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    本博文源于《词博士的私教课·英语动词词组速记420》本博文属于“Day7 Week 3”,撒花/撒花,今天是最后一天!


    translate from/into 翻译;转变为

    • If something said or written is translated from one language into another,It is said or written again in the second language.
    • If one thing is translated into another,the second happens or is done as result of the first.

    treat to 款待

    • If you treat someone to something special which they will enjoy,you but it or arrange it for them.

    treat with (用某种物质)处理

    • If something is treated with a particular substance,the substance is put onto or into it in order to clean it,to protect it,or to give it special properties.

    trust to 信赖

    • If you trust someone to do something,you believe that they will do it.

    trust with 托付

    • If you trust someonee with something important or valuable,you allow them to look after it or deal with it.

    try on 试穿

    • If you try on a piece of clothing,you put it on to see if it fits you or if it looks nice.

    try out 测试(性能)

    • If you try something out,you test it in order to find out how useful or effective it is or what it is like.

    turn away(from) 拒之门外;不再使用

    • If you turn someone away,you do not allow them to enter your country,home,or other place.
    • To turn away from something such as a method or an idea means to stop using it or to become different from it.

    turn back 往回走;回头

    • If you turn back of if someone turns you back when you are going somewhere,you change direction and go toward where you started from.
    • If you cannot turn back,you cannot change your plans and decide not to do something,because the action you have already taken makes it impossible.

    turn down 拒绝;调低(音量或热度)

    • If you turn down a person or their request or offer,you refuse their request or offer.
    • =When you turn down a radio,heater,or other piece of equipment,you reduce the amount of sound or heat being produced,by adjusting the controls.

    turn off 关掉;对…失去兴趣

    • When you turn off a piece of equipment or a supply of something,you stop heat,sound,or water from being produced by adjusting the controls.
    • If something turns you off a particular subject or activity,it makes you have no interest in it.

    turn on 打开

    • When you turn on a piece of equipment or a supply of something,you cause heat,sound,or water to be produced by adjusting the controls.

    turn out 结果为;被发现是;关掉

    • If something turns out a particular way,it happens in that way or has the result or degree of success indicated.
    • If something turns out to be a particular thing,it is discovered to be that thing.
    • When you turn out something such as a light,you move the switch or knob that controls it so that it stops giving out light or heat.

    turn over 翻转;翻身;仔细考虑;移交

    • If you turn something over,or if it turns over,it is moved so that the top part is now facing downward.
    • If you turn over,for example,when you are lying in bed,you move your body so that you are lying in a different position.
    • If you turn something over in your mind,you think carefully about it.
    • If you turn something over to someone,you give it to them when they ask for it,because they have a right to it.

    turn around 调转方向;(生意或经济)好转

    • If you turn something around,or if it turns around,it is moved so that it faces the opposite direction.
    • If something such as a business or economy turns around,or if someone turns it around,it becomes successful,after being unsuccessful for a period of time.

    turn up (意外或终于) 出现;找到,发现;调高(音量或热度)

    • If you say that someone or something turns up,you mean that they arrive unexpectedly or after you have been waiting a long time.
    • If you turn something up or if it turns up,you find ,discover,or notice it.
    • When you turn up a radio,heater ,or other piece of equipment,you increase the amount of sound,heat,or power being produced,by adjusting the controls .

    use up 耗尽,用光

    • If you use something up,you consume it completely.

    wait for 等候

    • When you wait for something or someone,you spend some time doing very little,because you cannot act until that thing happens or that person arrives.

    warm up 加热,变暖;热身,预备;(机器或引擎)预热

    • If you warm something up or if it warms up,it gets hotter.
    • If you warm up for an event such as a race,you prepare yourself for it by doing exercises or by practicing just before it starts.
    • When a machine or engine warms up or someone warms it up,it becomes ready for use a little while after being switched on or started.

    work out 找到(解决办法);计算;进展顺利;锻炼

    • If you work out a solution to a problem or mystery,you manage to find the solution by thinking or talking about it.
    • If you work out the answer to a mathematical problem,you calculate it.
    • If a situation works out,it happens or progresses in a satisfactory way.
    • If you work out,you do physical exercises in order to make your body fit and strong.



