如果根据error code查SAP的官方notes,一般都能找到解决方案。


用法: r3trans [<options>] <control_file>

 The control_file describes what R3trans has to do.

 The following options are possible:


-c f1 f2 : Copy file f1 to f2 with character set conversion.

-d       : DB connect. Test if SAP database is available. 测试SAP数据库是否可用。

-i file  : Import from file without using a control file.

-l file  : List the contents of file to the log file.

-m file  : List the contents of file to allow tp to create a cofile.

-t       : Test. All database changes are rolled back.

-t4      : Trace level 4. Switch on developer trace.

-u <int> : Unconditional modes. See below.

-v       : Verbose. Write more details to the log file. 详细log文件。

-w file  : Log file. The default log file is 'trans.log'. 生成指定文件名的log。

-x       : DB connect without access on any SAP table. 不访问SAP数据表而进行数据库连接测试。

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