• 邮件触发类型介绍(Triggers) By default, the onlytrigger configured is the "Failure" trigger. To add moretriggers, select one from the dropdown, and it will be added to the list.Once you...


    By default, the onlytrigger configured is the "Failure" trigger.  To add moretriggers, select one from the dropdown, and it will be added to the list. Once you have added a trigger, you have several options.  If you click "?"(question mark) next to a trigger, it will tell you what conditions must be metfor it to send an email.

    • Send to Recipient List(邮件发送给全局邮件列表配置的所有邮件地址) - Check this checkbox if you would like to have the email sent to the "Global Recipient List" configured above.
    • Send to Developers(发送给开发,谁check in就发送给谁) - Check this checkbox to send the email to anyone whochecked in code for the last build.  The plugin willgenerate an email address based on the committer's id and an appended "default email suffix" from Jenkins's global configuration page.  For instance, if a change was committed by someone with an id "first.last", and the default email suffix is "@somewhere.com", then an email will be sent to first.last@somewhere.com
    • Include Culprits(发送给所有提交代码的人,直到最后build成功) - If this is checked AND Send To Developers is checked, emails will include everyone who committed since the last successful build.
    • More Configuration(更多设置) - Configure properties at a per-trigger level.
      • Recipient List(邮件接收者) - A comma(逗号) (and whitespace) separated list of email address that should receive this email if it is triggered.  This list is appended to the "Global Recipient List" above.
      • Subject(指定项目名称) - Specify the subject line of the selected email.
      • Content(指定邮箱内容) - Specify the body of the selected email.
    • Remove - Click the delete button next to an email trigger to remove it from the configured triggers list.

    Send to Developers(发送给开发,谁check in就发送给谁)配置介绍:







    从系统管理里面查看邮箱SMTP Server的后缀






  • 翻译的时候看具体用在哪个地方,如果用作of、about,一般翻译为关于、对于,如果用作by,则翻译为利用、通过,如果with,也翻译为通过、利用,如果that,就是类似定语从句的连接词,翻译为 关于、即。...


    with respect to 可以类比于of、about、by、with和宾语连接词that。

    翻译的时候看具体是用在哪个地方,如果是用作of、about,一般翻译为关于、对于,如果是用作by,则翻译为利用、通过,如果是with,也翻译为通过、利用,如果是that,就是类似定语从句的连接词,翻译为 关于、即。


    1. the tracking module continuously estimates the pose of the left event camera with respect to the local map.



    2. Parents often have little choice with respect to the way their child is medically treated.

    用作about,翻译为关于、对于。对于孩子接受的医疗方式,父母能做的选择不多。这里with respect to后面是做了宾语补足语,也相当于是个定语,因为也可以翻译为:父母能做的关于孩子接受的医疗方式的选择不多。


  • Even if this is only by one pixel, it can make a big difference at small pixel sizes.图像的宽度高度改变了,即使只是一个象素,对于小象素大小字形区别都很大2. Many papersare devoted to this a...

    1. The image's width and height are altered. Even if this is only by one pixel, it can make a big difference at small pixel sizes.


    2. Many papersare devoted to this area. Beyond certain distance, a target looks like a point source. it occupies only one pixel in the image obtained by the detector and has not any shape characteristics.


    3. Groups of 278- by 8-pixel compressed blocks are gathered into macroblocks for recording. VAUX data includes recording date and time, lens aperture, shutter speed, color balance, and other camera setting data.


    4. Based on the theory of splitting block in DCT domain, the method realizes the same effect in DCT domain as in pixel domain. It extracts dominant colors of image and construct MPEG7 descriptor. New method can determine thresholds automatically, not determined by experience.


    5. In computer graphics a buffer that stores the contents of an image pixel by pixel.


    6. pixel by pixel.在线翻译

    6. At last, obtain ultimate image by synthesizing every pixel`s contributions.


    7. The research above indicates that many kinds of foreign materials could be effectively identified from tobacco by using the following three features—the hue of pixel, the first order central distance of gray scale in discrimination unit.


    8. Yes, I know, it had all kinds of off-by-one bugs, but I knew all the off-by-one bugs and compensated by always dragging the selection one pixel to the right of where I thought it should be.

