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    2021-01-01 04:42:03
    <div><p>airplay don't work with the last version of HiFiBerry OS airplay is visible, but no sound (pi3 & amp+)</p><p>该提问来源于开源项目:hifiberry/hifiberry-os</p></div>
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    2020-11-30 13:52:47
    <div><p>Has anyone been successful using Airplay? It says my device is connected, but no sound is being produced. I have ran the audio tests and my audio does work. Thoughts?</p><p>该提问来源于开源...
  • AirPlay

    2014-05-05 19:02:53
    最近一直在研究苹果的AirPlay协议。真是个好东西,基本上现在可以把任何屏幕内容,包括音频,视频和屏幕投射到支持AirPlay接收的设备上,目前是Apple TV或者AirExpress。 网上资料很少,比较有用的是这个哥们写...
    最近一直在研究苹果的AirPlay协议。真是个好东西,基本上现在可以把任何屏幕内容,包括音频,视频和屏幕投射到支持AirPlay接收的设备上,目前是Apple TV或者AirExpress。

    网上资料很少,比较有用的是这个哥们写的一篇AirPlay Mirror Internals:


    目前我在研究一个程序Reflection App:

    号称可以把iOS设备屏幕直接投射到Mac设备上,下载试了一下,效果不错。对它所用的方法很感兴趣想逆向工程一下但苦于水平有限,进展很缓慢。想了解下论坛上有高手研究这个么?或者熟悉逆向工程(Visual C++)。想深入了解一下其实现原理。




  • Airplay-SDK:Airplay接收器SDK支持Airplay镜像和AirPlay投射到接收器设备
  • airplay, Airplay绑定到 ruby 电台 Airplay尝试与最新AppleTV固件兼容,但我想向其他服务器添加兼容性。你可以使用代码,Bug 或者功能请求进行贡献。gem的发展需要时间,并且有大量的研究和硬件测试来使这一切变得...
  • open-airplay, Apple协议AirPlay库的集合 打开 airplayapple协议AirPlay库的Collection 。 如果你想支持搜索/自动发现,Java库还需要 JMDNS 。示例库可以由其他应用程序使用,但也可以用于来自 命令行 或者直接( ...
  • AirPlay开发 播放视频的技术有:MediaPlayer框架、AVFoundation框架、WebView。 MediaPlayer框架 可以设置allowsAirPlay属性,可以开启AirPlay的支持。 Mac可以安装AirPlay镜像软件。 AVPlayer AVPlayer中有一...








    _avPlayer.allowsExternalPlayback = YES;





  • airplay-protocol, 在AirPlay的顶部,一个低级协议包装器 广播协议一个低级别的协议包装器在AirPlay上用来连接苹果电视。适当的AirPlay客户端收费,请参见 airplayer 。 目前只实现了视频 API 。 安装npm install ...
  • AirPlay Volume

    2021-01-11 02:46:16
    <p>Do you know how iOS deals with volume control when streaming to airplay? When you connect to an airplay device the volume changes, I 'think' this is the last used volume when streaming to ...
  • iOS airplay集成

    2018-08-13 19:11:58
    airplay 集成文档, 快速集成,用于展示airplay按钮等
  • airplay2协议是什么 AirPlay (AirPlay) AirPlay is released by Apple in the year 2004. It allows the easy exchange of audios without the use of any wired technique between the two devices. It was ...


    AirPlay (AirPlay)

    AirPlay is released by Apple in the year 2004. It allows the easy exchange of audios without the use of any wired technique between the two devices. It was previously termed as AirTunes and later got its name changed to AirPlay.

    AirPlay由Apple于2004年发布。它可以轻松交换音频,而无需在两个设备之间使用任何有线技术。 它以前被称为AirTunes,后来被更名为AirPlay

    As one can easily understand through the term 'Air', it's all about the wireless streaming of data. A few examples of the same are – iTunes, iPads, iPods, etc.

    正如人们通过“空中”一词可以很容易地理解的那样 ,这全都与无线数据流有关。 几个相同的例子是– iTunes,iPad,iPod等。

    People think that if it possible for a device to play a song from a different device. AirPlay makes it all possible with its technology. Through AirPlay one can easily send music from one device and it gets played on another device.