    动词词组 中文含义
    work out 找到(解决办法);计算;进展顺利;锻炼
    use up 耗尽,用光
    warm up 加热,变暖;热身,预备;(机器或引擎)预热
    trust with 托付
    turn away(from) 拒之门外;不再使用
    try out 测试(性能)
    turn back 往回走;回头
    turn off 关掉;对…失去兴趣
    translate from/into 翻译;转变为
    turn over 翻转;翻身;仔细考虑;移交
    treat with (用某种物质)处理
    try on 试穿
    turn on 打开
    treat to 款待
    wait for 等候
    trust to 信赖
    turn around 调转方向;(生意或经济)好转
    turn out 结果为;被发现是;关掉
    turn up (意外或终于) 出现;找到,发现;调高(音量或热度)
    turn down 拒绝;调低(音量或热度)



    1. We invited her to dinner but she didn’t even bother to ___ .
    2. I was positive that things were going to ___ fine.
    3. Please ___ the lights when you go out of the room.
    4. You should ___ the wound ___ a medicated spray.
    5. A doctor cannot ___ a dying man in any circumstance.
    6. Tomorrow I’ll ___ myself ___ a whole day’s gardening.
    7. I should prefer you to __ me at the bus stop.
    8. You ought to ___ that radio before you decide to buy it.
    9. In winter,he blew on his hands in order to ___ them ____.
    10. In his career,Horton strove to ___ two entire companies.
    11. Don’t ___ the lamp,because we can see in the firelight.
    12. He couldn’t ____ the equation,so his sister helped him out.
    13. A sudden shift in weight caused the boat to ___.
    14. Do you think in Enlish or ____ mentally ___ your own language?
    15. I don’t advise you to ____ him ___ valuable things.
    16. Remember to ___ the shoes before you buy them.
    17. You should not touch the film winder before you ___ all the film.
    18. Nobody can wishfully ___ the wheel of history.
    19. Don’t forget to ___ the gas for another hour,or the dish will be overcooked.
    20. Can you find me a servant whom I can ___ do the work While I am away from home?


    1. turn up
    2. turn out
    3. turn off
    4. treat with
    5. turn away
    6. treat to
    7. wait for
    8. try out
    9. warm up
    10. turn around
    11. turn on
    12. work out
    13. turn over
    14. translate from
    15. trust with
    16. try on
    17. use up
    18. turn back
    19. turn down
    20. trust to

    博主上一篇博文(day6 week3):

    trade for/trade with/train for等动词词组

  • turn up: vt. 朝上翻(出现,来到,,卷起,找到,被找到,出现,发生) 例句与用法: 1. I can't hear the radio very well; could you turn it up a bit? 收音机我听不太清楚, 你把声音开大点行吗? 2. We invited her to ...

    turn up: 

    vt. 朝上翻(出现,来到,,卷起,找到,被找到,出现,发生)

    1. I can't hear the radio very well; could you turn it up a bit? 
     收音机我听不太清楚, 你把声音开大点行吗?
    2. We invited her to dinner but she didn't even bother to turn up. 
    3. He turned up his coat collar against the chill wind. 
    4. Investment is turning up sharply. 
    5. I'm sure your watch will turn up one of these days. 
    6. He's still hoping something (eg a job or a piece of good luck) will turn up. 
    7. The farmer turned up a human skull while ploughing the field. 
     那农民 地时挖出一个人类的头颅骨.
    8. The soil had been turned up by the plough. 
     那片地是用 翻的.

    名词turn up:

    1. the lap consisting of a turned-back hem encircling the end of the sleeve or leg
    同义词:cuff, turnup

    动词turn up:

    1. appear or become visible; make a showing
    同义词:come on, come out, surface, show up

    2. bend or lay so that one part covers the other
    同义词:fold, fold up

    3. discover the location of; determine the place of; find by searching or examining

    4. be shown or be found to be
    同义词:prove, turn out

    5. find by digging in the ground
    同义词:excavate, dig up

    turn off: 


    1. You should have had enough sense to turn off the electricity supply before disconnecting the wires. 
    2. Please turn off the electric power. 
    3. Turn off the switch when anything goes wrong with the machine. 
    4. Do you mind if I turn off the light? 

    名词turn off:

    1. something causing antagonism or loss of interest
    同义词:turnoff, negative stimulation

    2. a side road where you can turn off

    动词turn off:

    1. cause to stop operating by disengaging a switch
    同义词:switch off, cut, turn out

    2. make a turn

    3. cause to feel intense dislike or distaste
    同义词:put off

    turn on: [ tə:n ɔn ] 

    v. 反对,攻击

    1. She's often turned on by men with beards. 
    2. Why are you all turning on me (ie criticizing or blaming me)? 
    3. The success of a picnic usually turns on the weather. 
    4. The discussion turned on the need for better public health care. 
    5. Jazz has never really turned me on. 
    6. His normally placid dog turned on him and bit him in the leg. 
     他那条狗平日很温顺, 这次突然发作咬了他的腿.
    7. He asked me to turn on the radio for him. 
    8. He forgot to turn on the radio and thus missed the program. 
     他忘了打开收音机, 因此错过了那个节目。

    名词turn on:

    1. something causing excitement or stimulating interest

    动词turn on:

