• <pre><code><?...$to = "service@mysite.no"; $subject = "Reparasjon av " . $_REQUEST['type'] ....$types = if(!empty($_REQUEST['type'])) {echo($_REQUEST['type'] .... What's the problem? </div>
  • ... <pre><code>// Sanity check. ...<p>Now I am kind of wondering, What is <code>if( false )</code> ? and how does it mean that the user is not running php on their server?</p> </div>
  • A:I don’t know what to do! I’ve been dieting for months and I just can’t seem to lose any weight!我不知道做什么!我节食已经有好几个月了。好像还不能减少体重!B:Are you doing any exercise?你在做...

    A:I don’t know what to do! I’ve been dieting for months and I just can’t seem to lose any weight!


    B:Are you doing any exercise?


    A:No, if I exercise, I get hungry, and then I end up eating too much.


    B:I think that might be your problem.


    A:Really? Why?


    B:Well, if you want to lose weight and keep it off, you need to exercise as well as watch what you eat.If you don’t eat enough, your body will start going into starvation mode.


    A:So, what do you think I should do?


    B:You should make sure to eat at least three meals a day. And, you make sure to eat a balanced diet—dairy, fruit, vegetables, meat or fish, and carbohy drates, like bread and pasta.



    A:But I heard that if you just eat fruits and vegetables, you would lose weight quickly.


    B:You might at first, but then you’ll get hungry and tired and you won’t be able to do much.


    A:Maybe you’re right. I have been hungry and tired--and grumpy lately?


  • <p>This question already has an answer here: ...<p>What do curley braces without any if,while,for etc before them mean in PHP? E.g.</p> <pre><code>#Code { #Code } #Code </code></pre> </div>
  • 1. In thinking about the evolution of memory together with all its possible aspects, it is helpful to consider what would happen if memories faile...金蛇晕过的回答:在思考记忆与其所有可能方面的演化时...

    1. In thinking about the evolution of memory together with all its possible aspects, it is helpful to consider what would happen if memories faile...


    2. It may be faile to perform such a difficult operation, but we have to take a risk to do.


    3. I want not to faile in my first trial.


    4. \u0039\u0031\u0031\u67E5\u8BE2\u00B7\u82F1\u8BED\u5355\u8BCD

    4. I want not to faile in my first trial. save


    5. I am beated drastically by this question and faile to answer it.


    6. His election speech faile to convice the voters that he was the right person for the senater.


    7. One of the main goals of Faile is to provide a full featured chess program with source code which is tidy, well documented, and easy to understand.


    8. But we remember with far greater pain that we did not see that beaty when it flowered, that we faile d to respond with love when it was tendered.


  • 飞机票换开是什么意思If you’ve ever watched a movie on a plane, you’ve probably seen a message like “This movie has been edited for content” pop up before it played. Ever wondered what it meant? ...


    If you’ve ever watched a movie on a plane, you’ve probably seen a message like “This movie has been edited for content” pop up before it played. Ever wondered what it meant? Let’s find out.

    如果您曾经在飞机上看过电影,则可能会在播放之前看到诸如“此电影已针对内容进行编辑”之类的消息弹出。 有没有想过这意味着什么? 让我们找出答案。

    没有一个标准 (There’s No One Standard)

    While lots of airlines display the “edited for content” warning before different movies, there’s no single standard that they have to meet. It also depends on the source of the movie.

    尽管许多航空公司在播放不同电影之前都会显示“内容已编辑”警告,但他们并没有达到一个单一的标准。 这也取决于电影的来源。

    Big studios will often release an airplane cut of their tentpole movies, separate from the theatrical cut, that edits out references to terrorists, plane crashes, and the like; basically content that no one really wants to see when they’re hurtling through the air at 4/5ths of the speed of sound in an aluminum tube. Airlines tend to avoid screening movies where these are major plot points anyway—no Con Air or Alive for you—so, for the most part, you’re not going to see much difference.

    大型制片厂通常会放出飞机上的帐篷电影剪辑,与戏院剪辑分开,剪辑掉恐怖分子,飞机失事等内容。 基本上满足于没有人真正想看到他们何时以铝管中声音速度的4/5的速度飞过空中。 航空公司倾向于避免放映电影,这些电影无论如何都是主要的情节点-对于您而言, Con AirAlive都不适合-因此,在大多数情况下,您不会看到太大的差异。

    Where things get more interesting is when they pass through an editing company that specializes in airplane movies. James Durston, writing for CNN, interviewed Jovita Toh, the CEO of Encore Inflight Limited. Toh claims that they edit movies differently depending on which airline they’re for. European airlines are very accepting of nudity and swearing but tend to dislike overly violent or gory films. In the Middle East, it’s the opposite, with their airlines requiring any sexual content or bare skin scrubbed while not being too worried about violence. Some airlines based in Muslim countries even want references to pigs and pork removed! Toh’s company has also been asked to remove logos of competing airlines.