    人们认为,如果设备可以播放其他设备上的歌曲,则可以。 AirPlay凭借其技术使一切成为可能。 通过AirPlay,您可以轻松地从一台设备发送音乐,然后在另一台设备上播放音乐。


    Image source: https://www.lifewire.com/enable-airplay-for-iphone-ios-6-2438634


    Perhaps, other than this functionality, it also helps the user to run other media devices as well. If a user wants to add more volume into their device, through AirPlay, they can easily do it. It has many other advantages as well.

    也许除了此功能之外,它还可以帮助用户运行其他媒体设备。 如果用户想通过AirPlay在设备中添加更多音量,则可以轻松实现。 它还具有许多其他优点。

    Although the other media such as photos, videos, and other applications can be easily shared between the devices, AirPlay is mostly used for audio and music purposes only.
    One can easily run their application into another device using AirPlay. In order to do that, they need to open the video in iTunes and then click on the AirPlay button. In that, all the other devices will be showing. Click on any device you want to see your application. It may ask for a code. After entering code, your application will get started in your preferred device. Enjoy!

    使用AirPlay可以轻松地将其应用程序运行到另一台设备上。 为此,他们需要在iTunes中打开视频,然后单击AirPlay按钮。 这样,所有其他设备都将显示。 单击您想要查看您的应用程序的任何设备。 它可能要求输入代码。 输入代码后,您的应用程序将在您的首选设备中启动。 请享用!

    翻译自: https://www.includehelp.com/dictionary/airplay.aspx


  • Airplay plugins

    2020-11-25 16:57:38
    <div><p>I was thinking about adding a plugin system for <code>airplay</code>. Something like: <pre><code> ruby Airplay.plugin Airplay::Youtube </code></pre> <p>Or something like that. The idea is to ...
  • Airplay support

    2020-11-27 21:16:41
    I was planning to switch from XBMC to MediacenterJS, but as it still lacks Airplay support, I can't do that yet. I know this isn't so easy, as there currently is only a node module for ...
  • Airplay UI

    2021-01-07 07:38:14
    <div><p><img alt="airplay1" src=...Airplay UI is empty and no default queries are populating</p><p>该提问来源于开源项目:airbnb/airpal</p></div>
  • go-airplay, 在 Go,Airplay服务器中( 大部分) 电台服务器服务器目前只能用于 das,因为它使用mDNSResponder作为它的dns sd程序,以及核心音频播放器。要运行服务器,$ CC=clang go run serve.go你可以检查 -help ...
  • Safari AirPlay

    2020-11-20 20:35:05
    <div><p>Hi, I saw you added the Chromecast option in the latest realease of BTTV, so I wondererd if you could do the same with Safari and Airplay. The latest version of safari (OS X El Captain) ...
  • Adding Airplay Support

    2020-12-02 10:49:13
    - Airplay icon in the control bar when airplay config is enabled. - Enabled native Airplay functionality - Transition to Casting State - Play, pause, seek, disconnect - Hide the volume slider while ...
  • airplay隔空投放

    2018-07-01 12:09:34
  • Airplay 2

    2020-11-27 11:44:49
    <div><p>Will Volumio 2 support Airplay 2 in the future?</p><p>该提问来源于开源项目:volumio/Volumio2</p></div>
  • Add airplay

    2020-12-28 13:22:03
    <p>This PR adds the new skill, <a href="https://github.com/LinusS1/airplay-skill">airplay, to the skills repo. <h2>Description <p>Once you install the skill, you can connect to it using any iOS or ...
  • Support AirPlay

    2021-01-11 16:44:11
    <div><p>If there is Google Cast support for Chrome, it would be nice to have AirPlay support for Safari. :)</p><p>该提问来源于开源项目:google/shaka-player</p></div>
  • AirPlay support

    2020-12-08 22:20:06
    <div><p>The possibility to choose an AirPlay device, such as an Airport Express, as receiver for the outgoing sound.</p><p>该提问来源于开源项目:iKenndac/Viva</p></div>
  • 最新版airplay

    2018-09-11 10:40:16
  • Airplay Support

    2021-01-08 06:23:17
    <div><p>Is there potential for Airplay support to allow for offloading of music playing to another device, without having to set it globally?</p><p>该提问来源于开源项目:radiant-player/radiant-...



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