• 因为刷机就需要安装驱动,如果没有安装驱动的话,你的电脑就识别不了联想平板YOGA Tablet 2,下面就来给大家详细写一写联想平板YOGA Tablet 2驱动的安装方法,此驱动针对联想平板YOGA Tablet 2安卓版本的三个版本均...
  • 联想平板YOGATablet2驱动是搭配该型号平板使用的一款驱动程序,安装驱动后用户可将平板与电脑连接,实现刷机、文件传输等功能,欢迎下载!联想平板YOGATablet2简介联想平板YOGATablet2驱动下载,联想YOGATablet2不仅...
  • Smash together a huge high resolution screen, beefy hardware, a massive battery, and a tiny video projector to boot and you’ve got Lenovo’s Tablet 2 Pro. Does the amalgam of hardware and features ...

    Smash together a huge high resolution screen, beefy hardware,  a massive battery, and a tiny video projector to boot and you’ve got Lenovo’s Tablet 2 Pro. Does the amalgam of hardware and features consumers desire actually deliver? Read on as we put this unique looking Android tablet through the paces.

    将巨大的高分辨率屏幕,强大的硬件,庞大的电池和微型视频投影仪砸在一起即可启动,您将拥有Lenovo的Tablet 2 Pro。 消费者所需的硬件和功能的融合是否真正提供了? 请仔细阅读我们逐步推出的这款外观独特的Android平板电脑。

    什么是Yoga Tablet 2 Pro? (What Is the Yoga Tablet 2 Pro?)

    The Yoga Tablet 2 Pro ($499) is Lenovo’s most recent offering in the tablet market and is packed with quite an array of features in a distinctive shape. Part tablet, part media center, part projector, and with an emphasis on adding some fun into a work-oriented machine the Yoga Tablet 2 Pro is a sort of tablet/laptop hybrid with an Intel Atom quad-core brain and an Android heart—a custom Lenovo fork of Android 4.4. The unit sports 32GB onboard storage and up to 64GB expansion via MicroSD.

    Yoga Tablet 2 Pro(499美元)是联想在平板电脑市场上的最新产品,并具有许多独特形状的功能。 Yoga Tablet 2 Pro部分是平板电脑,部分媒体中心,部分投影仪,并且着重于在面向工作的机器中增加一些乐趣,它是一种平板电脑/笔记本电脑混合体,具有Intel Atom四核大脑和Android心脏– Android 4.4的自定义Lenovo前叉。 该装置具有32GB板载存储空间,并通过MicroSD扩展至64GB。

    Compared to the traditional slender tablet shape with minimal adornment the Yoga Tablet 2 Pro is both wider and more curvaceous, if you will, thanks to the inclusion a pico projector, large hinge stand, and the handgrip-like cylinder these extras are packed into. Let’s take a look at the form factor up close before touring the key features.

    与带有最小装饰的传统细长平板形状相比,Yoga Tablet 2 Pro既宽又弯曲,如果您愿意的话,这要归功于内置的微型投影仪,大型铰链支架和类似手柄的圆筒。 在浏览关键功能之前,让我们先仔细看看外形。

    探索外形 (Exploring the Form Factor)

    One of the most distinct things about the Yoga Tablet 2 Pro is readily apparent at first glance. The body of the tablet has a long cylinder running the length of the base/left-hand side. This cylinder houses a large 9,600 mAh non-removable battery, the power button on one end, and the lens of the pico projector on the other. Aside from the bulk of the cylinder portion , the tablet is slender with a slightly tapered body.

    乍一看,Yoga Tablet 2 Pro最明显的特点之一就是显而易见。 数位板的主体有一个长圆柱体,其长度沿底部/左侧的长度。 该圆柱体装有一个9,600 mAh的不可拆卸大电池,一端装有电源按钮,另一端装有微型投影仪的镜头。 除了大部分圆柱体部分外,平板电脑还很细长,略带锥形。

    The center of the cylinder also houses a large hinge mechanism that serves as the tablet’s stand both when vertically oriented like a monitor and horizontally oriented in projector mode.


    The front of the tablet is fairly standard looking—screen framed by black border, front-facing camera in black border, silver trim—but includes visible speaker grills along the front face of the aforementioned cylinder.


    The back of the unit houses an additional speaker grill, a small release button for the stand, and a rear-facing camera. Behind the stand is a small access panel for the SD card expansion slot.

