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  • 谷歌play支付Google mentioned that in the last 21 months, there have been 116 billion downloads of the apps and games that are created by developers, and enjoyed by over 2.5 billion people in more than...


    Google mentioned that in the last 21 months, there have been 116 billion downloads of the apps and games that are created by developers, and enjoyed by over 2.5 billion people in more than 190 countries around the world as well. However, Google are trying and planning to create advanced features for improving the productivity and performance of this system. This essay aims to introduce some new features and improvements, which have been made in Google Play in recent months.

    谷歌提到,在过去的21个月中,由开发人员创建的应用和游戏下载量已达到1160亿,并且在全球190多个国家/地区拥有超过25亿的用户喜欢。 但是,Google正在尝试并计划创建高级功能以提高该系统的生产率和性能。 本文旨在介绍最近几个月在Google Play中进行的一些新功能和改进。

    简介与概述 (Introduction and Overview)

    In the last 21 months, there have been 116 billion downloads of the apps and games that are created by developers, and enjoyed by over 2.5 billion people in more than 190 countries around the world as well. That is a tremendous achievement for Google Play indeed. However, Google are trying and planning to create new features for enhancing the performance and productivity of this system. There have been four main categories for demonstrating the new features, which have been created in recent months as follows:

    在过去的21个月中,开发人员创建的应用和游戏下载量达到1160亿,全球190多个国家/地区的25亿人也享受了下载。 对于Google Play而言,这确实是一个巨大的成就。 但是,Google正在尝试并计划创建新功能以增强该系统的性能和生产率。 用于演示新功能的主要类别有四个,它们在最近几个月中创建如下:

    1. Increasing the number of users

    2. Android App Bundle momentum

      Android App Bundle的发展势头
    3. Improvements for games

    4. The new Google Play Console

      新的Google Play控制台

    In this essay, we will consider the new features as mentioned in these categories that have been introduced by Google recently.


    增加用户数量 (Increasing the number of users)

    User trust and safety


    It is clear that Developers can just only be successful on Google Play as long as users trust the platform. That is why Google build some features like Google Play Protect, which scans over 100 billion apps every day. Last year, prevented more than 1.9 billion malware installs from non-play sources. In addition, it is why Google has developed Privacy First policies with strict permission controls, and why Google review every app and game for compliance. However, they know that simply providing a trustworthy platform for your apps and games is not enough. That is why they are also creating new programs and features to help users discover and stay engaged with developer apps and games. So, they have made more progress to help you capture an even wider audience in the last few months.

    显然,只要用户信任平台,开发人员就只能在Google Play上取得成功。 这就是为什么Google建立某些功能(例如Google Play Protect)的原因 ,该功能每天扫描超过1000亿个应用程序。 去年,阻止了来自非游戏来源的超过19亿个恶意软件安装。 此外,这就是Google制定具有严格权限控制的Privacy First政策的原因,也是Google审查每个应用程序和游戏的合规性的原因。 但是,他们知道,仅仅为您的应用程序和游戏提供可信赖的平台是不够的。 这就是为什么他们还创建新程序和功能来帮助用户发现开发者应用程序和游戏并与之保持联系的原因。 因此,他们在过去几个月中取得了更大的进步,可以帮助您吸引更多的受众。

    Privacy First is a one-stop solution to review all of your current installed applications in order to protect your privacy. This will list apps that have the ability to access your personal information including messages, location, telephone calls, and contacts.

    隐私优先是一种一站式解决方案,可检查您当前安装的所有应用程序,以保护您的隐私。 这将列出能够访问您的个人信息(包括消息,位置,电话和联系人)的应用。

    Google Play Protect helps you keep your device safe and secure. It runs a safety check on apps from the Google Play Store before you download them. It checks your device for potentially harmful apps from other sources. These harmful apps are sometimes called malware.

