• assetstore下载的东西目录: C:\Users\Cxxxx\AppData\Roaming\Unity\Asset Store-5.x\Unity Technologies 例如: 标准资源包目录; C:\Users\Cxxx\AppData\Roaming\Unity\Asset Store-5.x\Unity Technologies\...


    C:\Users\Cxxxx\AppData\Roaming\Unity\Asset Store-5.x\Unity Technologies



    C:\Users\Cxxx\AppData\Roaming\Unity\Asset Store-5.x\Unity Technologies\Unity EssentialsAsset Packs





    C:\Users\Chxxxx\Roaming\Unity\Asset Store-5.x\Unity Technologies\Project


  • and submit it to <a href="https://assetstore.unity.com/">Unity Asset Store</a>. Ideally, it should be automatically submitted to Unity Asset Store every time we pushed a tag to the repository, in the ...
  • Unity Asset Store更新!

    2020-09-10 23:47:47
    Hey there, Caitlyn Meeks here – your Unity Asset Store content manager! In case you haven’t heard, the Unity Asset Store is your in-editor drag-and-drop one-stop prop-shop, packed with models, ...

    Hey there, Caitlyn Meeks here – your Unity Asset Store content manager! In case you haven’t heard, the Unity Asset Store is your in-editor drag-and-drop one-stop prop-shop, packed with models, textures, scripts, editor extensions, visual effects, even complete game projects.  You’ll find ready-to-use, completely modifiable and customizable content for your own game projects just a few clicks away. Even though the Unity Asset Store is merely two months old, we already have over 10,000 downloads per month, about 150 new users registering per day, and individual content creators making thousands of dollars a month – and these numbers are steadily growing!

    嗨,Caitlyn Meeks在这里–您的Unity Asset Store内容管理员! 如果您没有听说过,Unity Asset Store是您在编辑器中的一站式拖放式道具商店,其中包含模型,纹理,脚本,编辑器扩展,视觉效果,甚至是完整的游戏项目。 只需单击几下,您便可以找到适用于您自己的游戏项目的即用型,完全可修改和可自定义的内容。 即使Unity Asset Store成立只有两个月之久,我们每个月的下载量仍超过10,000次,每天约有150个新用户注册,并且单个内容创作者每月可赚取成千上万的美元-这些数字正在稳步增长!

    As a developer, the Unity Asset Store can save you money, time, and enable you to do things that were previously out of your reach.  Imagine the following game scenario: your warrior heroes have been adventuring through dense forest wilderness and set up camp in a clearing, sitting before a warm, crackling campfire. Distant roaring is heard! Moments later a pack of sword-wielding homicidal pirate goblins come tearing into the camp on Harley Davidson motorcycles.  With swords and battle axes swinging, your adventurers engage the pirate goblin bikers in awesome battle, dodging lasers and tire irons!  Finally you take them all down in a glorious explosion with a grenade launcher! Perfect idea for a game, right? (if you use it, I want to be in the credits -CM)

    作为开发人员,Unity Asset Store可以为您节省金钱,时间,并使您能够执行以前无法企及的事情。 想象一下以下游戏场景:您的战士英雄们正在茂密的森林荒野中冒险,并在温暖而脆脆的篝火旁的空地上建立营地。 听到远处的轰鸣声! 片刻之后,一包挥舞着剑的凶杀海盗妖精骑着哈雷戴维森摩托车闯入营地。 随着剑和战斧的摆动,冒险家会与海盗小妖精骑手一起进行令人敬畏的战斗,躲避激光和轮胎铁杆! 最后,您将使用手榴弹发射器在光荣的爆炸中将他们全部击落! 游戏的完美主意,对吧? (如果您使用它,我想成为学分-CM)

    The necessary models, animation and textures seem beyond your resources? No worries!  Launch Unity and open the Asset Store window (Window > Asset Store) and find time-saving assets to get going! First you need to get your Adventurers in order. Check out Art Packages > Warriors And Commoners, by Frogames. In this best-selling package, you’ll find an assortment of configurable, professional quality, rigged and animated adventurer characters ready to go.  There are so many combinations of configurations, you find a style that suits your game uniquely. You grab our own Free Terrain Assets package, as well as Art Packages > Shanty Town Trees and artfully lay out your forest in less than an hour. A few clicks later you find the perfect campfire, by Unity Magic, complete with crackling sounds, smoke and dancing flames, saving hours of work. After clicking Download & Import, moments later your campfire is in your project and ready to use in your scene.

