• 创建新的apple idiMessage isn’t just for texting your friends and family anymore. With Apple’s new Business Chat feature, you can now text businesses and brands with your questions right from ...
    创建新的apple id

    创建新的apple id

    iMessage isn’t just for texting your friends and family anymore. With Apple’s new Business Chat feature, you can now text businesses and brands with your questions right from iMessage. Here’s how it works.

    iMessage不再只是用于发短信给您的朋友和家人。 借助Apple的新业务聊天功能,您现在可以直接从iMessage向企业和品牌发短信询问您的问题。 运作方式如下。

    Business Chat is a way for you to easily connect with businesses without jumping through hoops on their website. Instead, you can text them through iMessage and ask your questions there. The feature was originally unveiled during WWDC 2017, but wasn’t released until recently as a new feature in iOS 11.3 (as well as on macOS 10.13.4).

    商务聊天是您轻松与企业联系的一种方式,而无需跳过其网站上的障碍。 取而代之的是,您可以通过iMe​​ssage向他们发送短信,然后在此处提问。 该功能最初是在WWDC 2017期间发布的,但是直到最近才作为iOS 11.3(以及macOS 10.13.4)的新功能发布。

    Currently, there are only a handful of businesses that support Business Chat: Apple, Discover, Hilton, Home Depot, Lowe’s, Marriott, Newegg, TD Ameritrade, Wells Fargo, and 1-800-Flowers. Furthermore, it seems that Business Chat is still rolling out slowly to users, as not every supported business worked for me. So keep that in mind.

    当前,只有少数几家公司支持商务聊天:Apple,Discover,Hilton,Home Depot,Lowe's,Marriott,Newegg,TD Ameritrade,Wells Fargo和1-800-Flowers。 此外,似乎业务聊天仍在缓慢地向用户推广,因为并不是每个受支持的业务都对我有用。 所以记住这一点。

    To get started, there are several ways you can bring up a Business Chat with a supported brand or business. Some websites have a link to chat in iMessage (like 1-800-Flowers), but you can always find an iMessage button next to supported businesses when you search for them in Siri, Safari, or Apple Maps. Like I mentioned above, some businesses may not show up for you right now—Home Depot showed up in Siri results for me, but not when searching for it in Apple Maps.

    首先,您可以通过多种方式来与受支持的品牌或公司开展业务聊天。 某些网站具有在iMessage中聊天的链接(例如1-800-Flowers),但是当您在Siri,Safari或Apple Maps中搜索支持的商家时,您总是可以在支持的商家旁边找到一个iMessage按钮。 就像我上面提到的那样,有些企业可能不会立即为您显示-Home Depot会在我的Siri结果中显示出来,但在Apple Maps中搜索时却没有出现。

    After tapping the iMessage button, a new conversation window is created with that business and you can immediately start chatting with them. You’ll probably get an automated message at first saying that a representative will be with you shortly, so be prepared to wait a bit.

    点击iMessage按钮后,将与该公司创建一个新的对话窗口,您可以立即开始与他们聊天。 首先,您可能会收到一条自动消息,说很快就会有一位代表在您身边,因此请稍等一下。

    After you’re connected, though, it’s just like chatting with a friend through iMessage, only this time it’s with a business, and you can get help or ask questions about products or services.


    The great thing about Business Chat is that there’s really no rush to respond to the customer service representative. During a live chat online, you could be disconnected if you don’t respond after a while. But with Business Chat, you can go about your day, and whenever you get a reply, you’ll receive a notification just like you would with any text message.

    Business Chat的优点在于,您确实不必急于回应客户服务代表。 在线实时聊天过程中,如果一段时间后没有响应,您可能会断开连接。 但是,通过商务聊天,您可以整日忙碌,每当收到回复时,您都会收到一条通知,就像处理任何短信一样。

    Business Chat doesn’t share your personal information with the business you’re chatting with (name, phone number, zip code, and so on). However, you may need to share this info with them if you’re setting up an appointment or a delivery.

    商务聊天不会与您聊天的公司共享您的个人信息(姓名,电话号码,邮政编码等)。 但是,如果要设置约会或交货,则可能需要与他们共享此信息。

    翻译自: https://www.howtogeek.com/347561/how-apple’s-new-business-chat-works/

    创建新的apple id

  • 创建新的apple idJust like last year, this year’s Apple World Wide Developer Conference, where new updates to the Operating System (OS) for Apple’s devices are announced, was much more interesting if...

