行什么样的动作,以及如何将它们存储在机器上。 如果您不熟悉Go,并且错过了本教程的第一部分,请单击以下链接 ,随时进行检查。

    If you have already followed the first tutorial, I recommend you to create a new directory called types inside of your src directory. Inside of this newly created directory, create a new main.go file, where you will be able to write today’s code.

    如果您已经按照第一个教程进行操作,建议您创建一个新的目录,该目录称为types 在您的src目录中。 在这个新创建的目录中,创建一个新的main.go文件,您将可以在其中编写当今的代码。

    号码 (Numbers)

    Similarly to most programming languages, we can subdivide Go’s numbers types into two main categories: integers and floating-points.

    与大多数编程语言类似,我们可以将Go的数字类型细分为两大类: 整数浮点数

    整数 (Integers)

    If you have some maths background, you should already know what an integer is. For those of you who don’t (or, if you have slept through school), integers are part of the set of whole numbers (thus, not having decimal places), that hold values that can be negative, positive or equal to zero. An integer can thus be, for example, any of the following values: -25, 0, 17, 2020, …

    如果您有数学背景,则应该已经知道整数是什么。 对于那些不这样做的人(或者,如果您上过学的梦),整数是整数集的一部分(因此,没有小数位),它们的值可以为等于零 。 因此,整数可以是例如以下任意值:-25、0、17、2020,…

    If you work with integers, you will most likely only use the int type (signed integer). This is the classical 32 or 64-bits wide integer (depending on your machine). Other int types include int8, int16, int32 or int64 (the number part being the number of bits that they use).

    如果使用整数,则很可能仅使用int类型(带符号整数)。 这是经典的32位或64位宽整数(取决于您的计算机)。 其他int类型包括int8,int16,int32或int64 (数字部分是它们使用的位数)。

    Go also offers a uint type (unsigned integer) that only holds positive values, or zero. Similar to int, go has the uint8, uint16, uint32 and uint64 types.

    Go还提供了仅包含正值或零的uint类型(无符号整数)。 与int相似,go具有uint8,uint16,uint32和uint64 类型。

    Finally, and mostly as a reference, Go also possesses a uintptr type, which is basically an integer representation of a memory address (type that you will most likely never use, unless performing some magic with pointers).


    浮点数 (Floating-points)

    As opposed to integers, floating-points numbers are numbers with a decimal component. 3.14, 2020.08, -123.5 or 5.0 are all floating-points. There is two floating-points types in Go: float32 (also called single precision float) and float64 (double precision float), respectively for 32 or 64 bits-wide floating-points. By default, you should stick with float64.

    与整数相反,浮点数是具有小数部分数字 。 3.14、2020.08,-123.5或5.0均为浮点数。 Go中有两种浮点类型: float32 (也称为单精度浮点)和float64 (双精度浮点),分别用于32或64位宽的浮点 默认情况下,您应该坚持使用float64。

    If floating-points are often referenced to as single or double precision, it is for a reason. As opposed to integers, floating-points are inexact numbers (and using a float64, as you can guess, offers a better precision). For example, you would expect that 1.51–1.50 would result into 0.01. However, running the following program gives an other result.

    如果经常将浮点数称为单精度或双精度,则是有原因的。 与整数相反,浮点数是不精确的数字 (如您所猜,使用float64可以提供更好的精度)。 例如,您期望1.51-1.50会得出0.01。 但是,运行以下程序会得到其他结果。

    package main
    import (
    func main() {
      fmt.Println(1.51-1.50 == 0.01)

    The fmt.Println(1.51–1.50 == 0.01) will print to the console a boolean (more on this later in this story). If, in Go, 1.51–1.50 is indeed equals to 0.01, you should see true being printed to your console. However, after running this program, we see the value false being printed to the console.

    fmt.Println(1.51-1.50 == 0.01)将向控制台输出一个布尔值(在本故事后面的更多内容)。 如果在Go中1.51–1.50确实等于0.01,则应该在控制台上看到true 。 但是,运行该程序后,我们看到值false被打印到控制台。

    This shows that floating-points are indeed non-exact numbers and you should be very careful when performing conditional logic involving floats.


    As a side note, it is also worth mentioning that two other types, complex64 and complex128, are built respectively on top of the float32 and float64 types. Those types deal with complex numbers arithmetic.

