• 人物图像美化在Photoshop中非常常用Photoshop作为一款功能强大的图像处理软件不仅可以对人像进行基本的调色美化和修复等处理还可以改变人物的线条和幅度如调整脸部器官和脸型的大小调整身体曲线等此外合理运用Photo...
  • photoshop 百度For years, the only way to get Photoshop was to pay hundreds of dollars up front for a license, or take to the dingier corners of the internet and pirate a cracked version. Now, through ...
    photoshop 百度

    photoshop 百度


    For years, the only way to get Photoshop was to pay hundreds of dollars up front for a license, or take to the dingier corners of the internet and pirate a cracked version. Now, through the Adobe Creative Cloud, you can get Photoshop for $9.99 a month. Feel free to insert your own cups of coffee, pints of beer, fistfuls of baguettes, or other price comparison here.

    多年来,获得Photoshop的唯一方法是预先支付数百美元的许可证费用,或者进入互联网的小角落并盗版破解版。 现在,通过Adobe Creative Cloud,您可以以每月9.99美元的价格购买Photoshop 。 您可以在此处随意插入自己的咖啡,一品脱啤酒,几块法式长棍面包或其他价格比较。

    Despite the slightly more reasonable price, there are enough good, cheaper alternatives to Photoshop out there that it raises the question: is Photoshop really worth a hundred or so dollars per year?

    尽管价格稍微合理一些,但还有足够的,便宜的替代品可以替代Photoshop ,这引发了一个问题:Photoshop真的每年价值一百美元左右吗?

    Photoshop是第一 (Photoshop Is Number One)


    Photoshop is the best, most powerful, and every other superlative you feel like throwing in, image editing program. It’s the gold standard, the professionals’ choice, and so ingrained in popular culture it’s name is now a verb. There’s a reason all this is true.

    Photoshop是最好,最强大的工具,它具有其他最高级的图像编辑程序。 它是黄金标准,是专业人员的选择,因此根深蒂固于流行文化中,它的名称现在是一个动词。 所有这些都是真的是有原因的。

    Photoshop’s feature set is huge. It obviously has all the tools you need to edit photos (it’s kind of in the name), but Photoshop can also be used for graphic design, 3D modelling, creating vector graphics, designing webpages, preparing files for print and so much more. If an image or graphic can be manipulated in some way, the odds are there’s a tool or technique that will do it in Photoshop.

    Photoshop的功能非常丰富。 显然,它具有编辑照片所需的所有工具(在名称中有点),但是Photoshop也可以用于图形设计,3D建模,创建矢量图形,设计网页,准备打印文件等。 如果可以通过某种方式来处理图像或图形,则很有可能在Photoshop中可以使用该工具或技术。

    Yes, Affinity Photo, Pixelmator and even GIMP are decent alternatives for some things, but not for everything. Affinity Photo lacks Photoshop’s design or 3D chops, Pixelmator isn’t as good with photos, and GIMP is about as user friendly as an angry dog and can’t handle RAW images. To paraphrase Annie Oakley, anything they can do, Photoshop can do better. If you want to get Photoshop’s full feature set, you’d need to double or triple up on alternative apps.

    是的, Affinity PhotoPixelmator甚至GIMP是某些事物的不错替代品,但并不是所有事物都可以。 Affinity Photo缺乏Photoshop的设计或3D印章,Pixelmator的照片效果不佳,GIMP与生气的狗一样用户友好,无法处理RAW图像。 用安妮·奥克利(Annie Oakley)的话来说,他们可以做的任何事情,Photoshop都可以做得更好。 如果要获得Photoshop的完整功能集,则需要在其他应用程序上加倍或增加两倍。

    Not only is it the industry standard (which provides interoperability with all of Adobe’s other popular apps), but developers have built on Photoshop as a platform. If you want a plug-in that makes skin retouching easier or makes your images look like they were shot on classic films, you can easily find one. Apps like Google’s Nik Collection work straight out of the box with Photoshop, but often need workarounds with other apps.

