• Glue

    2019-10-28 13:24:22
  • glue

    2020-12-31 21:16:51
    <div><p>I have try diferents type to input glue <pre><code> <glue>com..corestautofrmwk.utilities.java.hooks, com..corestautofrmwk.test.cukes.steps.frameworkshakeout.API, ...
  • glue-源码

    2021-03-08 07:42:57
  • Glue Dependencies

    2020-12-25 20:18:27
    <p>What are the glue dependencies for running as a standalone? the ones listed are for the tools it supports as far as i've seen. <p>Does it have any ruby gem dependencies?</p><p>该提问来源于开源...
  • Glue Crawler

    2020-12-27 12:10:23
    <div><p>Attempting to crawl this location with Glue pointed at the ARN produces an Access Denied issue. What's the correct way to configure this? <p>I tried giving Glue more permissions (all the ...
  • 胶水 Glue 是 ionicframework 的入门项目
  • Glue workflow

    2021-01-12 08:04:53
    resource/aws_glue_workflow: Add glue workflow resource resource/aws_glue_trigger: Add 'workflow_name' attribute, add 'crawler_name' attribute to 'action' </code></pre> <p>...
  • Glue智能锁的Homebridge集成 基于2021年1月基于Glues的新API。 安装 安装npm i -g homebridge-glue 建立 建议您获取API密钥,因为这样您就不必在配置中包含用户名和密码。 # get an api key curl --request POST ' ...
  • Android glue

    2021-01-04 01:14:30
    <div><p>The <code>native-app-glue</code> provided by the <code>ndk</code> which is used by <code>cargo-apk</code> is buggy. This PR implements the required parts in rust and rewrites <code>cargo-apk, ...
  • <div><p>This PR adds a feature to update glue-crawler resources to make them compliant. https://boto3.amazonaws.com/v1/documentation/api/latest/reference/services/glue.html#Glue.Client.update_crawler...
  • Android代码-Glue

    2019-08-06 05:30:45
    Glue A lightweight view and resource injection library for android Usage gradle dependency Add below dependency to build.gradle repositories { jcenter() } dependencies { compile '...
  • Remove injected glue

    2020-11-22 17:41:21
    <div><p>This removes the injected-glue and replaces some of its functionality with a modified android_native_app_glue.c. This is a very breaking change. <ul><li>The stdout/stderr to Android log ...
  • glue.js Glue.js Javascript Lirary v0.2.0 (Beta) glue.js是一个用来动态载入html区块的javascript library,以ECMA Script 5语法开发,一般主流浏览器皆适用(IE11可) 我开发此js library最初的目的就是为了...
  • ve got everything configured but forget to setup the glue or configure it incorrectly. <p>We can try to solve this problem by defaulting to the classpath root when no glue is defined. This way ...
  • serverless-glue-源码

    2021-05-05 03:59:17
    这是用于无服务器框架的插件,提供了部署AWS Glue Jobs的可能性 安装 运行npm install --save-dev serverless-glue 在serverless.yml插件部分添加serverless-glue plugins : - serverless-glue 如何工作 该插件在...
  • Proxy Glue-开源

    2021-05-02 11:32:03
    Proxy Glue允许用户将socks5,socks4,connect,http和cgi代理粘合在一起,形成一个大的潜在路径领域,并且可以直接在浏览器中完成配置。
  • Laravel开发-glue

    2019-08-28 07:02:26
    Laravel开发-glue Larabelt的胶包装。
  • Glue Stick-开源

    2021-04-24 15:12:02
    Glue Stick依赖项注入框架用于从外部bean定义和配置文件组装和配置Java应用程序。 有几种受支持的bean定义文件格式,例如Groovy,JSON和Spring XML。
  • RL-Glue-开源

    2021-04-27 00:59:45
    RL-Glue已移至Google代码。 请参阅:http://code.google.com/p/rl-glue/
  • Glue Documentation Additions

    2020-12-08 20:31:27
    <div><p>Explained how to navigate plugin dependency loading issues when using Glue. Explained strengths and weaknesses of setting an Array or JSON object at the manifest.plugins key. Plus, gave an ...
  • Add GLUE datasets

    2020-11-29 11:42:30
    <div><p>GLUE datasets are standard for evaluating NLU tasks. <p>In pursuit of this objective, we introduce the General Language Understanding Evaluation benchmark (GLUE), a tool for evaluating and ...
  • Glue Linux issues

    2020-12-25 23:19:19
    ve had a number of issues getting Glue to launch correctly on Linux. Installing the dependencies is very easy (as opposed to Mac), but the following issues occur: - Upon first launch, the GUI window ...
  • <ul><li>add <code>glue.Glue</code> and <code>glue.SQLExecutor</code>. <code>glue.SQLExecutor</code> could do some SQL jobs.</li><li>add some call to <code>Glue.Record</code> to report information to ...
  • Integration with glue