    另外,还值得一提的是,在float32和float64类型之上分别构建了另外两个类型complex64和complex128。 这些类型处理复数算法。

    数字运算 (Operations with numbers)

    Go supports basic arithmetic operation that we can perform on numbers. Those operations includes:

    Go支持我们可以对数字执行的基本算术运算。 这些操作包括:

    • Addition, using the symbol +


    fmt.Println(1 + 1)// This would print 2 to the console (this is also a comment in Go)
    • Subtraction, using the symbol -

      减法 ,使用符号-

    fmt.Println(1 - 1)// This would print 0 to the console
    • Multiplication, using the symbol *

      乘法 ,使用符号*

    fmt.Println(2 * 2)// This would print 4 to the console
    • Division, using the symbol /

      除法 ,使用符号/

    fmt.Println(2 / 2)// This would print 1 to the console
    • Remainder of a division, using the symbol %

      除法的余数 使用符号

    fmt.Println(3 % 2)/* This would print 1 to the console. It is pretty useful to check if a number is even or odd (also, this is a multi-line comment) */

    弦乐 (Strings)

    In our “Hello, World!” tutorial, we have already seen what a string is. It is any sequence of characters that is placed in between double quotes (single quotes being used for what is called a rune, namely a single character). Strings can also be defined with backticks (``). The latest is for example useful if you want to create multi-lines strings. If you come from a language like Python or JavaScript, it is thus very important to always use double quotes (or backticks) instead of single quotes to define a string.

    在我们的“你好,世界!”中 教程中,我们已经了解了什么是字符串。 它是放在双引号之间的任何字符序列 (单引号用于所谓的符文 ,即单个字符)。 字符串也可以用反引号(``)定义。 例如,如果要创建多行字符串,则最新功能很有用。 如果您来自Python或JavaScript之类的语言,那么始终使用双引号(或反引号)而不是单引号来定义字符串非常重要。

    One of the main property of a string is its length. This length characterises the number of characters that a string possesses. The length can be zero (we speak about an empty string), or any number above.

    字符串的主要属性之一是它的长度 。 此长度表示字符串拥有的字符数 。 长度可以是零(我们说的是空字符串),也可以是上面的任何数字。

    Usually, but it is not always true, each element of a string is made of a byte.


    字符串操作 (Operation with strings)

    There is a series of basic operations we can perform with strings.


    • Calculate the length of a string with the len built-in function.


    fmt.Println(len(""))// This would print 0, as it is an empty stringfmt.Println(len(" "))// This would print 1, as a space is considered a characterfmt.Println(len("Go is an amazing language"))// This would print 25
    • Accessing a particular element (character) of the string, with the following [i] notation placed after our string, where i is the index of the element we want to access (and i = 0 being the first element of the string).

      访问字符串的特定元素(字符),并在字符串后添加以下[i]表示法,其中i是我们要访问的元素的索引( i = 0是字符串的第一个元素)。

    fmt.Println("Learning Go is a good investment"[1])// This would print 101 to your console

    Again, if you come from a language like Python or JavaScript, you would have expected to see the character ‘e’ (the second element of our string) to be printed to the console. However, Go doesn’t return the actual character when we try to access it, but the ASCII value representing this specific character. In this specific case, the character ‘e’ is represented by 101.

    同样,如果您来自Python或JavaScript之类的语言,则可能希望看到字符'e'(字符串的第二个元素)要打印到控制台。 但是,当我们尝试访问Go时, 它不会返回实际字符 ,而是代表该特定字符的ASCII值。 在此特定情况下,字符“ e”由101表示。

    • Concatenate two, or more, different strings together, using the + symbol.


    fmt.Println("Hello, " + "World!")// This will print Hello, World! to the console 

    布尔值 (Booleans)

    The last basic type that we have in Go, similarly to the other programming languages, is the boolean type. This type is used to represent the true or false values in our programs. On the machine, those values are represented by a one bit integer, respectively 1 and 0.

    与其他编程语言类似,我们在Go中拥有的最后一个基本类型是boolean type 。 此类型用于表示我们程序中的truefalse值。 在机器上,这些值由一个1或1的整数表示。

    The boolean values are heavily used when performing conditional logic in our programs. We have already seen one example earlier, when we demonstrated that floating-point numbers are inexact (our program printing false). Another example where we would receive a boolean value would be for example to check if a string is a subset of another string (‘at’ being a subset of ‘cat’ for example, and this would return true).