    它不仅是行业标准(它提供了与Adobe其他所有流行应用程序的互操作性),而且开发人员已经在Photoshop上建立了平台。 如果您想要一个使皮肤修饰更容易或使图像看起来像在经典胶片上拍摄的插件,则可以轻松找到一个。 像Google的Nik Collection之应用程序可以直接在Photoshop中使用,但通常需要与其他应用程序一起解决。

    It’s not just developers who can expand on Photoshop’s features. There’s some seriously powerful automation build in that anyone can make use of. I’ve got a Photoshop action that automatically resizes and adds a border to all my images for How-To Geek. In my few months here, I’ve uploaded a couple of hundred images. Conservatively, that action has saved me two or three hours of work. As long as I don’t get fired, that action is going to keep saving me time every day.

    不仅仅是开发人员可以扩展Photoshop的功能。 有一些非常强大的自动化构建,任何人都可以使用。 我有一个Photoshop动作,该动作会自动调整大小并为我的所有图像添加边框,以实现How-To Geek。 在这里的几个月中,我上传了几百张图片。 保守地讲,该操作为我节省了两三个小时的工作。 只要我不被解雇,那举动就会每天为我节省时间。

    I’m not the only one making actions. You can find actions for sale that can automate things like creating double exposures or the tilt shift effect. You can also just make your own. All the tools you need are built into Photoshop.

    我不是唯一一个采取行动的人。 您可以找到可以自动执行诸如创建两次曝光倾斜移位效果之类的出售动作。 您也可以自己制作。 您需要的所有工具都内置在Photoshop中。

    That may seem like a collection of niche tools for super advanced users, but once you start using them, it’s impossible to go back to more basic image editors.


    If you need (or want) the best, then at ten bucks a month, Photoshop is most certainly worth it. While it’s used by a lot of amateurs, it’s undoubtedly a professional program. Most other apps that are similarly dominant in other fields, say AutoCAD for architects and engineers, cost hundreds of dollars a month. While other imaging apps have some of Photoshop’s features, none of them are the complete package.

    如果您需要(或想要)最好的软件,那么每月只需10美元,Photoshop绝对值得。 尽管许多业余爱好者都在使用它,但它无疑是一个专业程序。 AutoCAD在架构师和工程师看来,在其他领域同样占主导地位的大多数其他应用程序每月花费数百美元。 虽然其他图像处理应用程序具有Photoshop的某些功能,但它们都不是完整的软件包。

    你可能会负担得起 (You Can Probably Afford It)

    I’ve spent a lot of time arguing with my coworkers about whether or not Photoshop is “cheap”. But at ten dollars a month, if you’re serious about photography and photo editing, you can probably scrounge together enough cash for it.

    我花了很多时间与我的同事争论Photoshop是否“便宜”。 但是,只要每月支付10美元,如果您对摄影和照片编辑很认真,就可以凑够足够的现金。

    A lot of people seen to struggle with paying for intangible goods like software. It’s a big reason that the App Store and Google Play Store are filled with free, freemium and super cheap apps. If you can’t hold it in your hand or hit someone over the head with it, how could it be worth much money?

    许多人都在为购买软件等无形商品而苦苦挣扎。 这是App Store和Google Play Store充斥着免费,免费增值和超级便宜的应用程序的重要原因。 如果您不能将其握在手中或用它砸头,那它怎么会值钱呢?

    Here’s the thing, though: if you’ve invested hundreds of dollars in a high quality camera and hundreds more on a computer, then ten dollars a month for professional grade software that will markedly improve the quality of your images probably isn’t too much of a stretch financially.


    Photography is an expensive hobby, and Photoshop is just another piece of gear that you use. Sure, you could go for a more budget-friendly option, but just like your physical gear, you get what you pay for.

    摄影是一项昂贵的业余爱好,而Photoshop只是您使用的另一项工具。 当然,您可以选择预算更友好的选择,但是就像您的身体装备一样,您可以得到所需要的。

    每月10美元可为您带来的不仅仅是Photoshop ($10 a Month Gets You More than Just Photoshop)


    That $10 a month doesn’t just get you Photoshop, either. That price is for Adobe’s Creative Cloud Photography Plan, which includes Lightroom, and the Photoshop and Lightroom smartphone apps.

