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    <div><ul>[x] HoverCards works in opera</li><li>[x] Automatically builds and deploys to the opera webstore</li><li><a href="https://twitter.com/shwetank/status/763416103242653696">This is not possible...
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  • Opera安装文件

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  • opera_Opera 15启动

    2020-08-15 11:41:55
    operaOpera 15 has arrived. Yes, version 12 was the last release but browser numbering has become increasingly meaningless during the past few ... What’s important is that Opera 15 is the first (fin...


    Opera 15 has arrived. Yes, version 12 was the last release but browser numbering has become increasingly meaningless during the past few years. What’s important is that Opera 15 is the first (final release) of a desktop browser to use Google’s new Blink rendering engine — it’s beaten Chrome off the starting blocks.

    Opera 15到达了。 是的,版本12是最后一个版本,但在过去几年中,浏览器编号已变得越来越无意义。 重要的是Opera 15是使用Google的新Blink渲染引擎的桌面浏览器的第一个(最终发行版),它击败了Chrome。

    安装 (Installation)

    The Windows and Mac OS download is available from Opera.com (Linux is coming soon). The installer file size has increased to 30MB — that’s 2.5x the size of version 12. Once installed, the application requires a little over 90MB. Not excessive, but double that required by the Presto edition.

    可从Opera.com下载Windows和Mac OS(即将推出Linux)。 安装程序文件的大小已增加到30MB,是版本12的2.5倍。安装后,该应用程序需要90MB多一点。 数量不多,但是Presto版本所需数量的两倍。

    If you have version 12 installed, Opera 15 will install to the same folder but both applications will happily co-exist. Sensible.

    如果您安装了版本12,Opera 15将安装到同一文件夹,但两个应用程序将愉快地共存。 懂事

    重新设计的界面 (Redesigned Interface)

    The browser is recognizable as Opera but the overall design will match your OS. For example, on Windows 8, the application is flatter and simpler than before:

    浏览器可识别为Opera,但整体设计将与您的OS相匹配。 例如,在Windows 8上,该应用程序比以前更扁平和更简单:

    Opera 15 on Windows 8

    Windows 8上的Opera 15

    Opera 12 on Windows 8

    Windows 8上的Opera 12

    Personally, I think it’s an improvement and the browser starts noticeably faster too.


    什么是新的? (What’s New?)

    Perhaps the first feature you’ll notice is the combined address and search bar which shows suggestions as you type.


    Bookmarks have been merged into Speed Dial. I guess that makes sense, although users with hundreds of bookmarks may be less convinced. Fortunately, Opera has provided a Bookmarks Manager Extension which brings back some of the essential functionality.

    书签已合并到快速拨号中。 我想这很有道理,尽管拥有数百个书签的用户可能不太相信。 幸运的是,Opera提供了一个书签管理器扩展 ,它带回了一些基本功能。

    The Stash is a new feature which allows you to mark a page to read later. You can therefore keep pages in the Stash instead of retaining open tabs which use more resources. It’s a nice idea, although it’s very similar to the Speed Dial and the subtle distinction could confuse some.

    “隐藏”是一项新功能,可让您标记页面以供日后阅读。 因此,您可以将页面保留在“隐藏”中,而不是保留使用更多资源的打开选项卡。 这是个好主意,尽管它与快速拨号非常相似,但细微的区别可能会使某些人感到困惑。

    “Discover” is a news page based on your country and interests. It looks good, although I doubt it’ll entice you from your favorite current affairs website.

    “发现”是基于您所在国家和兴趣的新闻页面。 看起来不错,尽管我怀疑它会从您最喜欢的时事网站吸引您。

    Then we have “Off-Road mode”. I originally suspected this was an offline setting, but it’s actually Opera Turbo by another name. Seriously Opera, your terminology is confusing enough without changing it every so often!

    然后我们有“越野模式”。 我最初怀疑这是一个脱机设置,但实际上是另一个名称的Opera Turbo。 认真地歌剧,您的术语令人困惑,而无需经常更改!

