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    Wait for the EFI shell to leave you at the terminal.


    edit startup.nsh

    Type the path to your desired .efi file. Typically:


    Ctrl+S to save.

    Enter to confirm.

    Ctrl+Q to exit back to shell.

    Reboot the VM. It will still display the EFI shell but will load Grub automatically.


  • <div><p>We're telling people on PPC64 to switch to UEFI mode...</p><p>该提问来源于开源项目:fwupd/fwupd</p></div>
  • EFI-enabled guest suddenly boots only into UEFI Interactive Shell. It waits for 5 seconds and then it drops to Shell>. I don't remember any modifications, which I would have done, neither to the...


    Problem with VirtualBox 5.x running on GNU/Linux Debian 9.x host:

    EFI-enabled guest suddenly boots only into UEFI Interactive Shell.


    It waits for 5 seconds and then it drops to Shell>.

    I don't remember any modifications, which I would have done, neither to the host, nor guest, or VirtualBox itself.

    2.Plausible fix:

      In UEFI Interactive Shell, enter the file system:


      Following up with creating this file:

    echo '\EFI\ubuntu\grubx64.efi' > startup.nsh

      Press CTRL+S to save the file.

      Press ENTER to confirm the file name.

      Press CTRL+Q to exit the editor.

      Restart the Guest:


    Important notes

      For some reason you have only a few seconds to edit and save the file. If it takes you longer, then the guest may react with a significant delay. Or it may even freeze.

      Replace debian with your system's id, e.g. ubuntu. You may verify this by simply going into the \EFI\ directory and running ls.

    Another way

      If you don't succeed, and supposing your guest is Linux type, I myself had to do it:

      Boot from live USB with any Linux.

      Mount the root file system.

      Create this file on the mounted file system, adjust the path to wherever you have mounted it:


      Enter the above explained line to it.


  • UEFI compatible drivers

    2020-12-09 00:51:23
    <p>Soon all servers will support only UEFI, not shure with or without option to disable <strong>SECURE BOOT</strong> and curent driver will stay useless.</p><p>该提问来源于开源项目:tbsdtv/linux...
  • Enabling CSM (and all its hazards) does work, but then you can only ever boot with CSM turned on. I remember back in the old days some Linux flavors required you to install in CSM, then disable it ...
  • UEFI Support

    2020-11-28 21:03:55
    actually a lot of laptops have uefi system (and some only have uefi), and for install for example grub it requiere a efi usb. <p>Thx.</p><p>该提问来源于开源项目:unetbootin/unetbootin</p></div>
  • Support UEFI

    2020-12-27 00:44:53
    <p>Currently our included pxelinux files only support BIOS, which is now old and superseded by UEFI. We would need to include pxelinux files relevant to UEFI, more generally the <em>.e32 and </em>.e64...
  • UEFI32 vs UEFI64

    千次阅读 2014-10-16 10:07:47
     While the PC is in UEFI mode, the Windows PE version must match the PC ... A PC in 64-bit UEFI firmware mode can only boot 64-bit versions of Windows PE. A PC in 32-bit UEFI firmware mod

    64位的UEFI FW只能 支持64位的 WinPE

    32位的UEFI FW只能支持32位的 WinPE

    如果要兼容以上两种模式就需要FW同时支持UEFI和BIOS模式,打开BIOS 模式后两者都可以,打开UEFI模式只能启动64位的winpe3.0(打开CSM)和Winp4.0

    While the PC is in UEFI mode, the Windows PE version must match the PC architecture. A PC in 64-bit UEFI firmware mode can only boot 64-bit versions of Windows PE. A PC in 32-bit UEFI firmware mode can only boot 32-bit versions of Windows PE. On PCs that support both UEFI mode and legacy BIOS mode, you may be able to run 32-bit Windows PE on a 64-bit PC by changing BIOS menu settings from “UEFI mode” to “BIOS mode”, assuming the manufacturer supports legacy BIOS mode.

  • 尤其是用Rufus里面采用UEFI模式装双系统时(因为我的电脑就是GPT分区,Windows系统是以UEFI模式启动的,为了两个系统启动方式可以一致),贼坑,它不支持support legacy模式,但是又无法从only UEFI模式启动,可能是我...
    1. 买了游戏本首先是装双系统了,这样可以将其当做我的Linux服务器使用。
      而装双系统就是一件坑贼多的事情,尤其是用Rufus里面采用UEFI模式装双系统时(因为我的电脑就是GPT分区,Windows系统是以UEFI模式启动的,为了两个系统启动方式可以一致),贼坑,它不支持support legacy模式,但是又无法从only UEFI模式启动,可能是我技术不够硬。直接搬救兵:简书之-----超详细!Win10(UEFI启动模式)安装Ubuntu18.04双系统,按照这里面的用ulstraISO软件装启动盘,可以实现BIOS以UEFI模式从U盘启动。。。
    2. 你以为这就完了?独立显卡还会给你找麻烦,如果不进行设置,U盘启动界面就是一团乱码(黑屏+几行英文+彩色斑点),还以为电脑被搞GG了。还是搬救兵:双系统Ubuntu 18.04安装时卡死
    3. 你以为这样就完了?二中链接的最后一步多数情况下是不可靠的,也是不推荐的。那怎么才能重新启用NVIDIA独立显卡的驱动呢?继续搬救兵:Ubuntu 18.04 安装 NVIDIA 显卡驱动
  • <div><p>I am running macOS on KVM on a UEFI-only machine. When I added graphics passthrough to the command line, it fails with: <pre><code> qemu-system-x86_64: vfio-pci: Cannot read device rom at 0000...
  • **This is only required if you use the UEFI plugin** </code></pre> <pre><code>shell $ tree /boot drwxr-xr-x - root 5 čec 2018 /boot/efi/EFI drwxr-xr-x - root 4 lis 11:54 └── gentoo drwxr-xr-x - ...
  • - CSM(Compatibility support Module)关闭CSM:纯uefi启动 (Windows 10适用)开启CSM:选择 uefi only,使用单独 uefi兼容模式启动。(Windows 7可选)选择 uefi and legacy,同时可以使用 uefi兼容模式和 legacy启动。...
  • <p>Additionally, only UEFI modules should be looked for, so /boot cannot be searched but only /boot/grub2/x86_64-efi (similarly /usr/lib/grub*/x86_64-efi), otherwise we could get some false positives ...
  • UEFI boot problem

