• - [ ] Decide to send the new user who accepts a team invite to the team dash, or keep sending them to the timeline <ul><li><strong>Estimated effort:</strong> 10.5 points ...
  • <p>I want to use the Jira integration more, but it requires every person to set it up for themselves directly for each team. I'd like to configure it once for the entire organization for example. ...
  • <p><em>Opening this for others to try if they like, as well as to open the door for UI help as I think it needs a little help there (I like the person vs multi person icons, but they look misaligned ...
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  •   http://www.infoq.com/articles/scaling-lean-agile-feature-teams Feature Team ... team stays together so they can ‘jell’ for higher performance; they take on n...



    Feature Team

    1. long-lived—the team stays together so they can ‘jell’ for higher performance; they take on new features over time

    2. cross-functional and cross-component

    3. co-located

    4. work on a complete customer-centric feature, across all components and disciplines (analysis, programming, testing, …)

    5. composed of generalizing specialists


    Feature teams work independently by being empowered and given the responsibility for a whole feature. Advantages include:

    increased value throughput —focus on delivering what the customer or market values most

    increased learning —individual and team learning increases because of broader responsibility and because of co-location with colleagues who are specialists in a variety of areas – critical for long-term improvement and acceleration; reduces the waste of underutilized people

    simplified planning —by giving a whole feature to the team, organizing and planning become easier – for example, it is no longer necessary to coordinate between single-specialist functional and component teams

    reduced waste of handoff —since the entire co-located feature team does all work (analysis, design, code, test), handoff is dramatically reduced

    less waiting; faster cycle time —the waste of waiting is reduced because handoff is eliminated and because completing a customer feature does not have to wait on multiple parties each doing part of the work serially

    self-managing; improved cost and efficiency —feature teams (and Scrum) do not require a project manager or matrix management for feature delivery, because coordination is trivial.The team has responsibility for end-to-end completion and for coordinating their work with others. Data shows an inverse relationship between the number of managers and development productivity, and also that teams with both an internal and external focus are more likely to be successful [AB07]. Feature teams are less expensive—there isn’t the need for extra overhead such as project managers.– For example [Jones01]: “ The matrix structure tends to raise the management head count for larger projects. Because software productivity declines as the management count goes up, this form of organization can be hazardous for software.

    better code/design quality —multiple feature teams working on shared components creates pressure to keep the code clean, formatted to standards, constantly refactored, and surrounded by many unit tests—as otherwise it won’t be possible to work with. On the other hand, due to long familiarity, component teams live with obfuscated code only they can understand.

    better motivation —research [HO80, Hackman02] shows that if a team feels they have complete end-to-end responsibility for a work item, and when the goal is customer-directed, then there is higher motivation and job satisfaction—important factors in productivity and success.

    simple interface and module coordination —one person or team updates both sides of an interface (caller and called) and updates code in all modules; because the feature team works across all components; no need for inter-team coordination.

    change is easier —changes in requirements or design ( we know it’s rare, but we heard it happened somewhere once ) are absorbed by one team; multi-team re-coordination and re-planning are not necessary.

    Component Team

    Summary of Disadvantages:

    promotes sequential life cycle development and mindset

    limits learning by people working only on the same components for a long time—the waste of underutilized people

    encourages doing easier work rather than most valuable work

    promotes some component teams to do “artificial work”

    causes long delays due to major waiting and handoff wastes

    encourages code duplication

    unnecessarily promotes an evergrowing number of developers

    complicates planning and synchronization

    increases bottlenecks—single points of success are also single points of failure

    fosters more poor code/design


    There are several tactics for transitioning to feature teams:

    reorganize into broad cross-component feature teams

    gradually expand team responsibility

  • Team practice vs kill tile

    2020-12-08 19:26:04
    <div><p>I suppose we should trigger /rescue on kill tile collision if team is in practice mode. <p>Edit: Or any other solution. Because for now you getting kicked out of team once you killed</p><p>该...
  • VS 2005 Team System Widgets

    2007-12-29 08:56:00
    VS 2005 Team System Widgets一堆VS 2005 Team System Widgets工具 有些是Open Source,有些则是商业付费软件,总之如果您公司有在使用VS 2005 Team System,则此软件列表具有不错的参考价值。Team Foundation ...
     marginwidth="0" marginheight="0" src="http://www.zealware.com/csdnblog01.html" frameborder="0" width="728" scrolling="no" height="90">

    VS 2005 Team System Widgets

    一堆VS 2005 Team System Widgets工具


    有些是Open Source,有些则是商业付费软件,总之如果您公司有在使用VS 2005 Team System,则此软件列表具有不错的参考价值

    Team Foundation Server (Utilities)

    Team Foundation Server (Clients)

    Team Edition for Software Architects

    Team Edition for Software Developers

    Team Edition for Software Testers

    Requirements Authoring, Validation, and Management

    Process Templates

    Process Guidance

    Alternate Merge/Compare Tools

    MS Build Custom Tasks


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  • VS2015重装Team explorer报错

    千次阅读 2019-01-06 13:30:13
    VS2015不完全安装、卸载不干净等状况后重装报错Team explorer报错关于VS2015 profession版本安装不干净删除后重装提示Team explorer异常的问题初次安装,未成功完成第二次安装第三次重装解决方法 关于VS2015 ...

