• Itil v3与v2区别

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    Itil v3与v2区别
  • recaptcha v2Here, in this article, you will get to learn about reCAPTCHAs, how they work, and the ... 在这里,您将在本文中了解reCAPTCHA,其工作方式以及reCAPTCHA v2与v3之间的区别。 CAPTCHAs a...

    recaptcha v2

    Here, in this article, you will get to learn about reCAPTCHAs, how they work, and the difference between reCAPTCHA v2 vs v3.

    在这里,您将在本文中了解reCAPTCHA,其工作方式以及reCAPTCHA v2与v3之间的区别。

    CAPTCHAs are a popular online check designed to differentiate between real users from virtual bots.


    Across the most prominent part of two decades, Google has been among the shining names in the CAPTCHA field and their most recent update has taken the software towards a new direction. Besides, Google recently released reCAPTCHA v3 to reduce the number of app challenges that users face.

    在过去的20年中,Google一直是CAPTCHA领域中的佼佼者,其最新更新使该软件朝着新的方向发展。 此外,Google最近发布了reCAPTCHA v3,以减少用户面临的应用程序挑战。

    Moreover, Google also launched updated prototypes of the latest CAPTCHA API, so the bots don’t try to pass as actual humans.

    此外,Google还发布了最新CAPTCHA API的更新原型,因此这些漫游器不会尝试像真实人类一样通过。

    CAPTCHAs are typically seen in website forms where repetitive automatic requests are rejected. Automating site requests is a popular technique for frustrated participants who require millions and millions of times to execute basic acts to render their activities successful.

    验证码通常以拒绝重复自动请求的网站形式出现。 站点请求自动化是一种沮丧的参与者的流行技术,这些参与者需要数百万次执行基本操作才能使他们的活动成功。

    In simple words, CAPTCHAs are crafted to deter spammers and offenders from growing their automated businesses. However, a very well recognized variant of this method involves writing blurred text with more up-to-date formats that allow users to recognize picture objects.

    简而言之,CAPTCHA旨在阻止垃圾邮件发送者和违法者发展其自动化业务。 但是,此方法的一个很好公认的变体涉及使用允许用户识别图片对象的最新格式来编写模糊文本。

    reCAPTCHA v2和v3 (reCAPTCHA v2 vs v3)

    reCAPTCHA v2 vs v3

    reCAPTCHA v2 –“我不是机器人”复选框 (reCAPTCHA v2 – “I’m not a Robot” Checkbox)

    In cope with the problem of user interfaces, reCAPTCHA was modified in late October 2018 in v2 of the existing framework-of-the-art service. The old version reCAPTCHA was quick and that it will bring users to the signup page only with a simple checkbox “I’m not a robot.”

    为了解决用户界面问题,reCAPTCHA于2018年10月下旬在现有技术框架服务的第2版中进行了修改。 旧版本的reCAPTCHA很快,它将仅通过一个简单的复选框“我不是机器人”将用户带到注册页面。

    recaptcha v2

    Image Source




    There was a little job for the user to do in addition to clicking on a box on the device, which is a significantly improved experience. In the checkbox “I’m not a robot,” the consumer will click on a checkbox that indicates that the consumer is not a robot.

    除了单击设备上的框外,用户还需要做些其他工作,这可以显着改善用户体验。 在复选框“我不是机器人”中,消费者将单击一个复选框,指示该消费者不是机器人。

    It either automatically transfers the user (with no CAPTCHA) or asks the user to validate that if they are humans. When the green checkmark could not be immediately retrieved, Google did not have adequate evidence to determine your validity correctly and a modernized CAPTCHA request was urged you to do so.

    它会自动转移用户(没有CAPTCHA),或要求用户验证他们是否是人类。 如果无法立即找到绿色的对勾标记,则Google没有足够的证据来正确确定您的有效性,因此敦促您进行现代化的验证码请求。

    reCAPTCHA v2 –不可见的reCAPTCHA徽章 (reCAPTCHA v2 – Invisible reCAPTCHA Badge)

    The invisible reCAPTCHA badge includes that the user doesn’t press a checkbox but rather that the user is invoked either by clicking on an existing button on the website or by calling a JavaScript-API.


    recaptcha v2-invisible badge

    Once the reCAPTCHA test is complete, the incorporation includes a JavaScript callback. In addition, reCAPTCA will be prompted by default to the traffic with the most suspicion. Besides, you can also edit your site protection selection in advanced settings to adjust this behavior.

