• windows自定义图标Personalizing your icons is a great way to make a PC uniquely yours. Let’s take a look at the different ways Windows lets you customize your icons. 个性化您的图标是使PC独树一帜的好...


    custom icons shown on desktop

    Personalizing your icons is a great way to make a PC uniquely yours. Let’s take a look at the different ways Windows lets you customize your icons.

    个性化您的图标是使PC独树一帜的好方法。 让我们看一下Windows允许您自定义图标的不同方式。

    Windows has some built-in icons you can choose from, but there is also an untold number of icons you can download from sites like IconArchive, DeviantArt, and Iconfinder—all of which have loads of free icons. And if you can’t find something you like, you can even make high-resolution icons out of any image.

    Windows提供了一些内置图标供您选择,但是您也可以从IconArchiveDeviantArtIconfinder等网站下载大量图标,所有这些图标都包含大量免费图标。 如果找不到喜欢的东西,甚至可以从任何图像中制作出高分辨率的图标

    Once you have the icons of your dreams, save them in a safe place—some of these processes will require they stay in a particular location on your PC. In other cases, you’ll probably want them there just in case something goes wrong and you have to re-apply them.

    拥有梦想中的图标后,请将其保存在安全的地方-其中一些过程将要求它们留在PC上的特定位置。 在其他情况下,您可能希望它们在那里,以防万一出问题了,您必须重新应用它们。

    更改您的桌面图标(计算机,回收站,网络等) (Change Your Desktop Icons (Computer, Recycle Bin, Network, and So On))

    Icons like This PC, Network, Recycle Bin, and your User folder are all considered “desktop icons,” even though modern versions of Windows don’t show them all on the desktop. Windows 8 and 10 don’t show any of the desktop icons except for Recycle Bin, and even Windows 7 doesn’t show them all. For a complete rundown, check out our guide to restoring missing desktop icons in Windows 7, 8, or 10.

    即使现代版本的Windows不能在桌面上全部显示这些图标,例如“本PC”,“网络”,“回收站”和“用户”文件夹之类的图标也被视为“桌面图标”。 Windows 8和10除回收站外不显示任何桌面图标,甚至Windows 7也不显示所有图标。 有关完整的概述,请查看我们的指南,以恢复Windows 7、8或10中丢失的桌面图标

    But you can still change how these icons appear elsewhere on your system. To do so, you’ll need to access the “Desktop Icon Settings” window to turn these icons on and off or to change the associated icons.  In Windows 10, you can access this window through Settings > Personalization > Themes > Desktop Icon Settings. In Windows 8 and 10, it’s Control Panel > Personalize > Change Desktop Icons.

    但是您仍然可以更改这些图标在系统中其他位置的显示方式。 为此,您需要访问“桌面图标设置”窗口以打开和关闭这些图标或更改关联的图标。 在Windows 10中,您可以通过“设置”>“个性化”>“主题”>“桌面图标设置”访问此窗口。 在Windows 8和10中,它是控制面板>个性化>更改桌面图标。

    Use the checkboxes in the “Desktop icons” section to select which icons you want on your desktop. To change an icon, select the icon you want to change and then click the “Change Icon” button.

    使用“桌面图标”部分中的复选框,选择要在桌面上使用的图标。 要更改图标,请选择要更改的图标,然后单击“更改图标”按钮。

    choose an icon and click the change icon button

    In the “Change Icon” window, you can select any icon you want from the built-in Windows icons, or you can click “Browse” to locate your own icon files.


    click a built-in icon or click the browse button

    If you browse for your own icons, you can select any EXE, DLL, or ICO file. After selecting the file, the “Change Icon” window will show the icons contained in the file you selected. Click the one you want and then click “OK.” Here, we’re changing the “This PC” icon to use one that looks more like a laptop than a desktop.

    如果浏览自己的图标,则可以选择任何EXE,DLL或ICO文件。 选择文件后,“更改图标”窗口将显示所选文件中包含的图标。 单击所需的一个,然后单击“确定”。 在这里,我们正在更改“此PC”图标,以使用看起来更像笔记本电脑而不是台式机的图标。

    choose an icon and click OK

    After changing your icon, you should see the new icon used in File Explorer, on the Desktop, and in the taskbar when the folder is open.


    custom icon shown on desktop

    And if you want to reverse the change, you can always go back to the “Desktop Icon Settings” window, select the icon you want to change back, and then click “Restore Default.”


    restoring the default desktop icons

    更改文件夹图标 (Change Folder Icons)

    Changing the icon for a folder is not only a good way to pretty things up, but also to call attention to important items. To change a folder icon, right-click the folder you want to change and then choose “Properties.”

