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  • 必读rss订阅源by Noël Widmer 由NoëlWidmer 开始时您需要了解的事件源必读 (Event sourcing essentials you need to know when starting out) Event Sourcing is a thought challenge when starting out. In ...


    by Noël Widmer


    开始时您需要了解的事件源必读 (Event sourcing essentials you need to know when starting out)

    Event Sourcing is a thought challenge when starting out. In this story, I will describe my experiences from the perspective of an engineer.

    开始时,事件来源是一个思想挑战。 在这个故事中,我将从工程师的角度描述我的经验。

    My goal is to help you decide if you want to invest the resources to get started with Event Sourcing.


    关于作者 (About The Author)

    Hi ? I’m Noël. I live near Zurich (Switzerland) and am proudly working on Switzerland’s largest E-Commerce platform. My team and I have applied Event Sourcing throughout the last 12 months, and we learned a lot.

    嗨 我是Noël。 我住在瑞士苏黎世附近,正在为瑞士最大的电子商务平台而自豪。 在过去的12个月中,我和我的团队一直在应用Event Sourcing,并且学到了很多东西。

    I want to share four essentials with you that I wish we knew one year ago.


    小型事件采购简介 (A Tiny Introduction To Event Sourcing)

    This article is not about introducing you to the concepts of Event Sourcing. I still feel like I should take one step back though — to paint a clearer picture.

    本文并不是要向您介绍事件源的概念。 我仍然觉得我应该退后一步 -画出清晰的画面。

    In state-oriented applications, you store the result of some computation in your data store. You might also keep a log where you archive old states for auditing or debugging purposes. But by storing state you lose the information about the transition from one state to the other. If a user’s username has disappeared, you’ll be wondering how that could have happened.

    在面向状态的应用程序中,您将一些计算结果存储在数据存储中。 您可能还会保留一个日志,在该日志中您将旧状态存档以进行审核或调试。 但是,通过存储状态,您将丢失有关从一种状态到另一种状态的转换的信息。 如果用户的用户名消失了,您会想知道这是怎么回事。

    Sourcing events preserves that information. This is achieved by storing state transitions rather than the resulting state.

    采购事件将保留该信息。 这是通过存储状态转换而不是结果状态来实现的。

    The current state can be restored by applying all events to an empty canvas. That means we can still access the current state but need to invest computational resources to do so.

    通过将所有事件应用于空画布可以恢复当前状态。 这意味着我们仍然可以访问当前状态,但是需要投入计算资源来访问当前状态。

    There are many articles on the web that go into more detail. Martin Fowler wrote one about it. And Greg Young talks a lot about Event Sourcing. Greg is so obsessed with event sourcing that he implemented a data store which is specifically designed for event sourcing. My team is using Greg’s event store — it’s great!

    网络上有许多文章都进行了更详细的介绍。 马丁·福勒( Martin Fowler)就此写了一篇 。 Greg Young 谈到了很多事件采购 。 Greg对事件源非常着迷,以至于他实现了专门为事件源设计的数据存储 。 我的团队正在使用Greg的活动存储-太好了!

    1)事件来源不是银弹 (1) Event Sourcing Is Not A Silver Bullet)

    Once you fall for the bitter sweet taste of Event Sourcing it becomes compelling to apply the concept to all your problems.

    一旦您沉迷于Event Sourcing的苦涩甜味,就必须将这一概念应用于所有问题。

    This will provide you with loads of data to analyze and you will have a powerful foundation to detect interesting correlations in it. You’ll be able to detect inefficient processes and make them more efficient.

    这将为您提供大量数据进行分析,并且您将拥有强大的基础来检测其中有趣的关联。 您将能够检测到效率低下的流程,并使它们更有效率。

    And every engineer’s (my) favorite:


    Tracking down a bug becomes much easier when you can “time travel” to the exact moment when the bug happened. In the end you will save time and money.

    当您可以“时间旅行”到错误发生的确切时间时,查找错误变得容易得多。 最后,您将节省时间和金钱。

    Well — not quite. ☝️

    好吧-不完全是。 ☝️

    Sourcing your events sure allows you to do the analysis. But you still need to do it. This will cost time. Luckily, “time travel” comes for free. Enhanced debugging is thus guaranteed from day one.

    确定事件的来源可确保您进行分析。 但是您仍然需要这样做。 这将花费时间。 幸运的是,“时间旅行”是免费提供的。 从一开始就保证了增强的调试。

    Seth Godin wrote a great blog post on the subject. It’s a 2 minute read, so check it out.

    塞思·戈丁(Seth Godin)就该主题写了一篇很棒的博客文章 。 这是2分钟的阅读时间,请检查一下。

    Now you know about the price you’ll pay if you use your events for analytical purposes which is the main business benefit of Event Sourcing after all.


