• half years old

    2013-11-12 20:17:37
    Thickly dotted half years old
    Thickly dotted half years old
  • Negative years old

    2021-01-02 03:24:51
    <div><p>Versions Affected: SMF2.1 / SMF2.0 <p>For some odd reason you are able to set your birthday in the future. ...<p>We should throw some kind of error if you input an unrealistic birthdate....
  • s imagine the game is neither alpha neither beta in two years, it means the people being 16 years old at this time are 14 years old today. <p>Our current alphas today must target 16 years old people ...
  • 20 years old

    2004-07-30 00:00:00
  • <div><p>the win bin is dated 5 years old, any reason that it has not been updated when the git is updated less than a day ago? <p>site: https://www.pronterface.com/ direct link: ...
  • Built-in map is 30 years old

    2021-01-04 01:19:36
    <div><p>The built-in map that is shown the first time xastir is lanched is at least 30 years old. It still shows the German Democratic Republic, the Soviet Union, and Yugoslavia. Please update it to...
  • <div><p>scripts/config-typescript.js currently points to a version of TypeScript from 2016: ...<p>Could this be updated? As of the time I'm writing this, the most current version is 3.4.2: ...
  • <div><p>When moving from immunization only to integrated child health schedules the maximum age for child registrations went from 2 to 5 years old. The forms were updated but not everywhere, as seen ...
  • Old UI does not display some specific years <p>It was a BUG, but from versions <strong>2.6.1 2019-03-20</strong> and <strong>2.6.0 I always install MediaElch in Portable mode. So I have several ...
  • <div><p>Your project has a dependency on 3-years-old babel-runtime. Please upgrade, probably to /runtime ?</p><p>该提问来源于开源项目:foliojs/fontkit</p></div>
  • <p>Building any image on MacOS with pack command results in an image that is supposedly 40 years old. <pre><code> pack build a:buildpack ... $ docker images | grep buildpack a buildpack 0f60275c8c16 ...
  • There are many unusual facts about Electronic Data Interchange (EDI). The first is that its roots ... Another is that this 50-year-old technology is now more relevant today than it’s ever been. So wher

    There are many unusual facts about Electronic Data Interchange (EDI). The first is that its roots began when there weren’t really any computers to speak of. Another is that this 50-year-old technology is now more relevant today than it’s ever been. So where is EDI today and how did we get here?

    Army Master Sergeant Ed Guilbert had a problem. The year was 1948 and he had half of Berlin to feed. The logistics surrounding the famous Berlin Airlift were enormous. Over the next 12 months, Guilbert and the rest of the US Army logistics team would drop 2.3 million tons of goods into West Berlin. And, it was thanks in part to the structured shipping manifests that Guilbert developed.

    The idea behind EDI was born. Of course, it would take Guilbert another 20 years to turn this paper-based approach to standardized business documents into the electronic messages that would later develop into EDI. The next breakthrough came with the formation of the Transportation Data Coordination Committee (TDCC) in 1968 – 50 years ago – that began to develop electronic standards for the transportation industry. Since then, EDI has become a foundational technology in many industries including automotive, manufacturing, healthcare and retail.

    A vital part of business
    Today, so many industries rely on EDI for the fast and efficient exchange of business documents that it is almost inconceivable that it will not remain at the heart of many key business processes. The evidence is that, even after 50 years, the technology is in greater demand now than ever. Looking at the healthcare industry alone, the most recent estimates suggest the EDI market will be worth $5.9 billion by 2025 – an annual growth rate of 9.4%. Not too bad for an old timer!

    Here is a mature technology for the fast and efficient transfer of data that just works – look out for my telephone metaphor coming shortly – and, as we move into the world of Big Data, EDI is a reliable and secure platform to facilitate the exchange of more and more information between trading partners.

    But EDI hasn’t always been regarded as a technology with a future of promise. On several occasions over the last 50 years, experts have predicted the end of EDI. For example, when the XML protocol and AS2 standards were first introduced. XML was human-readable and seemed a better alternative than the more complex EDI, and AS2 was quickly adopted by retail giant, Wal-Mart. But instead of replacing EDI, the additional protocols and standards added to the variety and complexity of digital trade.

    Why variety is the spice of life
    One issue that has always surrounded EDI is its complexity. Sergeant Guilbert may have thought of one standard for electronic trading but we quickly reached a stage by 1990 that there were 100 different standards for X12 alone. X12 was only one of a number of key standards including EDIFACT and GS1. In addition, many different industries developed their own flavor of EDI to suit their specific needs – such as ODETTE in automotive, RosettaNet in High Tech and Tradacoms in retail.

    The result has been that, for an organization with a large number of trading partners, EDI involves using multiple standards to exchange information with all partners.

    However, there are two opposing things to consider. The first is that, although there are many standards, the major standards are incredibly robust. There hasn’t been a major upgrade to any of the main standards in well over a decade. The second is that new standards are still appearing – such as PEPPOL in the public sector – to fill very specific requirements.

    We now have a situation where virtually any message type in virtually any format can be exchanged between trading partners using EDI as long as they are properly connected. This is why we have seen the growth of third party providers that can deliver a platform – as well as document mapping and data translation – that enables trading partners to quickly connect and exchange documents.

    While the first EDI connections were dedicated point-to-point connections, the EDI platforms – such as OpenText™ Trading Grid Messaging Service – allow for one-to-many connections to join a complete supply chain or trading partner community.

    That telephone metaphor
    I heard someone say that companies now treat their EDI platform providers (VANs) like a telephone service. It’s a commodity item that just works and that they’ll change when they can get a better price. This got me thinking that maybe they were right. EDI was like the telephone but not for the reasons they gave.