    当事情经过一家专门从事飞机电影的剪辑公司时,事情就会变得更加有趣。 为CNN撰写的 James Durston采访了Encore Inflight Limited首席执行官Jovita Toh。 Toh声称他们根据所使用的航空公司对电影进行不同的编辑。 欧洲航空公司非常接受裸露和骂人的行为,但往往不喜欢过于暴力或血腥的电影。 在中东,情况恰恰相反,他们的航空公司要求擦洗任何性爱物品或裸露的皮肤,同时又不必太担心暴力行为。 一些穆斯林国家的航空公司甚至希望删除提及的猪肉和猪肉! 还要求Toh的公司删除竞争航空公司的徽标。

    Since there are no major laws to follow, it is down to the airlines themselves what gets shown. Sometimes, different airlines end up with entirely different cuts. The film Carol, a drama about a lesbian couple in the 50s, was edited to the point that the couple didn’t even kiss on Delta flights but was completely unedited on United or American Airlines.

    由于没有要遵循的主要法律,因此航空公司所获得的信息将取决于航空公司本身。 有时,不同的航空公司最终会获得完全不同的折扣。 电影《 卡罗尔》(Carol )是一部讲述50年代一对女同性恋夫妇的戏剧,经剪辑后,这对夫妇甚至没有在达美航空上接吻,但在美联航或美国航空上却完全未经编辑

    他们可能没有过多地审查 (They Probably Weren’t Censored Much)

    Even though airlines censor movies, they probably aren’t censored very much. For the most part, airlines don’t usually run movies from which they’d have to remove too much content; it’s better just to offer other, less edited, movies instead.

    即使航空公司检查电影,也可能不会对其进行太多检查。 在大多数情况下,航空公司通常不会播放必须从其中删除太多内容的电影; 最好只提供其他较少编辑的电影。

    Stephen Follows conducted a bit of research into the runtime of theatrical releases vs. airplane releases. He found that 65% of the movies were the same length in both versions. Only 14% were shorter (with the majority of those being less than a minute shorter) while 21% were longer, presumably because they were director’s cut or extended editions.

    Stephen Follows对戏剧发行与飞机发行的运行时间进行了一些研究 。 他发现在这两个版本中,有65%的电影长度相同。 只有14%的电影短一些(其中大多数短于一分钟),而21%的电影则更长,大概是因为它们是导演剪辑版或扩展版。

    Stephen Follows.斯蒂芬跟随。

    Follows’ study only includes Air Canada and Virgin Atlantic, airlines based in liberal Western countries, so they’re probably pretty light on the censorship to begin with. Editing is probably a bit more heavy-handed on airlines in less liberal places.

    Follows的研究仅包括总部位于西方自由主义国家的加拿大航空公司和维珍航空,因此他们一开始的审查制度可能不多。 在不太宽松的地方,航空公司的编辑工作可能会更加繁重。

    The big takeaway is that if you want to watch something sweary, violent, and R-rated—hey Deadpool—you should probably catch it in the cinema. On the other hand, if you’re watching a drama or comedy, there might be some small differences, but they’re unlikely to affect the plot overly.

    最大的收获是,如果您想观看肮脏,暴力和R级的内容(嘿死侍),您可能应该在电影院里看。 另一方面,如果您正在看戏剧或喜剧,可能会有一些细微的差异,但它们不太可能对剧情产生太大影响。

    流正在改变事物 (Streaming Is Changing Things)

    Seatback screens are on the way out. Instead, airlines like United are offering wireless movie streaming to your smartphone or tablet. The big advantage to the airline is it’s way cheaper. Inflight entertainment systems are comically expensive—according to CNN, it’s about $5,000,000 in hardware plus an additional $3,000,000 in fuel costs per year to carry the hardware—so getting customers to use their own devices that they’re carrying anyway is a simple out.

    座椅靠背的屏幕即将消失。 相反,像美联航这样的航空公司正在向您的智能手机或平板电脑提供无线电影流。 这家航空公司的最大优势是价格便宜。 机上娱乐系统非常昂贵-根据CNN的数据,它的硬件成本约为500万美元,加上每年用于硬件携带的燃料成本,则需要额外支付300万美元-因此,让客户使用他们自己随身携带的设备非常简单。

    The big advantage to the customer is that watching a movie on your phone or tablet is a much more private experience, even compared to watching a movie on the screen attached the seat in front of you. According to Amir Samnani, the Senior VP of Content Services for Global Eagle, in an interview with Dave Roos for How Stuff Works, airlines can be “a little bit more lenient.” Instead of editing for content, they display something to the effect like “This movie has content that may be unsuitable,” and leave it at that.