    什么老了? (What’s Old?)

    There are a number of features missing from Opera 15 which may appear in later releases:

    Opera 15缺少许多功能,这些功能可能会在以后的版本中出现:

    • Dragonfly: for now, you can enable Developer Tools to use the Web Inspector.

      Dragonfly :目前,您可以启用开发人员工具以使用Web检查器。

    • Extensions: Opera is moving to Chromium’s API so older extensions are no longer supported. However, a range is available at addons.opera.com/en/extensions/

      扩展 :Opera正在迁移到Chromium的API,因此不再支持较旧的扩展。 但是,可以从addons.opera.com/en/extensions/获得范围。

    • panels: several of the panels such as notes, links and info have been removed.

      面板 :已删除一些面板,例如注释,链接和信息。

    • getUserMedia: Opera was one of the first browsers to implement camera and microphone support, but that’s gone for the time being.

      getUserMedia :Opera是最早实现相机和麦克风支持的浏览器之一,但是暂时不存在。

    • geolocation: similarly, geolocation has been dropped in the desktop versions of the browser — although it is available in mobile versions.

      geolocation :同样,尽管在移动版本中可用,但在浏览器的桌面版本中已删除了geolocation。

    Finally, the M2 email client has been split into a separate application — Opera Mail. Some will complain, but I suspect relatively few people use Opera’s email so it’s a logical decision.

    最后,M2电子邮件客户端已拆分为一个单独的应用程序-Opera Mail 。 有些人会抱怨,但是我怀疑使用Opera电子邮件的人相对较少,这是一个合理的决定。

    闪烁渲染 (Blink Rendering)

    Opera’s Presto engine was excellent but:


    1. it had started to fall behind the competitors in some areas such as CSS3 transformations and animations, and

    2. few developers tested Opera so you could encounter issues which didn’t affect Webkit, Gecko or Trident.


    The move to Blink (a Webkit-fork) eradicates these problems in one strike. Everything works as it would in Chrome — you’re unlikely to experience incompatibilities ever again. In addition, the Opera team is contributing to Blink’s development efforts.

    向Blink(Webkit-fork)的迁移一举消除了这些问题。 一切都像在Chrome中一样正常运行-您不太可能再遇到不兼容的情况。 此外, Opera团队为Blink的开发工作做出了贡献

    光明的新未来? (A Bright New Future?)

    I like Opera … but is it having an identity crisis? The browser typically appealed to power users who preferred the extensive range of configuration settings. While a leaner set of options could attract more users, there’s already a simple browser which uses the same rendering engine.

    我喜欢Opera… 但这会带来身份危机吗? 该浏览器通常吸引高级用户,他们喜欢广泛的配置设置。 虽然一组更精简的选项可以吸引更多用户,但已经有一个使用相同渲染引擎的简单浏览器。

    Is Opera different enough to distinguish it from Chrome? Are you an existing Opera disillusioned by the changes? Or do you prefer the new edition?

    Opera是否足以区别于Chrome? 您是现有的Opera,但对变化感到失望吗? 还是您更喜欢新版本?

    翻译自: https://www.sitepoint.com/opera-15-launched/


  • opera_Opera 10 Alpha到达

    2020-08-06 01:08:45
    operaAccording to Net Applications just about 0.71% of the net population uses the Opera ... But according to Google Analytics, about three times that number of SitePoint users use Opera (clearl...


    According to Net Applications just about 0.71% of the net population uses the Opera browser. But according to Google Analytics, about three times that number of SitePoint users use Opera (clearly a more enlightened bunch than the general web populace). Today Opera announced the release of version 10.0 Alpha 1 for Mac, Windows, and UNIX, just about a month after the release of their last stable version, 9.62.