    装置的背面装有一个额外的扬声器格栅,一个小的释放按钮(用于支架)和一个后置摄像头。 支架后面是用于SD卡扩展槽的小型检修面板。

    Overall the tablet is solidly constructed. The metal casing feels well built, the stand is very sturdy and has a nice resistance to it (there are no echos of the flimsy plastic kickstands featured on some cheap tablets and smartphones), and the cylinder functions fairly well as a hand grip. Although it’s weighty at 2.1lbs (more than twice the weight of an iPad Air) it isn’t unwieldy unless attempting to one-hand-hold it for extended periods of time without resting part of the the tablet against something.

    总体而言,平板电脑结构坚固。 金属外壳感觉很好,支架非常坚固并且具有很好的抵抗力(一些廉价的平板电脑和智能手机上没有脆弱的塑料支架的回音),并且圆柱体的功能和手柄一样好。 尽管它的重量仅为2.1磅(是iPad Air重量的两倍多),但它并不笨拙,除非尝试长时间单手握住它,而让平板电脑的一部分不碰东西。

    浏览主要功能和硬件 (Touring the Key Features and Hardware)

    While form factor is important, what really distinguishes Android tablets from each other are the key features and hardware. Let’s take a look, arranged roughly by how consumers assessing different tablets would approach the Yoga Tablet 2 Pro, at those features.

    尽管外形很重要,但真正让Android平板电脑与众不同的是关键功能和硬件。 让我们看一下这些功能,大致按照消费者评估不同平板电脑将如何使用Yoga Tablet 2 Pro的方式进行排列。

    内置Pico投影 (Built-in Pico Projection)

    The thing that distinguishes the Yoga Tablet 2 Pro from other tablets in its class is most definitely the built-in pico projector. While the tiny projector might not be the most coveted feature among tablets, it’s certainly what got our attention when it came time to review the Yoga Tablet 2 Pro, and we’re certain that consumers looking down a long list of tablets will definitely take note of it too. Whether or not the inclusion is gimmicky is one thing, but in a sea of often indistinguishable tablets “This one has a projector!” is enough to stand out.

    Yoga Tablet 2 Pro与同类其他平板电脑的区别最明显的是内置微型投影仪。 虽然微型投影仪可能不是平板电脑中最令人垂涎​​的功能,但是当需要回顾Yoga Tablet 2 Pro时,无疑是引起我们注意的原因,而且我们可以肯定,俯视一长串平板电脑的消费者肯定会注意到这一点也是。 夹杂物是否花哨是一回事,但在通常难以区分的平板电脑海洋中,“这台有投影仪!” 足以脱颖而出。

    Let’s get this out of the way immediately: the pico projector is really cool. Let’s also get this out of the way: cool doesn’t always mean perfectly implemented or super useful. Trying to fit a robust projector into a cylinder smaller than your average thumb is tricky and the pico projector in the tablet is in no way ready for the big time.

    让我们立即解决这个问题:pico投影仪真的很棒。 让我们也摆脱 :酷并不总是意味着完美实现或超级有用。 试图将坚固的投影仪安装到比您的平均拇指还小的圆柱体中是很棘手的事情,而平板电脑中的微型投影仪则无法适应大量时间。

    The biggest flaw with the projector wasn’t the image quality or the brightness. Yes, the projection is significantly lower resolution than the tablet’s primary display (the projection is a mere 854×480 pixels), but it’s more than serviceable for anything short of watching Blu-ray rips with perfect resolution. Further, the projector was more than bright enough considering it’s the size of an LED flashlight. Nobody will mistake it for a 4,000 lumen lecture hall projector by any means but in a darkened room the image was nice and bright.

    投影仪的最大缺陷不是图像质量或亮度。 是的,该投影的分辨率明显低于平板电脑的主显示屏(投影仅为854×480像素),但对于任何观看具有完美分辨率的蓝光撕裂痕迹的人来说,它的使用寿命都非常大。 此外,考虑到它是LED手电筒的大小,该投影机足够明亮。 没有人会以任何方式将其误认为是4000流明的演讲厅投影仪,但在黑暗的房间中,图像既清晰又明亮。

    The above photo was taken in semi-darkened home theater. Despite the presence of enough ambient light to read by the pico projector kicked out enough light to adequately illuminate the projection screen with no problem.

    上面的照片是在半暗的家庭影院中拍摄的。 尽管存在足够的环境光以供微型投影仪阅读,但仍可踢出足够的光线以充分照明投影屏幕,而不会出现问题。

    The projector’s real flaw is the manual focus slider. Directly beneath the lens is a small slider that adjusts the focus of the projector lens. The slider has a very short travel, is very stiff, and it proved almost fruitless to attempt placing the slider in the exact position necessary for a razor sharp projection image. In the entire review process the thing we fiddled with the most (and were the most frustrated by) was this simple slider.