    1. cause to operate by flipping a switch
    同义词:switch on

    2. be contingent on
    同义词:depend on, devolve on, depend upon, ride, hinge on, hinge upon

    3. produce suddenly or automatically

    4. become hostile towards

    5. cause to be agitated, excited, or roused
    同义词:agitate, rouse, charge, commove, excite, charge up

    6. stimulate sexually
    同义词:arouse, sex, excite, wind up

    7. get high, stoned, or drugged
    同义词:trip, trip out, get off


  • t turn up at all. I've tried to tweak with all the different flags with no success (<code>--led-multiplexing, <code>--led-row-addr-type, <code>--led-panel-type, <code>--led-slowdown-gpio) <p>Is ...
  • Obviously this is due to the new captcha issue, and PR 1081 does not work with -enc, it also does not permanently not use accounts that turn up empty. <h2>Current Behavior <p>There is no method for ...
  • <div><ul><li>added: keywords “party”, “lounge”, “chill”</li><li>added: turn (room name) up|down</li></ul>该提问来源于开源项目:rgraciano/echo-sonos</p></div>
  • proposing a talk TURN UP

    2020-12-09 16:11:45
  • <div><p>该提问来源于开源项目:mozilla/persona</p></div>
  • ll come up with a location to hold any problem warnings I find. Most should be easy to address. Anyway, the dashboard will be yellow on the build warnings for a while, and when it goes green, boom ...
  • <div><p>Rationale: Rate PI is still lower than almost all autotunes. <p>This outer loop P will be lower than all autotune output, but increased by 20%. It should improve user experience. ...
  • <div><p>该提问来源于开源项目:silverstripe/silverstripe-framework</p></div>
  • <div><p>Also set default level of logging to errors, we should not see info messages in the kpod command line. <p>While adding this patch, I found missing options in kpod command line ...
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  • How To Turn Up Logging on the Siebel Web Server Extension in Siebel Versions 7.x and 8.x? [ID 477185.1]   修改时间 10-FEB-2012 类型 HOWTO 状态 PUBLISHED   In this Document ...
    How To Turn Up Logging on the Siebel Web Server Extension in Siebel Versions 7.x and 8.x? [ID 477185.1]

      修改时间 10-FEB-2012     类型 HOWTO     状态 PUBLISHED  

    In this Document
         For Windows Environments
         For a UNIX Environment except Linux
         For Linux Environment using Oracle HTTP Server 10g
         For Linux Environment using Oracle HTTP Server 11g
         To Reverse the Default Logging Levels on the Web Server
         Related Documentation

    Applies to:

    Siebel CRM - Version: 7.5.3 SIA [16157] to 8.1.1 [21112] - Release: V7 to V8
    Information in this document applies to any platform.
    Area(s):System Administration
    Release(s):V7 (Enterprise), V7 (Professional), V7 (MidMarket), V8 (Enterprise), V8 (Professional)
    Database(s):All Supported Databases
    App Server OS(s):All Supported Platforms
    Latest release tested against:V8 (Enterprise)

    This document was previously published as Siebel FAQ 2117.


    How To Turn Up Logging on the Siebel Web Server Extension in Siebel Versions 7.x and 8.x?.


    While troubleshooting the Siebel Web Server Extension (SWSE) for Siebel version 7.5.3 or earlier, it is advisable to set the Log parameter in the SIEBEL_HOME\SWEApp\BIN\eapps.cfg file to details. This will write more detailed information into the SWSE log files located in the SIEBEL_HOME\SWEApp\LOG directory.
    NOTE: Starting in Siebel version 7.7.x, the Log parameter in the eapps.cfg file is no longer used by the SWSE. You only need to set the environment variables documented below to trace the SWSE connections. Bug < a>12-JP45TC>> has been logged to address the documentation defect to request the Log parameter be removed from the eapps.cfg file. This parameter has been removed from the Siebel Bookshelf starting with Siebel version 7.7.

    For Windows Environments

    Perform the following steps to enable tracing for the SWSE:
    1. Set the following System Environment Variables:
    SIEBEL_LOG_EVENTS=4 (or higher)
    To set up environment variables perform the following steps:
      • Start > Settings > Control Panel > System.
      • Click on the Advanced tab and then click on the Environment Variables button.
      • Under the System variables view, click the New button and add the variable names and values mentioned above. Click the Ok button when finished.
    1. In the eapps.cfg file located on the web server machine under the directory SIEBEL_HOME\SWEApp\BIN folder, make the following changes under the [swe] section:
    Log = details (only for 7.5.3 or earlier)
    SessionMonitor = TRUE
    1. Restart the IIS Admin Service and its dependent services for the changes to take effect. NOTE: The inetinfo.exe process has to be restarted for the new environment variables to take effect.
    NOTE: If SWSE is installed on a Windows 2003 Server, it is necessary to reboot the machine otherwise logging will not be enabled.