    关于VS2015 profession版本安装不干净删除后重装提示Team explorer异常的问题

    昨天因为需要,把自己的VS版本从2010中文旗舰改到2015 professional版本,结果一直在遇到问题,系统版本是Win10。


    第一次安装的时候,选择了太多插件,并且VS会自动把一些运行库和支持文件安装在系统盘下,我的电脑刚组装没多久,系统分区100来G,还没安装完眼看就要占满了,于是决定中止安装。本着想开始时一次搭好环境以后懒得动的想法,选择了太多现在暂时用不到的 插件,cancel了好久都没成功,直接任务管理器结束进程LOL,更换到其他分区进行安装(为后面的安装失败埋下了伏笔)。


    第二次安装的时候,想着时间挺长就一遍刷剧(占网速 ,你们懂)一边做饭,回来发现还没好,一看C盘,嚯,就剩不到20G了,还有一堆要配的环境没配就只剩这么点空间了?(强迫症晚期)于是再次中止安装程序,删了重装,接下来重头戏来了,在清理空间,并进行第三次 重装时错误出现了。


    在网上看了老铁们各种关于VS的博客后,我手动删除了巨多的VS插件和运行库(从C:\Program Files (x86)\目录下按安装日期直接删除文件),眼见着C盘小了,开始第三次安装,然后···boom,开始出现报错了··


    1.直接删掉目录C:\ProgramData\Package Cache\下跟你本次安装有关的文件夹(可以通过安装时间确定)
    2.我比较粗暴的直接手动删除了C:\Program Files (x86)\下的跟本次安装有关的文件夹,并且有老版本的VS也一起卸载了吧,VS不同版本之间的兼容性和所需要运行库的兼容性真的是不敢恭维。


  • VS2015重装Team explorer报错-附件资源
  • Visual Studio 2012 使用免费的Team Foundation Service VS2012提供了在线的TFS服务,免费支持五人小团队,收费情况尚未确定,下面本文演示如何申请和连接在线TFS 服务器。 一、申请TFS服务 首先,打开VS...
    Visual Studio 2012 使用免费的Team Foundation Service

    VS2012提供了在线的TFS服务,免费支持五人小团队,收费情况尚未确定,下面本文演示如何申请和连接在线TFS 服务器。




    如果团队资源管理器已经显示,可以点击上面的,注册Team Foundation Service,来跳转到VS官方网站。


    如果您已经有了Microsoft Account 那么点击右上角的Sign in进行登录即可,如果您没有Microsoft Account,那么需要注册一个。(Microsoft Account 即 Windows Live Id)


    使用Microsoft Account登录之后,跳转到提示创建TFS账号的页面。


    根据提示,填写自己的TFS服务器的自定义URL,这样以后你的TFS网址就是 https://xxxx.visualstudio.com



    填写好一个没有人使用过的网址别名后,点击Create Account进行创建账号。












    回到VS2012,团队资源管理器,点击连接到Team Foundation Server






    然后会弹出Microsoft Account的登录页面,使用你的账号登录


  • <p>1) version.py <code>get_team_members()</code>: <pre><code> def get_team_members(): """ Returns list of team members who have worked on Ansible Galaxy """ members = ...
  • This feature should leverage the <a href="https://operationcodeapi.docs.apiary.io/#reference/0/team-member-collection/list-all-team-members">TeamMember Collection endpoint, and pull the data directly...
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    Visual studio 2005 team suit下载地址一http:// studio 2005 team suit 下载地址二...
  • 连接TeamFunction时提示,远程主机不存在,或者是TeamFunction不支持您当前VS版本。 解决方法:1更换ip 2 以管理员身份运行CMD,输入netsh winsock reset
  • VS2008 team suite

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    今天终于有时间下载VS2008team suite版了,虽然驴子速度不是很快,估计一天时间还是能下完了。 以前beta版刚出来的也急匆匆的去下下来过体验过一个来月,没能运行比较大的项目来测试,只是看了看里面的js脚本编辑器...
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    2. Jenkins vs TeamCity: What are the differences? Jenkins Jenkins 是一个开源工具,Jenkins的出现的时间比较早一点,因此社区规模更大,使用范围更广,Stacks数量要多,插件扩展也更丰富,另外可以在多台机器上...
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    VS2005 Team Suite SP1简体中文版下载地址:点这里
  • vs 2005 team单元测试

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    vs 2005 team 版提供了强大的测试功能,当然Nunit也是很优秀的测试工具。可是很多人是反对单元测试的,觉得它增加了开发人员的工作量,当然对于单元测试的必要性每个人都有自己的理解。在我参与老师的项目中却经常...
  • vs2015->Team Explorer->Manage Connections 空项目:新建一个Git Repository 已有项目:没有.git就在本地初始化一个,添加Git Repository 新建一个gitee仓库 Home->Sync 输入仓库URL 使用时...
  • VS2008 TeamSuite 初试

    千次阅读 2007-11-29 14:20:00
    上午安装了昨天刚从ms站点下载的 VS2008 TeamSuite 90day trial version , 然后把vs2005 下的VC工程在2008下打开编译,基本上只要工程文件被转换一下,其他的顺利通过, 2008打开solution 好象比2005快, 2008有些编译...
  • 作为Red Team的一员,我在环境中攻击了一个易受攻击的VM,最终获得了对该计算机的root访问权限。作为蓝队,我使用Kibana审查了在第一阶段参与期间取得的日志。我使用日志来提取报告的硬数据和可视化文件。然后,我...
  • VS2008TeamSuite90DayTrialCHSX1429243.iso下载地址,已经整合官方分割的部分,制造出迅雷的磁力链接



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