    投影机的真正缺陷是手动对焦滑块。 镜头正下方是一个小滑块,可调节投影机镜头的焦点。 滑块的行程非常短,非常坚硬,尝试将滑块放置在剃须刀清晰投影图像所需的精确位置几乎没有任何效果。 在整个审核过程中,我们最喜欢(最沮丧)的是这个简单的滑块。

    While the focus issue didn’t matter as much when viewing YouTube videos or the like, when viewing anything with fine text (like a projected web page or a slide with small text) the focus issues were immediately noticeable. In the photo of the projection image above, for example, despite doing our best to adjust the focus that slight-fuzzy lettering was the best we could pull off.

    尽管在观看YouTube视频或类似内容时焦点问题并不重要,但是在观看带有纯文本的任何内容(例如投影的网页或带有小文本的幻灯片)时,焦点问题立即就很明显了。 例如,在上面的投影图像的照片中,尽管我们尽了最大努力来调整焦点,但是略微模糊的字体是我们最好的选择。

    As such, if you’re interested in the pico projector for the it’s-so-fun factor of beaming YouTube clips on to the wall or other tasks that are more recreational and less mission critical, you’ll probably be pretty happy. If you’re looking for a dependable tool for throwing up slides during a business meeting the fiddle-factor that comes with trying to manipulate the manual focus is a deal breaker.

    因此,如果您对微型投影仪感兴趣,因为它很有趣,可以将YouTube剪辑投射到墙上或执行其他更具娱乐性且对任务要求不高的任务,那么您可能会很高兴。 如果您正在寻找一种可靠的工具来在商务会议期间投掷幻灯片,那么尝试操纵手动焦点所带来的麻烦因素就是破坏交易。

    All of that said, we really loved playing with a tablet sporting a projector if for no other reason than it has a very high “The future is now!” factor. We really hope the lukewarm reception the pico projector seems to be getting across the board doesn’t deter Lenovo (and other manufacturers for that matter) from pursuing pico projection. We for one think it would really awesome if the phones and tablets of the future came with combination LED flashlight/projectors.

    综上所述,我们真的很喜欢玩一款带有投影仪的平板电脑,只要它没有很高的“未来就在眼前”! 因子。 我们确实希望微型投影仪的热烈欢迎似乎不会阻止联想(以及其他制造商)追求微型投影。 我们认为,如果未来的手机和平板电脑都配备LED手电筒/投影仪,那将真的很棒。

    屏幕质量 (Screen Quality)

    The projection image might be a bit soft and low resolution, but the actual screen on the Yoga Tablet 2 Pro is bright and crisp. The main display is an IPS 2560×1440 pixel panel that’s quite sharp. It’s not the highest resolution tablet screen around but after a certain point such matters are indistinguishable without testing tools on hand.

    投影图像可能有些柔和且分辨率较低,但是Yoga Tablet 2 Pro上的实际屏幕明亮且清晰。 主显示屏是一个非常清晰的IPS 2560×1440像素面板。 它不是最高分辨率的平板电脑屏幕,但是在一定程度上,如果没有手头的测试工具,这些问题就难以区分。

    It’s difficult to photograph and represent screen quality, but we were quite pleased with the screen; it truly is nice to have a giant IPS screen on your lap when you’re playing a vibrantly colored game or watching movies.

    拍摄和表现屏幕质量很困难,但是我们对屏幕感到非常满意。 当您在玩色彩鲜艳的游戏或看电影时,在膝盖上有一个巨大的IPS屏幕确实很不错。

    Our only complaint about the screen has nothing to do with the hardware itself and everything to do with a bit of Lenovo software engineering. The tablet comes with a software feature called “Lenovo Smart Switch.” In theory, the feature sounds great: it automatically adjusts the brightness of the screen and the color temperature based on the ambient light in order to create an optimum viewing experience. In practice, we found it would often give the display a yellowish/orange tinge.

    我们对屏幕的唯一抱怨与硬件本身无关,而与一点联想软件工程无关。 平板电脑具有称为“ Lenovo Smart Switch”的软件功能。 从理论上讲,该功能听起来不错:它会根据环境光自动调整屏幕的亮度和色温,以创造最佳的观看体验。 在实践中,我们发现它通常会使显示器呈​​现淡黄色/橙色调。

    Apparently we’re not alone in noticing the issue because there’s even a support document identifying the problem and showing how to turn the smart switch feature off. Again, like the issues with the pico projector, we hope they keep the feature and simply tweak it a little bit.