    必要的模型,动画和纹理似乎超出了您的能力范围? 别担心! 启动Unity并打开“资产商店”窗口(“ 窗口”>“资产商店” ),然后找到节省时间的资产以继续! 首先,您需要按顺序安排冒险家。 看看Frogames的Art Packages> Warriors and Commoners。 在这个最畅销的程序包中,您将找到各种可配置的,专业的品质,装备精巧且具有动画效果的冒险家角色,随时可以使用。 配置的组合太多了,您会找到一种独特的适合您游戏的风格。 您可以获取我们自己的“ 免费地形资产”包,以及“ 艺术包”>“棚户区树木”,并在不到一个小时的时间内巧妙地布置您的森林。 只需单击几下,您便可以找到Unity Magic的完美篝火,声音嘶哑,冒烟,舞动,节省了工作时间。 单击“下载并导入”后,片刻之后您的篝火在您的项目中,可以在场景中使用。

    “But surely,” you say, “Unity does not have Pirate Biker Goblins on the Asset Store!” We look you knowingly in the eye and guide you to the Dungeon Guardians package, featuring professional quality, ready-to-go goblins. With a little texture work in Photoshop, you add classic leather biker chaps, evil mustaches and menacing eye-patches to the characters. Throw in your own peg-leg and hook-hand as meshes to complete the look. “This is unbelievably awesome!” you say, as you dive deeper and find that the battle axes, swords, and motorcycles are really just a download away. For the amazing boss-fight explosions, you download and import the stunning Detonator explosion package. Which is free, by the way.  Suddenly your project has professional quality artwork and effects in place, allowing you to focus on the important work – unleashing your creative vision upon the world!

    “但是可以肯定地,”您说,“ Unity在资产商店中没有海盗机车哥布林!” 我们会明知您的眼睛,并向您介绍Dungeon Guardians软件包,该软件包具有专业品质,随时可用的地精。 在Photoshop中进行少量纹理处理,即可为角色添加经典的皮革机车骑士,邪恶的胡须和险恶的眼罩。 将自己的桩腿和钩手作为网格物体投入使用,以完成外观。 “这真是太棒了!” 您说的是,当您深入潜水时,发现战斧,剑和摩托车真的可以下载。 对于惊人的boss-fight爆炸,您可以下载并导入惊人的Detonator爆炸包。 顺便说一句,这是免费的。 突然之间,您的项目就安装了专业品质的艺术品和特效,使您可以专注于重要的工作-在世界上释放您的创造力!

    For Content Creators, the Unity Asset Store is a fantastic way to publish, distribute and monetize your hard work – it’s a quick and effective gateway to connect with a rapidly growing base of game designers!  Because your customers can download and use assets directly in the Unity Editor,  your content is easy to purchase and immediately usable.

    对于Content Creators而言,Unity Asset Store是发布,分发和通过您的辛勤工作赚钱的绝妙方式–它是与快速增长的游戏设计师群建立联系的快速有效的途径! 因为您的客户可以直接在Unity编辑器中下载和使用资产,所以您的内容易于购买并且可以立即使用。

    As of this blog posting, we’ve just released a brand new Asset Store Tools submission package. Check it out and show us what you’ve got!

    在此博客发布中,我们刚刚发布了全新的Asset Store Tools提交包。 检查一下 ,告诉我们您所拥有的!

    Sure, the Unity Asset Store is an awesome resource for game designers and a great way to make money for content creators.  But it’s not just a place to buy and sell tanks, trees and scripts, it’s an exchange of creativity, ingenuity, and passion.  You’ll find the Asset Store waiting for you under the Window menu directly in the Unity Editor.

    当然, Unity Asset Store是游戏设计师的绝佳资源,也是为内容创作者赚钱的绝妙方法。 但这不仅是买卖坦克,树木和文字的地方,还是创造力,创造力和热情的交换。 您将在Unity编辑器中的“窗口”菜单下直接找到资产商店。

    翻译自: https://blogs.unity3d.com/2010/12/22/unity-asset-store-update/

  • Press Control-9 (Windows) or Cmd-9 (OSX) to launch the Unity Asset Store browser 按Control-9(Windows)或Cmd-9(OSX)启动Unity Asset Store浏览器 Wow. Over the last two weeks we’ve launched an ...
    Control 9 opens the Asset Store