    Google Play保护可以帮助您保护设备的安全。 在您下载应用之前,它会对Google Play商店中的应用进行安全检查。 它会检查您的设备中是否有其他来源的有害应用程序。 这些有害的应用程序有时称为恶意软件。

    Google Play Points

    Google Play积分

    Basically, Google Play Points is a rewards program, which lets you earn points and rewards with the Google Play Store. So, by using Google Play Points, you can be able to:

    基本上, Google Play积分是一种奖励计划,可让您在Google Play商店中获得积分和奖励。 因此,通过使用Google Play积分,您可以:

    • Earn points for purchases of digital content, in app items and downloads from the Google Play Store.

      通过应用项目和从Google Play商店下载数字内容来赚取积分。
    • Use points to get discount coupons, in-app items, or Google Play Credit.

      使用积分获取折扣券,应用内商品或Google Play积分。
    • Get more benefits, rewards and points as your level goes up.


    The user rewards program recently launched in Hong Kong and Taiwan.


    Google Play Pass

    Google Play通行证

    Google Play Pass is a game and apps subscription service by Google for Android devices. It was launched on September 23, 2019 in the US. In July 2020, the service started as planned in other Western countries, including Germany, Australia and Canada. In fact, subscribers can be able to access the included apps and games without ads and in-app purchases with a monthly or yearly subscription. There are over 460 titles ranging from puzzles to podcasts.

    Google Play Pass是Google针对Android设备提供的游戏和应用订阅服务。 它于2019年9月23日在美国推出。 2020年7月,该服务按计划在包括德国,澳大利亚和加拿大在内的其他西方国家开始。 实际上,订阅者可以按月或按年订阅,而无需广告和应用内购买即可访问包含的应用和游戏。 从拼图到播客,共有460多种标题。

    Teacher Approved


    Google today is making it easier for families to find quality educational apps with the addition of a new Teacher Approved section to Google Play. This means Teacher Approved feature help parents find kid-friendly apps and games for their families. Google will also include information in the app’s listing about why it was rated highly.

    借助Google Play上新增的“教师批准”部分,今天的Google使家庭更加容易找到优质的教育应用。 这意味着教师批准功能可帮助父母为家人找到适合孩子的应用程序和游戏。 谷歌 还将在应用程序列表中包含有关其为什么被高度评价的信息。

    Google Play Commerce

    Google Play商务

    As we know, a major part of reaching users is the ability to transact with them. The Commerce platform reaches over 2 billion people in 150 plus countries with over 180 carriers worldwide. Also, in the past year, they added 60 new local forms of payments in 15 countries. In addition to providing options for various ways to monetize and sell, Google Play Billing gives you the tools to optimize your selling experience and make it effortless. Therefore, users can have a great user experience with this feature.

    我们知道,吸引用户的主要部分是与他们进行交易的能力。 Commerce平台覆盖全球150多个国家/地区的20亿人,全球拥有180多家运营商。 此外,在过去的一年中,他们在15个国家/地区增加了60种新的本地付款方式。 除了提供多种货币化和销售方式的选择之外,Google Play结算还为您提供了优化销售体验并使之轻松的工具。 因此,用户可以使用此功能获得良好的用户体验。

    Android App Bundle的发展势头 (Android App Bundle momentum)

    Fundamentally, the app Bundle is an advanced vision for modern app distribution. By diminishing your app size, the App Bundle has helped thousands of developers increase their install rate particularly in countries where device storage is at a premium. In fact, Google mentioned that over 35% of active installs use the Android App Bundle. This means one in three apps in production on Google Play is currently published with the Android App Bundle. That is about an 800% increase from this time last year and adoption is growing daily. Recently, there have observed an adoption from major developers such as Adobe, eBay, and UC Browser.