    每月10美元也不仅可以让您使用Photoshop。 该价格适用于Adobe的Creative Cloud摄影计划,该计划包括Lightroom以及Photoshop和Lightroom智能手机应用程序。

    If you’re serious about photography, Lightroom is awesome in its own right. It’s a catalog for all your images, a RAW development app, and a powerful image editor.

    如果您对摄影很认真, Lightroom本身就很棒。 它是所有图像的目录,RAW开发应用程序和功能强大的图像编辑器。

    When you take Photoshop and Lightroom together, you’ve got a package that is far more powerful and useful to photographers than any of the other apps on their own. Even if you want to use Affinity Photo to edit your images, you still need to get some catalog app to keep track of everything. There’s nothing worse than having to dig through your file system looking for an awesome image you know you saved somewhere.

    当您将Photoshop和Lightroom一起使用时,您所拥有的软件包比摄影师自己使用的任何其他应用程序对摄影师的功能和功能要强大得多。 即使您想使用Affinity Photo编辑图像,也仍然需要获取一些目录应用程序来跟踪所有内容。 没有比浏览文件系统寻找您知道保存在某处的出色图像更糟糕的了。

    And just as Photoshop is the best image editor, Lightroom is the best photo cataloging app. You’re not getting one world class app for ten dollars a month, you’re getting two.

    就像Photoshop是最好的图像编辑器一样,Lightroom是最好的照片分类应用程序。 您不会以每月十美元的价格获得一个世界级的应用程序,而却得到了两个。

    最后,由您决定 (In the End, It’s Up To You)

    Personally, I think Photoshop is absolutely worth the price. I’m very serious about my photography. I want to use the best software in the world, and after trying all the options, Photoshop makes my job easier. For something so crucial to that portion of my career, I decided I can afford it.

    我个人认为Photoshop绝对物有所值。 我对摄影很认真。 我想使用世界上最好的软件,在尝试了所有选项之后,Photoshop使我的工作更加轻松。 对于某些对我的职业生涯至关重要的事情,我决定负担得起。

    But that’s just my thought process. You need to reach your own decision. With the Adobe Creative Cloud Photography Plan, you get two first-in-class professional apps for ten dollars a month but there are cheaper alternatives you can use too. Whether Photoshop and Lightroom’s extra power justifies the increased price is up to you.

    但这只是我的思考过程。 您需要做出自己的决定。 借助Adobe Creative Cloud摄影计划,您可以以每月10美元的价格获得两个一流的专业应用程序,但也可以使用更便宜的替代方案。 Photoshop和Lightroom的强大功能是否足以证明价格上涨取决于您。

    翻译自: https://www.howtogeek.com/289101/is-photoshop-worth-the-money/

    photoshop 百度

  • 整篇文章主要讲解Photoshop做设计海报怎么样,以及Illustrator做海报哪个更实用,接下来让我们深入了解一下。 先要准备的工具有两个: ,分别是Photoshop与Illustrator。 首先设计一张海报,我个人想设计圣诞海报,...

    【作者:莫杨 撰写时间:2019/1/17】


    先要准备的工具有两个: ,分别是Photoshop与Illustrator。在这里插入图片描述在这里插入图片描述



    这是我起初做的Christmas posters,做的不是很好,如下图所示:在这里插入图片描述






    从而改变了Christmas posters的畅通性,经过一遍又一遍的布尔运算,




    最后,我觉得我做的这个Christmas posters还是可以的,优点在于整洁,缺点在于圣诞两个字不太突出。

    Photoshop是设计Christmas posters的得力工具。

  • Photoshop操作是使Adobe Photoshop在其他图像编辑软件中脱颖而出的众多功能之一。 只需单击一下,您就可以高效地获得所需的效果,以处理大量图像。 全世界的设计师都创建了数千个Photoshop操作,您可以在设计项目中...