    Remember when your phone was something you simply used to make phone calls? I bet there are some people reading this who don’t and for whom the word ‘landline’ sounds like the name of a train service. The telephone has evolved and adapted over the years. It has become more intelligent. It is able to offer services that would have blown the mind of its inventor. It’s an entertainment center, a guidance system and a self-regulating health monitor, to name only a few of its capabilities.

    Exactly the same is true of EDI. The humble exchange of a business document electronically has become a tool to drive business productivity, to optimize supply chain visibility and performance, and improve new product development to name just a few of its capabilities.

    From simple Electronic Data Interchange, we’ve begun to talk of B2B integration. The simple exchange of digital documents is no longer enough for businesses. All organizations have to work in a seamless, open and collaborative way with their customers, suppliers and other trading partners. B2B integration defines integration at two levels: data and people (here’s a good blog with a little more explanation).

    The core of EDI technology has been built upon to deliver additional capabilities, such as B2B transaction visibility. Take a look at the short video below and stay tuned for a soon-to-be-released update of advanced analytics capabilities – it’s this evolution in capabilities that has kept EDI relevant to business needs today and into the future.

    What’s next for EDI?
    The answer to this question doesn’t really require a crystal ball. The Internet of Things is changing every aspect of our society while adding huge amounts of data every second. That data has to be effectively managed, shared and utilized.

    How are we going to do it? If only we had a tried and tested technology that has been specifically designed for the fast and secure exchange of data in a vast array of standards and formats over a vast array of communications protocols! All it takes is for the development of new message types designed to standardize the way that IoT data is transmitted between systems.

    Yet another reason that EDI hasn’t just survived for 50 years, it has thrived – and is set to stay firmly at the heart of B2B communications for the next five decades.

    Learn more about EDI, the newest capabilities of OpenText Trading Grid Messaging Service, or if you’d like to learn how these solutions may be customized to benefit your individual business needs, please complete the contact form beside this blog.

    江苏信瑞一芯科技有限公司 www. edi-b2b.com

  • Karen Millen 25 Years Old Type

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  • At 24-years old Sell Aion kinahSanders already has three bestselling novels beneath his belt, all able abomina...

    At 24-years old Sell Aion kinah Sanders already has three bestselling novels beneath his belt, all able abomination thrillers with detective Sean Devereaux as the protagonist.

    American Claret will be his aboriginal atypical not featuring the actualization and arise actuality in the States, and its acceptable that it will about-face into a alternation as well.

    来自 “ ITPUB博客 ” ,链接:http://blog.itpub.net/30158260/viewspace-1473930/,如需转载,请注明出处,否则将追究法律责任。


  • 1. You can just hide it like on the old site (under 13 years old)</em>. 2. You can make the birthday settings stricter, noting you have to be over 13. Adding a timer when you can change it, or a ...
  • ![图片说明](https://img-ask.csdn.net/upload/201809/25/1537839174_639285.png)
  • at home, has been learning from his father to guide, his father Neil Allen grew up the only teacher.But Allen never entered the school but often create a record of British education: 5 years old, ...
  • hello 85->20 years old

    2019-01-20 16:01:41
    写作业 今天打开了信号老师发的作业,现在网盘里还在下载所需要的资料和文件。 第一次拿到作业是很开心的心情呐,是的,有的苦现在不吃以后也会要吃,以后不吃老了也会难捱。 很开心 是迈入女程序员的第一步,蘑菇要...
  • Blender is twenty years old

    千次阅读 2014-01-16 09:42:48
    Blender 工业级3D建模软件 , ...相比3dmax、maya动辄几个G的安装包,更加轻便,当然功能上...http://code.blender.org/index.php/2013/12/how-blender-started-twenty-years-ago/ 向开源、Blender 致敬!
  • written on 25 years old

    2007-10-10 10:32:58
    1, 如果你认为自己会被去倒,你就会被击倒。 如果你认为自己没有勇气,你就不会有勇气。 如果你想赢,可是你认为自己不会赢, 那么,你几乎不可能会赢了! 如果你认为自己将会失败,你就已经失败了。...
  • <p>this page is the godoc of a very old version of the "net" package : https://godoc.org/github.com/golang/go/src/pkg/net</p> <p>there is neiter time nor version indicator that say dont trust ...
  • She must be at least thirty-five years old. Though life's goodness can at times be overshadowed,it is never outweighed. 1 completely 绝对地; 完全地*It's absolutely impossible. 这是绝对不可能的.* You...
  • <div><p>Hello, ...m using MQTT.fx. The way I control it is by sending a really long payload of 1191 characters containing the IR code. I have a few problems and I looking for help: 1. I was able to read ...
  • d love to be able to model my housemate seeing her niece (5 years old) who is going to preschool with 10 other kids. She's seeing mom and dad and the niece. <p>See #156 #157 and #191 </p><p>该...
  • <div><p>Including foreign sources in ...<p>Please update the compiler, people are having problems with invalid syntax for old compiler.</p><p>该提问来源于开源项目:ConnectThink/WP-SCSS</p></div>
  • <div><p>Maybe I am misreading this, but when running OpnHPC packages through a security scanner, an old version of gcc is found in pdtoolkit. This seems to indeed be the case: <p>/opt/ohpc/pub/libs/...
  • <div><p>该提问来源于开源项目:mapsme/omim</p></div>
  • <div><p>Hello, I have installed vichan 2 years ago and have modified a lot of functions in the template, how can I update only the core of vichan without hurting the modification I have made?...
  • <div><h1>14494 adds a cron job that deletes the addons of user accounts that were deleted over 7 years ago, but only for user accounts that are being cleared of fxa_id, email, or last_login_ip....
  • Borned in 1983, I have been 35 years old and I keep unsatisfied status for my life(family), my job. For Family(life), I have two sons which maybe someone will say this is a happy point. But a...



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