    我知道,这软件到处都是算错边界的bug,但是我知道所有的这些bug -我每次都把选中的那部分图片向右移一个像素来补偿一下,这样就可以消除这个bug了。

    9. Each piece of trash functions as a picture element on the screen or a pixel to render an image of what's seen by a video camera that's mounted and hidden in the center of the object.


    10. By the data in the images from the two frequency grating projector, the absolute phase at each pixel is then unwrapped by comparing the two wrapped phases and it is suit for the great craggedness of the measurement object.


    11. The model viviCam 6385u - 6mega-pixel, 3- by multiple optical zoom.

    该模型viviCam 6385u -6万像素,3 -由多个光学变焦。

    12. There is no active components on each pixel, the grid matrix activates the driving signal directly by scanning the cross part of electrode and data electrode to the according pixel or dot.


    13. Then the series of images can be connected into a whole one by using the technique of image mapping. The real size of the flaw feature values can be calculated by scaling the pixel on the spot.


    14. In diffuse areas where every pixel has a different color than its neighbors, variations by hidden bits are hard to detect, but most pictures also contain areas with smooth colors.


    15. The pixel area ratio of yolk to the whole egg, the ratio of air room height to major axis length were selected as characteristic parameters, and the correlations between the two parameters and freshness were developed, and test results show that the correct rates to distinguish freshness are 91% and 93%, respectively by the correlations.


    16. Machine vision system is machine vision products (that is, image uptaking device, CMOS and CCD image of two) by multi-fingered to, and then set the image transmitted to the unit through digital processing, distribution and according to the pixel brightness, color, and so on, for size, shape, color, and so discnmination.


    17. pixel by pixel.

    17. This novelmethod learns a distribution for local pixel energy of the tone. With the constraint of the gradient variation on theHDR image, an energy distribution is set up based on the similarity between the gradient variation on the HDR andthe LDR image. The probabilistic framework for the tone mapping operation is formulated into an energyminimization process by a Maximum A posteriori deduction.

    分别对局部像素的色调能量分布与HDR/LDR间梯度变化约束建立概率统计模型,通过求解最大后验概率(maximum a posteriori,简称MAP)将整个色调映射过程转化为一个能量最小化问题。

    18. pixel by pixel.

    18. The other pixels than the target pixel are supplied with an excessive current and hence, the individual gradation levels of the pixels are lowered by correcting the image signal for driving the pixel with the deteriorated light emitting element on as-needed basis, the correction of the image signal made by comparing the accumulation of the sensed values of each of the other pixels with a previously stored data on a time-varying luminance characteristic of the light emitting element.


    19. The positions determined for brighter objects will generally not vary by more than a small fraction of a pixel from one image to the next, but you may want to set a larger value to accept more variation for fainter sources.


    20. In this example just choose the default PSP Normal Quality which is a 480 by 272 pixel mp4 format file.

    在这个例子中只选择默认的PSP正常的质量,这是480 ,由272像素的MP4格式文件。

  • zuora是什么意思Zuora, which was founded by former Salesforce.com Chief Strategy Officer Tien Tzuo, believes that subscription payments are the future. “Why buy a DVD when you can subscribe to Netflix...


    Zuora, which was founded by former Salesforce.com Chief Strategy Officer Tien Tzuo, believes that subscription payments are the future. “Why buy a DVD when you can subscribe to Netflix and access a whole library? Why install CRM software when you can subscribe to the world-class version online from salesforce.com? Why buy a car when you can subscribe to ZipCar and get the whole fleet?” goes their sales pitch.

    Zuora由前Salesforce.com首席战略官Tien Tzuo创立,他认为订阅付款是未来。 “当您可以订阅Netflix并访问整个图书馆时,为什么要购买DVD? 当您可以从salesforce.com在线订阅世界一流的版本时,为什么还要安装CRM软件? 当您可以订阅ZipCar并获得全部车队时,为什么还要买车呢?” 进行销售。

    Unfortunately, dealing with subscription billing and payments can be a major hassle — rather than charging every customer once, you have to deal with billing and payments multiple times per year for each user, often times on different schedules, and using different payment methods. Zuora has developed a platform for Software as a Service billing and payment processing that they hope addresses the unique needs of subscription-based businesses. Their first product, Z-Billing, which automates subscription billing, launched in may and has 40 customers.

