• Vectors

    2020-12-08 18:25:40
    <div><p>How do I add vectors (arrows) of varying length on a layer?</p><p>该提问来源于开源项目:osmdroid/osmdroid</p></div>
  • vectors-源码

    2021-03-18 14:06:28
  • Test vectors

    2020-12-09 02:26:15
    <div><p>Adding some test vectors may be helpful to ensure internal consistency. - few vectors for expanding Secrets into Keypairs, and comparing a known result - few vectors for signing a payload and ...
  • Nd vectors

    2020-12-04 14:47:42
    <ul><li>[x] <code>example/add_vectors.py, <code>example/add_vectors_image.py, <code>example/nD_vectors.py, and <code>example/nD_vectors_image.py</code></li> <h2>Final checklist: <ul><li>[x] My PR is ...
  • Termvectors

    2020-11-20 18:43:30
    <div><p>Added fast vector ...<p>include_termvectors include term vectors in results. include_fields include fields in results.</p><p>该提问来源于开源项目:rnewson/couchdb-lucene</p></div>
  • <div><p>For introducing students to vectors in C++ [1], it's a really nice feature that vectors get displayed nicely in Cling: <pre><code> [cling]$ vector<int> v = { 4, 5, 6 } ...
  • labelled vectors

    2021-01-03 05:21:10
    <p>It would be very nice if skimr worked with labelled vectors (from tidyverse labelled package) and transformed them to factors (to_factor) and included them in the factors session in the output. ...
  • Document Embedding with Paragraph Vectors TLDR; The authors evaluate Paragraph Vectors on large Wikipedia and arXiv document retrieval tasks and compare the results to LDA, BoW and word vector averagi...

    Document Embedding with Paragraph Vectors

    作者评估了大型维基百科和arXiv文档检索任务上的段落向量,并将结果与LDA,BoW和单词向量平均模型进行了比较。 段落向量的性能优于或匹配其他模型的性能。 作者展示了嵌入维数如何影响结果。 此外,作者发现,人们可以对段落矢量执行算术运算,并获得有意义的结果,并以可视化和文档示例的形式呈现定性分析。


    通过构造三元组来评估准确性,其中三对是彼此接近的,而第三项是无关的(或关联性较低)。 余弦相似度用于评估语义紧密度。

    Wikipedia (hand-built) PV: 93%
    Wikipedia (hand-built) LDA: 82%
    Wikipedia (distantly supervised) PV: 78.8%
    Wikipedia (distantly supervised) LDA: 67.7%
    arXiv PV: 85%
    arXiv LDA: 85%


    • 联合训练PV和单词向量似乎可以提高性能。
    • 将Softsoft分层用作大词汇量的霍夫曼树
    • 仅使用PV-BoW模型,因为它效率更高。


    • 为什么arXiv和Wikipedia任务之间的性能差异? BoW在Wikipedia上的表现令人惊讶,但arXiv却不如。 LDA相反。
  • Immutable vectors

    2020-12-09 12:35:56
    <div><p>Refactor the sides APIs to not mutate Vectors anymore. <p>Closes #188 (Note: This is WIP because it depends on Vector 1.0 APIs. It is otherwise ready for review.)</p><p>该提问来源于开源项目&#...
  • Vectors Layer

    2020-11-20 23:53:16
    <p>This PR includes a new layer to display vectors. It also includes demo scripts and some tests. <p>Building off of the markers layer as a guide, the vectors layer is able to render lines and ...
  • <p>This also fixes one bug discovered using these vectors, #76. <p>See updated README.md for how to use the git submodule command before testing..</p><p>该提问来源于开源项目:hildjj/node-cbor...
  • vectors-tests-源码

    2021-03-30 12:31:14
  • Lazy slice vectors

    2021-01-10 14:07:14
    <div><p>This patch pushes OP in OP(slice_vector(concat_vectors(a, b)), slice_vector(concat_vectors(c, d)) in and hoists slice_vector(concat_vectors) out. <p>I considered adding a new IRMutator for ...
  • MD test vectors

    2021-01-09 17:47:08
    <div><p>SHA-1 and SHA-2 (224, 256, 384, 512) (byte oriented) vectors obtained from ...<p>Whirlpool vectors from http://www.larc.usp.br/~pbarreto/WhirlpoolPage.html (yes that is really the Whirlpool ...
  • Implement boolean vectors

