• Step Back and Automate, Automate, Automate

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    Step Back and Automate, Automate, AutomateCay HorstmannI WORKED WITH PROGRAMMERS WHO, when asked to produce a count of the lines of code in a module, pasted the files into a word processor and used ...

    Step Back and Automate, Automate, Automate

    Cay Horstmann

    I WORKED WITH PROGRAMMERS WHO, when asked to produce a count of the lines of code in a module, pasted the files into a word processor and used its “line count” feature. And they did it again next week. And the week after. It was bad.
    I worked on a project that had a cumbersome deployment process, involving code signing and moving the result to a server, requiring many mouse clicks. Someone automated it, and the script ran hundreds of times during final test- ing, far more often than anticipated. It was good.
    So, why do people do the same task over and over instead of stepping back and taking the time to automate it?
    Common misconception #1: Automation is only for testing
    Sure, test automation is great, but why stop there? Repetitive tasks abound in any project: version control, compiling, building JAR files, documenta- tion generation, deployment, and reporting. For many of these tasks, the script is mightier than the mouse. Executing tedious tasks becomes faster and more reliable.
    Common misconception #2: I have an IDE, so I don’t have to automate
    Did you ever have a “But it (checks out/builds/passes tests) on my machine?” argument with your teammates? Modern IDEs have thousands of potential settings, and it is essentially impossible to ensure that all team members have identical configurations. Build automation systems such as Ant or Autotools give you control and repeatability.
    97 Things Every Programmer Should Know

    Common misconception #3: I need to learn exotic tools in order to automate
    You can go a long way with a decent shell language (such as bash or Power- Shell) and a build automation system. If you need to interact with websites, use a tool such as iMacros or Selenium.
    Common misconception #4: I can’t automate this task because I can’t deal with these file formats
    If a part of your process requires Word documents, spreadsheets, or images, it may indeed be challenging to automate it. But is that really nec- essary? Can you use plain text? Comma-separated values? XML? A tool that generates a drawing from a text file? Often, a slight tweak in the pro- cess can yield good results with a dramatic reduction in tediousness.
    Common misconception #5: I don’t have the time to figure it out
    You don’t have to learn all of bash or Ant to get started. Learn as you go. When you have a task that you think can and should be automated, learn just enough about your tools to do it. And do it early in a project when time is usually easier to find. Once you have been successful, you (and your boss) will see that it makes sense to invest in automation.

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    Arduino-automate.zip,一个通用的python自动化库,具有漂亮的实时web uiautomation,Arduino是一家开源软硬件公司和制造商社区。Arduino始于21世纪初,深受电子制造商的欢迎,Arduino通过开源系统提供了很多灵活性。
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    Automate 是 Android 下一款自动化处理应用,和 iOS 上的 Workflow 有些相似。Automate 能做的事情很多,不夸张的说,你的想象力有多大,Automate 就能做到多少。

    Android 上有很多这一类的应用,像是 Tasker 和 Trigger ,但是我还是觉得 Automate 是最好用的一款。Automate 是为数不多的支持流程图的应用,借助流程图我们可以直观的看到我们设置了哪些条件以及还要做什么,尤其是在设置复杂任务的时候。


    Automate 会保存执行过程中的日志记录方便用户进行错误排查。每次看到日志窗口的时候我都会有种自己是坐在计算机前的工程师或者程序员的感觉。


    而另一个让我觉得很棒的设计就是 Automate 不会一次性获取所有权限,它把权限设计给分为几个小部分,只有需要的时候才会安装对应的「Permission」,当你不需要的时候就可以卸载该权限。



    Automate 是一个非常强大的 App,它可以设置的动作也很多,从简单的拍照、调大音量,到访问指定网络甚至是删除服务器上的指定文件。不过说句实话,我的脑洞还不如这些功能多,所以我经常去底部的「More Flows」去膜拜大神的作品。


    手机已成我们生活中的一部分,但是想要它做到真正的「智能」只怕还有很长的路要走。在此之前,不妨先动动手、开开脑洞,用 Automate 让你的手机更智能吧!

    Automate 适用于 Android 4.0+ 设备,大小为 4 MB,免费有内购。

    摘自  http://www.ifanr.com/app/589790




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