    对客户而言,最大的优势在于,与在您前面的座位上的屏幕上观看电影相比,在手机或平板电脑上观看电影是一种更加私人的体验。 Global Eagle内容服务高级副总裁Amir Samnani在接受Dave Roos采访时说 ,航空公司的工作方式可以“宽容一些”。 他们没有编辑内容,而是显示一些效果,例如“这部电影的内容可能不合适”,然后将其保留。

    Movies are one of the few saving graces on a long-haul flight. I, for one, am glad that they’re generally not too butchered by overly puritanical airlines.

    电影是长途飞行中为数不多的节省之选之一。 我感到很高兴的是,他们通常不会被过多的清教徒航空公司所宰杀。

    Image Credit: Pavel L Photo and Video/Shutterstock

    图片来源: Pavel L照片和视频 / Shutterstock

    翻译自: https://www.howtogeek.com/367366/what-does-edited-for-content-mean-on-airplane-movies/


  • 1. If you're in a pickle on what to choose for your child, we have some ideas to start with.如果你处于困境正在就如何选择适合您的孩子,我们有一些想法开始。2. in pickle2. I am in a pickle because she ...

    1. If you're in a pickle on what to choose for your child, we have some ideas to start with.


    2. in pickle

    2. I am in a pickle because she got knocked up!


    3. In seven evening that day, each family suspends the fruit which the wheat fried cake and this year first time harvests, the women is suspending well Hua Shui on the pickle jar stage to implore the family member longevity, the hope family is well.


    4. Compiled code objects; functions and classes record just their names in pickles, to allow for later reimport and automatic acquisition of changes made in module files.


    5. Over40% of our products are for exporting, and the main products for sale in domestic market include glass bottles of the following categories: honey, can, beverage, mudsnail, coffee, pickle, wine, Panax, etc.


    6. Results: They are prill or packaged. In this experiment, only one pickle was overproof. The average content of nitrite in Chinese cabbage was 1.3086 mg/kg, which is statistic-validly lower than those in others, and higher content in bulk than in bag. But there were no statistically significant deffences between then.


    7. Upon completion of these projects Posco will be able to pickle 6.5 million t of steel in these lines.


    8. Preserved in or treated with pickle.


    9. In general complete pickle support should only be implemented for extension classes that will eventually be pickled.


    10. 911查询·英语单词

    10. Peter Piper picked a peck of pickle prepared by his parents and put them in a big paper plate.


    11. Three pathogenic microorganism from Xiaoshan pickle radish in vacuum package were classified and identified.


    12. In the problem of restraining produced by salinity in the bloat pickle wastewater, by adding betain into reactor, which can efficiently reduced restraining of high salinity on the anaerobic microorganism activity.


    13. Pickle generally is a water- acid solution that is stored in large open tank.


    14. Pickle generally is water - acid solution that is stored in large open tank.


    15. Capsicum oleoresin is the main hot element, it is widely used in chili sauce、chili oil、bottom material of chafing dish, also used in Kim chi、preserved Szechuan pickle、soy sauce、KFC、Macdonald in great amount, and is mainly added to various chili products and convenience food flavoring package.


    16. Selection of Producing Lactobacillin Strains of Lactic Acid Bacteria and Its Applications in Meat Products and Pepper Fermentation; 2. A novel lactobacillin-producing strain was screened and isolated from pickle samples.


    17. Was achieved at the 5th day when Allium chinense was pickle d in the medium containing lactic acid bacteria and lactic acid.


    18. If I was in a pickle, I would call my congressman, too, and see if they can't help me, Zandi says.


    19. And iemand in de pekel laten zitten, .let someone sit in the pickle..


    20. But don`t be in a pickle.


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  • A:I don’t know what to do! I’ve been dieting for months and I just can’t seem to lose any weight!我不知道做什么!我节食已经有好几个月了。好像还不能减少体重!B:Are you doing any exercise?你在做...
  • What does <=> in MySQL mean and do?解决方案The manual says it all:NULL-safe equal. This operatorperforms an equality comparison likethe = operator, but returns 1 ratherthan NULL if both operands...
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  • If that is the case, then <strong>what does it mean? and <strong>when we use it to compare to the other object, how do they compare, in other words, how does golang determine one object is nil...
  • <p>I'm trying to understand this piece of code for returning how many zeroes ... if (count[i]>>uint8(7-j))&0x1 != 0 { return i*8 + j } } } return IdLength*8 - 1 } </code></pre> </div>
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  • <p>What does the _, after the if mean? Is it specifying that something will be assigned in the if condition (as it appears is happening with err)? I couldn't find an example of this syntax on the wiki...
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    2014-09-19 17:18:58
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