    在我们的程序中执行条件逻辑时,布尔值会大量使用。 当我们证明浮点数不精确(我们的程序输出false )时,我们已经看到了一个示例。 我们将收到布尔值的另一个示例是例如检查一个字符串是否是另一个字符串的子集(例如,“ at”是“ cat”的子集,并且将返回true )。

    条件运算符 (Conditional operators)

    Go uses three conditional operators, that are also common to most of the programming languages.


    • && : This characterises the logical And. A program using a logical && will return true if all the elements are true.

      && :这是逻辑与的特征。 如果所有的元素都是真正的使用逻辑&&程序将返回true。

    fmt.Println(true && true)// This returns truefmt.Println(true && false)// This returns falsefmt.Println(false && false)// This returns false
    • || : This characterises the logical Or. A program using a logical || will return true if at least one of the elements is true.

      || :这表示逻辑 使用逻辑||的程序 如果元件中的至少一个为真将返回true。

    fmt.Println(true || true)// This returns truefmt.Println(true || false)// This returns truefmt.Println(false || false)// This returns false
    • ! : This characterises the logical Not. A program using a logical ! will return true if the value is false. On the other hand, it will return false if the value is true. It is for example used to check if a task still need to be performed or not.

      :这表示逻辑 程序使用逻辑! 如果值为false,将返回true 。 另一方面,如果值为true,它将返回false。 例如,它用于检查是否仍需要执行任务。

    fmt.Println(!true)// This returns falsefmt.Println(!false)// This returns true

    玩弄类型 (Playing around with types)

    If you would like to play more around types, there is an extremely interesting built-in package that you can use in your program. This package is called reflect. In this package, one of the defined function is TypeOf. This function is given a value and it will return the type of this value.

    如果您想玩更多类型的游戏,可以在程序中使用一个非常有趣的内置程序包。 这个包叫做reflect 。 在此程序包中,定义的函数之一是TypeOf 。 该函数被赋予一个值,它将返回该值的类型。

    As Go is a statically-typed language, it can be useful to check the type of a variable you are using in your program, especially when your program fails to compile. It can also be interesting to experiment with edge cases, and see what would be the result of this experiment. One of those cases would be to check what happens if you add a float to an int, as shown with the following example.

    由于Go是一种静态类型的语言,因此检查程序中正在使用的变量的类型非常有用,尤其是在程序无法编译时。 对边缘情况进行实验,并观察该实验的结果,这也可能很有趣。 其中一种情况是检查将浮点数添加到int时会发生什么,如以下示例所示。

    package main
    import (
    func main() {
      fmt.Println(reflect.TypeOf(5 + 5.0))

    In today’s tutorial, we have seen the three basic types of Go. Most of the other types that we will see later are actually built on top of those three basic types. Below, you can find a gist with all the code we have been using in this tutorial. I really encourage you to run the program yourself, and play around with it to test different things. Getting familiar with the different types is very important for the rest of our journey. If you have any question, feel free to ask them in the comments section below.

    在今天的教程中,我们已经看到了Go的三种基本类型。 我们稍后将看到的大多数其他类型实际上是建立在这三种基本类型之上的。 在下面,您可以找到包含本教程中使用的所有代码的要点。 我真的鼓励您自己运行该程序,并试用它来测试不同的东西。 在接下来的旅程中,熟悉不同的类型非常重要。 如果您有任何疑问,请随时在下面的评论部分中提问。

    package main
    import (
    func main() {
      fmt.Println(1.51-1.50 == 0.01)
      fmt.Println(1 + 1)
      fmt.Println(1 - 1)
      fmt.Println(2 * 2)
      fmt.Println(2 / 2)
      fmt.Println(3 % 2)
      fmt.Println(len(" "))
      fmt.Println(len("Go is an amazing language"))
      fmt.Println("Learning Go is a good investment"[1])
      fmt.Println("Hello, " + "World!")
      fmt.Println(true && true)
      fmt.Println(true && false)
      fmt.Println(false && false)
      fmt.Println(true || true)
      fmt.Println(true || false)
      fmt.Println(false || false)
      fmt.Println(reflect.TypeOf(5 + 5.0))

    In the next lesson, we will cover the concepts of variable, constant and scope in Go. I am looking forward to it and I hope you will enjoy it!

    在下一课中,我们将介绍Go中的变量,常量和范围的概念。 我很期待,希望您喜欢!

    资源资源 (Resources)

    Here, you can find all the resources we have been using in this tutorial.