    显然我们并不是唯一注意到此问题的人,因为甚至有支持文档可以识别问题并显示如何关闭智能开关功能。 再次,就像微型投影仪的问题一样,我们希望他们保留该功能并对其进行一些调整。

    That minor issue aside, the screen was lovely to look at and we had no complaints once we disabled the automatic adjustment tool.


    电池寿命 (Battery Life)

    The Yoga Tablet Pro 2 has great battery life thanks to the beefy 9,600 mAh battery packed into the handgrip. We could use it for casual web browsing for days without recharging it and we could use it pretty heavily all day (browsing, Netflix, etc.) and only had to plug it in to charge after marathon media consumption.  In our experience you could easily get 8-10 hours of casual use and around 6-8 hours of video-based media consumption out of it. Even with the projector running we were still able to squeeze out a little over five hours off the battery (more than enough for a double feature movie).

    Yoga Tablet Pro 2的强劲续航时间归功于手柄中内置的强劲9,600 mAh电池。 我们可以使用它进行数天的休闲网络浏览而无需给它充电,并且我们可以整天大量使用它(浏览,Netflix等),并且只需在马拉松媒体消费后将其插入即可充电。 根据我们的经验,您可以轻松获得8-10个小时的随意使用时间,以及大约6-8个小时的基于视频的媒体消费。 即使放映机运行,我们仍然可以将电池电量消耗掉5个多小时(对于一部双功能电影来说,这绰绰有余)。

    Standby mode offered fantastic energy savings. Lenovo claims 15 hours of standby, but, honestly, we regularly surpassed that without a problem. If we turned off the Wi-Fi and ignored the tablet we could pick it up days later with very little loss of battery life. You definitely don’t need to worry about keeping the tablet topped off all the time.

    待机模式可节省大量能源。 联想声称可以待机15个小时,但老实说,我们经常超过此时间而不会出现问题。 如果我们关闭Wi-Fi并忽略了平板电脑,那么我们几天后就可以拿起它,而电池寿命几乎没有损失。 您绝对不必担心始终保持平板电脑处于顶部状态。

    用户界面 (User Interface)

    User interface is certainly a sort of roulette game for poor Android shoppers. Buy an iPad or iPhone and (love it or hate it) you’ll get a very standardized iOS user experience. The Android market is so fragmented and customized, however, that you can end up with anything from a pure stock Android experience to a highly customized experience (for better or worse).

    对于贫穷的Android购物者来说,用户界面无疑是一种轮盘游戏。 购买iPad或iPhone,(喜欢或讨厌)您将获得非常标准化的iOS用户体验。 Android市场是如此零散且个性化,因此最终您可以得到各种东西,从纯粹的Android体验到高度个性化的体验(无论好坏)。

    Alas, in the case of Lenovo’s Android fork with a customized launcher, the overall user experience isn’t a particularly great one. The default interface, and the only one you’ll get unless you go to the trouble of installing a third party launcher, feels like an awkward knock off of the iOS home screen.

    las,就联想的Android fork带有自定义启动器而言,整体用户体验并不是特别出色。 默认界面是唯一的界面,除非您麻烦安装第三方启动器 ,否则感觉就像iOS主屏幕的笨拙敲门一样。

    It might look like you’re using an iPad (right down to the home screen folder system) but the implementation is kludgy and aside from looking vaguely iOS-like it lacks any of the snappy user friendliness such an association would have you expect. Given the nearly infinite ways they could have reimagined their interface, we’re a bit disappointed to find that it appears as if their design process was “People love iPads. Let’s make our interface look confusingly iPad like.”

    看起来好像您正在使用iPad(一直到主屏幕文件夹系统),但是实现起来很笨拙,除了隐约地看起来像iOS之外,它还缺乏用户所希望的那种友好的用户友好性。 鉴于他们可以重新定义界面的方式几乎是无限的,我们发现他们的设计过程似乎是“人们喜欢iPad,这让我们有些失望。 让我们的界面看起来像iPad一样令人困惑。”

    The other significant user interface feature that should be a killer feature but isn’t is the ability to multitask. At first glance we (and everyone we showed the unit to) was like “Multi tasking on this nice big screen? Awesome!” only to be severely disappointed upon the realization that the multitasking feature was limited to barely a handful of whitelisted applications and that the actual implementation of it was poorly suited for a tablet screen.