    从根本上讲,应用程序捆绑包是现代应用程序分发的高级愿景。 通过减小您的应用程序大小,App Bundle帮助成千上万的开发人员提高了安装率,尤其是在设备存储非常昂贵的国家/地区。 实际上,Google提到超过35%的有效安装使用Android App Bundle。 这意味着当前在Android Play 捆绑包中发布了三分之一的Google Play生产应用 。 与去年同期相比,这一数字增长了约800%,并且采用率每天都在增长。 最近,已经观察到Adobe,eBay和UC Browser等主要开发人员的采用。

    An Android App Bundle is a file with the .aab file extension, which you upload to Google Play. In fact, App bundles are signed binaries, which organize your app’s code and resources into modules, as indicated in below figure:

    Android App Bundle是带有.aab文件扩展名的文件,您可以将其上传到Google Play。 实际上,App捆绑包是签名的二进制文件,可将您的应用程序的代码和资源组织到模块中,如下图所示:

    Image for post
    Google Android developer documents Google Android开发人员文档中的 Android应用程序捆绑包

    App Bundle Explorer


    In the last few months, Google has rolled out of enhancements in next generation features based on users’ feedback. For instance, the new App Bundle Explorer in the Play Console helps you understand how Play optimizes your app, and lets you download relevant files and assets. You can get an installing for any version you have ever published on Play for testing purposes and you can also download Play signed APKs for pre-installing on real devices.

    在过去的几个月中,Google根据用户的反馈推出了下一代功能的增强功能。 例如,Play控制台中新的App Bundle Explorer可帮助您了解Play如何优化您的应用,并允许您下载相关文件和资产。 您可以针对Play上已发布的任何版本进行安装以进行测试,也可以下载Play签名的APK以预安装在真实设备上。

    Manage all your app bundles and artifacts in one place and get useful metadata, downloads, and insight into what Google Play generates for dynamic delivery.

    在一处管理所有应用程序包和工件,并获得有用的元数据,下载信息,并深入了解Google Play为动态交付生成的内容。

    App Bundle for games


    Google has also expanded the App Bundle for games by introducing the Google Play Asset Delivery, which offers free dynamic delivery of game assets. In other words, it allows you to package all your assets alongside your game binary, and let Play manage the asset delivery for you.

    Google还通过引入Google Play资产交付扩展了游戏的App Bundle,它提供了免费动态交付的游戏资产。 换句话说,它允许您将所有资产打包到游戏二进制文件中,并让Play为您管理资产交付。

    Play Asset Delivery (PAD) brings the benefits of app bundles to games. It allows games larger than 150MB to replace legacy expansion files (OBBs) by publishing a single artifact to Play containing all the resources the game needs. PAD offers flexible delivery modes, auto-updates, compression, and delta patching, and is free to use

    Play Asset Delivery(PAD)为游戏带来了App Bundle的好处。 它允许大于150MB的游戏通过将包含游戏所需所有资源的单个工件发布到Play上来替换旧的扩展文件(OBB)。 PAD提供灵活的交付模式,自动更新,压缩和增量修补,并且可以免费使用

    Three modes of delivery


    Google Play offers customizable delivery modes, auto update and smart targeting options. These replace the need to use expansion files, which will be deprecated soon. Some early Google adopters like Gameloft are reporting great download performance worldwide as well as substantial growth in the number of users retained. Google is planning to improve the App Bundle; they expect it to become a necessary requirement for all new apps in 2021.

    Google Play提供了可自定义的投放模式,自动更新和智能定位选项。 这些取代了使用扩展文件的需要,该文件将很快被弃用。 一些Google早期采用者,例如Gameloft,报告了全球出色的下载性能以及保留的用户数量的大幅增长。 Google计划改进App Bundle; 他们希望它成为2021年所有新应用程序的必要要求。

    游戏改进 (Improvements for games)



    Play Asset Delivery is only one of the many updates we have made to help you improve your games. Besides, they have introduced a new Day-1 auto install feature to pre-registration to help you build excitement before your launch and accelerate early downloads.