    For a UNIX Environment except Linux

    Perform the following steps to enable tracing for the SWSE:
    1. Set the following environment variables:
    SIEBEL_LOG_EVENTS=4 (or higher)
    To set up environment variables for the user who starts the web server, perform the following steps (for Bourne and Korn Shell):
    $ <variable>=value; export <variable>
    For example:
    1. In the eapps.cfg file found on the web server machine under SIEBEL_ROOT/sweapps/bin folder make the following changes:
    Under the [swe] section:
    Log = details (only for 7.5.3 or earlier)
    SessionMonitor = TRUE
    1. Restart the web server process for the changes to take effect.

    For Linux Environment using Oracle HTTP Server 10g

    For increasing the logging for SWSE when using Oracle HTTP Server 10g (OHS 10g) add the environment variables to a file named envvars under ohs/bin directory.

    envvars-std - default environment variables for apachectl

    This file is generated from envvars-std.in
    export LD_LIBRARY_PATH




    For Linux Environment using Oracle HTTP Server 11g

    For increasing the logging for SWSE when using Oracle HTTP Server 11g (OHS 11g) add the environment variables to the script <ohs root>/ohs/bin/apachectl

    Search for the entry where LD_LIBRARY_PATH is set and add the variables just under this section of the file:



    When you start the web server from <ohs root>/instances/instance1/bin using :

    ./opmnctl startall

    The Apache web server script, apachectl, is called as part of this and the environment variables are sourced.

    To Reverse the Default Logging Levels on the Web Server

    1. Remove all three environment variable settings.
    2. In the eapps.cfg file set Log = errors (only for 7.5.3 or earlier).
    3. Restart the web server processes.
    NOTE: For information about unsetting the environment variables, see the appropriate operating system documentation.

    Related Documentation

    Please refer to the following related FAQs and Siebel Bookshelf references found on SupportWeb for additional information on how to handle log files:
    • Document 477112.1 details information about how to manage the size of the Siebel log files.


    • Document 476703.1 details information about how to troubleshoot the error message "The Server You Are Accessing is Either Busy or Experiencing Difficulties......" in a Siebel 7 Web Client User Browser.






  • It is possible - depending on the hardware you have - that you might be able to turn up the transmitter power. Keep in mind that Linksys didn't intend for this to happen, so running the router at a ...

    Q I have a Linksys wireless router (wrt54gs) and want to extend its range. The router will be located in a wood-frame house and I want extend its range to a building 400 to 500 feet away (with a clear line of sight). Only one computer will be in the out-building. What is the best way to accomplish this - directional antennas, repeater, etc.?

    - Jimmie Price

    Since you have a clear line of sight between buildings, that's good. To get the highest level of signal between buildings, having nothing between them is the most important thing to have. To connect the two buildings, you will need to check the wrt54g's firmware to see if it includes a "bridge" mode. This mode allows access points to talk to other access points to essentially construct a wireless link. Not all Linksys routers/access points have this functionality. I don't have one of these in the lab to check for you. If yours doesn't, you might check to see if installing the latest version of the firmware might provide that. Going to an older version may be necessary. A possible site to check isSveasoft. Depending on your hardware version, you may find that a third-party OS installed on your router might give you the desired functionality.

    Outdoor antennas
    The next think to look at is antennas. You will definitely need to use an outside antenna. Using a directional antenna will do two things - give you the most signal in the direction you need it and minimise others trying to get onto your network connection.

    You will also need high-grade coax, such as LMR400, that will minimise signal loss between the router and antenna. Put the router as close as possible to antenna to maximise the signal going to and from the antenna. The more directional the antenna you can get, the more concentrated the signal will be at the receiving end. It can also mean that you may have to periodically realign the antennas so they are directly pointing to each other.

    Something else to consider is the transmitter strength in your router. Linksys routers are known for not having the strongest transmitter. The normal power level they use is somewhere in the 24 mW range. Most "business" grade routers/access points are in the 100 mW range. If you don't have the budget to go to a "business" grade router/access point, this is another area in which Sveasoft and other vendors might be able to help. It is possible - depending on the hardware you have - that you might be able to turn up the transmitter power. Keep in mind that Linksys didn't intend for this to happen, so running the router at a higher power could mean a shorter lifetime and require a replacement sooner than if you left it at the power level set by the factory. 

  • Turn down the capture volume to zero then turn it up, DMIC/Headset will capture empty sound. <p><strong>To Reproduce</strong> 1. Boot up system 2. Terminal 1: 'arecord -Dhw:0,4 -f dat 1.wav -vv...
  • turn-up-源码

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