    创建新的apple id

    Just like last year, this year’s Apple World Wide Developer Conference, where new updates to the Operating System (OS) for Apple’s devices are announced, was much more interesting if you look at the long term promise behind new features, rather than the features themselves. I’m not particularly excited about ARM based processors or your phone replacing your car key (if you buy a brand new BMW 5 series) than I am about the clues about the future Apple leaves in some of their smaller features.

    与去年一样,今年的苹果全球开发者大会(Apple World Wide Developer Conference)宣布了针对苹果设备的操作系统(OS)的新更新,如果您关注的是新功能背后的长期前景,而不是功能本身,那将更加有趣。 。 对于基于ARM的处理器或您的手机代替车钥匙(如果您购买了全新的BMW 5系),我并不感到特别兴奋,但我对苹果未来可能会留下的一些较小功能的线索并不满意。

    新功能 (New features)

    Last year’s small innovation that got me most excited was Sign In with Apple, a feature that hinted at a future where Apple becomes your identity and privacy broker. This year’s glimpse of the future as Apple sees it came in three, again fairly diminutive features: Widgets, App Clips and unobtrusive Siri integration. Widgets allow iOS users to show little windows of functionality on their home screen, something Android has had for years. App Clips allow you to use a standalone piece of functionality from a bigger app, and these clips automatically disappear after 30 days if not used. You can use them with Sign in with Apple to make it even easier to temporarily use some features from a new service you haven’t registered with. Siri, the much maligned Apple voice assistant, will feel more integrated, allowing you to summon widget using voice, amongst other things. Each upgrade is fairly modest but taken together they add up to the building blocks of a future where our interaction with our phones changes radically, and apps as we know them will all but disappear.

    去年令我最激动的小创新是“ 与苹果签约” ,这一功能暗示着苹果成为您的身份和隐私经纪人的未来 。 当苹果公司看到它出现在今年时,就可以看到今年的未来,其中包括三个功能,这些功能又是相当小的功能:小部件,应用程序剪辑和不干扰的Siri集成。 借助小部件,iOS用户可以在其主屏幕上显示很少的功能窗口,而Android已有多年的历史。 应用剪辑可让您使用更大应用中的独立功能,如果不使用,这些剪辑会在30天后自动消失。 您可以将它们与“通过Apple登录”一起使用,以使临时使用尚未注册的新服务中的某些功能变得更加容易。 Siri是备受打击的Apple语音助手,将感觉更加集成,从而使您可以使用语音来召唤小部件。 每次升级都相当适度,但是它们加在一起构成了未来的基础,在这种基础上,我们与手机的交互将发生根本性的变化,而我们所知道的应用程序将几乎消失。

    应用是关键 (Apps are key)

    Currently, a large part of the iPhone’s usefulness comes from the apps you run on it. Sure, the camera is very nice (and the best camera is the one you have on you). And if the wind is coming from the right direction you might even be able to make a decent call on your iPhone. But ultimately, a full 90% of our time spent on phones is spent on apps. On the flipside, we all know we download way more apps than we know what to do with. And most of those apps languish on your second or third screen, never to be opened beyond the first try. In fact, on average users spend 77% of their time on their top 3 apps. Yet each of these forgotten apps has some functionality in there that once upon a time got you excited, and might do again. The thing that’s tripping you up is really the process of realising that a passing need you have corresponds to a specific feature in a specific app, locating that app (potentially having to download it again if it’s been unused for too long), locating the feature and figuring out the app’s UI before you get the value.

    目前,iPhone的实用性很大一部分来自您在iPhone上运行的应用程序。 当然,相机非常好(最好的相机就是随身携带的相机)。 而且,如果风向正确,您甚至可以在iPhone上发出像样的通话。 但最终, 我们在手机上花费的全部时间中90%都花在了应用上 。 另一方面,我们都知道我们下载的应用程序比我们所知道的要多。 而且大多数此类应用程序会在您的第二个或第三个屏幕上停止运行,除非是第一次尝试,否则永远无法打开它们。 实际上,平均而言,用户将其时间的77%花费在前3个应用上 。 但是,每个这些被遗忘的应用程序都具有一些功能,这些功能曾经让您兴奋不已,并且有可能会再次出现。 让您烦恼的是,实际上是这样一个过程,即了解您具有的过往需求与特定应用程序中的特定功能相对应,找到该应用程序(如果使用时间过长,则可能必须再次下载),找到该功能。并在获取价值之前弄清楚应用程序的UI。

    Wouldn’t it be amazing your phone automatically served you the right piece of functionality for any situation?