    Play资产交付只是我们为帮助您改善游戏而进行的众多更新之一。 此外,他们还引入了一项新的Day-1自动安装功能,可以进行预先注册,以帮助您在启动前建立兴奋并加速早期下载。

    Android Performance Tuner

    Android Performance Tuner

    Android Performance Tuner is an advanced tool to help you measure your frame rate performance and graphical fidelity and to optimize between the two. This will help you achieve stable frame rates at scale across the whole Android device ecosystem. As a result, you can be able to deliver higher quality game experiences to more Android users with less effort. Furthermore, there is a new Unity plugin to make it even easier to integrate into Unity games.

    Android Performance Tuner是一个高级工具,可帮助您评估帧率性能和图形保真度,并在两者之间进行优化。 这将帮助您在整个Android设备生态系统中大规模实现稳定的帧速率。 因此,您可以毫不费力地为更多的Android用户提供更高质量的游戏体验。 此外,还有一个新的Unity插件 ,可使其更轻松地集成到Unity游戏中。

    Native crash symbolication


    Native crash symbolication is an another important feature that allows you upload your symbol files. Therefore, your crashes and ANRs are symbolicated in both Android vitals and pre-launch report. This lets you debug your game stability issues more easily.

    本机崩溃符号化是另一个重要功能,可让您上载符号文件。 因此,您的崩溃和ANR在Android生命周期和发布前的报告中均得到了象征。 这使您可以更轻松地调试游戏稳定性问题。

    新的Google Play控制台 (The new Google Play Console)

    In recent months, Google has made a considerable update to Google Play console. Currently, there are over 900000 individual monthly Console users, including developers of all sizes, from one-person shops to companies with literally hundreds of Console users. Last year, they decided to redesign Play Console from the ground up. Now, they released the Beta version for the Play Console. Google designed the new Play Console to be more useful. So, now you can be able to:

    最近几个月,Google对Google Play控制台进行了相当大的更新。 当前,每月有超过90万个个人Console用户,包括各种规模的开发人员,从单人商店到拥有数百名Console用户的公司。 去年,他们决定彻底重新设计Play控制台。 现在,他们发布了Play控制台的Beta版。 Google设计了新的Play控制台,使其更加实用。 因此,现在您可以:

    • More easily find, discover, and understand significant features.

    • Get new guidance on policy changes, release status, advice, and user feedback.

    • Better understand performance insights with new acquisition reports.

    • Inspect each of your app bundles and understand how Google Play optimizes artifacts for your users.

      检查您的每个应用程序捆绑,并了解Google Play如何为您的用户优化工件。
    • Safely enable everyone on your team to use our features with new user management options.


    Some new improvements and features for Google Play Console as follows:

    Google Play控制台的一些新改进和功能如下:

    1. Clearer and easier to use.

    2. Updated navigation.

    3. Responsive design.

    4. New releases overview: in this feature you can see information about your internal, closed and open testing tracks as well as your production tracks all in one place.

    5. Managed publishing: this feature make it easier to review a summary of your updates and control when they are published on Google Play.

      托管发布:此功能可让您更轻松地查看更新摘要并控制更新在Google Play上的发布时间。
    6. Update status: by using this feature you can see the updates status of all your apps at a glance.

    7. Policy status and app content: the new policy status and app content sections make it easier for you to provide all the information Google Play needs to confirm your apps are compliant with policies.

      政策状态和应用内容:新的政策状态和应用内容部分可让您更轻松地提供Google Play所需的所有信息,以确认您的应用符合政策。
    8. New inbox: they are adding an inbox to make sure you never miss any important messages, suggestions or milestones from Google Play.

      新的收件箱:他们正在添加收件箱,以确保您不会错过Google Play上的任何重要消息,建议或里程碑。
    9. New education pages: every feature in the Console now has an education page that tells you what the feature is, how it can help you and the best practices for using it.

    10. Console-wide unified search feature.

    11. Improved acquisition reports: this feature make it easy to monitor your performance trends. So, you can easily track the positive impact of your team’s work.

      改进的购置报告:此功能使监视绩效趋势变得容易。 因此,您可以轻松地跟踪团队工作的积极影响。
    12. Different access for different users in your team for having a better team management.


