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    2020-12-02 07:57:35
    <h2>Checklist <ul><li>[x] I ran <code>npm test</code> locally and it passed without errors.</li></ul> <ul><li>[ ] I only edited the <code>_data/pixels.json</code> file.</li></ul> ...
  • 宽带放大 OPA656 OPA820 OPA690 AD设计 Altium设计 硬件原理图+PCB文件,,Altium Designer 设计的工程文件,包括原理图及PCB文件,可以用Altium(AD)软件打开或修改,可作为你产品设计的参考。
  • OPA design

    2014-02-06 11:56:38
    opa design on smart phone
  • opa support

    2021-01-12 18:03:23
    <div><p>It would be very interesting if dex could pass off data to opa (https://www.openpolicyagent.org/docs/#what-is-policy-enablement) before signing the tokens. This would allow custom policy to be...
  • opa277和opa820These days, cloud services are becoming more and more robust, capable of delivering high-performance applications entirely via the internet. When the cloud was in its infancy, cloud ...


    These days, cloud services are becoming more and more robust, capable of delivering high-performance applications entirely via the internet. When the cloud was in its infancy, cloud services were largely oriented around simple data storage, and some cloud processing. Now, however, the cloud has developed to be capable of enterprise-grade services, processing, data delivery, and real-time user collaboration.

    如今,云服务变得越来越强大,能够完全通过互联网交付高性能应用程序。 当云还处于起步阶段时,云服务主要围绕简单的数据存储和一些云处理而来。 但是,现在,云已经发展为能够提供企业级服务,处理,数据交付和实时用户协作的能力。

    Odds are that you use a cloud service without even knowing it. If you’ve ever used an online file storage solution such as Dropbox, you’ve used cloud storage. You might be hosting your website on a cloud hosting provider, and if you’ve been keeping up with the latest Google apps, most of them are cloud-based as well. Cloud services offer distinct advantages in performance, management, and data sharing.

    奇怪的是,您甚至不知道使用云服务。 如果您曾经使用过在线文件存储解决方案(例如Dropbox),那么您已经使用过云存储。 您可能将网站托管在云托管提供商上,并且如果您一直在跟上最新的Google应用,则其中大多数也是基于云的。 云服务在性能,管理和数据共享方面提供了明显的优势。

    Much of the growth in the cloud is based around the expanding functionality of JavaScript. Over the past few years, a variety of JavaScript libraries have been released that improve the web, covering everything from typography to media. Not surprisingly, one of the major areas of focus has been on improving the power of cloud services.

    云中的大部分增长都基于JavaScript的扩展功能。 在过去的几年中,已经发布了各种各样JavaScript库,它们改善了网络,涵盖了从排版到媒体的所有内容。 毫不奇怪,重点关注的领域之一就是提高云服务的功能。

    Unfortunately, one of the major drawbacks to the growth in JavaScript libraries and platforms is the lack of stringent standards, testing, and compliance. JavaScript is an inherently permissive language, which is helpful for new users, but presents numerous issues with security and reliability for large-scale, high-performance applications.

    不幸的是,JavaScript库和平台增长的主要缺点之一是缺乏严格的标准,测试和合规性。 JavaScript是一种固有的允许性语言,对新用户很有帮助,但是对于大规模,高性能的应用程序,存在许多安全性和可靠性问题。

    One of the most popular platforms of the past few years has been Node.js. Node.js is a platform that allows for rapid developing of scalable applications, such as those you’d find in cloud computing.  The benefit to Node.js is the ability to handle concurrent client connections efficiently, without the need for OS threading or locking. As mentioned earlier, however, Node.js is not immune to the security vulnerabilities or the perils of poorly written code.

    过去几年中最受欢迎的平台之一是Node.js。 Node.js是一个平台,可用于快速开发可伸缩应用程序,例如您在云计算中找到的那些应用程序。 Node.js的优点是能够有效处理并发客户端连接,而无需操作系统线程或锁定。 但是,如前所述,Node.js不能幸免于安全漏洞或编写不良代码的危险。

    That’s why an open-source cloud language called Opa was created. Opa will change the way that cloud applications are developed, by addressing these issues through automation. Opa is an enterprise framework for JavaScript that is non-blocking and event-driven. Opa specifically addresses the issues of blocking and non-compliant code by automating the hard parts of Node.js.

    这就是为什么创建了一种称为Opa的开源云语言的原因。 通过自动化解决这些问题,Opa将改变云应用程序的开发方式。 Opa是JavaScript的企业框架,该框架是非阻塞的且是事件驱动的。 Opa通过自动化Node.js的硬部分来专门解决阻塞和不兼容代码的问题。

    The result is cloud apps that are free from security vulnerabilities such as XSS and SQL injection, as well as apps that are performance-optimized and truly scalable.


    However, Opa also raises some new questions in the realm of cloud development. As Opa is a new framework, there is always the risk of vulnerabilities being discovered as it becomes more widely used.  Additionally, although one of the advantages of Opa is its automation of difficult programming in Node.js, there is a certain amount of control that is given up by the developer when using an enterprise framework.

    但是,Opa在云开发领域也提出了一些新问题。 由于Opa是一个新框架,因此,随着它的广泛使用,总是存在发现漏洞的风险。 此外,尽管Opa的优点之一是它可以自动执行Node.js中的困难编程,但是开发人员在使用企业框架时会放弃一定的控制权。

    All things considered, however, Opa is looking to change the way that development is done for the cloud, and it certainly looks promising. With Opa and other frameworks, the cloud looks to be growing even bigger.