    更好的用户体验 (A better user experience)

    Apple’s wildly successful platform model for the iPhone, allowing thousands of developers to develop millions of apps for billions of micro use cases has ultimately lead to a user experience where the cognitive load required to get the value for your particular use case is only really worth it for the things you want to do all the time. For everything else, it’s just not worth the hassle. This is a sad state of affairs, considering the many little useful features and content that exist across the app universe. Wouldn’t it be amazing your phone automatically served you the right piece of functionality for any situation?

    苹果公司在iPhone上大获成功的平台模型,使成千上万的开发人员能够为数十亿个微用例开发数百万个应用程序,最终带来了用户体验,而获得特定用例价值所需的认知负担才是真正值得的您想一直做的事情。 对于其他所有方面,这都不值得麻烦。 考虑到整个应用程序领域中存在的许多小有用功能和内容,这是一种令人沮丧的状况。 您的手机在任何情况下都能自动为您提供正确的功能,这会令人惊奇吗?

    App Clips

    倾听您的需求 (Listening to your needs)

    Well, that is exactly what a refined version of Siri, unobtrusively listening out for your needs, calling out App Clips to serve a specific need, and delivering visual feedback through widgets could accomplish. Essentially Apple is working towards 3 standard interfaces for getting access to content and functionality: voice based (Siri); visual (widgets) and haptic/audible (notifications). Those interfaces can, over time, replace all the UI we currently use: no app icon, no app navigation, no search, no feed. Just the OS giving you access to what you need. In most cases, you won’t need to take your phone out of of your pocket, instead interacting with content through your AirPods using Siri or your watch using widgets.

    好吧,这正是Siri的改进版本,可以毫不扰动地倾听您的需求,调出App Clips来满足特定需求,并通过小部件传递视觉反馈,就可以实现。 从本质上讲,Apple正在努力实现3种标准接口来访问内容和功能:基于语音的(Siri); 视觉(小部件)和触觉/听觉(通知)。 随着时间的推移,这些界面可以替换我们当前使用的所有UI:无应用程序图标,无应用程序导航,无搜索,无供稿。 只是操作系统使您可以访问所需的内容。 在大多数情况下,您不需要从手机中掏出手机,而是使用Siri通过AirPods或使用小部件通过手表与内容进行交互。

    下一代 (The next generation)

    And this paradigm will extend to all forms of computing. With sufficient artificial intelligence and machine learning, the OS will get increasingly good at understanding, serving and even predicting your need, based on your personality, your likes, your standard behaviours and patterns throughout the day, your biometric feedback, your location and your context. And it will increasingly bypass any custom UI app developers can dream up, in order to minimise cognitive load for the user. Not just on your phone, not even just on your laptop or tablet but in your home, in your office and in your city. Countless data streams will be filtered by a personalised and local version of an OS to make it relevant for you.

    而且这种范例将扩展到所有形式的计算。 借助足够的人工智能和机器学习,该操作系统将越来越善于根据您的个性,喜欢,全天的标准行为和方式,生物特征反馈,位置和环境来理解,服务甚至预测您的需求。 。 并且它将越来越多地绕过任何开发人员可以梦想的自定义UI应用程序,以最大程度地减少用户的认知负担。 不仅在您的手机上,甚至不仅在笔记本电脑或平板电脑上,而且在您的家中,办公室和城市中。 个性化和本地版本的OS将过滤无数数据流,以使其与您相关。

    With the smart cities, cars and homes of our near future, content will be distributed, curated, targeted and delivered through a unified UI language that’s largely set by the Operating System


    创意和业务挑战 (A creative and business challenge)

    For designers, and the brands they work for this throws up a new set of creative and business challenges: how to organise my information to make it accessible to an external, smart search engine? How do I continue to deliver an authentic and recognisable brand experience without turning everything Apple-y or Google-y? Some young designers are already experimenting with the look and feel of such a future: Jason Yuan’s Mercury OS is a great example of ‘contextual computing’, where the content is completely separated from the application, based on the context.

    对于设计师及其工作的品牌而言,这将带来一系列新的创意和业务挑战:如何组织我的信息以使其可被外部智能搜索引擎访问? 我如何继续提供真实且可识别的品牌体验,而又不会让Apple-y或Google-y成为一切? 一些年轻的设计师已经在尝试这种未来的外观和感觉:Jason Yuan的Mercury OS是“上下文计算”的一个很好的示例,其中基于上下文将内容与应用程序完全分开。

    Image for post

    操作系统作为网守 (The Operating System as gatekeeper)

    As voice interaction becomes more dominant and the visual User Interface (UI) is reduced and standardised, the operating system becomes the conduit through which all information flows. And with the smart cities and homes of our near future, apps that only rely on a visual UI no longer cut it. The future is distributed, curated, targeted and delivered through a unified UI language that’s largely set by the OS. And I think that’s the future that Siri’s updates, App Clips and Widgets are pointing us towards.

