• Introduction Hi there avid programmers! It注释:s great to see you at the start of a new series of articles on objects and Visual Basic.... lets find out where you get other objects from >>


    Hi there avid programmers! It注释:s great to see you at the start of a new series of articles on objects and Visual Basic.

    Well, lets start with the basics (excuse the pun): I注释:m Sam Huggill and I will be guiding you through the jungle of class modules, ActiveX components, DLLs and much more over the coming weeks. If you ever had any doubts about objects, read on!

    In this first part, I will be covering the following things:

    - What注释:s an object?

    - Where can I pick up an object?

    - Why should I use objects?

    - My first object!

    OK - Now that we are clear about what I注释:m supposed to be doing, we better proceed! But just before we do, I want to remind you that I want to hear what you think about this tutorial. Boring, interesting, too much or too little? Let me know by clicking on the Post Feedback Now link at the bottom of each page of this tutorial.

    Right, on with the learning!

    What注释:s an object?

    Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it注释:s an object! (Sorry for those of you who never watched superman :)

    Objects are things that you can program with, things that make programming easier. They contain a set of methods and properties that allow you to make the object do certain things without actually having to look at the objects code. For example, you have probably used the following statement many times:

    Text1.Text = ""

    Remeber that? Well, what you are doing is setting the property Text, of the text box object Text1 to equal nothing.

    See, objects are really easy, you注释:ve been using them ever since that first "Hello World!" program you wrote!

    In fact, all the controls you see on your VB toolbox are all objects. For a better look at objects, either press F2 or click View, Object Browser. This nifty little window allows you to see all the properties and methods of the objects currently loaded.

    If you click on the combo box that currently contains , and select VB, you will see a list (on the left) of all the standard controls in your toolbox.

    Just try clicking on TextBox. See, recognise some of those methods and properties? (I sure hope so :)

    Here注释:s what we注释:ve done so far:

    - Example of the Textbox object

    - Realised how simple objects can be (yes, you have really :)

    - Taken a look inside the object browser

    Right, lets find out where you get other objects from >>

  • 【判断题】MySQL就是在Windows操作系统上运行的应用软件。 【判断题】UPDATE语句功能是对表中所有记录或满足条件的记录进行批量更新。 【其它】下列关于佚事记录法的说法中,正确的是: 【判断题】在MySQL数据库中,...


    【单选题】下列原子构成的单质中既能与稀硫酸反应又能与烧碱溶液反应且都产生H 2 的是( )








    【填空题】We had already ____ contact with the museum.







    【单选题】The famous writer _____ one new book in the past two year.

    【填空题】He doubled the parts of king and ____ in that play.

    【填空题】The computer's entire ____ was on a single board.

    【填空题】IPv4地址分为 段,每一段由 位组成。


    【单选题】下列关于元素第一电离能的说法不正确的是( )



    【单选题】鈴木:ここが王さんの部屋ですか 王 : ええ、留学に来てからずっとここに住んでいます。 鈴木:この建物に住んでいる人はみんな留学生ですか 王:いいえ、日本人もたくさんいます 鈴木:テレビもエアコンも冷蔵庫もあるし、マンションのような部屋ですね 王:いえいえ。でも、一人部屋で落ちついて勉強できるし、学校の建物で安いし、とても気に入っています。 鈴木:ほんとにいいですね。私もいまのアパートを出て、ここに住みたいです。

    【多选题】大众传播媒体面对的受众,其特点也是 。

    【判断题】在MySQL数据库中,utf8(UTF-8 Unicode)是指Unicode字符的一种变长字符编码。英文使用8位(即一个字节)编码,中文使用16位(2个字节)编码,utf8包含全世界所有国家需要的字符,是国际编码,通用性强。也就是UTF8字符集支持所有国家的语言。



    【单选题】若某元素原子处于能量最低状态时,价电子排布式为4d 1 5s 2 ,则下列说法正确的是( )

    【单选题】His father ______ the Party since 1978. A. B. C. D.



    【单选题】下列机械联接中, 联接,可以是可拆联接,也可以是不可拆联接。


    【单选题】为了易于自锁,联接螺纹常采用 螺纹。

    【单选题】具有下列电子层结构的原子或离子,其对应的元素一定属于同一周期的是( )

    【填空题】Task 2 Fill in the blanks with words chosen from the the words below. Change the form where necessary. Persistent, illustrate, sustain, motivate, alter, endure, occupy, substitue, essential, frustrated, impact, energize, enable, utmost, tremendous To make the principle more easily understood, the professor ______ it with a few examples. Easy access to the Internet ____ modern people to stay well-informed without having to buy a newpaper or turn on the TV. _____ rain in that region has left more more than a hundred people dead and tens of thousands homeless. A highly ______ person is far more willing to stp outside their comfort zone and take a life changing chance. Many people cannot _____ stresses from work and life and get addicted to alcohol. College students often experience ______ with their academic studies or interpersonal relationships in the first year. People's attitudes have great _____ upon the way they deal with ups and downs in their lives. If you keep ____ your mind with previous failures in your current job, you will never seize a chance to succeed. _____ development is a patter of resource use that aims to meet the current needs while preserving the environment of future generations. Only when you devote all of your courage and energy, can you achieve your _____ potential. (10.0分)




    【单选题】A 元素的阴离子、B元素的阴离子和C元素的阳离子具有相同的电子层结构。已知A的原子序数大于B的原子序数。则根据元素周期律可知:A、B、C三种原子半径大小的顺序是( )


    【单选题】下列说法中正确的是( )

    【单选题】玻尔理论、量子力学理论都是对核外电子运动的描述方法,根据对它们的理解,下列叙述中正确的是( )

    【填空题】Haruki Murakami is Japan's best-selling ____ .