    但是,考虑到所有因素,Opa希望改变云开发的方式,而且看起来确实很有希望。 借助Opa和其他框架,云看起来会变得更大。

    翻译自: https://www.sitepoint.com/how-opa-is-changing-development-in-the-cloud/


  • OPA4277.zip

    2020-02-11 18:01:24
    介绍OPA4277、datasheet 、仿真实验、Multisim、资料内容参照OPA277/OPA2277/OPA4277 High Precision Operational Amplifiers 高精度运放,博文进行阅读
  • Opa-Web的XMPP聊天客户端 介绍 Opa是完全基于Vue , NuxtJS和ElementUI构建的,用于Web(SSR)的开源XMPP聊天客户端,它遵循最酷的趋势再见Flash和桌面客户端! Trivia :在巴西的许多含义中,“ Opa”也被非正式...
  • [opa] add OPA v0.10.0

    2020-12-08 22:28:38
    <div><p>OPA is https://openpolicyagent.org/. v0.10.0 is <a href="https://github.com/open-policy-agent/opa/releases/tag/v0.10.0">hot off the press</a>.</p> <p>The included configuration is minimal, I ...
  • Panic in opa eval

    2021-01-11 05:40:24
    <p>Opa eval should not panic even if the input is possibly ill-formed <h2>Actual Behavior <p>panic <h2>Steps to Reproduce the Problem <p>Here's the rego code (not sure if this is valid, but it ...
  • opa703.pdf

    2020-12-25 16:43:40
  • opa347.pdf

    2020-12-25 16:43:03
  • Atom-language-opa-ocaml.zip,Opa OCAML-based syntax language support in Atomatom的opa经典语法突出显示。,atom是一个用web技术构建的开源文本编辑器。
  • opa2227手册

    2014-09-26 18:50:51
    opa2227opa227opa4227 TI官方手册
  • opa-test-源码

    2021-03-06 05:49:04
  • opa-bundles-源码

    2021-03-04 17:16:13
  • OPA137.pdf

    2019-05-20 18:25:30
  • 最近一个项目用到高精度运放OPA4277,所以将最近搜集到的资料及进行下汇总整理: TLC2254与OPA4277 都是TI旗下的运算放大器比较常用用在心电电路上,有网友曾做过比较下面摘录一下 一、OPA4277的精度要比TLC2254高...


    TLC2254与OPA4277 都是TI旗下的运算放大器比较常用用在心电电路上,有网友曾做过比较下面摘录一下



    在选择运放时要综合考虑各个因素,做出最优选择,TLC2254参数可能没有OPA4277那样全面,但是在GWB SR两个参数以及低功耗的性能上TLC2254要高于OPA4277 ;TLC运放成本更低

    通常拿来对比TI的 OPA4277 TLC2254 ADI的OP2177 










               FIGURE1 不必使用输入偏置电流消除电路

               FIGURE2 Load Cell Amplifier 


               FIGURE3 Thermocouple Low Offset, Low Drift Loop Measurement with Diode Cold Junction Compensation.









  • OPA APIs Enhancement

    2021-01-11 05:03:58
    <p>In OPA GO library, when creating a new rego via rego.New, we would like to directly use string or byte[] for policy input, not via file name to load string/byte[] (via rego.Load )</p><p>该提问来源...
  • key embeds an OPA configuration file. See # https://www.openpolicyagent.org/docs/configuration.html for more details. # Default value is no default config. For custom config, the opa key # needs to ...
  • opa211数据手册

    2018-07-02 20:59:19
  • OPA344NA.PDF

    2019-11-27 17:33:26
    The OPA344 and OPA345 series rail-to-rail CMOS operational amplifiers are designed for precision, low-power, miniature applications. The OPA344 is unity gain stable, while the OPA345 is optimized ...
  • Added OPA2695

    2020-12-28 02:45:49
    <div><p>Added the TI OPA2695 dual ultra high bandwidth operation amplifier <p>http://www.ti.com/lit/ds/sbos354a/sbos354a.pdf</p> <p><img alt="opa2695" src=...
  • New OPA website

    2021-01-11 05:53:06
    <div><p>This PR creates a new OPA website that uses <a href="https://gohugo.io">Hugo</a> as a site generator (rather than GitBook) and publishes the site on <a href="https://netlify.com">Netlify</a>....
  • OPA847.PcbDoc

    2019-07-24 10:06:42
    OPA847模块 高速低噪运放 电压放大器 同相 3.9G宽带 脉冲放大
  • opa-temp-源码

    2021-03-30 18:32:02
    海上核心bac 海事项目中使用的Styra / OPA临时存储库
  • OPA and GraphQL

    2020-12-09 02:43:11
    <div><p>Has anyone attempted to integrate OPA and GraphQL for policies against Graph Nodes or other query / graph structures?</p><p>该提问来源于开源项目:open-policy-agent/contrib</p></div>
  • Add OPA project

    2020-12-01 16:34:55
    <div><p>Add <a href="https://github.com/open-policy/agent">OPA project</a>.</p><p>该提问来源于开源项目:cncf/devstats</p></div>
  • OPA847 TINA 模型

    2017-07-22 21:29:48
  • Opa config endpoints

    2020-12-27 09:20:11
    Adds get, create and delete endpoint for opa config. <p><strong>Which issue(s) this PR fixes</strong> (optional, in <code>fixes #<issue number>(, fixes #<issue_number>, ...)</code> format,...
  • opa-envoy-amqp插件 opa-envoy-amqp通过gRPC服务器扩展了OPA,该服务器实现了Envoy外部授权API和AMQP使用者以接收新的自我更新策略。 opa-envoy的实现参考 怎么跑 当地的 make build cd build / bin && ./opa-...



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