    Press Control-9 (Windows) or Cmd-9 (OSX) to launch the Unity Asset Store browser

    按Control-9(Windows)或Cmd-9(OSX)启动Unity Asset Store浏览器

    Wow. Over the last two weeks we’ve launched an outstanding addition of over 40 new assets ready to use in your game projects!  This brings our total number of asset store packages to over 170, and the submissions keep coming in!  Whether you need extra assets to add more detail and decor to your scene, models and animations for players and NPCs, extensions to enhance editor functionality, or a complete project to retool for your own purposes,  the Asset Store has content that will both save you time and enhance your projects. Almost everything new to the store is exciting, but there are a few especially outstanding offerings.

    哇。 在过去的两周中,我们推出了杰出的40多种新资产,可供您在游戏项目中使用! 这使我们的资产存储包总数达到170多个,并且提交的邮件不断涌入! 无论您是需要额外的资产来为场景添加更多细节和装饰,播放器和NPC的模型和动画,用于增强编辑器功能的扩展,还是用于您自己的目的进行重组的完整项目,资产商店中的内容都可以为您节省时间并改善您的项目。 几乎所有商店的新鲜事物都令人兴奋,但也有一些特别出色的产品。

    Mixamo Dragon Pack

    Mixamo Animation and Character Packs Mixamo brings several characters and matching animation packs to the asset store.  You’ll find almost everything you’ll need for third person and NPC character action in these kits.  Most impressive, in my opinion, is their amazing Mixamo Dragon pack.  Featuring two AAA quality, rigged and animated dragons, this pack is jaw-droppingly good.   As a player character, an enemy for a boss-fight, a fantasy background character, or extreme marshmallow roaster, your game will be on fire with these stunning dragons!

    Mixamo动画和角色包 Mixamo将多个角色和匹配的动画包带到资产商店。 在这些工具包中,您几乎可以找到第三人称和NPC角色动作所需的一切。 在我看来,最令人印象深刻的是他们令人惊叹的Mixamo Dragon包装。 具有两种AAA质量,索具和动画龙,非常令人赞叹。 作为玩家角色,BOSS战斗的敌人,幻想背景角色或极端的棉花糖烤架,这些令人赞叹的巨龙将为您的游戏增光添彩!


    Age of Sails This pack of highly stylized, well-crafted frigates, ships and barges will work great in any RTS, sailing or pirate game, or just for packing your harbors and oceans.  They weigh in at a triangle-count low enough for usage on any mobile device, but are so well textured and modeled to look great in any platform.

    航海时代这套高度程式化,精心制作的护卫舰,轮船和驳船将在任何RTS,航海或海盗游戏中,或仅用于包装港口和海洋时,都非常有用。 它们的三角形计数足够低,足以在任何移动设备上使用,但它们的纹理和造型如此好,在任何平台上看起来都很棒。


    Unisky Six times Nothing (aka 000000) brings an innovative extension that I believe will be put to use in games everywhere, UniSky.  UniSky is a great solution which can generate procedurally animated skies with 24-hour day/night cycles (with moon, sun and stars), atmospheric scattering, procedural 2D clouds and parameters for weather (including precipitation!).  There’s a great demand for this functionality in all kinds of games, and no reason to reinvent the wheel– especially now that Six Times Zero has done it so well!

    Unisky六次Nothing(又名000000)带来了一项创新的扩展,我相信UniSky将在所有游戏中使用。 UniSky是一种出色的解决方案,它可以生成具有程序动画的天空,具有24小时的昼/夜循环(带有月亮,太阳和星星),大气散射,程序2D云和天气参数(包括降水!)。 在所有类型的游戏中对此功能都有很高的需求,没有理由重新发明轮子了—尤其是由于《六次零零》已经做得如此出色!

    Other awesome packages worth checking out include…


    Pacific Aircraft Pack It’s 1943 all over again with Digital Lightbox’s highly professional Pacific Aircraft Pack.  Need a B17 Flying Fortress for your game?  How about a Nakajima Ki-43?  We got em!  Pro enough for any platform, light enough for a mobile game.   Check them out!

    太平洋飞机背包 Digital Lightbox的高度专业的太平洋飞机背包重新回到 1943年。 您的游戏需要B17飞行堡垒吗? 中岛Ki-43怎么样? 我们得到了! 足够专业,适用于任何平台,轻巧,适合移动游戏。 去看一下!