    根据网络应用程序的统计,仅约0.71%的净人口使用Opera浏览器。 但是根据Google Analytics(分析),SitePoint用户使用Opera的数量大约是Opera的三倍(显然,比起一般的Web大众,这是一个更开明的群体)。 今天,Opera 宣布发布适用于Mac,Windows和UNIX的10.0 Alpha 1版本,距上一个稳定版本9.62发行仅一个月左右。

    The new release includes an updated version of their core Presto rendering engine. Presto 2.2 gets improved CSS performance, and scores 100/100 on the Acid3 web standards test. The new Presto engine also ships with an improved regular expression engine, which Opera says will speed up the browser experience overall.

    新版本包括其核心Presto渲染引擎的更新版本。 Presto 2.2获得了改进CSS性能,并且在Acid3 Web标准测试中得分为100/100。 新的Presto引擎还附带改进的正则表达式引擎,Opera表示,这将总体上提高浏览器的体验。

    Opera 10 also has some catch-up improvements that other browsers have had for awhile, including inline spell checking (like Firefox), the ability to auto-update without user notification (a la Google Chrome), and improvements to Opera Mail that lets users send rich text emails, and allows them remove emails from a POP server after a specified number of days.

    Opera 10还具有其他浏览器一段时间以来的一些赶超改进,包括内联拼写检查(如Firefox),无需用户通知即可自动更新的功能(例如Google Chrome),以及使用户可以使用的Opera Mail的改进发送富文本电子邮件,并允许他们在指定的天数后从POP服务器中删除电子邮件。

    Opera 10 Alpha 1 can be downloaded here.

    可以在此处下载 Opera 10 Alpha 1。

    翻译自: https://www.sitepoint.com/opera-10-alpha-arrives/


  • Opera 12.0

    2012-06-23 13:26:36
    Opera 12.0正式版
  • opera vpn 功能Opera contains hidden features that aren’t exposed in its user interface. They’re on internal pages, which you can access by typing Opera: into the address bar, followed by the name of...
    opera vpn 功能

    opera vpn 功能

    Opera contains hidden features that aren’t exposed in its user interface. They’re on internal pages, which you can access by typing Opera: into the address bar, followed by the name of the page.

    Opera包含其用户界面中未公开的隐藏功能。 它们位于内部页面上,您可以通过在地址栏中输入Opera:并随后输入页面名称来访问这些页面。

    Opera’s hidden Opera: pages are its counterpart to Firefox’s About: pages and Chrome’s Chrome:// URLs. They contain hidden options, alternate user interfaces and diagnostic information tucked away from the main interface.

    Opera的隐藏Opera:页面与Firefox的About:页面Chrome的Chrome:// URL相对 。 它们包含隐藏的选项,备用用户界面和远离主界面的诊断信息。

    探索歌剧:页面 (Exploring the Opera: Pages)

    Opera doesn’t have an internal page that lists all its internal pages, like Firefox’s about:about and Chrome’s chrome://about pages do. If you want to view a list and explore them yourself, you can install the Opera Internal Pages extension. It adds a toolbar button that lists all the pages.

    Opera没有内部页面列出所有内部页面,例如Firefox的about:about和Chrome的chrome:// about页面。 如果您想查看列表并自己浏览,可以安装Opera内部页面扩展 。 它添加了一个列出所有页面的工具栏按钮。

    You can access some of these pages from the standard Opera menu. For example, the opera:about and opera:help pages are the same as the About and Help options in the menu.

    您可以从标准Opera菜单访问其中一些页面。 例如,Opera:about和Opera:help页面与菜单中的AboutHelp选项相同。

    Opera:配置 (Opera:Config)

    The opera:config page is Opera’s counterpart to Firefox’s famous about:config page. It contains a wide variety of options and tweaks, many of which aren’t available elsewhere in Opera’s user interface.

    Opera:config页面是Opera与Firefox著名的about:config页面相对应的页面。 它包含各种各样的选项和调整,其中许多在Opera用户界面的其他地方不可用。

    The page is completely searchable, so you can quickly find the option you’re looking for. Unlike the confusingly named options on Firefox’s about:config page, Opera’s Preferences Editor page contains options written in plain English.