    另一个重要的用户界面功能应该是杀手级功能,但不是多任务功能。 乍一看,我们(以及向我们展示这个单位的每个人)就像“在这个漂亮的大屏幕上执行多任务处理? 太棒了!” 令多任务处理功能仅限于少数几个列入白名单的应用程序,并且其实际实现方式不太适合平板电脑屏幕,这使我非常失望。

    Layered non-tiled windows might be fine for a large desktop monitor displaying a desktop operating system, but when it comes to the limited screen space (and the very design of mobile operating systems) it makes no sense to have a multitasking feature wherein the screen real estate isn’t fully utilized. The extra space around the windows displaying the home screen background and application shortcuts is a complete waste, yet there is no function to snap the windows to the edges to clearly align them (let alone even resize the windows to anything between full screen or a set window size). The default size isn’t even a clean fraction of the display size so you can’t even manually tile them for a neat interface.

    分层非平铺窗口对于显示台式机操作系统的大型台式机监视器可能是不错的选择,但是当涉及到有限的屏幕空间(以及移动操作系统的设计)时,具有多任务处理功能就毫无意义,其中房地产没有得到充分利用。 显示主屏幕背景和应用程序快捷方式的窗口周围的多余空间是完全浪费的,但是没有将窗口对齐到边缘以使它们清晰对齐的功能(更不用说将窗口的大小调整为全屏或固定大小之间的任何内容了)窗口大小)。 默认大小甚至不是显示大小的整洁部分,因此您甚至无法手动将它们平铺为整洁的界面。

    前后摄像头 (Front and Rear Cameras)

    Outside of phones and tablets that heavily advertise (and are known for) their sharp cameras, nobody really expects a knock-your-socks-off experience with mobile devices. Camera phone quality is, well, camera phone quality.

    除了大量宣传(并以其清晰的相机而闻名)的手机和平板电脑之外,没有人真的期望移动设备能像样机一样。 照相手机的质量很好,照相手机的质量。

    In this regard the Yoga Tablet 2 Pro doesn’t really disappoint or astound. The rear-facing 8MP camera is about as good as any average modern camera phone we’ve used complete with the same high noise levels and slow focusing. It’s no DSLR and nobody ever expected it to. For quick photos of things you want to send to your boss or import into Evernote, however, it’s more than fine.

    在这方面,Yoga Tablet 2 Pro并没有真正令人失望或惊讶。 背面8MP摄像头几乎与我们使用过的所有普通现代摄像头手机一样好,并且具有相同的高噪声水平和缓慢对焦。 它不是数码单反相机,没有人期望过它。 对于想要发送给老板或导入Evernote的事物的快速照片,这还不错。

    The front-facing 1.6MP camera, likewise, offers about as good a platform for random profile picture selfies and basic video conferencing as you’d expect from any other pinhole-type front-facing laptop or tablet camera. It gets the job done but nobody will think you’re using anything more than a webcam to communicate with them.

    同样,前置1.6MP摄像机为随机头像照片自拍和基本视频会议提供了与其他任何针Kong型前置笔记本电脑或平板电脑摄像机一样好的平台。 它可以完成工作,但是没有人会认为您使用的不仅仅是网络摄像头,而是与他们进行通信。

    喇叭品质 (Speaker Quality)

    The audio quality on the Yoga Tablet 2 Pro is pretty good as far as portable devices go. The beefy cylinder has two front facing speakers and the back of the device has a tiny subwoofer for 2.1 sound (unusual on tablets and seen in the photo below).

    就便携式设备而言,Yoga Tablet 2 Pro的音频质量相当不错。 坚固的圆柱体有两个前置扬声器,设备的背面有一个超细低音炮,可发出2.1声音(在平板电脑上不常见,在下面的照片中可以看到)。

    At first we were rather concerned over how tinny the sound was when we tested it with some bass-heavy pop songs, but a little exploration revealed that the tablet ships with sound profiles for music, movie watching, and so on, and that the default setting is the movie mode. Given that the movie mode was light on the bass and lack of bass is one of the first things people will notice when trying out portable speakers, we found it surprising that they didn’t make the music mode the default mode.

    最初,我们相当担心在用一些重低音的流行歌曲测试声音时声音的声音有多细微,但是经过一点探索,发现平板电脑附带了用于音乐,电影观看等的声音配置文件,并且默认设置为电影模式。 鉴于电影模式的低音很亮,而低音缺乏是人们试用便携式扬声器时首先要注意的事情之一,我们感到惊讶的是,他们没有将音乐模式设置为默认模式。

    If you take the time to adjust the audio profile for the task at hand, the speakers on the Yoga Tablet 2 Pro sound great.

    如果您花时间调整手头任务的音频配置文件,则Yoga Tablet 2 Pro上的扬声器听起来很棒。

    次要(但受欢迎)列入 (Minor (But Welcome) Inclusions)

    Sometimes it’s the little things that you like the most about a product. In our case we really loved both the stand and the SD card slot area behind it.

