• (hash url automatically changes when these observables change) Or do we have to update the hash url manually by subscribing to the affected observables?</p><p>该提问来源于开源项目:finnsson/...
  • hash url hash用法

    2015-01-15 10:47:11
    hash = window.location.hash;

    hash = window.location.hash;

  • Created by Wang, Jerry, last modified on Mar 19, 2016

    Created by Wang, Jerry, last modified on Mar 19, 2016


  • <p>Especially useful for third-party CSS like <code>url('../font/fontawesome-webfont.eot?v=3.2.1')</code>.</p><p>该提问来源于开源项目:yeoman/grunt-usemin</p></div>
  • When url hash change, the webivew onNavigationStateChange listener will be invoked, and the canGoBack properties is true <p>Actual Behavior When url hash changes, the webivew onNavigationStateChange ...
  • <div><p>Fixes #220, in which using a hash URL starting with an integer would trigger an error. <p>The extra function might be overkill, but it seemed nicer than having <code>document.getElementById...
  • URL Hash Modification

    2020-12-06 18:27:35
    <div><p>Does anyone have any modified code on this that would update the url hash on navigation click? I'm also looking for a way to link to a particular panel from an outside resource by passing ...
  • Inline hash parse URL

    2021-01-12 04:48:18
    <div><p>Using inline to load colorbox and show the URL hash in the address bar. Is it possible to capture the new hash value when colorbox opens? Is there a way, even if it requires a refresh? $("...
  • ugly URL hash

    2020-12-08 19:48:25
    <div><p>On line 18, the encodeURIComponent(hash) makes the URLS very ugly. Is there a reason to encode the URI? It seems to work just fine in FF 3.6 as <p>18: (win || window).location.hash = hash...
  • Empty hash in URL

    2020-11-27 19:55:18
    <p>It is often used for resetting hash in sites where hash is used to some changes in content, e.g. tabs and AJAX-loaded content. <p>Workaround is this parameter: <code>--allow-hash-href</code></p>该...
  • If I navigate to a different page, I have a back link which shows the correct url and hash, i.e <code>/#tab1, but when I click it, TransitionLink strips the hash from the url and I end up on the ...
  • URL Encode State Hash

    2020-12-08 19:50:23
    ll notice a mild asymmetry in how hash was saved vs retrieved. <p>The retrieval was: JSON.parse(decodeUrlComponent(hash)) <p>The save was: JSON.stringify(hash) <p>I modified it to: JSON.stringify...
  • UrlHash/锚点

    2015-11-02 22:24:32
    使用《UrlHash/锚点》解决移动设备中的单页面应用的物理[返回键]带来的困扰 示例代码
  • <p>nginx: [emerg] could not build the wlr_url_hash, you should increase wlr_url_hash_bucket_size: 512 nginx: [emerg] $URL hashtable init failed in /etc/nginx/nginx.conf:87 nginx: [emerg] WhiteList ...
  • url as hash ?

    2021-01-11 01:54:01
    <div><p>Hi, <p>This look like a very...s good to use a part of a url, or a uuid as hash. <p>Can you give your opinion about this ? <p>Thank you.</p><p>该提问来源于开源项目:vinkla/hashids</p></div>
  • Support hash fragment in URL

    2020-12-09 03:23:19
    hash fragement in URL" in post, when it expand the URL into a fancy clip. <p>There are 2 popular use cases for using hash fragment. 1. Anchor to jump to specifict location on a web page (e.#...
  • <div><p>Hash in url (example.com/test#somHash) produces following ...<p>By removing adding of hash string in toURL function works fine in firefox.</p><p>该提问来源于开源项目:faye/faye</p></div>
  • to remove hash in url

    2020-12-26 02:01:54
    and id name in url when am going to navigate to tabs, I dont want this in url, how can I sort this?</p><p>该提问来源于开源项目:samsono/Easy-Responsive-Tabs-to-Accordion</p></div>
  • URLhash URLhash也就是锚点(#),本质就是改变window.location的href属性 可以通过改变 location.hash 来改变href,页面不会刷新 window.location.hash = "xxx" // => /#xxx 监听hash变化 window....


    可以通过改变 location.hash 来改变href,页面不会刷新

    window.location.hash = "xxx" // =>  /#xxx



     window.onhashchange = function(e){




    // js对象 空字符串 地址
    history.pushState({}, '', '/ggg')



    替换地址 不能返回

    // js对象 空字符串 地址
    history.replaceState({}, '', 'home')
    history.replaceState({}, '', '/home/xxx')


    pushState,replaceState 并不会触发popstate事件
    使用 history.back(), history.forward()和 history.go() 方法来完成在用户历史记录中向后和向前的跳转会触发popstate事件

    window.onpopstate = function(e){
        // window.history.state;

    要自定义方法监听 pushState,replaceState 方法的使用

  • nginx中,ip_hashurl_hash的区别

    千次阅读 2015-08-28 11:22:47



  • hash.js Javascript/jQuery 解析/监听url hash

    千次阅读 2016-08-16 18:18:49
    在javascript语言里称url改变该部分不会影响页面重新加载的部分为hash,在后台语言里称之为fragment(碎片)。在这里,我们统称为hash。 在js里获取hash部分,可以使用如下语句获取: // 获取当前浏览器的hash...
  • 图片服务器的url hash架构

    千次阅读 2011-07-11 01:58:14
    什么是urlhash架构 url hash架构对url进行一次hash算法,然后通过hash结果找到对应的服务器。因为针对单一个urlhash结果是一样的,所以理论上这个url会被永久分配到固定的一台服务器上。另外因为经过了hash算法,...
  • <p>However if I have a situation where a user may be emailed a link with an existing fragment/hash in the URL that jumps them to a specific spot on the page. For example : <p>...
  • <p>It adds a new <code>X-Inertia-Hash</code> header which contains the hash part of the URL. <p>That header can later be re-appended to the URL by the API, so that the client-side URL is correct. <p>...
  • Support for URL hash?

    2020-11-26 02:48:23
    <div><p>Is there a way to support URL hash change instead of route change like React Router? I have a need to use hash instead of path for routing because I'm building an electron application ...
  • <div><p>Change picture hash in URL while slideshow <p>See #1130 </p><p>该提问来源于开源项目:owncloud/apps</p></div>
  • can url add hash?

    2020-12-08 22:52:38
    <div><p>First, this rep is very good. ... but can url add hash? because i want to go back by the back button of browser.</p><p>该提问来源于开源项目:some-react-components/react-scrollchor</p></div>
  • Pass settings via URL hash

    2020-12-04 22:08:19
    <div><p>It would be nice to be able to pass settings via the url hash (e.g. <code>glowing-bear/#server=foo.bar!port=1337!ssl=true!font=sans!fontsize=42pt!noembed=true!mathjax&#...
  • t find any reference to the script automatically adding the hash value to the URL after scroll. <p>For example, if I have a link such as #about, I would like the URL to be updated so that when I click...



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