    MultiPanel by Owlchemy Labs The great owlchemists at Owlchemy Labs have created a wonderful time-saver–  Multipanel.  This editor extension allows you to apply common actions on multiple objects in your hierarchy at the same time– things you would normally have to do manually, including toggling, resetting, adding, removing, tagging, and more.  Just $5!

    Owlchemy LabsMultiPanel Owlchemy Labs的出色猫头鹰化学家创建了一个出色的省时功能– Multipanel。 使用此编辑器扩展,您可以同时对层次结构中的多个对象应用通用操作-通常需要手动执行的操作,包括切换,重置,添加,删除,标记等。 才5美元!

    Crates – Love em, hate em, can’t live without em. Okay. Let’s cut to the chase– we all love and hate crates.  But the inescapable fact is that you need them.  Explode them, hide behind them, push them around, drop them, and stuff them in warehouses.  Use the best ones out there– namely the crate-tastic Ultimate Crate Pack by 3D Attack.

    板条箱–爱他们,恨他们,没有他们就无法生存。 好的。 让我们开始追逐吧–我们都爱与恨板条箱。 但是不可避免的事实是您需要它们。 爆炸它们,躲在它们后面,将它们推向四周,放下它们,并将其塞入仓库。 使用那里最好的-即3D Attack制作的板条箱式Ultimate Crate Pack。

    Enrich developers, enrich yourself! Our top sellers are making thousands of dollars a month. Got something mind-blowing, time-saving or awe-inspiring?  Submit it to the Unity Asset Store and make some money while you’re at it.  Although we’re a bit picky about quality, if you think you’ve got it, send your stuff our way!  For more information, just click here: http://unity3d.com/unity/editor/asset-store-submit

    丰富开发人员,丰富自己! 我们的畅销书每月可赚数千美元。 有令人惊讶,省时或令人敬畏的东西吗? 将其提交到Unity Asset Store,并在使用时赚钱。 尽管我们对质量有些挑剔,但如果您认为自己有质量,请按照我们的方式发送! 有关更多信息,请单击此处: http : //unity3d.com/unity/editor/asset-store-submit

    翻译自: https://blogs.unity3d.com/2011/01/11/unity-asset-store-growing-and-growing/

  • oculus-integration:用于Unity的Oculus集成工具的非官方副本https:assetstore.unity.compackagestoolsintegrationoculus-integration-82022
  • <div><p>The code that is available on the Unity Asset Store was last updated in October. There's several things that can are fixed since then such as #57 </p><p>该提问来源于开源项目:...
  • Unity Assetstore】上传插件 最近做了一个Unity插件,需要上传到UnityAssetStore,因此记录一下。 Publisher 第一步要先将自己的普通Unity账号转换成Publisher–就是能够上传Unity商店的账号。 打开网址 ...

    【Unity Assetstore】上传插件




    打开网址 https://publisher.assetstore.unity3d.com/sales.html ,选择网址中的

    Create a new Unity Asset Store Publisher




    保存提交之后。我们需要在Unity商店下载一个叫Asset Store Tool的插件,该插件是用来将本地的Unity工程上传到商店使用的。

















  • Quick Asset Store ... If you’re not already familiar with it, the Unity Asset Store is the definitive resource for Unity developers, where you can find Unity-ready models, pre-written scripts and ...
  • Unity assetstore资源商店 地址

    千次阅读 2020-01-10 16:22:19
    https://assetstore.unity.com/ FR:徐海涛(hunk xu) QQ技术交流群:386476712
  • - Entitas is available on the Unity Asset Store https://www.assetstore.unity3d.com/#!/content/87638 - Entitas Plus is not available yet. I will announce it when it is ready <p><strong>UPDATE ~~- ...
  • <div><p>Why not make this project available for free on <a href="https://www.assetstore.unity3d.com/">Unity Asset Store</a>? <p>This could potentially give more visibility to the temporal AA, so more ...
  • unity修改asset store默认下载地址

    千次阅读 2019-04-11 20:25:51
    默认下载地址C:\Users\用户名\AppData\Roaming\Unity\Asset StoreAsset Store文件夹整个剪切到D:\Asset Store之后,命令行运行 mklink /j “C:\Users\用户名\AppData\Roaming\Unity\Asset Store” “D:\Asset ...
  • Unity Asset Store 插件 Curvy v2.0.3 ,曲线编辑好用的工具
  • <div><p>The asset store has now deprecated this library and it's no longer available for download. Is there any chance of it being updated?</p><p>该提问来源于开源项目:sta/websocket-sharp...
  • [Unity教程]合理使用UnityAssetStore