    There is another cost though. Event Sourcing will increase the complexity of your application. Instead of dealing with your application’s current state you’ll have to deal with everything that has ever happened since it went live. Events that are no longer used will remain in your data store and you’ll have to support them for a long time.

    不过,还有另一笔费用。 事件源将增加应用程序的复杂性。 除了处理应用程序的当前状态外,您还必须处理应用程序上线以来发生的所有事情。 不再使用的事件将保留在您的数据存储中,并且您将需要长时间的支持。

    It’s great if you deploy a feature and keep iterating on it. Just be aware that there are now multiple versions of that feature’s events in your data store and you’ll have to support all of them. Even if you no longer create new instances of those events.

    如果您部署一项功能并不断对其进行迭代,那就太好了。 请注意,您的数据存储中现在有该功能事件的多个版本,您将必须支持所有版本。 即使您不再创建这些事件的新实例。

    Event Sourcing imposes additional time complexities that you will have to get used to. Apply it where you see a non-zero chance that the collected data becomes relevant. Where I’d define “relevant” as:

    事件源强加了您必须习惯的其他时间复杂性。 将其应用到收集到的数据变得不相关的可能性非零的位置。 我将“相关”定义为:

    • the data could give you more insight into your domain

    • the data could help your business to improve their processes on their own

    • the data could help you find bugs faster


    Note that I added the word “could” in each of the last three bullet points. It’s likely you won’t know the exact benefit of Event Sourcing in advance. Make your best guess.

    请注意,我在最后三个要点中都添加了“可能”一词。 您可能事先不知道事件采购的确切好处。 做出最好的猜测。

    2)认识事件源的功能性质 (2) Recognize The Functional Nature Of Event Sourcing)

    The authors of the famous Patterns, Principles, and Practices of Domain-Driven Design recommend object-oriented programming languages like C# or Java.


    I assume that the implicit reasoning behind that recommendation is the number of people using such languages. It’s true. New team members will likely have an easier start into the domain when confronted with familiar languages.

    我认为该建议背后的隐含推理是使用这种语言的人数。 这是真的。 新团队成员在面对熟悉的语言时可能会更轻松地进入领域。

    But I disagree. So does Greg Young. Event Sourcing is not an object-oriented concept.

    但我不同意。 格雷格·扬(Greg Young)也是如此事件源不是一个面向对象的概念。

    One might argue that state transitions are objects too. And indeed. You can model everything as objects. Just because you can does not imply that this is the best model to use.

    有人可能会说状态转换也是对象。 的确如此。 您可以将所有内容建模为对象。 仅仅因为您可以,并不意味着这是最好的模型。

    Consider using a language that supports functional paradigms. Especially tagged unions and pattern matching are extremely valuable. Working with your events will feel natural and you won’t have to fight your language’s type system. If your team has no experience with the functional world it might be best to stick to familiar languages though.

    考虑使用支持功能范例的语言。 特别是带标签的联合模式匹配非常有价值。 处理您的事件将很自然,并且您不必与语言的类型系统作斗争。 如果您的团队没有使用功能世界的经验,那么最好还是使用熟悉的语言。

    Even more important to understand is that choosing a relational data store will be a painful experience. You’re not dealing with relational data when sourcing your events. Each event has its own schema which can change over time. Using a relational data store will hurt.

    更重要的是要了解, 选择关系数据存储将是一件痛苦的经历 。 采购事件时,您无需处理关系数据。 每个事件都有其自己的架构,该架构可以随时间变化。 使用关系数据存储会很痛苦。

    SQL is the master of nothing but it sucks at nothing. - Greg Young

    SQL是一无是处的大师,但它无济于事。 -格雷格·杨(Greg Young)

    3)期待陡峭的学习曲线 (3) Expect A Steep Learning Curve)

    As with all new things there will be learning involved. Don’t try to sidestep it. That won’t work.

    与所有新事物一样,将涉及学习。 不要试图回避它。 那行不通。

    A great way to learn is to prototype. Try this:

    学习的好方法是原型。 试试这个:

    • build at least one prototype of your first event sourced application

    • run and observe your prototype for a while

    • implement new features and get used to iterating on what you’ve built


    Iterate as often as possible before your go live. Once you are live it won’t be as easy to implement new learnings.

    上线之前,请尽可能频繁地进行迭代。 一旦生活了,实施新的学习就不会那么容易了。

    Go live once your team feels confident with maintaining the application.


    Also think about how your team will introduce new team members to Event Sourcing. New joiners are already in an overwhelming position and learning new concepts won’t make it any easier for them.

    还考虑一下您的团队如何将新团队成员介绍给Event Sourcing。 新加入者已经处于压倒性的地位,学习新概念对他们而言并不容易。

    Figure out a way to introduce them to Event Sourcing in a soft and safe way. This is important to figure out once you start getting new team members. It’s fine to delay it until that happens.