    不幸的是,处理订阅计费和付款可能是一个主要的麻烦-而不是向每个客户收费,您必须每年为每个用户多次处理计费和付款,通常是按不同的时间表,并使用不同的付款方式。 Zuora开发了一个软件即服务计费和支付处理平台,他们希望该平台能够满足基于订阅的企业的独特需求。 他们的第一个产品Z-Billing可以自动执行订阅计费,于5月推出,有40个客户。

    The second part of their platform suite — Z-Payments, which handles, you guessed it, payments — launched yesterday.


    Z-Payments addresses and automates the handling of issues that crop up in subscription billing that don’t apply to one-off product sales, such as failed transactions due to expired credit cards or cards that reached their limit, failure to pay, and customers being on different payment plans (some pay monthly, some quarterly, some on the first of the month, some on the third, or the tenth, etc.). Zuora’s product automates the handling of those issues.

    Z-Payments解决并自动处理不适用于一次性产品销售的在订阅计费中出现的问题,例如由于信用卡过期或卡已达到其限额而导致的交易失败,付款失败和客户使用不同的付款方案(有些按月付款,有些按季度付款,有些按每月的第一个月支付,有些按第三或第十次支付,等等)。 Zuora的产品可自动处理这些问题。

    “Z-Payments takes the pain out of recurring payments, so you can set up workflow and notification rules to automate your payment process, offer your customers multiple payment options, and ultimately get paid faster,” wrote Tzuo in a blog post. The new product integrates with PayPal, which many smaller web service providers already use for subscription billing, albeit clumsily.

    Tzuo在博客中写道:“ Z-Payments减轻了定期付款的麻烦,因此您可以设置工作流程和通知规则以自动执行付款流程,为客户提供多种付款方式,并最终获得更快的付款。” 新产品与PayPal集成,许多小型Web服务提供商已经很笨拙地将其用于订阅计费。

    Tzuo wants Zuora to become the de facto platform for SaaS billing. “Just as Amazon makes it easy to become an online retailer, Google makes it easy for anyone to advertise online, and PayPal makes it easy to accept online payments, Zuora’s vision is to make it easy for any company to build, manage, and grow a subscription business,” says the company’s about page.

    Tzuo希望Zuora成为SaaS计费的事实上的平台。 “就像亚马逊使它易于成为在线零售商一样,谷歌使任何人都可以很容易地在网上做广告,贝宝使人们可以很容易地接受在线支付,Zuora的愿景是使任何公司都可以轻松地建立,管理和成长。订阅业务”,该公司的About页面说。

    Z-Billing customers will have free access to Z-Payments, which will also be offered as a standalone product on a subscription basis (naturally). Zuora raised $6.5 million from Benchmark Capital last March.

    Z-Billing客户将可以免费访问Z-Payments,Z-Payments也将作为独立产品以订阅的形式(自然)提供。 Zuora去年3月从Benchmark Capital筹集了650万美元。

    翻译自: https://www.sitepoint.com/zuora-automates-subscription-billing-and-payments/


  • 菜鸟在看WXPYTHON, 问题1: 其中有行代码self.m_choice2.SetSelection(0) ... ... def SetSelection(self, n): # real signature unknown;...# reliably restored by inspect 又是什么意思? 谢谢各位
  • 上班路上,看手机,吃饭陷入...首先我们来区分一下这几个“看”01、SEESee means to notice or become aware of (someone or something) by using your eyes.See的意思是用眼睛注意到或意识到(某人或某物)。例如:①I...
  • <p>I found the following query on SO, and am trying to understand how it works. Nothing detailed was mentioned in the answer. <p>So far I understand everything except the single letters "a" and "s" ...
  • cocos 动作by和to的区别