    【填空题】There is something a little ____ about him.



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    Free, open source Project Management software



    MyCollab is the free and open source project management software. Intuitive UI, rich features, high performance and stable are the advantages compare with various popular tools in the market such as Redmine, Bugzilla, Mantis etc. This open source is included into a trusted commercial product that is deployed on hundreds of companies' servers.


    Project Dashboard


    Ticket Dashboard


    Kanban Board


    Task View





    New features, enhancements, and updates appear on a regular basis.

    Pull requests and bug reports are always welcome!

    Visit our website https://www.mycollab.com/ to get a free trial of the premium service.


    MyCollab provides the rich set features of Project Management, Customer Management module and online collaboration methods.

    Project Management

    Activity stream and audit logging

    Kanban board

    Roadmap view

    Issues Management

    Tasks and dependencies management


    Time tracking (for premium users only)

    Invoice management (for premium users only)

    Risk Management (For premium users only)

    People and Permission management


    We use MyCollab in our daily jobs to manage our customers information, projects. It is deployed in the production environment of our premium users, and we supported several organizations to deploy this community version on their servers as well. We take care of our open source edition similar than we do for our premium product, in fact both of them use the same code base structure. So feel free to use it in your business jobs!

    System Requirements

    MyCollab requires a running Java Runtime Environment (8 or greater), Java command should be presented in PATH environment and MySQL (InnoDB support recommended).

    Java Runtime Environment 8+: MyCollab could run when any JVM compatible platform such as Oracle JRE or OpenJDK.

    MySQL database, version 5.6+: the higher version is recommended

    1 GB RAM minimum, 2 GB RAM recommended


    If you need to understand the more MyCollab advanced configuration settings, please visit the link https://docs.mycollab.com/getting-started/configuration/. You will finish reading and understanding in a matter of minutes.

    If you want to customize MyCollab, following links are useful to you:


    Contact the MyCollab team at:

    License & Author

    MyCollab community is licensed with Affero GPL v3. For license terms, see https://www.gnu.org/licenses/agpl-3.0.en.html

    You can try MyCollab on-demand edition on site https://www.mycollab.com

  • geektool--一款很geek的工具

    千次阅读 2020-12-19 23:40:14
    2016/12/18今天尝试一款很geek的工具geektool听名字就超级geek有木有get itgeektool website从官网直接下载app,一键傻瓜式安装。use itGeekTool started it's life as a software mostly used by computer ...





    get it

    geektool website


    use it

    GeekTool started it's life as a software mostly used by computer scientists and geeks, hence the name.



    The time passing by, I finally realized that those geeks from the beginning of GeekTool made things so cool that the that mere mortals wanted to use it as well!

    GeekTool is now much easier to use by anyone, let's see what we can do with it.


    what it can do







    Logs Geeklet -- 打印日志

    添加一个log窗口 => 在属性窗口中的file选项中找到系统日志 (/var/log/system.log)






    Shell Geeklet -- shell窗口


    Image Geeklet -- 相册


    Web Geeklet -- 网站



    how to reset your geektool :

    open a terminal window and =>

    defaults delete org.tynsoe.geektool3

    defaults delete org.tynsoe.geeklet.file

    defaults delete org.tynsoe.geeklet.shell

    defaults delete org.tynsoe.geeklet.image

    defaults delete org.tynsoe.geeklet.web

    as you can see, /Library/Preferences/org.tynsoe.geeklet~~ 就是保存设置的地方。



    里面好多好玩的东西,just have fun!

  • kalimain non-free contrib用apt-get upgrade更新系统时出现“The following packages have been keptback”时用下面这个命令:apt-get dist-upgrade安装中文字体和五笔拼音输入法:apt-get install fcitx-table-...
  • 其实在部署的过程中,尤其现在微服务架构的盛行,软件本身喜欢用什么敏捷开发,导致持续发布的困难也是相当的大,原来不管项目怎么整,只要最后把项目部署好,可以正常的访问这个项目就部署好了。但是一旦把项目拆的...
  • dpkg --get-selections