    2020-11-27 14:54:02
    <div><p>This issue was on a Hewlet Packard make, 2012 Pavilion model, 64bit AMD ...s only for UEFI mode. <p>AWESOME desktop theme btw!</p><p>该提问来源于开源项目:AnarchyLinux/installer</p></div>
  • (Only direct API supports that, which is not the main stream). We automatically detect it and mark it UEFI_COMPATIBLE based on the partition info. <p>Impl: after inflation stage & before ...
  • UEFI与legacy设置

    千次阅读 2018-10-08 11:07:48
    笔记本则在Startup下,把UEFI/Legacy Boot设置为UEFI Only 把Boot Type设置为UEFI Boot Type 有uefi选项,Launch CSM默认是Disabled,并开启Secure Boot,开启Secure boot就不能识别启动盘,包括uefi启动盘...
  • UEFI Kernel Panic

    2021-01-01 11:52:34
    <p>Got a Asus TP200SA that only has a UEFI bios. When ever i run a premade or a custom all-firmware installer on it, the kernel panics. I've ran a mem test and all fine but i think it might be an ...
  • But the DCPI manager window indicates only 16, 39. My IPG results show speed stepping working (i think). <p>The big Question is how do I get it working? The dumb question is Am I using the correct ...
  • USB UEFI boot support

    2020-12-29 14:04:57
    Only thing left is fill UEFI (FAT) partition with boot loader and create some fancy config for it. <p>For this reason I'd like to know your opinion on what is the best way to do this. <p>My ...
  • But <a href="https://github.com/OpenSCAP/scap-security-guide/blob/master/shared/fixes/bash/file_permissions_grub2_cfg.sh">remediation</a> associated with it only fixes <code>/boot/grub2/grub.cfg...
  • <div><p>Hi, I am testing to make TrustedGRUB2 working with a UEFI booting machine. I have tested TG2 with an old machine of legacy BIOS booting option, it works correctly without any problem. <p>Then...
  • UEFI boot?

    2021-01-01 04:12:05
    <div><p>I did try to use to create a hyperv type 2 vm (which only will boot efi) any special options to make work? Not a huge deal more of a question. The supplied iso didn't boot in efi mode, ...
  • Fixed ISO to only be used when using install Removed duplicate code. Added sectorsize as setting instead of hardcoding to 512 for UEFI. <p>Request for feedback, I have most certainly missed or changed...
  • Error in UEFI install

    2020-12-09 09:07:28
    <div><p>Trying to install on a UEFI only system (2011 Macbook Pro). I get the zpool created fine, but when it goes into the section to create the ESP, it fails immediately after "View partition ...
  • UEFI 引导启动

    2014-02-27 00:09:47
    在设置启动顺序的时候将"Legacy Only"设置在"Hard Disk 0"前面,且"Hard Disk 0"要紧跟在"Legacy Only"启动项后面!这些内容虽然网上也能搜索到,但我是从内部资料找来复制给你的,算纯手打。
  • <div><p>woof-code/support/uefi_cd.sh creates a nice isolinux menu which also has the option to specify a boot param with the following syntax: <p>vmlinuz pfix=... pkeys=... psubdir=... etc...
  • 如何配置阵列卡

    2018-08-15 17:08:30
    如果之前的配置是 如果之前的配置是 如果之前的配置是 如果之前的配置是 Legacy OnlyLegacy Only Legacy Only Legacy Only Legacy Only Legacy Only ,修改为 ,修改为 ,修改为 UEFI only UEFI only UEFI only UEFI...
  • - CSM(Compatibility support Module)关闭CSM:纯uefi启动 (Windows 10适用)开启CSM:选择 uefi only,使用单独 uefi兼容模式启动。(Windows 7可选) 选择 uefi and legacy,同时可以使用 uefi兼容模式和 legacy启动...
  • The intent of this specification is to define a way for the OS and platform firmware to communicate only information necessary to support the OS boot process. This is accomplished through a formal ...
  • but only shows the command shell after the splash screen. (see screenshot) <img alt="14192316" src="https://img-blog.csdnimg.cn/img_convert/1def45e354fa12011e6d7329a3f83083.png" /></p>该提问来源于开源...



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