• Clarify and change USB3.2 Gen1 cable requirements, which is needed for USB4 Gen2 operation. Based on lab test results, some of parameter limits of the specification need adjustment for USB4 Gen2 ...
  • 开博尔type-c数据线usb3.1GEN2公对公线缆评测报告 一、数据测试部分 测试硬盘:aigo SSD 1TB SN:SJOU01851 测试电脑配置: 电脑型号 联想 ThinkPad T470s W10DG 笔记本电脑 (扫描时间:2019年05月11日) 操作...



    测试硬盘:aigo SSD 1TB  SN:SJOU01851


    电脑型号 联想 ThinkPad T470s W10DG 笔记本电脑  (扫描时间:2019年05月11日)

    操作系统 Windows 7 专业版 64位 SP1 ( DirectX 11 )

    处理器 英特尔 Core i5-6300U @ 2.40GHz 双核

    主板 联想 20JTS15300 ( 100 Series 芯片组 Family/eSPI Controller - 9D48 )

    内存 8 GB ( 三星 DDR4 2400MHz )

    主硬盘 NVMe SAMSUNG MZVLW256 SCSI Disk Device ( 256 GB )

    显卡 英特尔 HD Graphics 520 ( 192 MB / 联想 )

    显示器 联想 LEN40A9 ( 14 英寸  )

    声卡 瑞昱  @ 英特尔 High Definition Audio 控制器

    网卡 英特尔 Ethernet Connection I219-LM / 联想


                  b. TBT Cable 0.5m passive  Lenovo P/N:SC10M59508

                  c.爱国者1TB  SSD硬盘原装25cm数据线

                  d.华为Mate 20 Pro (UD)原装数据线


    1.测试软件:AS SSD Benchmark

    1.1 开博尔测试数据



    1.4 华为手机原装测试数据


    1. type-C公对公开博尔线缆在4K与4K-64K数据的传输上与联想数据线缆差不多;
    2. tpye-C公对公但明显好于爱国者硬盘与华为原装的type-A对type-C。
    3. 线缆性能:开博尔公对公>联想公对公>爱国者SSD原装>华为手机原装


    1. 测试软件ATTODiskBenchmarks2.47

    2.1 开博尔测试数据

    2.2 联想测试数据


    2.4 华为原装测试数据


    1. 开博尔在32K及以下数据测试结果基本上优于联想测试结果,32K以上数据联想数据线优于开博尔;
    2. 华为与爱国者原装线缆测试结果与联想与开博尔不是一个数量级;
    1. 线缆性能:联想公对公>开博尔公对公>爱国者SSD原装>华为手机原装


    1. 软件:CrystalDiskMark6_0_2

    3.1 开博尔测试数据



    3.4 华为原装数据线


    1. 数据整体评测:开博尔公对公≈联想公对公>爱国者SSD原装>华为手机原装







    3.1 公头type-c长3.102cm






















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  • Snapshots for Datalake Gen2

    2020-12-02 02:22:50
    1. Have a datalke gen2 2. create a blob inside the storage 3. try to create a snapshot <p><strong>Expected behavior The expected behavior is that if this library manages blobs and i want to do a blob...
  • 如果你的电脑或设备是USB3.1 Gen2type-C端口而且只有一到两个type-c口,就需要通过HUB去做扩展出更多的USB3.1 Gen2的使用端口。 另外,很多需要通过HUB芯片去扩展USB3.1 TO HDMI,USB3.1 TO SD,USB3.1 TO LAN, ...
  • bin/CMakeFiles/lib_darktable.dir/version_gen.c.obj -MF bin\CMakeFiles\lib_darktable.dir\version_gen.c.obj.d -o bin/CMakeFiles/lib_darktable.dir/version_gen.c.obj -c bin/version_gen.c cc.exe: error: ...
  • <p>This PR fixes that by looking first for a Gen1 VM resource disk device, and then trying a Gen2 VM resource disk device. <h3>PR information <ul><li>[x] The title of the PR is clear and informative....
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  • I am doing a lot to try to reuse instances, so it is not surprising that a lot of them are actually in gen 2. What is surprising to me is that in many cases, I have memory hanging around and the only...
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  • <p>is it possible to get the temperature from Echo Plus Gen2 into HA ? Would be nice if this would work! <p>In the app it looks like this: <p><img alt="Screenshot_2019-05-28-08-13-33-933_...
  • Introduce proto_gen

    2020-12-25 19:12:52
    <p>Introduce <code>proto_gen</code> to help us generate proto files. <p>I remove the customized base64 serializer/deserializer because it will makes the issue more complicated. I understand base64 ...
  • m getting this error trying to create a classic vpc instance (gen1) using provider v0.19 <pre><code> {"errors":[{"code":"validation_required_field","message":"...
  • [50985.159104] bucket 1:169752 gen 14 data type btree: stale dirty ptr (gen 7) while marking u64s 11 type btree_ptr_v2 0:54437 snap 0 len 0 ver 0: seq 2d373bed351f453b sectors 512 written 0 min_key 0...
  • gen::inRange for doubles

    2020-12-30 10:03:16
    m trying to generate a number in between [0,1) using <code>gen::inRange<double>(0,1)</code> and I get this following error: <pre><code> ake -C .. bitcoin_test make[1]: Entering directory `/...
  • --module C:\SoftHSM2\lib\softhsm2-x64.dll --slot-index 0 --pin 0000 --login --label aes256 --keygen --key-type aes:32 --mechanism AES-KEY-GEN Using slot with index 0 (0x1e94de1b) Key generated: ...
  • : error: /home/user/src/thpp/thpp/build/thpp/if/gen-cpp2/Tensor_data.cpp: No such file or directory </code></pre> <p>I modified the build.sh script to install into a local folder rather than into /usr...
  • Use ADLS gen1 to upload"as storage type 3.Fill in the ADLS Root Path 4.Click apply and OK 5.Click the "Remote Run" button <p>Result: Waiting for a moment and failed: <p><img alt="image" ...



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