    有时候,您最喜欢产品的一些小东西。 在我们的案例中,我们真的很喜欢支架以及支架后面的SD卡插槽区域。

    Most of the time portable device stands are so cheap and flimsy you almost avoid using them for fear of breaking them. The stand on the Yoga Tablet 2 Pro is built like a tank. The latch button is crisp and firm, it springs out to its minimum elevation immediately after your press the button, and at any angle it holds firm (and requires a firm grip and pressure to adjust). Both the stand itself (a metal alloy of some sort) and the adjustment mechanism feel wonderfully solid and well designed. Further, the flat portion of the stand even has a large hole in it so you can fold it it completely out and hang the tablet.

    大多数时候,便携式设备支架是如此便宜又脆弱,您几乎避免使用它们,以免损坏它们。 Yoga Tablet 2 Pro上的支架就像水箱一样。 闩锁按钮酥脆结实,在您按下按钮后立即弹起至最小高度,并在任何角度都保持牢固(并需要牢固的握持力和压力才能调整)。 支架本身(某种金属合金)和调节机构都感觉非常坚固且设计精良。 此外,支架的平坦部分甚至在其中有一个大Kong,因此您可以将其完全折叠并悬挂平板电脑。

    The other little thing that we really loved was the design of the SD card expansion slot area. The expansion slot is covered by a small panel that covers not only the actual port but features a small depression for storing a second SD card. It’s a perfect setup for having one SD card for daily use (overflow storage for pictures and apps, work documents, etc.) and a secondary card loaded up with movies and TV shows for your travel adventures and afterwork fun.

    我们真正喜欢的另一件事是SD卡扩展插槽区域的设计。 扩展槽由一个小面板覆盖,该面板不仅覆盖实际端口,而且还具有一个用于存储第二张SD卡的小凹口。 这是一个理想的设置,只需一个SD卡用于日常使用(图片和应用,工作文档等的溢流存储),以及一个装有电影和电视节目的辅助卡,以供您旅行旅行和下班后玩耍。

    好的,坏的和判决 (The Good, The Bad, and The Verdict)

    After playing with the Yoga Tablet 2 Pro for the better part of a month, stress testing it, digging through the settings, playing games on it, and getting a little work done here or there, what do we have to say about it? Let’s break it down.

    在使用Yoga Tablet 2 Pro玩了一个月的大部分时间后,对其进行压力测试,挖掘设置,在其中玩游戏并在这里或那里完成一些工作,我们要说些什么? 让我们分解一下。

    善良 (The Good)

    • The screen is expansive, vibrant, and a pleasure to use.

    • The case design is well thought out with excellent features like a sturdy stand, SD card storage, and an overall solid construction.

    • Great battery life and excellent battery conservation when not in use.

    • It’s got a protector. A projector! The future is now.

      它有一个保护者。 投影仪! 未来是现在。
    • $500 isn’t chump change but it’s a bargain for a tablet this big with the features it has.


    坏人 (The Bad)

    • The custom Lenovo Android fork’s UI is rough around the edges; if they don’t significantly overhaul it a new launcher is definitely in order.

      自定义的Lenovo Android fork的UI边缘很粗糙; 如果他们不进行大修,那肯定是一个新的发射器。
    • Multitasking could be great but is currently nearly useless thanks to the whitelist and the tiny fixed-size windows.

    • As awesome as the projector is (and, seriously, we think it’s really awesome) the manual focus is so fiddly and hard to use.

    • It’s heavy. That’s the price you pay for a huge screen, a huge battery, and a built-in projector, but still. It’s nearly as heavy as an ultrabook laptop.

      好重 那是您为大屏幕,大电池和内置投影仪支付的价格,但仍然如此。 它几乎和一本超级本笔记本电脑一样重。

    判决 (The Verdict)

    Although our review of the tablet was critical in places (especially in regard to features that really sell the device like the pico projector) over all the tablet is well constructed and if you’re willing to either deal with the quirks of the odd UI choices Lenovo made (or just install your own launcher) it’s a solid tablet with a gorgeous screen and a fun little projector built right in. As long as you’re comfortable with the weight (it’s no featherweight mini tablet, that’s for sure) and willing to do a little Android tinkering, $500 for a tablet huge tablet complete with pico projector and beefy battery is a bargain.


    Further, we really hope Lenovo keeps the line alive and further refines the whole widescreen tablet-with-projector model in future releases as, despite the shortcomings of the current incarnation, we really did love the design and functionality.