    结论 (In conclusion)

    Although Google has had a tremendous achievements in developing Play in recent years, they are trying to develop and improve advanced features on Play. This article discussed some new improvements and features that have been accomplished in recent months.

    尽管Google近年来在开发Play方面取得了巨大成就,但他们仍在尝试开发和改进Play的高级功能。 本文讨论了最近几个月完成的一些新改进和功能。

    翻译自: https://medium.com/kayvan-kaseb/the-new-features-in-google-play-3fd5021ac402


  • 如何通过INTENT调用启动google play商店并且进入指定app的界面。 首先我们查看apk可以看到google play的包的packagename为com.android.vending。 知道包名一起就好办了。   调用代码如下:   public static...

    如何通过INTENT调用启动google play商店并且进入指定app的界面。

    首先我们查看apk可以看到google play的包的packagename为com.android.vending。





    	public static void showMarket(Activity activity) {
    		final String appPackageName = "com.xxx.xxx"; 
    		try {
    			Intent launchIntent = activity.getPackageManager().getLaunchIntentForPackage("com.android.vending");
    			// package name and activity
    		    ComponentName comp = new ComponentName("com.android.vending", "com.google.android.finsky.activities.LaunchUrlHandlerActivity"); 
    		} catch (android.content.ActivityNotFoundException anfe) {
    			activity.startActivity(new Intent(Intent.ACTION_VIEW, Uri.parse("http://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=" + appPackageName)));


    由于可能存在google play没有安装的情况,所以需要加个异常捕捉。

    如果google play没有安装则打开相关的页面。

    appPackageName 即为你自己的app的包名。

  • 谷歌play商店Nothing is quite as dreadful as seeing that fateful “Unfortunately, Google Play Store has stopped” message…every time you open the Store. Here’s what to do if the Play Store on your ...



    Nothing is quite as dreadful as seeing that fateful “Unfortunately, Google Play Store has stopped” message…every time you open the Store. Here’s what to do if the Play Store on your phone or tablet just keeps crashing.

    每次您打开商店时,都看到致命的“不幸的是,Google Play商店已停止”的消息,这实在令人恐惧。 如果您的手机或平板电脑上的Play商店不断崩溃,这是怎么办。

    清除Play商店的缓存和/或数据 (Clear the Play Store’s Cache and/or Data)

    When any app force closes as soon as you open it (or shortly thereafter), the first thing you’ll want to try is clearing that app’s cache. This doesn’t always work—in fact, more often than not it probably won’t fix the issue—but it’s the first thing you should try because it keeps all of your pertinent data (login info, etc.) in place.

    当任何应用程序强制在您打开它时(或此后不久)关闭时,您要尝试的第一件事就是清除该应用程序的缓存。 这并不总是可行的-实际上,它经常可能无法解决问题-但是这是您应该尝试的第一件事,因为它将所有相关数据(登录信息等)保留在适当的位置。

    First, head into your device’s Settings menu. This is usually accessed by dragging down the notification panel, then tapping the “gear” icon.

    首先,进入设备的“设置”菜单。 通常可以通过向下拖动通知面板,然后点击“齿轮”图标来访问它。


    Scroll down to the “Device” category and select “Apps.” This will open the menu entry where you can control all the apps that are installed on the device.

    向下滚动到“设备”类别,然后选择“应用程序”。 这将打开菜单项,您可以在其中控制设备上安装的所有应用程序。


    On Marshmallow, scroll down until you find the “Google Play Store” option. On Lollipop (and older), slide over to the “All” tab, then find the “Google Play Store” option. Tap it to open the Play Store’s app info.

    在棉花糖上,向下滚动直到找到“ Google Play商店”选项。 在Lollipop(及更早的版本)上,滑到“所有”标签,然后找到“ Google Play商店”选项。 点按即可打开Play商店的应用信息。


    There will be a few options here, including “Force Stop,” “Disable,” and possibly even one that reads “Uninstall updates.” Go ahead and tap “Force Stop,” just to make sure it’s not running in the background. A warning will appear telling you that this may cause the app to misbehave—just press “OK.”