    2020-11-20 18:28:10
    t figure out how to register and configure this plugin with glue manifest. I don't know what to put in options, I don't even know it this is possible with glue? <p>Thanks.</p><p>该提问来源于...
  • <p>1) Creates a resource called <code>glue-catalog</code>. 2) Creates an action: <code>set-encryption</code> to modify encryption settings <p>Encryption settings can also be filtered using the builtin...
  • 安装:要安装 masspec_glue,只需从任何目录执行sudo npm install -g git+https://github.com/shenanigans/masspec_glue#0.1.0 。 它安装在执行路径上。 用途:需要一个配置文件。 这个配置可能是一个 JSON 文档或...
  • Glue logic

    2019-08-03 22:27:57
    gule logic的中文含意是“胶连逻辑”,它是连接复杂逻辑电路的简单逻辑电路的统称。例如,一个ASIC芯片可能包含许多诸如微处理器、存储器功能块或者通信功能块之类的功能单元,这些... "Do not add glue-logic at...
      gule logic的中文含意是“胶连逻辑”,它是连接复杂逻辑电路的简单逻辑电路的统称。例如,一个ASIC芯片可能包含许多诸如微处理器、存储器功能块或者通信功能块之类的功能单元,这些功能单元之间通过较少的粘合逻辑连接起来。在印制板(PCB)层,粘合逻辑可以使用具有较少逻辑门的“粘合芯片”实现,例如PAL、GAL、CPLD等。
        "Do not add glue-logic at the top level"的意思就是说在设计的顶层连接各个子模块的时候要直接相连,而不要插入一些简单逻辑来连接各个子模块。
        glueless interface(无粘接接口),不粘于某一特类个体(RAM 或 ROM 或 flash)。这芯片的接口规格一般有超过一种业界规格,使其接口并不局限于一种制式。
        在硬件设计选型上,选择no glue logic or glueless logic的IC,可以使硬件设计简单化


  • Paper Reading: GLUE

    2021-05-31 10:45:46
    Paper Reading: GLUE 1. 引言 最近看论文,突然脑子中蹦出了这么一个感觉,看论文是不应该先把论文看厚了,然后再把论文看薄了,这论文也就懂了O(∩_∩)O 这篇论文是在看BERT的时候,里面有一个GLUE score的评价指标...

    Paper Reading: GLUE

    1. 引言


    这篇论文是在看BERT的时候,里面有一个GLUE score的评价指标,因为刚开始接触NLP,算是NLP的小白吧,所以还是有很多要理解和学习的知识。

    进入正题,GLUE是什么?General Language Understanding Evaluation(GLUE) benchmark,用于评估各种现有不同的natural language understanding(NLU)的任务中模型的性能。

    2. 任务类型


    数据集 全称 领域 简介 数据量 评价方法
    CoLA The Corpus of Linguistic Acceptability Single-sentence Classification 判断一个句子是否语法正确,二分类任务 train 8.5k, test 1k Matthews correlation coefficient(MCC)
    SST-2 The Stanford Sentiment Treebank Single-sentence Classification 判断一条电影评论积极或消极,二分类任务 train 67k, test 1.8k accuracy
    MRPC Microsoft Research Paraphrase Corpus Pairwise Text Classsification 判断两个句子是否语义相同,二分类任务 train 3.7k, test 1.7k accuracy, F1 score
    QQP Quora Question Pairs) Pairwise Text Classsification 判断两个句子是否语义相同,二分类任务 train 364k,test 391k accuracy, F1 score
    STS-B Semantic Textual Similarity Benchmark Text Similarity 使用 1~5 的来表示两个句子的语义相似度(论文中表述),但是LZ实际下载数据是存在0-5之间的小数的,所以感觉上还是做回归比较合适 train 7k, test 1.4k Pearson/Spearman correction
    MNLI Multi-Genre Natural Language Inference Pairwise Text Classsification 判断两个句子语义上的 entailment/contradiction/neutral,三分类任务 train 393k, test 20k matched acc./mismatched acc.
    QNLI Question Natural Language Inference Relevance Ranking 前身是SQuAD1.0,给定问题,从给定的文段中挑选出包含答案的 Top 1 选项,二分类任务 train 105k, test 5.4k accuracy
    RTE Recognizing Textual Entailment) Pairwise Text Classsification 判断两个句子是否能够推断/对齐,二分类任务 train 2.5k, test 3k accuracy
    WNLI Winograd Natural Language Inference Pairwise Text Classsification 判断两个句子的语义相似性,二分类任务 train 634, test 146 accuracy


    3. 参考:


  • 用于ui组件的Ember Glue库的Monorepo。 灰胶库的设计目标: 可主题化–用户可以使用纯CSS变量创建自己的主题并为其网站创建一致的外观 可访问的–任何人都可以使用组件。 响应式–无论视口大小如何,组件都可以...



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