    Photoshop操作是使Adobe Photoshop在其他图像编辑软件中脱颖而出的众多功能之一。 只需单击一下,您就可以高效处理大量图像,从而获得所需的效果。 全世界的设计师都创建了数千个Photoshop操作,您可以在设计项目中轻松使用它们。

    但是,不要为自己的Google搜索而烦恼,请看一下这篇文章,该文章为您提供了可提供出色Photoshop操作的最佳网站列表。 我已将列表确定为免费和高级的Photoshop Action网站,因此您可以轻松地选择一个列表。


    我将以Photoshop本身背后的名字Adobe开始。 该网站提供了全部Photoshop操作,您可以在“ 最受欢迎标签>操作”下进行检查。 在所有可用的动作中,有40多个是免费的。


    Photoshoptutorials最初是一个Photoshop教程网站,它提供各种动作以及免费的photoshop笔刷,渐变,纹理和Adobe Lightroom预设等。如果您注册了他们的新闻通讯,该网站将向您发送57种免费的photoshop动作。


    Brusheezy进入Web设计领域已经有一段时间了,它为其他设计师提供了有用的Photoshop操作。 您可以按不同的Photoshop版本或基于最新,最受欢迎或评分最高的项目来筛选操作。


    该网站上的大多数商品都是有偿的,但它们也有相当数量的免费photoshop动作,该网站足够提供有关如何使用这些动作的视频教程。 如果您没有预算限制,请也检查他们的付费Photoshop操作集合,因为它们同样出色。


    PanosFX为您提供了一些非常酷的免费Photoshop操作,您可以将其下载并用于任何个人或商业项目。 但是,网站上还提供了某些高级操作,但是您必须是注册成员。


    在Finessfx上,您可以找到许多免费的Photoshop操作,可用于在项目中产生不同的效果。 除此之外,还有许多文本效果Photoshop操作可产生惊人的排版。


    从分割色调和复古效果到缝合的牛仔布和折纸照片效果,PSD Dude提供了各种方便的Photoshop操作,可在您的设计中使用。


    Turning Turnip提供了一些神奇的Photoshop操作,可以增强您的照片,或者特别用于风景图像和人像摄影。 最重要的是,所有这些动作都是免费的!


    尽管Exposureempire基本上专注于提供Adobe Lightroom预设,但是,该站点上还有一些非常方便的Photoshop操作,也绝对可以免费使用。


    顾名思义,“修复照片”具有Photoshop操作,可帮助您修复和增强照片或在照片上添加漂亮的效果。 您必须注册才能下载这些操作。


    通过轻松访问一些合理的Photoshop操作资源,Preset Galore提供了不同的操作来改善和增强您的照片。 您可以在一个下载链接中获得所有这些文件,而无需任何注册。


    Photoshop Desire主要致力于提供Photoshop教程,但它们也提供了一些很酷的,免费的Photoshop操作。 但是,该网站确实要求您订阅他们的YouTube频道,或在Facebook上关注他们,以解锁免费项目。



    有了各种不同样式的Photoshop动作,您肯定可以在这里找到很多有用的东西。 在创意市场中,这些Photoshop操作的价格在$ 5-$ 20之间。


    Envato是设计资源中的巨人,提供了各种Photoshop动作。 所有您需要做的就是订阅,每月支付16.50美元,即可访问所有这些令人惊奇的物品。 此订阅还使您可以下载900,000多种数字资产,包括股票视频,视频模板,WordPress和Web模板,字体等等。


    在The Luxe Lens,您可以以每套$ 17- $ 19的价格获得其优质的Photoshop动作,或者以$ 79的价格将其全部获得。 此处提供的操作也适用于Photoshop Elements。


    在此资源上,您会发现非常酷的Photoshop操作,主要集中在照片增强上。 这些动作的费用从10美元到20美元不等,而且还提供捆绑出售这些动作的报价。


    Sleeklens提供高质量和绝对创意的photoshop操作,这也使其价格更高。 但是好消息是,它们还有大量的Photoshop操作,您可以免费下载


    与Sleeklense相似,这些家伙还提供高质量的Photoshop操作,可以将您的照片更改为非常漂亮的图像,但是价格也很昂贵。 不过不要担心,因为它们还为用户提供了一些免费的Photoshop操作