    找出一种将它们以软安全的方式介绍给Event Sourcing的方法。 一旦开始招募新的团队成员,这一点很重要。 最好将其延迟到发生这种情况。

    4)为政治辩论做准备 (4) Prepare for political debates)

    Have you realized that your company wants cheap and quality results today?


    Oh my, who am I talking to — of course you did. ?

    哦,天哪,我在跟谁说话-当然可以。 ?

    Will they like it when you experiment with a mind-bending concept they might never heard of? And what is your company’s tech stack like? Do you usually use object-oriented programming languages in combination with relational data stores? Will they like it when you switch to a functional tech stack?

    当您尝试他们可能从未听说过的创新思维时, 他们会喜欢吗? 贵公司的技术栈如何? 您通常将面向对象的编程语言与关系数据存储结合使用吗? 当您切换到实用的技术堆栈时, 他们会喜欢吗?

    Depending on your companies culture you might have to fight your colleagues on multiple fronts. Act as an example. Tell the truth. You know it will be hard, especially in the beginning. Share your concerns. Make sure everyone involved knows the risks and what you’ll do to prevent them.

    根据您公司的文化,您可能必须在多个方面与您的同事作斗争。 举个例子。 说实话 您知道这会很困难,尤其是在一开始的时候。 分享您的担忧。 确保涉及的每个人都知道风险以及您将如何采取预防措施。

    And don’t leave out how you picture the Event Sourcing paradise. Get the business on board by allowing them to build reports based on your valuable events. They’ll love it.

    并且不要遗漏您如何描绘事件采购天堂。 通过允许他们根据您的重要事件来生成报告,从而使公司参与其中。 他们会喜欢的。

    Get the concerned engineering people on board by sharing the improved debugging experience. Engineers are stubborn, they might still not like it.

    通过共享改进的调试经验来吸引有关的工程人员。 工程师固执己见,他们可能仍然不喜欢它。

    I found it useful to practice such debates with my colleagues. Establish a safe environment for training and encourage your team members to take part.

    我发现与我的同事进行这样的辩论很有用。 建立一个安全的培训环境,并鼓励您的团队成员参加。

    Be ready and know your stuff. You’ll make it! ?

    准备好,知道你的东西。 你能做到的! ?

    结论 (Conclusion)

    Let me summarize.


    • More data isn’t always good.

    • Additional data without the time to analyze it is useless.

    • Analysis without the intention and time to act on the result is useless.

    • Event Sourcing enhances the ability to debug your application.

    • Event Sourcing is a functional paradigm.

    • Expect a steep learning curve.

    • Not everybody will be happy about your plans.


    That’s it. My intention was to prepare your expectations to my experiences. Don’t worry. Be determined and choose the red pill!

    而已。 我的意图是使您对我的经历有所期待。 不用担心 确定并选择红色药丸!

    矩阵 (The Matrix)

    All images in this story are borrowed from the movie The Matrix.


    I’ve spent 9 years writing object-oriented code and working with relational data stores. About two years ago I started to experiment with functional code and non-relational data stores. The mind shift has been one of the most important lessons in my career to date.

    我花了9年的时间编写面向对象的代码并使用关系数据存储。 大约两年前,我开始尝试使用功能代码和非关系数据存储。 迄今为止,思维转变是我职业生涯中最重要的课程之一。

    Question your environment. Find the flaws. Exit the Matrix and get to experience a whole new world.

    质疑您的环境。 发现缺陷。 退出黑客帝国,体验全新的世界。

    Farewell. Until next time. And good luck!

    永别了 直到下一次。 还有祝你好运!

    I only write about programming and technology. If you follow me, I won’t waste your time. ?

    我只写关于编程和技术的文章。 如果您关注我,我不会浪费您的时间。

    翻译自: https://www.freecodecamp.org/news/event-sourcing-essentials-you-need-to-know-when-starting-out-13af35d9f932/


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    • 来源多样的个性化“聚合”特性。
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    • 无“垃圾”信息、便利的本地内容管理特性。




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    我喜欢 RSS,但又苦于许多网站不支持,这时候,就要借助可以将任意网站变成 RSS 订阅源的工具,我在用的是 Feed43。

    你可能会好奇,它是怎样做到的呢?通俗来说,网站通过后台发布的消息在你的浏览器上显示时,有许多代码段落是重复的。拿少数派来讲,每一篇在首页显示的文章,使用了同一种样式,变化的只是内容。Feed43 通过建立特定的筛选器来过滤复杂的样式,简化成 RSS 订阅源。

    所以,利用 Feed43 制作自己的 RSS 订阅源时,你可能需要对网页使用的 HTML 语言有一些基本的了解。不过,你完全不必担心这一点,通过下面的例子,你很容易看明白。