    这里将有一些选项,包括“强制停止”,“禁用”,甚至可能显示“卸载更新”。 继续并点击“强制停止”,以确保它不在后台运行。 将会出现一条警告,告诉您这可能会导致应用程序行为异常-只需按“确定”即可。


    Here’s where things get a little convoluted—depending on what version of Android you’re running, you’ll see totally different options. We’ll outline both Marshmallow and Lollipop here, but the latter should also cover most older versions as well (including KitKat and Jelly Bean).

    在这里,事情变得有些混乱-根据您所运行的Android版本,您会看到完全不同的选项。 我们将在此处概述棉花糖和棒棒糖,但后者也应涵盖大多数较旧的版本(包括KitKat和Jelly Bean)。

    On Marshmallow, tap the “Storage” option, then tap the “Clear Cache” button. This will erase the Play Store’s cached data, which could possibly be causing the FC (force close) issues.

    在棉花糖上,点击“存储”选项,然后点击“清除缓存”按钮。 这将清除Play商店的缓存数据,这可能会导致FC(强制关闭)问题。


    On Lollipop, simply scroll down the screen a little bit and press the “Clear Cache” button.



    Try to open the Play Store. If the force close issue persists, let’s try clearing data.

    尝试打开Play商店。 如果强制关闭问题仍然存在,请尝试清除数据。

    Follow the same instructions as above, but instead of tapping the “Clear Cache” button, hit “Clear Data.” Keep in mind that this will delete all login info and and other data, so it’s like starting the Play Store for the first time. Your installed apps will continue to function normally, and any applications that you’ve purchased will still be available—this has no effect whatsoever on your Google account, just the app itself.

    请按照与上述相同的说明进行操作,但不要点击“清除缓存”按钮,而是单击“清除数据”。 请记住,这将删除所有登录信息和其他数据,因此就像第一次启动Play商店一样。 您安装的应用程序将继续正常运行,并且您购买的所有应用程序仍将可用-这对您的Google帐户没有任何影响,仅对应用程序本身没有影响。

    Once you’ve cleared its data, try opening the app again. It should theoretically open correctly this time. If not, you have one final option.

    清除其数据后,请尝试再次打开该应用程序。 理论上这一次它应该正确打开。 如果没有,您将有最后的选择。

    安装最新版本的Google Play商店 (Install the Newest Version of the Google Play Store)

    In some instances, something has gone awry that clearing app data and cache simply won’t fix. In that case, installing the newest version of the Play Store should fix things right up.

    在某些情况下,清除应用程序数据和缓存根本无法解决问题。 在这种情况下,安装最新版本的Play商店应该可以立即解决问题。

    Before you can pull the newest Play Store APK (Android Package Kit), you’ll need to allow installation of “Unknown Sources.” To do this, jump back into the Settings menu.

    在拉出最新的Play商店APK(Android软件包工具包)之前,您需要允许安装“未知来源”。 为此,请跳回到“设置”菜单。


    Once there, scroll down to the “Personal” section, and tap the “Security” option.



    Scroll down just a bit, till you see the “Unknown Sources” option. Toggle the slider to enable installation of apps downloaded from the web.

    向下滚动一点,直到看到“未知来源”选项。 切换滑块以启用从网络下载的应用程序的安装。


    A warning will be displayed telling you that this can be a dangerous practice that could put your personal data in jeopardy. While accurate, installing third-party apps—or “sideloading,” as it’s called—is a safe practice as long as you only install things from trusted sources. So tap “OK” to enable the feature.

    将显示警告,告诉您这可能是危险的做法,可能会使您的个人数据受到威胁。 尽管准确无误,但只要您安装来自受信任来源的内容,安装第三方应用程序(即所谓的“侧载”)是一种安全的做法。 因此,点击“确定”以启用该功能。


    With that done, head back to the home screen and open your web browser of choice. In this case, we’re using Chrome for Android.