    翻译自: https://medium.com/the-innovation/go-101-a3d85c58676f


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    有个朋友叫我帮忙写个爬虫,爬取javbus5上面所有的详情页链接,也就是所有的https://www.javbus5.com/SRS-055这种链接, 我一看,嘿呀,这是司机的活儿啊,我绝对不能辱没我老司机的名声(被败坏了可不好),于是...

    # 起因


    # 构思

    • 爬虫调度启动程序crawler.py
    • 页面下载程序downloader.py
    • 页面解析程序pageparser.py
    • 数据库入库与去重管理程序controler.py






    # 问题


    1. 在墙内爬不动,爬取几个之后就失败,这个解决方案只需要全局翻墙爬取就可以了

    2. 本来之前加了多线程并发爬取,但是发现爬取一段时间后会封ip导致整体无法运行,本来想搞个代理池进行并发,结果网上免费的代理太慢太慢,根本打不开网页,于是就改回了单线程

    3. 就是我的那个不完善的增量爬取,导致了你一次爬取就需要爬取完成,不然数据库里面存在你之前爬到的,爬取到你已有的会直接停止

    4. 存在反扒策略







    5. 常见的Python2.x编码问题,全部转换为unicode字节流就可以了

    6. 遇到的最闹心问题是详情页的项目抓取,有的详情页的类别不同,我开始只分析了一个页面,导致写的规则在有的页面上频频出错



    # 小Tips

    1. 对于动态加载的内容的爬取,能不用selenium去模拟浏览器爬取就不用,耗费资源,更好的是自己分析网络请求,然后构造

    2. 对于页面信息的解析,要多看几个页面,看是否相同,别到时候做多事情

    3. 多看别人的博客学习思路

    # 注意

    爬虫依赖的第三方库有Requests,BeautifulSoup,使用前请先pip install这两个第三方库

    # 测试展与地址


    ## 代码地址:



    • 博客:akkuman.cnblogs.com | hacktech.cn
    • 作者:Akkuman


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    异常 参考:菜鸟教程异常 异常是程序中的一些错误,但并不是所有的错误都是异常,并且错误有时候是可以避免的。 比如说,你的代码少了一个分号,那么运行出来结果是提示是错误 java.lang.Error;...



    比如说,你的代码少了一个分号,那么运行出来结果是提示是错误 java.lang.Error;如果你用System.out.println(11/0),那么你是因为你用0做了除数,会抛出 java.lang.ArithmeticException 的异常。


    • 用户输入了非法数据。

    • 要打开的文件不存在。

    • 网络通信时连接中断,或者JVM内存溢出。



    1. 检查性异常:最具代表的检查性异常是用户错误或问题引起的异常,这是程序员无法预见的。例如要打开一个不存在文件时,一个异常就发生了,这些异常在编译时不能被简单地忽略。
    2. 运行时异常: 运行时异常是可能被程序员避免的异常。与检查性异常相反,运行时异常可以在编译时被忽略。
    3. 错误: 错误不是异常,而是脱离程序员控制的问题。错误在代码中通常被忽略。例如,当栈溢出时,一个错误就发生了,它们在编译也检查不到的。

    Exception 类的层次

    所有的异常类是从 java.lang.Exception 类继承的子类。

    Exception 类是 Throwable 类的子类。除了Exception类外,Throwable还有一个子类Error 。

    Java 程序通常不捕获错误。错误一般发生在严重故障时,它们在Java程序处理的范畴之外。

    Error 用来指示运行时环境发生的错误。

    例如,JVM 内存溢出。一般地,程序不会从错误中恢复。

    异常类有两个主要的子类:IOException 类和 RuntimeException 类。


    public class ExceptionDemo {
        public static void main(String[] args) {
            int i = 0;
            int j = 0;
            int temp = i/j;

    从上面的程序可以看出 j 的值为0, 所以程序就会出现异常,如果不进行异常处理,这个程序就会终止,所以后面的语句就不会在输出。

    package Throwable;
    public class ExceptionDemo {
        public static void main(String[] args) {
            int i = 0;
            int j = 0;
            try {
                int temp = i/j;
            }catch (ArithmeticException e){


    package Throwable;
    class Math{
        public int div(int m,int n) throws Exception{
            return m/n;
    public class ExceptionDemo {
        public static void main(String[] args) throws Exception {       //抛向jvm
            int i = 0;
            int j = 0;
            Math math = new Math();


    package Throwable;
    import java.util.Scanner;
    class  AgeException extends Exception{
       public AgeException(){
    public class MyException {
        public static void main(String[] args){
            Scanner sc = new Scanner(System.in);
            int age = sc.nextInt();
                        throw new AgeException();
                }catch(Exception e){


    spring mvc全局异常


  • jav qq2006

    2008-09-02 10:15:19
    jav qq2006 LINUX平台下的QQ 本人测试过可以用的
  • Jav动画图标源码(显示GIF图像).rar
  • javbus数据爬虫,老司机自然明白。自己动手干活不累啊,好好享受吧
  • jav 读取本地文件列表 FileBrowser_demojav 读取本地文件列表 FileBrowser_demo
  • JAV平台 安装程序