    千次阅读 2017-12-12 18:00:48
    合理使用UnityAssetStore 如果没有 asset store 窗口,就 再 菜单栏 的 window 里面 找到asset store 点击即可。 对 asset store 窗口 鼠标右键,勾选 maximize ,即可 最大化窗口。...
  • asset store 打不开 空白 1.打开代理 2.在工程设置那里,player设置那里Use Direct3D 11*那里不要勾选 3.保证 Unity Editor 登入账号
  • Unity AssetStore 下载文件目录

    千次阅读 2016-11-25 23:18:26
    Win7系统:C:\Users\系统用户名\AppData\Roaming\Unity\Asset Store MAC:"~/Library/Unity/Asset\ Store
  • Unity assetstore一些好的资源

    千次阅读 2017-05-03 18:15:42
    https://www.assetstore.unity3d.com/en/#!/content/16318 一个可以拿剑,带帽子,穿衣服的资源,衣服,可以把Skin的骨胳用父骨胳来控制动画..Eye Advanced (5星) https://www.assetstore.unity3d.com/en/#!/content...
  • LCPrinter - Simple Texture Printer Unity调用打印机服务,Asset Store插件
  • 现在,Unity Asset Store提供了将近4,000个软件包,以帮助您加快游戏开发速度。 但是,作为程序员,关卡设计师,美术师,跨平台开发人员和视频游戏专家,您还会发现许多可以促进技能发展的东西。 (The Unity Asset ...
  • C:\Users\用户名\AppData\Roaming\Unity\Asset StoreAsset Store文件夹整个剪切到D:\Asset Store之后,命令行运行 mklink /j "C:\Users\用户名\AppData\Roaming\Unity\Asset Store" "D:\Asset Sto...
  • UniWebView是一个Unity 3D插件,用于将Web视图组件添加到Unity 3D手机游戏中。 需要Unity 5.6.3 或更高版本 UniWebView supports running: iOS 9.0 or above Android 5.0 (API Level 21) or above
  • 默认Asset Store 的下载路径在C盘这里,盘比较小的话很快就满了;...mklink /j "C:\Users\用户名\AppData\Roaming\Unity\Asset Store" "D:\Asset Store" 原来的文件夹变成了类似快捷方式的链接,去掉其只读属性。 ...
  • 谈谈AssetStore及其脱离Unity下载方法

    万次阅读 2016-11-15 22:12:33
    AssetStore一直是Unity开发者又爱又恨的东西。首先这个生态绝对是一个先进的,并且越来越能够吸引高质量的开发者开发或开源他们的插件。它的缺点可能是大陆开发者尤为头疼的。 1、付费,客观的看99%的资源价格都在...
  • <p>Unity packages for each release will be published to the Unity asset store. <p>What? Where? When? Just searched the asset store for Mixed, reality, toolkit, mixedreality, microsoft etc. Did not ...
  • Unity 2020之后的版本,编辑器内无法打开AssetStore,只能通过 网页浏览器打开 网页的 AssetStore 通过网页的 AssetStore 搜索 资源,并且把资源添加到My Asset中 当从 网页AssetStore 添加资源,在Unity中...
  • Unity:更改asset store默认下载地址 突然发现自己的c盘又炸了,原来是因为asset store的资源默认下载在c盘了 参考原文:https://blog.csdn.net/sinat_41822552/article/details/112059936 实操过程总结如下 1、在c...
  • <div><p>This library works perfectly with unity and even performs ...s much easier to update library from assetstore in a unity project.</p><p>该提问来源于开源项目:RevenantX/LiteNetLib</p></div>
  • Unity Asset Store付费的三种动物:老虎,狼,鹿的低多边形模型和动画 文件包含内容: Poly Art Deer 1.3.unitypackage Poly Art Tiger.unitypackage Poly Art Wolf 1.3.1.unitypackage
  • Unity AssetStore打不开怎么办

    千次阅读 2020-03-29 00:09:31
    Unity AssetStore打不开怎么办 以前的UnityAssetStore可以在网页端下载,现在不知道为什么必须得在Unity里边才能打开,设计师脑子怕不是抽风了… 在网页端选好资源后,点open in unity,结果引擎里根本没反应。 一番...



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