• Chinese Knot

    2017-08-29 17:06:47
    Chinese knot is a decorative handicraft that began as a form of Chinese folk artifact in the Tang and Song Dynasty in China. It was later popularized in the Ming. Alice is learning Chinese knotting. ...
  • chinese.isl

    热门讨论 2014-10-27 09:47:39
    用inno setup进行打包安装的汉化文件,把 chinese.isl放到安装目录下的语言包里。
  • Chinese Treebank 8.0

    2018-05-03 09:01:28
    Chinese Treebank 8.0 LDC中文句树库(LDC2013T21),已标注句子的各个词语词性、句中成分、语义信息,可用于自然语言处理的句法分析或词性标注等任务。
  • 运行chineseocr

    千次阅读 热门讨论 2019-01-19 14:17:16
    chineseocr是基于yolo3 与crnn 实现中文自然场景文字检测及识别 github: https://github.com/chineseocr/chineseocr 注意事项: 1、运行chineseocr/text/detector/utils/make.sh(cpu的运行make-for-cpu.sh)...

    chineseocr是基于yolo3 与crnn 实现中文自然场景文字检测及识别

    github: https://github.com/chineseocr/chineseocr




    3、运行ipython app.py 8080后,终端显示的网址是http://,其实应该在浏览器打开http://,/ocr很重要,不能省略了。


  • Chinese Zodiac

    2017-09-17 13:10:00
    Problem Description ...The Chinese Zodiac, known as Sheng Xiao, is based on a twelve-year cycle, each year in the cycle related to an animal sign. These signs are the rat, ox, tiger, rabbit, dragon, sna
    Problem Description
    The Chinese Zodiac, known as Sheng Xiao, is based on a twelve-year cycle, each year in the cycle related to an animal sign. These signs are the rat, ox, tiger, rabbit, dragon, snake, horse, sheep, monkey, rooster, dog and pig.
    Victoria is married to a younger man, but no one knows the real age difference between the couple. The good news is that she told us their Chinese Zodiac signs. Their years of birth in luner calendar is not the same. Here we can guess a very rough estimate of the minimum age difference between them.
    If, for instance, the signs of Victoria and her husband are ox and rabbit respectively, the estimate should be 2 years. But if the signs of the couple is the same, the answer should be 12 years.

    The first line of input contains an integer T (1T1000) indicating the number of test cases.
    For each test case a line of two strings describes the signs of Victoria and her husband.

    For each test case output an integer in a line.

    Sample Input
    3 ox rooster rooster ox dragon dragon

    Sample Output
    8 4 12

    typedef struct Sheng
    char s[20];
    int n;
    sheng a[15]={{"rat",1} ,{"ox",2}, {"tiger",3}, {"rabbit",4}, {"dragon",5}, {"snake",6},{"horse",7}, {"sheep",8}, {"monkey" ,9}, {"rooster",10}, {"dog",11},{"pig",12}};
    int main()
    	int t,i,d=0,f=0;
    	char b[12],c[12];
    		scanf("%s %s",b,c);
    		d = 0,f = 0;
    			d = a[i].n;
    			f = a[i].n;
    	return 0;

  • endnote导入参考文献及国标(Chinese standard)

    万次阅读 多人点赞 2019-06-23 11:46:00
    导入参考文献: 在word中,将光标点到 想要插入参考文献的地方,在endnote的...但是一般安装的盗版 endnote没有国标(Chinese standard)格式,必须从官网下载国标的style 官网www.endnote.com,点击downloa...


    在word中,将光标点到 想要插入参考文献的地方,在endnote的reference中选择目标文献,点击工具栏的insert citation(ALT+2),即可



    但是一般安装的盗版 endnote没有国标(Chinese standard)格式,必须从官网下载国标的style

    官网www.endnote.com,点击download,在keyword中搜索Chinese standard,下载网页下出现的两个文件。





    重新打开endnote,edit>>output styles>>open style manager, 勾选刚刚两个style,关闭窗口即可

    在endnote左上角bibliographic output style选择一个参考文献的格式即可。




  • Written Chinese

    2011-09-28 12:20:34
    Written Chinese consists of strings of characters (or ideographs) separated by punctuation. The smallest indexing units in Chinese documents
             Written Chinese consists of strings of characters (or ideographs) separated by punctuation. The smallest indexing units in Chinese documents are words,while the smallest units in a Chinese sentence are characters. 
  • ubuntu chinese input

    千次阅读 2017-12-06 10:15:48
    ubuntu16.04 英文环境安装中文输入法 1. 安装语言包 System Settings–>...选中chinese,点击Apply应用即可,等待下载安装完成。 2.安装ibus框架 sudo apt-get install ibus ibus-clutter ibus-gtk ibus-gt
  • chinese hacker:

    千次阅读 2017-08-08 21:27:09
    chinese hacker: 那一夜,你伤害你,那一夜,我看见了一堆骷髅头 解题链接: http://ctf5.shiyanbar.com/web/2/ http://www.shiyanbar.com/ctf/18 解: 1. 首先进去如图: 先对图片检测,没有发现...
  • Chinese Girls' Amusement