    2010-01-05 23:09:44
    JAV的安装程序, 点一下安装就可以了。
  • <ul><li>[x] Make sure there is a <a href="https://https://servicecomb.atlassian.net/projects/JAV/issues">JIRA issue</a> filed for the change (usually before you start working on it). Trivial changes ...
  • May I request you to check the possibility for the addition of the site jav789.com. This is a good site with mostly uncensored japanese porn.</p><p>该提问来源于开源项目:xbmc-adult/xbmc-adult...
  • 搜索JAV在线观看资源的Chrome插件 使用说明 弹出搜索框 快捷键: CTRL + SHIFT + Q 搜索选择内容 快捷键: CTRL + Q 搜索当前光标选择内容 在avmoo与javlibrary的详情页中使用时能直接搜索对应的识别码 清除标签 ...
  • 江南阀门 JN2006 系列JAV 文丘里角阀产品技术规格说明书pdf,江南阀门 JN2006 系列JAV 文丘里角阀产品技术规格说明书
  • <div><pre><code>>第67个失败!...suren_jav321.py", line 483, in KeyError: 'R' 所有的影片都是这个报错 版本 v1.0.1</p><p>该提问来源于开源项目:junerain123/javsdt</p></div>
  • <div><p>https://servicecomb.atlassian.net/browse/JAV-526</p><p>该提问来源于开源项目:apache/servicecomb-java-chassis</p></div>
  • <div><p>See details in https://servicecomb.atlassian.net/browse/JAV-495</p> <p>If the RestServletInitializer is invoked and URL pattern is not specified, set a default URL pattern "/*" to ...
  • jav.moo_Moo 1.2即将发布…

    千次阅读 2020-08-06 05:03:42
    jav.moo I've been following the progress of MooTools 1.2 for months and it looks as though we'll see the next version relatively soon. As excited for the next version as I am? Here a few links to...


    I've been following the progress of MooTools 1.2 for months and it looks as though we'll see the next version relatively soon. As excited for the next version as I am? Here a few links to get you up to date on the project's status:

    我几个月来一直在关注MooTools 1.2的进度,看来我们很快就会看到下一个版本。 我对下一个版本感到兴奋吗? 这里有一些链接可让您了解项目的最新状态:

    What's New in 1.2 -- http://dev.mootools.net/wiki/whatsNew/1.2

    1.2的新功能-http: //dev.mootools.net/wiki/whatsNew/1.2

    MooTools Timeline -- http://dev.mootools.net/timeline

    MooTools时间轴-http: //dev.mootools.net/timeline

    MooTools Roadmap -- http://dev.mootools.net/roadmap

    MooTools路线图-http: //dev.mootools.net/roadmap

    MooTools - Trunk Download -- http://mootools.net/download/trunk


    翻译自: https://davidwalsh.name/mootools-12


  • jav-scrapy, 批量抓取AV磁链或封面的苦劳力
  • <div><p>JAV-429 Modify the startup policy of SDK added schema summary, added batch registration, added to determine whether the servicecenter environment's runmode is dev,</p><p>该提问来源于开源...
  • jav播放器连接电脑最新发布海关总署相关资讯音淡淡的书声说道贺秘,惜柳书的不到表情贺秘只可在jav播放椎名由࣭仁科百华1椎名由奈失禁ol;28部作品6; 感谢祭120;连接电脑看,秘书明显以看她一定可到贺的嘲现在脸上...
  • <ul><li>[x] Make sure there is a <a href="https://https://servicecomb.atlassian.net/projects/JAV/issues">JIRA issue</a> filed for the change (usually before you start working on it). Trivial changes ...
  • <div><p>如影片FC2-PPV-1252953.mp4抓取不到信息但在JAV_output中建立了文件夹“JAV_output\FC2系列\FC2-1252953"并且里面有个1kb的FC2-1252953.jpg图片文件,打开提示是损坏的。 正常情况下不应该有...



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