    该页面是完全可搜索的,因此您可以快速找到所需的选项。 与Firefox的about:config页面上名称混乱的选项不同,Opera的“首选项编辑器”页面包含以纯英语编写的选项。

    歌剧:插件 (Opera:Plugins)

    The opera:plugins page displays a list of your installed browser plug-ins. You can click the Disable option to disable a plug-in without uninstalling it entirely.

    Opera:plugins页面显示已安装的浏览器插件的列表。 您可以单击“ 禁用”选项以禁用插件,而无需完全卸载它。

    The “Enable Plug-ins” check box controls whether plug-in support is enabled browser-wide. It’s the same option you’ll find in Opera’s Quick Preferences menu.

    “启用插件”复选框控制是否在浏览器范围内启用插件支持。 您可以在Opera的“ 快速偏好设置”菜单中找到相同的选项。

    歌剧:历史与歌剧:历史搜索 (Opera:History & Opera:HistorySearch)

    The opera:history page displays a different view of your history — it’s not the same as the History option in Opera’s menu.


    The opera:historysearch page allows you to search your browsing history. Like the search option built into Opera’s standard History page, it offers full-text search of pages.

    Opera:historysearch页面允许您搜索浏览历史记录。 就像Opera的标准“历史记录”页面中内置的搜索选项一样,它提供页面的全文本搜索。

    Opera:缓存 (Opera:Cache)

    The opera:cache page allows you to browse Opera’s browser cache, which caches downloaded content to speed up future load times.


    Select a specific website to view its cached files or save them to your computer.


    Opera:调试 (Opera:Debug)

    The opera:debug page allows connections to remote Opera Dragonfly sessions. You can use this feature to debug remote Opera systems over the network.

    Opera:debug页面允许连接到远程Opera Dragonfly会话。 您可以使用此功能通过网络调试远程Opera系统。

    To connect to another browser from this page, the other Opera user must launch Opera’s Dragonfly developer tool (Opera -> Page -> Developer Tools -> Opera Dragonfly) and enable remote debugging.

    要从此页面连接到另一个浏览器,其他Opera用户必须启动Opera的Dragonfly开发人员工具( Opera- > 页面 -> 开发人员工具 -> Opera Dragonfly )并启用远程调试。

    Opera:驱动器 (Opera:Drives)

    The opera:drives page lets you browse your local file system from a web-page-style interface within Opera.


    Opera:MemDebug,Opera:WebStorage和Opera:WebDatabases (Opera:MemDebug, Opera:WebStorage and Opera:WebDatabases)

    The opera:memdebug page breaks down Opera’s memory usage. The opera:webstorage and opera:webdatabases pages list websites using Opera’s Web storage and Web database features.

    Opera:memdebug页面可细分Opera的内存使用情况。 Opera:webstorage和Opera:webdatabases页面使用Opera的Web存储和Web数据库功能列出网站。

    Opera’s internal Opera: URLs don’t contain fun Easter eggs like Firefox’s or experimental  features like Chrome’s, but there are a treasure trove of hidden options for you to explore — particularly on the opera:config page.


    翻译自: https://www.howtogeek.com/105012/find-hidden-features-on-operas-internal-opera-pages/

    opera vpn 功能

  • Opera path change

    2020-11-30 15:45:11
    <div><p>Opera binary isn't in windows program files but in windows user's profil <p><code>protected Optional<String> getBrowserVersion() { return getDefaultBrowserVersion("PROGRAM...
  • Update Opera versions

    2021-01-08 11:35:35
    <div><p>This PR updates Opera releases to match latest updates. Based upon https://help.opera.com/en/opera-version-history/, it looks like version 59 never left beta before they released version 60, ...
  • Opera,打破常规限制,汇聚强大功能。 让您对 Opera 情有独钟的几个理由 浏览速度更快 相比其他浏览器,我们简化了浏览处理功能,搭配内置广告拦截功能,实现更快速的网页加载体验。 随时联络 使用浏览器...
  • 因为opera的收藏夹叫书签,实际上就是将opera收藏夹的内容导入到IE收藏夹。 一、软件简介 将opera书签转换到ie收藏夹 二、主要功能 将opera书签转换到ie收藏夹 三、系统要求 1.Windows 四、安装方式 直接运行 五、...
  • opera 12.15 sources

    2018-12-23 10:46:27
    opera 12.15的源代码曾经短暂的在github上泄漏,很快就关闭了。这是我保存下来的。网上老外说:基本上是全部代码了。我也见到了基于这个编译的bin文件(我另外上传了)喜欢的就下载吧,presto依然有很多值得参考的...