    手把手教你制作 RSS 源

    我在少数派撰稿,但是并不知道自己的文章会在什么时候被责编发布,于是我就利用我在少数派的个人主页,制作了一个「少数派发表了我的文章」的 RSS 源。一旦我的文章被发布,就会收到提醒。下面,我就以此为实例,来手把手教你制作一个 RSS 源。

    1. 打开需要制作 RSS 内容的页面,并在 Feed43 上新建一个 RSS 源。

    在这里,我打开的是我的个人主页。因为一旦我的文章被发布,就会在此页面有内容更新。然后 打开 Feed43,点击「Create your own feed」开始创建 RSS 源。

    2. 在 Feed43 中加载内容页面,并获取源码。

    接下来,将个人中心网址复制下来,并粘贴到 Feed43 的对应选框中。后面的 Encoding 代表网页编码方式,正常情况下留空就行,Feed43 会自动选择。

    点击 Reload,你就会在下面的选框中看到当前网页的源代码了。其实这些源代码你也可以通过右键点击相应网页的空白区域,选择「查看网页源代码」来获取。不过,这里我们严格按照 Feed43 的流程来获取。

    3. 找到内容所在 HTML 字段规律。

    这一步就会接触到 HTML 了,完全不明白 HTML 的朋友也不必担心,你就当作是找规律小游戏。

    滚动鼠标找到内容对应的区域,你会发现不同文章对应着相似源码。Feed43 有一点做的比较好,它会自动捕捉一些标记标题的源码,并标识成粉红色。

    4. 复制其中的一段源码,留做下一步备用。

    这一步就是将相似的源代码复制一段。需要考虑到 3 个小问题

    • 实例中的源码会包含多篇文章,但只需要复制其中一篇文章对应的那一段源码就行。
    • 复制的部分需要通过你所制作的 RSS 来考虑。例如我这次制作的 RSS 可能会包括文章标题、链接、发布时间、摘要等。
    • 需要考虑 HTML 语言的格式。HTML 语言在使用时,标记符号是相互对应的。例如标记标题三是:<h3>标题三</h3>。所以复制时不要丢掉后面的标记符号。下面展示了正确和错误的示例。错误的示例中,丢掉了 </div>




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    5. 将特定的源码字段变成通用源码字段。

    这一步将上面复制的源码粘贴到「Item (repeatable) Search Pattern」选框中,「Global Search Pattern」留空即可。

    接下来就是精简源码。将标题、链接,时间等变化的字段删去用 {%}代替。将固定且多余的字段删去用 {*}代替注意,源码中有换行的地方均需要添加{*}

    如上图所示,源码已经被精简了。点击 Extract,如果左下方显示 » OK (N items found),则代表成功了。看一看抓取到的内容是否有格式错误的地方。如果没有抓取到内容,或者有格式错误,则需要继续仔细调整。这一步需要多尝试几次,就能找到经验了。


    6. 完善 RSS 源格式。

    接下来,就是完善 RSS 订阅源格式。如下图所示,上半部分主要是填写 RSS 信息,包括名称和描述,相信大家很好理解。我重点介绍下半部分的填写。

    回到上一步,你会看到变化的字段用 {%+数字}的形式标示出来,而这个 {%+数字}是通用标识符。例如 {%2}代表了所有文章的标题,{%1}或 {%3}代表了所有文章的链接。所以,下面填写时,标题的位置只需要填写 {%2},当然我在后面加了一个发布时间 {%5}。你只需要把这几个通用标识符填写到对于的区域就行,不同的 {%+数字}之间可以填写随意的文字、符号过渡。

    7. 预览并使用。

    到了这里,基本上宣布大功告成了。点击 Preview 预览一下,如下方左图所示,预览没有问题。如右图所示,你可以通过页面下方的选项将系统默认的随机地址改成有意义的地址,方便使用。


    使用 Feed43 最大的好处就是,将那些不支持 RSS 的页面变成 RSS 方便订阅。而一旦有了 RSS 地址你就有了许多适合自己的玩法,比如我将它同 IFTTT 或者 Superfeedr 结合起来,一旦少数派发表了我的文章,我就会立即收到提醒。又比如,学校的教务处网站会以低频率更新一些十分重要的信息,然后你又不可能每天打开关注,制作一个 RSS,更新即提醒。总之,你可以运用 Feed43 关注那些自己关心的内容。

    你可以免费使用 Feed43 做 RSS 源,但免费版中包含的每条内容都会包含 Feed43 推广链接,而抓取频率也受到了严格的限制。当然,你也可以在官网上通过 Paypal 购买付费版,体验会好许多。

    你可以在 Feed43 官网 了解详情。

    © 本文著作权归作者所有,并授权少数派独家使用,未经少数派许可,不得转载使用。


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