    完成之后,返回主屏幕并打开您选择的Web浏览器。 在这种情况下,我们使用的是Android版Chrome。

    Tap the address bar (at the top), and head to www.apkmirror.com. This is a highly-trusted website that mirrors APKs normally found on Google Play—only free apps are available (no paid content), and each application is verified as legitimate before it’s allowed on the site.

    点击地址栏(在顶部),然后前往www.apkmirror.com 。 这是一个备受信赖的网站,可镜像通常在Google Play上找到的APK-仅提供免费应用程序(无付费内容),并且每个应用程序在网站允许之前都经过验证是合法的。


    At the top of the page, tap the magnifying glass icon, which opens the search menu. Type “Play Store” and press enter to search the site.

    在页面顶部,点击放大镜图标,这将打开搜索菜单。 输入“ Play Store”,然后按Enter键搜索站点。


    The very first option on this page will be the newest version of the Play Store that’s available for download. Tap the down arrow to go the Play Store download page.

    此页面上的第一个选项是可下载的Play商店的最新版本。 点击向下箭头以转到Play商店下载页面。


    Scroll a little way down the page till you see the “Download” button. If you’re concerned about the safety of the download, you can tap the “Verified safe to install (read more)” link, which will open a small dialog box with information about the app’s cryptographic signature and legitimacy. Once your curiosity has been satisfied, tap the “Download” button to pull the APK from the site.

    向下滚动页面直到您看到“下载”按钮。 如果您担心下载的安全性,可以点击“已安装安全验证(更多信息)”链接,这将打开一个小对话框,其中包含有关应用程序的加密签名和合法性的信息。 好奇心得到满足后,请点击“下载”按钮以从网站中提取APK。


    If this is the first time you’ve downloaded anything on Marshmallow, you may get a popup asking you to allow Chrome (or whatever browser you’re using) to access your media files. Press “OK” to pull the download.

    如果这是您第一次在Marshmallow上下载任何内容,则可能会弹出一个窗口,要求您允许Chrome(或您使用的任何浏览器)访问媒体文件。 按“确定”拉动下载。


    Another dialog will show up a the bottom of the screen asking you to verify the download. Tap “OK.”

    屏幕底部将显示另一个对话框,要求您确认下载。 点击“确定”。


    Once the app is finished downloading (it shouldn’t take long), you’ll find it in the notification shade. Just tap it to start the installation process.

    应用下载完成后(应该不会花很长时间),您会在通知栏找到它。 只需点击它即可开始安装过程。


    If, for some reason, tapping the notification doesn’t open the app installer, you can find it in the Downloads folder, which can be access through the shortcut in the app tray.



    Once the installer is running, just hit “Install” to start the process. It may or may not show a popup asking you to allow Google to check the device for security issues—you can choose to accept or decline, though I generally just let it go ahead since I like to help Google out.

    安装程序运行后,只需点击“安装”即可开始安装过程。 它可能会或可能不会显示一个弹出窗口,要求您允许Google检查设备的安全性问题-您可以选择接受还是拒绝,尽管我通常会继续进行,因为我想帮助Google。


    Once the installer is finished—and keep in mind it may take several minutes to completely the installation process—just tap “Open” to fire up the newest Play Store.



    With any luck, it will open without force closing.


    The app data/cache clearing method above can be used on essentially anything that’s installed on your Android device, which comes in handy if other applications are having issues. Similarly, if that doesn’t fix the issue, just uninstall the app and re-install it from Google Play.

    上面的应用程序数据/缓存清除方法基本上可以在Android设备上安装的任何设备上使用,如果其他应用程序有问题,该方法将很方便。 同样,如果仍不能解决问题,则只需卸载该应用,然后从Google Play重新安装即可。

    翻译自: https://www.howtogeek.com/248924/how-to-fix-the-android-play-store-when-it-constantly-force-closes/


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    一、Google Play Movies 最新启动方式


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