    是在包装中提供并与主题捆绑在一起的一些优质Photoshop操作。 例如,以39美元的价格,您可以获得一包71个Photoshop动作,用于使照片变复古。 这些对于希望与主题相关的Photoshop动作的人特别有用。


    Flora Bella Collection提供了一些非常方便的Photoshop操作,用于照片增强功能,可以使您的肖像看起来令人惊艳。 您还可以选择他们的打折捆绑包,为您节省一些钱。


    快门脉冲可根据您想要实现的不同效果提供Photoshop动作。 例如,以30美元的价格,您可以进行30次操作来为照片提供HDR效果,或者进行25次操作来使您的照片具有哑光感。 还提供了以39美元的价格购买其所有Photoshop操作的优惠。


    奖励:更多具有Photoshop Actions的网站

    仍然找不到您想要的photoshop操作? 尝试通过以下以下站点搜索它们。


    著名的设计资源网站Behance提供了许多惊人的Photoshop操作,其中大多数操作完全可以在任何项目中免费使用。 从照片效果到照片修饰和Lightroom预设,您可以在此处进行任何操作。


    作为最酷的设计免费赠品的门户,Dribble提供了您从未见过的一些惊人的Photoshop操作。 在这里,您还可以找到预设,照片效果,蒙版,纹理等等,可以尝试一下。


    Deviant Art是一个受设计师欢迎的社区,并且拥有大量设计资源,Deviant Art拥有大量免费且有用的Photoshop动作集合。 您可以找到不同的操作集,其中大多数集中于为照片提供惊人的效果和创意触感。


    翻译自: https://www.hongkiat.com/blog/photoshop-actions-sites/

  • photoshop2019Looking for free photo editors like Photoshop to make photos and designs more professional? Adobe Photoshop is the dream of any designer and retoucher since it offers a professional tools...


    Looking for free photo editors like Photoshop to make photos and designs more professional? Adobe Photoshop is the dream of any designer and retoucher since it offers a professional toolset for creative process.

    寻找像Photoshop这样的免费照片编辑器来使照片和设计更专业吗? Adobe Photoshop是任何设计者和修饰者的梦想,因为它提供了用于创作过程的专业工具集。

    However, the biggest difficulty everyone faces is its quite high monthly price, which often becomes a deal-breaker and leads to many people searching for Photoshop torrents to avoid paying such a huge sum for Adobe products.

    但是,每个人面临的最大困难是其相当高的月度价格,这经常成为一笔交易,使许多人在搜索Photoshop torrent时避免为Adobe产品支付这么大的一笔费用。

    Luckily, it’s possible to find a photo editor like Photoshop that is either completely free or cheaper and is capable of doing almost everything that Photoshop can, and sometimes even more.


    7个像Photoshop一样的照片编辑器 (7 Photo Editors Like Photoshop)

    Even though Adobe Photoshop is often viewed as the best option among graphics editors, its capabilities are frequently superfluous. Other than that, Adobe is transferring more and more users to the “Cloud” system, which isn’t to everyone’s taste.

    尽管Adobe Photoshop通常被视为图形编辑器中的最佳选择,但其功能通常是多余的。 除此之外,Adobe正在将越来越多的用户转移到“云”系统,这并不是每个人都喜欢的。

    Finally, during the last few years, people have been complaining more and more about performance drops when using Adobe software due to the heavy load it puts on the processor. It’s often enough to open a couple of projects in Photoshop even on a powerful PC and you won’t even be able to use your browser comfortably.

    最后,在过去的几年中,由于使用Adobe软件会给处理器带来沉重的负担,因此人们越来越抱怨使用Adobe软件的性能下降。 即使在功能强大的PC上,通常也可以在Photoshop中打开几个项目,而您甚至无法舒适地使用浏览器。

    Currently, Photoshop remains the leading choice among professionals, but more and more users are searching for decent free photo editors like Photoshop.