    2021-05-13 01:54:05
    问题描述执行dpkg --get-selections显示包含标记install...可以做些什么,以便标记为deinstall的软件包不再被dpkg --get-selections列出?最佳解决方法What does “deinstall” mean?从dpkg的手册页来看,这意味着th...
  • 围绕软件开发实践和方法论,总有很多教条式的口水仗。阶段式(phase-gate)方法能够有效管理软件开发过程的风险,还是说只是风险管理中的花哨噱头?TDD真的能够促生出高品质软件?结对编程是代码评审的有效替代抑或...
  • unzip安装 yum install -y unzip zip yum安装wget yum install wget -y yum安装netstat yum install net-tools mysql客户端安装(具体安装版本http://repo.mysql.com在该链接找...rpm -ivh mysql57-community.
  • 软件测试工程师面试英语发表于:2007-6-05 09:50 作者:未知 来源:网络1. What types of documents would you need for QA, QC, and Testing?2. What did you include in a test plan?3. Describe any bug you ...
  • 通过yum在线安装(联网)c.weget url 在线下载软件(只负责下载,不安装)1.通过rpm包来进行软件的安装和卸载①rpm包的查询和卸载rpm -qa :查询linux系统已经安装的rpm包rpm -qa | grep vim :寻找系统中安装含有 vim ...
  • linux 卸载软件命令Linux provides different methods for installing software. You can install software from the standard Ubuntu software repositories using the Ubuntu Software Center, from outside of ...
  • photoshop画笔选项里的“平滑”到底是什么意思?以下文字资料是由(历史新知网www.lishixinzhi.com)小编为大家搜集整理后发布的内容,让我们赶快一起来看一下吧!photoshop画笔选项里的“平滑”到底是什么意思?平滑...
  • 密码学是什么意思

    2021-07-01 02:11:03
    1. 本文综述了计算机密码学在分组密码,序列密码,公钥密码,混沌密码等方面研究的新进In this paper we survey the new advances in the research on computer cipher, focusing on block cipher, sequence cipher,...
  • As we have seen the configure script's main job was to create a file named Makefile to be used with make utility. (Sometimes the Makefile is named as makefile also) make would use the directions ...
  • 脱机的是什么意思

    2021-05-04 08:21:08
    1. 或者是,将记录传送到脱机系统去处理,以降低交换机的负荷。Alternatively, the records can be transferred to an off-line ... 虽然第三方可用的应用软件很少,但在 Windows 1.0程序包中,有 MS-DOS 命令执行...
  • 基于OPC的组态软件和MATLAB的通信实现摘要:MCGS作为优秀的国产组态软件,具有实用性强、组态灵活等优点,但它的数据处理能力较弱。MATLAB被广泛应用于科学计算、数学建模与仿真上,始终未能应用于实际的控制系统中...
  • 软件测试笔试题:What are the reasons that WinRunner fails to identify an object on the GUI?WinRunner fails to identify an object in a GUI due to various reasons. The object is not a stan dard windows ...
  • You can install it by typing: sudo apt-get install texinfo crifan@ubuntu:~/develop/crosstool-ng/crosstool-ng-1.18.0$ sudo apt-get install texinfo Reading package lists... Done Building dependency ...
  • FIR 滤波器设计软件

    2021-11-15 14:05:30
    这里有几个例子介绍软件的使用 https://www.minidsp.com/applications/advanced-tools/rephase-fir-tool#overview 这里可进行软件的下载 rePhase - Official Site - Free FIR filtering tool 2.filter hose...
  • We could have created a uniform template to present all the examples, but we decided not to because we did not want to advocate a specific use case template. There are enough around now, and just as ...
  • 外企面试-软件测试

    2021-04-27 13:38:10
     以最少的人力、物力和时间找出软件中潜在的各种错误和缺陷,通过修正错误和缺陷提高软件质量,回避因软件发布后由于潜在的缺陷和错误造成的隐患带来的商业风险。 Purpose of software testing Find software ...
  • 软件测试工程师面试英文自我介绍》由会员分享,可在线阅读,更多相关《软件测试工程师面试英文自我介绍(4页珍藏版)》请在人人文库网上搜索。1、软件测试工程师面试英文自我介绍篇一、范文Im , Im twenty-six year ...
  • As for stm32 on linux host, we use dfu/serial/jtag to upload firmware, setup like below: - Install Codesourcery toolchain. (e.g. arm-2011.03-42-arm-none-eabi) - Install dfu-util/pyserial/openocd ...
  • PEA软件-GNSS 服务端整网数据处理的开源软件 官方文档 Analysis Centre Software - Network Parameter Estimation Algorithm Overview The Analysis Centre Software (ACS) is a processing package being ...
  • You can get certified according to the Foundation Level Syllabus by taking an exam offered through a recognized National Board. Such National Boards include the American Testing Board, the Indian ...
  • 你将学到什么AlgorithmsProblem SolvingString (Computer Science)Java Programming课程概况Learn to code in Java and improve your programming and problem-solving skills. You will learn to design algorithms...
  • 在所列出的:1、字处理软件,2、Linux,3、Unix,4、学籍管理系统,5、Windows7 ,6、Office 2003,六个软件中,属于系统软件的有( )。更多相关问题You must ________ what the teacher explains in the class, or ...
  • 【填空题】Don't come tomorrow, I'd rather you ...【单选题】By the time you get to Shanghai tomorrow, I __________ for Chongqing.【名词解释】高尔夫俱乐部服务【单选题】Look out! Don’t get too close to ...



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