    翻译自: https://www.howtogeek.com/210016/htg-reviews-the-yoga-tablet-2-pro-long-battery-life-with-a-built-in-pico-projector/

  • 安装驱动! ... 安装后电源管理,声卡,触摸屏即可...2、点击电脑和设备 3、打开蓝牙键盘的开关on的位置并且等待蓝色指示灯熄灭 4、拨动键盘开关至蓝牙位置4秒后放开(有弹性的),蓝牙配对指示灯会闪烁 5、点击机...


    下载地址 http://www.lenovocare.com.cn/Handler/Download.ashx?fileid=1234












    1 同时按下调高音量按钮+电源按钮可以引导到 Novo Menu,进一步可以进入到bios

    2 bios下测试触屏是否可用,如果可用证明触屏硬件没问题,通过上面方法即可救活


  • <p>Just installed this app on my new Lenovo Yoga 730 in order to take advantage of the new 2-in-1 tablet/touchscreen modes. I'm looking forward to figuring out this bug (perhaps in the code but ...
  • m using a Lenovo Yoga tablet laptop and Windows 8.1. It's maybe two years old tops, and can run 4 Adobe programs at once without any lag so I don't think it's a problem with my laptop ...
  • <div><p>I tried with Huion H640P and with ...2. Step 2 Write with tablet pen 3. Crashes <p><strong>Additional context I have a lenovo Yoga.</p><p>该提问来源于开源项目:xournalpp/xournalpp</p></div>
  • On my X220 Tablet, I can do things like call <pre><code> xinput --set-prop <id> "Device Enabled" 0 </id></code></pre> <p>to disable the touchscreen, and call <pre><code> xinput -...
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  • 中关村在线消息:明天就是马年情人节了,然而这一年的情人节十分特别,2月14日恰巧也是农历正月十五元宵佳节。... 联想Yoga系列平板提供多款订制选择,型号包括联想Yoga Tablet B6000 wifi版和3G版,联想


     联想Yoga系列平板提供多款订制选择,型号包括联想Yoga Tablet B6000 wifi版和3G版,联想Yoga Tablet B8000 wifi和3G版。可以根据自己不同的需求选择适合自己的版本和型号。


  • 1) Identified the wacom tablet, it is a i2c wacom device, and is "kind of" detected as it shows up under: /sys/devices/pci0000:00/0000:00:15.0/i2c_designware.0/i2c-0/i2c-WACF2200:00 However ...
  • I have X1 Yoga Gen 3(2018) and install Manjaro KDE on it. I already install libwacom and xf86-input-wacom package, but pen can't draw, just have default function like finger. I read ...
  • <div><p>Toggles keyboard input ... This is useful for 2-in-1 applications like tablet mode. <p>Tested on a Yoga C740 and ASUS Q405UA.</p><p>该提问来源于开源项目:acidanthera/VoodooPS2</p></div>
  • 原文链接:https://zhuanlan.zhihu.com/p/72666632/翻译编辑 测评荟六款高...X1定位高端旗舰商务本,可谓是集Thinkpad的智慧大成者,又划分为X1 Carbon、X1 Yoga、X1 Tablet三个系列,X1 Carbon为经典笔记本,X1 Yo...
    • 原文链接:https://zhuanlan.zhihu.com/p/72666632/
    • 翻译编辑 测评荟





    X1定位高端旗舰商务本,可谓是集Thinkpad的智慧大成者,又划分为X1 Carbon、X1 Yoga、X1 Tablet三个系列,X1 Carbon为经典笔记本,X1 Yoga为触摸屏、可360°旋转,X1 Tablet是平板电脑。





    1、Thinkpad X1 CARBON 2015


    推荐配置:X1 CARBON 2015 套餐二(i5-5200U/8G/240GB固态/HD5500核显/14英寸 IPS屏)







    电脑数码测评荟 - 知乎www.zhihu.com

    简评:此机型刚上市的价格高达9000多元,采用高端碳纤材质,一流的做工,17.7mm超薄机身,仅重1.27kg。i5-5200U隶属于第五代酷睿处理器,核显为HD5500,3DMark FS约700分,在高清分辨率中画质下可以流畅运行《英雄联盟》这类游戏。站长以前用过一台奔腾II的Thinkpad ,对其键盘深有好感。

    Thinkpad X1 CARBON 2015有两种屏幕,1920X1080高清和2560X1440(2K)屏,个人看法首选高清。


    2、Thinkpad T460S


    推荐配置:T460S标准套餐(i5-6200U/8G/256GB固态/HD520核显/14英寸 IPS屏 )







    电脑数码测评荟 - 知乎www.zhihu.com




    T460重量约1.71KG,薄至21mm,屏幕顶盖及底部均采用了玻璃纤维材质。 460S重量为1.36KG,薄至16.9mm,机身顶盖覆盖碳纤维材质,底部采用镁合金材质。