    reCAPTCHA测试完成后,合并将包含JavaScript回调。 此外,默认情况下,reCAPTCA会提示您最怀疑的流量。 此外,您还可以在高级设置中编辑站点保护选择以调整此行为。

    reCAPTCHA v3 (reCAPTCHA v3)

    reCAPTCHA v3 helps you to test if an event without user interaction is valid. The recently launched third version of reCAPTCHA by Google is completely transparent. Besides, it will not include a recovery issue and user experience. This is a pure JavaScript API that returns a score and enables you to work inside a site environment.

    reCAPTCHA v3可帮助您测试没有用户交互的事件是否有效。 Google最近推出的reCAPTCHA的第三个版本是完全透明的。 此外,它不会包含恢复问题和用户体验。 这是一个纯JavaScript API,可返回分数并允许您在站点环境中工作。

    For eg, submitting a post to moderation, or throwing bots that can scrape posts and the need for additional authentication factors.



    Image Source




    The latest edition is simplified and no test or checkbox is included. This functions in the context invisibly, in any sense, to classify human bots. The Google experience becomes much stronger with reCAPTCHA v3 where the API produces a value between 0.0 and 1.0 that scores “how suspicious an interaction is.”

    最新版本已简化,不包含测试或复选框。 从任何意义上讲,它在上下文中都无法对人类机器人进行分类。 使用reCAPTCHA v3,Google的体验变得更加强大,该API产生的值介于0.0到1.0之间,得分为“互动的可疑程度”。

    Those who have been wrongly blocked have a second chance to show themselves reasonable by the challenge of fall-down, which will also allow successful traffic only though they have passed the initial test.


    您应该使用哪一个? (Which one you should use?)

    reCAPTCHA v3 helps you to check that an event with no user contact is valid. It is a pure JavaScript that compiles a score and enables you to take other steps such as additional authentication factors.

    reCAPTCHA v3可帮助您检查没有用户联系的事件是否有效。 它是一个纯JavaScript,可以编译得分并允许您采取其他步骤,例如其他身份验证因素。

    There are two different types of reCAPTCHA v2:

    reCAPTCHA v2有两种不同类型:

    The “I am not a robot”Checkbox of v2 reCAPTCHA allows the user to press a test-box that states the consumer is not a robot.  This either automatically passes the individual (no CAPTCHA) or asks them to prove that they are human or not through any challenging task.

    v2 reCAPTCHA的“我不是机器人”复选框允许用户按下测试框,指出消费者不是机器人。 这要么自动使个人通过(没有CAPTCHA),要么要求他们证明自己是人类,或者不通过任何具有挑战性的任务。

    Depending on the design of your website, you should find which one is better for you. In a general website probably consider v3 as it reduces users’ disruption to a minimum.

    根据您网站的设计,您应该找到哪个更适合您。 在一般的网站中,可能考虑使用v3,因为它可以将用户的干扰降到最低。

    The v2 does not become redundant with the use of ReCAPTCHA v3. V2 and v3 are operating somewhat differently. – v3. V3 functions just like Akismet and has several downsides and cannot be suitable on all websites, which ensures that v2 will still be used for a long time.

    使用ReCAPTCHA v3不会使v2变得多余。 V2和v3的操作有所不同。 – v3。 V3的功能就像Akismet一样,并且有一些缺点,并且不能在所有网站上都适用,这确保了v2仍将长期使用。

    结论 (Conclusion)

    The previous ReCaptcha (v2) did work as a tracker for monitoring user activities such as scrolling and clicking while the user is solving the captcha “I’m no robot.” On the other hand, v3 does the same, except it just doesn’t have a button to press. However, Google only monitors the user and checks if the individual mouse is managed from the human itself or bot.

    先前的ReCaptcha(v2)确实充当了跟踪器,用于在用户解决验证码“我不是机器人”时监视用户的活动,例如滚动和单击。 另一方面,v3的功能相同,只是v3没有按下按钮。 但是,Google仅监视用户并检查单个鼠标是否由人类本身或机器人进行管理。

    However, making use of the latest reCAPTCHA is going to be some effort that would require some architecture of the program.


    What reCAPTCHA version you are using? If you are using the latest v3, then please share your experiences with us in the comment box below. Also, if there are any other related queries, feel free to contact us!

    您正在使用什么reCAPTCHA版本? 如果您使用的是最新的v3,请在下面的评论框中与我们分享您的经验。 另外,如果还有其他相关疑问,请随时与我们联系!

    翻译自: https://www.thecrazyprogrammer.com/2020/04/recaptcha-v2-vs-v3.html

    recaptcha v2

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