    Here we have compiled list of some best photoshop alternatives.


    1.亲和照片 (1. Affinity Photo)

    Affinity Photo

    Affinity Photo started to create a stir in the creative community almost from the moment it was released. It’s probably the most credible photo editor similar to Photoshop that we’ve seen to this day.

    自发布之日起,Affinity Photo就开始在创意界引起轰动。 它可能是迄今为止我们所见过的与Photoshop类似的最可信的照片编辑器。

    The program supports Photoshop’s signature file standards and is aimed at photographers and designers while costing significantly less.


    Being completely compatible with Photoshop and other file formats, it targets specifically professional photographers and designers. While Affinity Photo is much cheaper than Photoshop (without a subscription), its creators state that their software is actually better, promising superior performance and fewer errors.

    与Photoshop和其他文件格式完全兼容,它专门针对专业摄影师和设计师。 尽管Affinity Photo的价格比Photoshop便宜(无订阅),但其创建者声称他们的软件实际上更好,承诺了卓越的性能和更少的错误。

    Frankly speaking, the performance boost you receive will probably highly depend on what hardware you’re using (the program was developed for using the latest quadcore technology).




    • Works with RAW and PSD files

    • RGB, CMYK, LAB and Greyscale support

    • Layer-focused image editing




    • Doesn’t have premade lens-specific corrections

    • Users can’t customize the workspace

    • Not very beginner-friendly


    2. GIMP (2. GIMP)


    If you want to get a free photoshop alternative that is just as powerful and multifunctional, then GIMP is one of the best alternatives. It is free, open-source, which allows a huge number of volunteers to continuously improve it.

    如果您想获得功能强大且多功能的免费photoshop替代品,那么GIMP是最好的替代品之一。 它是免费的开放源代码,允许大量志愿者不断对其进行改进。

    Thanks to that fact, GIMP has loads of plugins and scripts written for it and it can also work with plugins for Adobe Photoshop. Another benefit of GIMP is that it appeared all the way back in the mid-90s so you can find a huge number of free courses and guides on the web.

    由于这个事实,GIMP为其编写了许多插件和脚本,它还可以与Adobe Photoshop的插件一起使用。 GIMP的另一个好处是,它早在90年代中期就出现了,因此您可以在网上找到大量的免费课程和指南。

    GIMP offers a wide selection of tools and it’s a fantastic option if you’re looking for a free photo editor similar to Photoshop. The UI is slightly different from Photoshop’s but you can modify it to your liking.

    GIMP提供了多种工具,如果您正在寻找类似于Photoshop的免费照片编辑器,那么它是一个绝佳的选择。 用户界面与Photoshop的界面略有不同,但您可以根据自己的喜好对其进行修改。

    If you find a “monstrous” program with huge system requirements and a scary price tag unappealing – GIMP is the option for you.




    • Constant maintenance and updates that solve relevant issues and add new functions

    • Smooth performance on all platforms

    • Extremely versatile and easily customizable with plugins and scripts




    • I didn’t experience any problems but heard some people suffer from a couple of bugs

    • Doesn’t support 16bit color channels

    • Some functions are in development for way too long


    3. Photo Pos Pro (3. Photo Pos Pro)

    Photo Pos Pro

    Photo Pos Pro is another decent photo editor like Photoshop that strives to be as user-friendly as possible. It has separate modes for beginners and advanced users. In beginner-mode, you can apply filters in a single click and perform basic photo corrections.

    Photo Pos Pro是另一种像Photoshop这样的体面的照片编辑器,它努力做到用户友好。 它为初学者和高级用户提供了单独的模式。 在初学者模式下,您可以单击应用滤镜并执行基本的照片校正。

    The professional mode has a UI similar to Photoshop. Most find its interface to be more intuitive and comprehensible than GIMP.