    2020-09-10 12:46:57
    大概了解一下Opera ows,结果完全蒙逼了 实在不会弄了 与外部系统交互用的 Accept Channel Rates:选中此复选框以允许属性接受外部发送的价格 创建一个硬射 Channel:选择向下箭头,然后从值列表中...

    大概了解一下Opera ows,结果完全蒙逼了

    Accept Channel Rates:选中此复选框以允许属性接受外部发送的价格
    Begin Date:选择日历按钮,然后选择开始日期,该属性将在该日期在通道中变为可用

  • <div><p>Now that #1210 was merged, I was able to test and update the results for Opera 10.5 to opera 12.1. Opera 10 and earlier still won't run. <p>What is in this patch: - Fixed wrong results for...
  • Opera 是作为挪威电信公司 Telenor 的一个研究项目于 1994 年启动的,并于 1995 发展为一个独立的开发公司,Opera Software ASA。 最近发布的 Opera Opera 9 (用于 Windows、Mac、Linux、FreeBSD 以及 Solaris) – ...
  • opera 10.60

    2010-07-03 01:04:22
  • Opera Mini 2.0.jar

    2020-07-31 21:56:34
    Operamini java旧版本 欧朋(Opera)浏览器是全球第一手机浏览器Opera的中文品牌产品,体积轻小而功能强大,以简洁的界面设计和贴近中国用户的社会化应用为主要特色。 欧朋浏览器推出免流量版上网,除了看视频和下载...
  • Opera下cloneNode的bug

    2020-12-12 23:47:34
    Opera, 作为 A-Grade 浏览器,在现在的前端开发中务必支持。它很优秀,很不幸,bug是每个浏览器都不可避免的问题,Opera亦难免。说说我发现的一个关于 cloneNode 的问题。 问题: 假设我们有一个 Form 节点(node)的...
  • 立即尝试 Opera developer 版 这是我们浏览器创新的最早期试验性版本,并非所有试验内容都将会进入下一阶段的开发。请注意 - 由于 Opera developer 版的新功能未经完善,所以可能不稳定,甚至导致浏览器崩溃。测试...
  • Using Buku with Opera

    2021-01-10 13:21:54
    <p>Some years ago, Opera has been refactored completely. I did not like how bookmarks were reorganised, so I went to use Buku for bookmarking. After feeding Opera's bookmarks into Buku, I ...
  • support for Opera version

    2020-12-01 12:58:00
    <div><p>looks like for the Opera useragent Opera/9.80 (Windows NT 6.1; U; Edition Next; en) Presto/2.10.229 Version/12.00 we're getting Opera v9.80 reported, not Version 12... not sure if it's...
  • <p>See more info: <a href="https://github.com/operasoftware/operachromiumdriver/issues/31">Opera driver issue</a></p> <p>Opera version: 51.0.2830.40 Opera driver version: 2.33</p><p>该提问来源于开源...
  • Opera所属:挪威OperaSoftwareASA公司渲染引擎:自家的Presto Opera起初是一款挪威OperaSoftwareASA公司制作的支持多页面标签式浏览的网络浏览器,由于新版本的Opera增加了大量网络功能,官方将Opera定义为一个网络...
  • Opera浏览器32位版

    2020-09-15 16:51:39
  • Opera Testsuite Failures

    2020-11-25 14:04:52
    t know how correct it is, but Opera has a comprehensive JSON test suite. I used it a few years ago to pinpoint IE8's JSON bugs. When I ran JSON3 against the Opera tests, there were 3 failures. <p>...



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