    2021-01-02 13:51:02
    ve come around (thanks for being persuasive) and I think it makes sense to implement boolean vectors as part of <code>stdsimd</code>. <p>I think we could: <ul><li>[ ] implement boolean vectors like ...
  • C++ Vectors

    2019-01-09 13:09:26
    C++ Vectors Vectors 包含着一系列连续存储的元素,其行为和数组类似。访问Vector中的任意元素或从末尾添加元素都可以在常量级时间复杂度内完成,而查找特定值的元素所处的位置或是在Vector中插入元素则是线性时间...

    C++ Vectors

    Vectors 包含着一系列连续存储的元素,其行为和数组类似。访问Vector中的任意元素或从末尾添加元素都可以在常量级时间复杂度内完成,而查找特定值的元素所处的位置或是在Vector中插入元素则是线性时间复杂度

    Constructors 构造函数
    Operators 对vector进行赋值或比较
    assign() 对Vector中的元素赋值
    at() 返回指定位置的元素
    back() 返回最末一个元素
    begin() 返回第一个元素的迭代器
    capacity() 返回vector所能容纳的元素数量(在不重新分配内存的情况下)
    clear() 清空所有元素
    empty() 判断Vector是否为空(返回true时为空)
    end() 返回最末元素的迭代器(译注:实指向最末元素的下一个位置)
    erase() 删除指定元素
    front() 返回第一个元素
    get_allocator() 返回vector的内存分配器
    insert() 插入元素到Vector中
    max_size() 返回Vector所能容纳元素的最大数量(上限)
    pop_back() 移除最后一个元素
    push_back() 在Vector最后添加一个元素
    rbegin() 返回Vector尾部的逆迭代器
    rend() 返回Vector起始的逆迭代器
    reserve() 设置Vector最小的元素容纳数量
    resize() 改变Vector元素数量的大小
    size() 返回Vector元素数量的大小
    swap() 交换两个Vector
  • Plot polarization vectors

    2021-01-01 08:40:13
    - automatically rotate the vectors (usually by ~90deg to change B vectors to E vectors, but I could think of other cases where the rotation would not be 90), and - only plot every nth vector. <p>Let ...
  • Refactor Vectors colors

    2020-11-21 00:01:45
    <p>This PR updates how the <code>edge_color</code> is stored in the <code>Vectors</code> layer model. Previously, the color was stored a single string of a color name and that color was applied to all...
  • Outputting context vectors

    2020-12-05 20:54:23
    d like to get the context vectors out too (not just word vectors). Is this possible with current implementation? <p>The idea is to try to decouple words and contexts completely, ala Levy&Goldberg&...
  • Weather icon vectors

    2021-01-09 19:26:46
    <div><p>Added most weather icon vectors.</p><p>该提问来源于开源项目:LawnchairLauncher/Lawnchair</p></div>
  • New ECDH vectors

    2021-01-09 17:53:44
    <div><p>Add new Vectors from NIST that include a DKM value to verify the Key Derivation Aftrer ECDH Key Exchange</p><p>该提问来源于开源项目:pyca/cryptography</p></div>
  • Make Vectors immutable

    2020-12-09 04:37:08
    <div><p>Should we just make vectors immutable things? That seems like best practice?</p><p>该提问来源于开源项目:ppb/pursuedpybear</p></div>
  • Add test vectors

    2020-12-08 23:11:19
    <div><p>Please, add test vectors, so other implementers can verify their implementations.</p><p>该提问来源于开源项目:w3f/schnorrkel</p></div>
  • Block area vectors

    2021-01-09 04:09:42
    <div><p>Use gcc vectors on linux to encourage gcc and clang to compile to neon and sse/avx code if available. May have caused some slight changes to tunnel genereation.</p><p>该提问来源于开源项目ÿ...
  • Lerp for vectors

    2020-12-27 19:32:48
    <div><p>Added linear interpolation for vectors and also for scalars. Also fixed a couple of return values that were giving errors in VS2010. Removed unnnecessary temp variable in kmVec4Normalize. ...



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