    随着语音交互变得越来越占主导地位以及可视化用户界面(UI)减少和标准化,操作系统成为所有信息流经的渠道。 在不久的将来,随着智慧城市和住宅的出现,仅依赖可视化UI的应用程序将不再适用。 未来是通过统一的UI语言(由操作系统设置的)来分配,策划,确定目标和交付的。 我认为这就是Siri的更新,App Clips和Widgets指向我们的未来。

    翻译自: https://medium.com/macoclock/how-apple-appears-to-be-planning-a-new-future-for-apps-77eaf85c8755

    创建新的apple id

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    1.登陆https://www.apple.com。看右下角区域是不是美国,不是的话改为United states
















    safari打开 appleid.apple.com,登陆上面创建成功的apple id。可能会问你密码保护问题

    登陆以后,点击 payment & shipping


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    2.找国外的朋友代购买,具体做法就是在app下载界面有gift app选项,让他付钱以后发送给你的apple id。你收到邮件点击下载链接就可以直接下载安装了。

    3.填写美国地址,到google map上搜一个真实地址,填上去就可以,或者去这个网址生成一个地址https://www.fakeaddressgenerator.com/usa_address_generator。




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        首先,切忌不要点选Store下拉菜单的方式创建账户,点击iTunes Store功能键进入相关程序下载界面,拖拉鼠标找到免费应用软件项,点击您想下载游戏的链接进入子界面(如果没有您中意的应用可点选查看全部),我们这里以iPad上最为火爆的游戏“愤怒的小鸟”为例,进入子界面后点击应用图标下的“免费应用软件”链接,点击后会跳出登陆界面,如果您没有Apple ID,点击“创建新账户”。





        我们发现当使用第二种方法进入到付款方式界面后,在最右边出现了“无”的选项,对于只想下载免费软件的用户来说,一定要点选此项,同时简单填写一下您的个人信息,填好后点击继续,会出现验证您账户信息的界面,此时,需要进入您注册账户时填写的邮箱进行验证,验证成功后您就能拥有一个属于自己的Apple ID了。
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    2020-09-21 09:30:22
    随后用户改变了输入框的文本,此时属性就指向了新的 对象。但原米的 对象仍然还有一个所有者( 变量), 因此会继续保留在内存中。 第4页/共49页 OS5ARC完全指南 GuanGyi Inc http://www.gungyi.com @" Ray @"...
  • 5、如何创建一个AspJpeg实例? Set Jpeg = Server.CreateObject("Persits.Jpeg") 6、如何查看到期时间(是否注册成功)? Set Jpeg = Server.CreateObject("Persits.Jpeg") Response.Write Jpeg.Expires 注册成功则...
  • 精通Android 3--详细书签版

    热门讨论 2013-02-08 11:19:58
    1.1 面向PC全新平台 1 1.2 Android历史 3 1.3 Dalvik VM剖析 4 1.4 理解Android软件栈 5 1.5 使用Android SDK开发最终用户应用程序 6 1.5.1 Android模拟器 6 1.5.2 Android UI 7 1.5.3 ...
  •  5、如何创建一个AspJpeg实例?  Set Jpeg = Server.CreateObject("Persits.Jpeg")  6、如何查看到期时间(是否注册成功)?  Set Jpeg = Server.CreateObject("Persits.Jpeg")  Response.Write Jpeg.Expires ...
  • windows 程序设计

    2011-07-24 21:16:30
  • 21.2.1 创建新的iPhone应用程序项目 376 21.2.2 输入代码 378 21.2.3 设计界面 380 21.3 iPhone分数计算器 386 21.3.1 启动新的Fraction_Calculator项目 387 21.3.2 定义视图控制器 388 21.3.3 Fraction类 ...
  • 新增样本集无需重新打包,可直接增量添加新的样本集,每个训练任务支持加载多个TFRecords文件。 解除循环层依赖的必须性,支持CNN5/ResNet50/DenseNet+CrossEntropy的怀旧组合模式。 提供智能建议性配置功能,选择...
  • 特色HTML框架可以创建精美iOS应用 http://framework7.taobao.org 淘宝SUI http://m.sui.taobao.org avalon 地址 avalonjs http://avalonjs.github.io Avalon一代UI库: OniUI ...



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