    专业模式具有类似于Photoshop的UI。 大多数人发现它的界面比GIMP更直观,更易于理解。

    Alas, this free photo editor like Photoshop has a very serious flaw. The maximum size of saved files is limited to 1024×2014 pixels.

    las,像Photoshop这样的免费照片编辑器有一个非常严重的缺陷。 已保存文件的最大大小限制为1024×2014像素。

    If you need to work with larger files, the photo editor will offer you to purchase the paid version for $20. That’s a bit unpleasant, but still several times cheaper than Photoshop.

    如果您需要处理较大的文件,则照片编辑器将为您提供20美元的付费版本。 这有点令人不愉快,但仍然比Photoshop便宜几倍。



    • Capability to work with layers

    • All kinds of brushes, templates, textures and gradients

    • Tools for batch, manual and automatic color correction




    • No way to create your own brushes

    • Rather poor printing preparation functionality


    4. Pixlr编辑器 (4. Pixlr Editor)

    Pixlr Editor

    Pixlr Editor is a rather unusual photo editor similar to Photoshop. It’s available in several versions, including PC, mobile and as an online editor. The web version is the sole reasonable Photoshop replacement since it’s the only one with layer support.

    Pixlr Editor是与Photoshop类似的非常不寻常的照片编辑器。 它有多个版本,包括PC,移动版和在线编辑器。 网络版本是Photoshop的唯一合理替代品,因为它是唯一具有图层支持的版本。

    Sadly, the web version of this program can’t be set to full-screen since there will still be unused space on the right. However, that’s the only serious drawback of Pixlr Editor.

    遗憾的是,该程序的网络版本无法设置为全屏显示,因为右侧仍然有未使用的空间。 但是,这是Pixlr Editor的唯一严重缺陷。

    All tools found in Ps are available and work great. Overall, this is the perfect photo editor app like Photoshop for situations when you need to edit an image but you don’t have the right to install a downloadable editor.

    在Ps中找到的所有工具均可用,并且运行良好。 总体而言,对于需要编辑图像但无权安装可下载编辑器的情况,这是Photoshop之类的完美照片编辑器应用程序。



    • Available for free

    • Has its own smartphone app

    • Plenty of tools to work with




    • Can be slightly overwhelming for beginners

    • Requires Internet connection


    5. Pixelmator (5. Pixelmator)


    Pixelmator is a universal graphics editor build on the principles of simplicity and accessibility for everyone. The program is available only on iOS and MacOS, which explains such an approach.

    Pixelmator是一种通用图形编辑器,它基于每个人的简单性和可访问性原则。 该程序仅在iOS和MacOS上可用,这说明了这种方法。

    Pixelmator positions itself as a photo editor like Photoshop that is simpler and more intuitive.


    Instead of a single workspace, here we have the main window and movable panels that you can open in the View menu or by using shortcuts. The number of picture editing tools isn’t large but won’t leave you complaining either.

    这里有一个主窗口和可移动面板,而不是单个工作区,您可以在“视图”菜单中或使用快捷方式打开它们。 图片编辑工具的数量不多,但也不会让您抱怨。

    I also want to mention the smart selection function that was added with the latest update. My subjective experience suggests that this option works better than in Photoshop and is slightly better visible.

    我还想提到在最新更新中添加的智能选择功能。 我的主观经验表明,此选项比Photoshop更好,可见性也更好。

    There’s no need to impose this editor on professionals, but it’s a perfect fit for regular users. One of the most “magical” capabilities of Pixelmator is object removal. You pick the diameter of the selection, add a couple of brush strokes, and the photo will be cleared of any excess objects.

    无需将此编辑器强加于专业人士,但它非常适合常规用户。 Pixelmator最“神奇”的功能之一是对象移除。 您选择选区的直径,添加几个画笔笔触,照片中的所有多余物体都将被清除。



    • Clean user-friendly UI

    • Large choice of effects other than photo adjustments

    • Drawing tools are efficient and error-free




    • Doesn’t offer non-destructive editing or a history panel

    • No CMYK and RAW support


    6. PaintNet (6. PaintNet)


    Paintnet represents a Windows-based free photo editor like Photoshop supplied by Microsoft. However, don’t let that fact scare you: despite being a default program, it’s a surprisingly multifunctional and useful tool.