    2017-04-18 19:16:16
    Chinese Girls' Amusement  You must have heard that the Chinese culture is quite different from that of Europe or Russia. So some Chinese habits seem quite unusual or even weird to us. So it is ...
  • CentOS 7 Minimal 使用如下...Chinese Support"   出现如下错误: [root@node01 yum.repos.d]# yum groupinfo "Chinese Support" Loaded plugins: fastestmirror There is no installed groups...
  • NLP-Chinese Word Vectors

    2020-04-26 18:09:12
    Chinese Word Vectors:目前最全的中文预训练词向量集合
  • Elasticsearch:Smart Chinese Analysis plugin

    千次阅读 2019-10-06 16:24:50
    Smart Chinese Analysis插件将Lucene的Smart Chinese分析模块集成到Elasticsearch中,用于分析中文或中英文混合文本。 支持的分析器在大型训练语料库上使用基于隐马尔可夫(Markov)模型的概率知识来查找简体中文...
  • chineseocr环境准备

    千次阅读 2019-07-01 11:47:13
    chineseocr源码,这里面用的版本是Anaconda3-2019.03-Linux-x86_64.sh 执行下面的命令,参考Ubuntu18.04 安装 Anaconda3进行安装,指定安装目录 cd bash Anaconda3-2019.03-Linux-x86_64.sh 如果安装错了,卸载 rm...
  • Centos install Chinese

    2014-03-01 21:13:37
    If you want to support Chinese in centos ,you should install Chinese support. first,you should open the terminal,then get the right of root ,in this procedre ,just enter "su" and enter the right pass
  • PaddleOCR和ChineseOCR的对比

    千次阅读 2020-08-06 18:07:09
    PaddleOCR和ChineseOCR的对比 ChineseOCR PaddleOCR 对比 识别时间 chineseOCR识别的速度相对于PaddleOCR较慢,单纯使用CPU对于单张图片的识别时间可以达到20秒,如果使用GPU识别的时间一般控制在5秒以内 ...
  • Ubuntu: Chinese simplified

    2017-04-19 16:30:26
    Ubuntu: Chinese simplified System-set-----> Language support --->chinese simplified ---> install install iBus sudo apt-get install ibus ibus-clutter ibus-gtk ibus-gtk3 ibus-qt4 im-switc
  • Chinese Whisper 人脸聚类算法实现

    万次阅读 2017-11-27 14:11:34
    Chinese whispers clustering 目录 1Chinese_Whispers简介 2Algorithm 3Strengths and Weaknesses 4Dlib库调用方法 5分类时间统计 6Python版实现   Chinese_Whispers简介 Chinese Whispers is a clustering ...
  • chinese restaurant process

    2016-06-15 09:49:50
    中国餐馆过程 (chinese restaurant process)  假设一个中国餐馆有无限的桌子,第一个顾客到之后坐在第一张桌子上.第二个顾客到之后可以选择坐在第一张桌子上,也可以选择坐在一张新的桌子上;假设第n+1个顾客到的时候...
  • github上CHINESE-OCR-master项目到移植到window下运行

    千次阅读 多人点赞 2018-12-04 17:06:14
    github上CHINESE-OCR-master项目到移植到window下运行 环境: windows 10 python 3.6 项目地址 :https://github.com/xiaofengShi/CHINESE-OCR cpython keras pytroch tensorflow(或其他后端) 我们主要...
  • Chinese Text Detection and Recognition

    千次阅读 2017-12-01 15:07:31
    原文站点:https://senitco.github.io/2017/03/03/text-detection-recognition/  The task of Chinese text detection is to localize the regions in a 2D image which contain Chinese ... The task of Chinese
  • Chinese Segmentation Introduction

    万次阅读 2015-07-06 15:22:50
    1. Chinese Segmentation Introduction最近两天系统的研究了一下中文分词算法,在这里做个简单的总结。中文分词可以分为(1)基于词典的分词 和(2)非基于词典的分词。 基于词典的分词包括: * MMSEG * ...
  • HDU 6213-Chinese Zodiac

    千次阅读 2017-10-18 18:31:14
    题目传送门Chinese Zodiac Time Limit: 1000/1000 MS (Java/Others) Memory Limit: 65535/32768 K (Java/Others) Total Submission(s): 495 Accepted Submission(s): 340Problem Description The Chinese Zodiac,
  • chineseocr_lite尝试

    2020-08-06 18:35:39
    从网上下载,试了一下chineseocr_lite。 在ubunut16虚拟机中测试的,一共遇到的问题有一下几个。 1、安装pytorch. 可以参考我的 博客园中的博客安装pytorch、torchvision,从清华源下载好文件,放到Anaconda3/pkgs...
  • 不同的Chinese traineddata区别

    千次阅读 2020-02-25 10:59:10
    关于Chinese traineddata有至少如下几个: chi_sim chi_sim_vert chi_tra 它们之间的区别如何? chi_sim 包含了简化的常用的汉语和英文字符。 chi_tra 包含了繁体的常用汉语和英文字符。 chi_...
  • github链接:[bert-chinese-ner](https://github.com/ProHiryu/bert-chinese-ner "") 在“使用方法”一栏,按照操作执行,出现如下错误 ![报错信息]...
  • Bert-chinese使用GPU运算

    2020-05-06 19:37:16
    Bert-chinese: 基于Tensorflow 1.15.0,需要安装所有CUDA 10.0 libraries: sudo apt-get install cuda-libraries-10-0



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