    T460采用DDR3L-1600 T460S采用DDR4-2133


    T460只支持SATA3固态 T460S可支持NVME M.2固态




    3、Apple MacBook Pro MGX92









    电脑数码测评荟 - 知乎www.zhihu.com




    4、联想Thinkpad W540 移动工作站


    推荐配置:i7-4800MQ/16G/256GB固态+1TB机械/K2100M专业显卡/15.6英寸 IPS屏







    电脑数码测评荟 - 知乎www.zhihu.com

    简评: 移动工作站由于面对的工作压力、环境不同,其品控要比普通家用机高整整一个档次,无论是设计、用料和做工都不是普通本能相比的。移动工作站更主要考虑”高性能、耐用“,因此如果比”轻薄“就没有它的份。

    i7-4800HQ表现抢眼,四核八线程,频率2.7~3.7GHz,虽然只是第四代,但性能要接近第七代i7-7700HQ。K2100M的性能高于GT730K D5独显,接近现在的MX110(D5),流畅运行LOL这类游戏毫无问题。


    5、HP ZBOOK 15 G2 移动工作站


    推荐配置:官方(i7-4810MQ/16GB/512G固态/K2100M图形显卡/15.6寸高清屏 IPS )







    电脑数码测评荟 - 知乎www.zhihu.com

    简评:ZBOOK是HP的移动工作站系列,搭配了quadro系列的专业图形显卡。不少工业设计软件用专业显卡的表现远胜于游戏显卡,如:CATIA 、UG、SolidWorks、ProE......等。当然,移动工作站也能满足一般的办公、娱乐、平面设计、视频剪辑等需求。



    6、东芝W50-A 移动工作站


    推荐配置:套餐三(i7-4810MQ/16GB/256GB+1TB/K2100M图形显卡/15.6英寸 IPS )







    电脑数码测评荟 - 知乎www.zhihu.com


    i7-4810MQ是第四代酷睿标压处理器,性能超过目前的i7-8550U,只比目前游戏本主力型号i5-8300H低大约10%。K2100性能比K1100快大约30%,此机型总体配置看比NO5的ZBOOK G1的性价比还要高一些。









    leo lueng:选购二手笔记本电脑的6条准则zhuanlan.zhihu.com


    leo leung:六款预算万元内,1kg以下的轻薄笔记本电脑大比拼。(谁能最终获胜附选购指南)zhuanlan.zhihu.com
    leo leung:预算3k-9k最值得买的十大高性价比游戏笔记本电脑附推荐配置与简评分析(201912)zhuanlan.zhihu.com
    leo leung:10台高配大屏游戏笔记本电脑推荐附价格详情(15.6寸游戏本与17.3寸游戏本精选)zhuanlan.zhihu.com
  • 我们都知道,在配置ArcGIS Android SDK时,需要在jniLibs目录下放置三个文件夹,分别是armeabi...在开发某一项目我使用ArcGIS Android10.2.9版本时,一开始是基于平板开发的,开发设备是LENOVO YOGA Tablet2。编译调...
  • </li><li>[x] Lenovo ThinkPad Yoga 720<ul><li>i2c?:056a:50f8</li><li>Touch: 344x194mm</li><li>Pen: 344x194mm</li></ul> </li><li>[x] Lenovo ThinkPad Yoga 260 (Version C)<ul><li>usb:056a:5090</li><li>...
  • <div><p><strong>Affects versions ...Happens identically on a ThinkPad T450s with wacom tablet, as well as an X1 Yoga 1 with built in wacom.</p><p>该提问来源于开源项目:xournalpp/xournalpp</p></div>
  • m on libwacom-1.2-1 and GNOME Version 3.34.2 . <p>Any suggestions on what else I could try or what additional info I should share? <p>As much as I love Linux, not being able to take handwritten ...
  • YOGA Tablet 2-830L Build/KOT49H) AppleWebKit/537.36 (KHTML, like Gecko) Chrome/58.0.3029.83 Safari/537.36 <p>Also browcast can't detect phone model. Maybe this is the main problem.</p><p>该提问...
  • <p>I forgot to mention, that I did create a .tablet file, copying a Lenovo Yoga S3-type file and inserting Wacom ISD-V4 Pen as name and usb:056a:0149 . Unfortunately, this didn't change anything.....
  • Thinkpad Pen Pro on a Thinkpad X1 Yoga 3rd Gen (Wacom ISDv4 5146) <p><strong>Device model identifier SD60M68133 (only number I could find) <p><strong>udevadm info output ➜ ~ udevadm info /sys/class/...



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