    Paintnet表示基于Windows的免费照片编辑器,例如Microsoft提供的Photoshop。 但是,不要让这个事实吓到您:尽管它是默认程序,但它是一个令人惊讶的多功能实用工具。

    This option focuses on ease of use and is better suited for photo editing than artistic creations. Nonetheless, it includes a variety of special effects that allow you to easily create an artificial perspective, mix and move pixels on the canvas, select and copy areas, etc.

    此选项着重于易用性,比艺术创作更适合照片编辑。 但是,它包含各种特殊效果,使您可以轻松创建人造透视图,混合和移动画布上的像素,选择和复制区域等。

    A solid selection toolset, layer support and such settings as curves and brightness/contrast mean that PaintNet is a wonderful free photo editor similar to Photoshop, especially if you don’t need the latest additions to Ps’ toolset.




    • Allows working with image layers

    • Updates come out almost every month

    • Contains a satisfying number of effects




    • Lack of functions for professional graphics design


    7. Adob​​e Photoshop Express (7. Adobe Photoshop Express)

    Adobe Photoshop Express

    Adobe Photoshop Express can be considered a lighter, more limited version of Photoshop. This editor can be found online or as an app for Windows, iOS and Android. This is the simplest solution described in the article.

    Adobe Photoshop Express可以被认为是Photoshop的一个更轻巧,更受限制的版本。 该编辑器可以在线找到,也可以作为Windows,iOS和Android的应用程序找到。 这是本文中描述的最简单的解决方案。

    It doesn’t have layer support, plugins or brushes and works only with JPEG, JPG and JPE images below 16MB. You can’t even crop photos.

    它没有图层支持,插件或画笔,仅适用于16MB以下的JPEG,JPG和JPE图像。 您甚至无法裁剪照片。

    The only things you can find in this photo editor app like Photoshop are some basic settings and a collection of beautiful filters that you can use to enhance a photo before posting it on social media.


    As you can see, it isn’t suited for deep photo editing so you might as well go with a trustworthy professional photo editing service online instead for a couple of backs.




    • Incredibly easy to use

    • Availability of basic tools

    • Stable performance




    • Lack of most professional tools

    • No RAW support

    • Max file size of 16MB


    结论 (Conclusion)

    If you ever start thinking about replacing Photoshop, I hope you’ll take note of some of the offered programs. If you need to perform complex image editing that requires using many different tools, then Affinity Photo, GIMP or Pixelmator are perfectly suited for such a task. If all you need is to make a couple of simple adjustments (size change, rotation, basic color correction), then you should take a closer look at PaintNet or Photo Pos Pro.

    如果您开始考虑更换Photoshop,希望您能注意其中的一些程序。 如果您需要执行复杂的图像编辑工作,而这需要使用许多不同的工具,那么Affinity Photo,GIMP或Pixelmator便非常适合此类任务。 如果您只需要进行几个简单的调整(大小更改,旋转,基本色彩校正),那么您应该仔细看一下PaintNet或Photo Pos Pro。

    If you need a photo editor like Photoshop that you can use online, straight from your browser – Pixlr and Adobe Photoshop Express are there for you. Interested in other Adobe products, read more about a legal way to download Lightroom free.

    如果需要像Photoshop这样的照片编辑器,可以直接在浏览器中在线使用-Pixlr和Adobe Photoshop Express可为您提供帮助。 对其他Adobe产品感兴趣,请阅读有关免费下载Lightroom合法方法的更多信息。

    I hope you will love these photoshop alternatives. If you know about any other good editor then please mention in comments, I will love to add it to the list.

    我希望您会喜欢这些Photoshop替代品。 如果您知道其他任何优秀的编辑器,请在评论中提及,我很乐意将其添加到列表中。

    翻译自: https://www.thecrazyprogrammer.com/2019/10/photo-editors-like-photoshop.html


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