    2018-05-23 15:01:09
    当你准备使用aciton的时候,你会遇到某些函数方法有By和To,那么By和To是什么意思呢?这里就拿Move来说一说吧,CCMoveBy::create(5,ccp(300,100)) 移动的轨迹是以这个物体向X移动300,向Y移动100(原点就是这个物体...
  • 这个问题涉及到服务器故障堆栈溢出,因此我...它运行在Windows Server 2003 x64上Caused by: java.io.IOException: Insufficient system resources exist to complete the requested serviceat sun.nio.ch.FileDisp...
  • 满意答案zhong7897892013.06.19采纳率:54%等级:13已帮助:8934人Commons项目组中的一个各种集合类集合工具类的封装Commons-Collections seek to build upon the JDK classes by providing new interfaces, ...
  • 创建了一个名为PlayerController的类,该类处理玩家的输入输出。 我想知您到目前为止我做的是否正确(有一个PLayerControllerTest类)。 我们老师说模拟对象只能在测试代码不能在开发代码中。 Player...
  • Verb form: stick, stuck, stuckVerb form: stick, stuck, stuck动词形式:stick, stuck(过去式), stuck(过去分词)2、Stick to:字面意思:粘着字面意思:粘着E.g.The gum is stuck to my shoe.香糖粘我鞋上了。比喻...
  • 比如to follow your nose一直走的意思,或者随着你闻到的味道去找什么东西,或什么地方。又比如to pay through the nose指付出很高价钱。 这次我们要介绍另外两个鼻子有关的习惯用语。第一个 to be led ...
  • 代码如下: ``` package wordcount ...import org.apache.spark.SparkContext ...按照官网的意思DriverExcutor都应该有程序的jar包,可我不明白它的具体原理,哪位好心人给讲解一下,谢谢!
  • 3、inspect_shape_model 算子中,关于参数Contrast的定义是“Threshold or hysteresis thresholds for the contrast of the object in the image...特别是“optionally minimum size of the object parts”具体是什么意思...
  • Retrofit adapts a Java interface to HTTP calls by using annotations on the declared methods to define how requests are made。 我翻译的可能不准确,他的大概意思是说:Retrofit 一个 java 接口类,以...
  • Java 反射总结使用

    2016-12-07 23:56:22
    什么反射官方有段介绍这么说的 Reflection is commonly used by programs which require the ability to examine or modify the runtime behavior of applications ...什么意思呢,就是说反射通常用于需要能够检查
  • react hooks使用by Andrei Cacio 通过安德烈·卡西奥(Andrei Cacio) 如何使用ReactHooks检测外部点击 (How to detect ... “外部点击”是什么意思? (What does “Outside Click” mean?) You can think of it a...
  • 1.什么是TabLayout在源码中给出了TabLayout的定义:TabLayout provides a horizontal layout to display tabs. 意思很明显:TabLayout提供了一个水平的布局用来展示Tabs。Design库:AS有直接的引用,如果Eclipse...
  • List<DivAppRecruitInfo> list2=(List) JSONArray.toList(JSONArray.fromObject(result), DivAppRecruitInfo.class);... 这是什么意思啊; 请各位有经验的Android开发者帮忙看下,感激不尽,
  • 'SQL一般结构select 字段 from 表,意思是从指定的表中查询字段,字段的理解可以:表 中的列名 ' '分数 001.xls文件的sheet1第一行A列的字段名,SQL一般以字段来识别每列数据 '------------------- '为什么要...
  • 就是这段代码,看了半天没看明白,下面这3行,每行是什么意思呢? ``` date.setTime(date.getTime()+(this.days*24*60*60*1000)); var expires = "; expires="+date.toGMTString(); document.cookie = ...
  • Interface needs to be implemented by ServiceLocator. ServiceLocator is used to lookup for business services. Method Summary getCatalogService() Get the CatalogService. getUserService() ...
  • " 是什么意思呢? javascript: 表示在触发默认动作时,执行一段 JavaScript 代码; javascript:; 表示什么都不执行,这样点击时就没有任何反应,相当于去掉 a 标签的默认行为。 select - option 绑定 Vue 实例 ...
  • Cocos2d-x动作学习笔记

    2020-04-02 14:45:05
    Action类如其名,它可以改变Node对象的属性,Action对象随着时间改变Node的属性。任何一个以Node为基类的对象都有可执行的动作对象。...To是绝对的,意思是它并不考虑到这个节点的当前状态。 移动
  • React简介一、什么是React 废话不说,我们先看看官方杂说的 React is a JavaScript library for creating user interfaces by Facebook and Instagram. Many people choose ...大概意思就是说React被FacebookIn



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