    更改文件夹图标不仅是美观的一种好方法,而且还可以引起人们对重要项目的注意。 要更改文件夹图标,请右键单击要更改的文件夹,然后选择“属性”。

    select properties from a folder's context menu

    In the folder’s properties window, switch to the “Customize” tab and then click the “Change Icon” button.


    click change icon button on the customize tab

    In the “Change Icon” window, you can select any icon you want from the built-in Windows icons, or you can Click “Browse” to locate your own icons.


    click an icon or click browse

    If you browse for your own icon file, you can select any EXE, DLL, or ICO file. After selecting the file, the “Change Icon” window will show the icons contained in the file you selected. Click the one you want and then click “OK.” Here, we’re changing the icon for this folder to a red one to make it stand out more.

    如果浏览自己的图标文件,则可以选择任何EXE,DLL或ICO文件。 选择文件后,“更改图标”窗口将显示所选文件中包含的图标。 单击所需的一个,然后单击“确定”。 在这里,我们将该文件夹的图标更改为红色,以使其更加突出。

    choose an icon and click OK

    And back in the properties window, click “OK.”


    click OK to exit properties window

    The folder should now show up with the new icon.


    new icon shown in file explorer

    This feature works by creating a hidden Desktop.ini file inside the folder that contains a few lines of data something like the following:



    This is one of the cases where you absolutely must keep the ICO file in whatever location you had it when you applied the icon. Put it somewhere you know you won’t delete it first, or make the ICO file hidden.

    这是在应用图标时绝对必须将ICO文件保存在任何位置的情况之一。 将其放在您不会首先删除它或隐藏ICO文件的位置。

    And if you want to fine-tune how folders look and operate on your PC, you should also explore how to customize folder views with Windows’ five templates and how to customize folder view settings in Windows.


    更改文件类型的图标 (Change the Icon for a Type of File)

    You can also change the icon for specific file types (those that end in certain extensions) so that all files of that type use the new icon. Why bother to do this? Suppose, for example, you use an image editing program that uses essentially the same icon for all the different types of image files it supported—PNG, JPG, GIF, and so on. You might find it more convenient if each of those file types used a different icon, so they were easier to distinguish—especially if you keep multiple file types in the same folder.

    您还可以更改特定文件类型(以某些扩展名结尾的文件)的图标,以使该类型的所有文件都使用新图标。 为什么要这样做呢? 例如,假设您使用一个图像编辑程序,对于它所支持的所有不同类型的图像文件(PNG,JPG,GIF等),其本质上都使用相同的图标。 如果这些文件类型中的每一个都使用不同的图标,则可能会更方便,因此它们更容易区分-特别是如果您在同一文件夹中保留多个文件类型。

    Unfortunately, there’s no built-in way to do this in Windows. Instead, you’ll need to download a free tool to do the job: File Types Manager by Nirsoft. We’ve got a complete guide to using File Types Manager to change the icon for a certain file type, so if you think this would be useful for you, give it a read!

    不幸的是,Windows没有内置的方法可以做到这一点。 相反,您需要下载一个免费工具来完成这项工作:Nirsoft的File Types Manager 。 我们已经为使用文件类型管理器更改特定文件类型的图标提供了完整的指南,因此,如果您认为这对您有用,请仔细阅读!

    filetypesman window

    The one type of file that File Types Manager is not good at handling, though, is executable (EXE) files. For that, we’ve got another free tool recommendation: Resource Hacker. And of course, we also have a guide on using it to modify the icon for an EXE file.

    但是,文件类型管理器不擅长处理的一种文件类型是可执行(EXE)文件。 为此,我们还有另一个免费工具推荐: Resource Hacker 。 当然,我们也提供使用它来修改EXE文件图标的指南。

    更改任何快捷方式的图标 (Change the Icon of Any Shortcut)

    Changing the icon for a shortcut in Windows is also pretty simple and works the same whether it’s a shortcut to an app, folder, or even Command Prompt command. Right-click the shortcut and choose “Properties.”

    在Windows中更改快捷方式的图标也非常简单,并且无论是应用程序,文件夹乃至命令提示符命令的快捷方式,其作用都相同。 右键单击快捷方式,然后选择“属性”。

    choose properties command on shortcut's context menu

    On the “Shortcut” tab, click the “Change Icon” button.


    click change icon button on the shortcut tab

    This opens the standard “Change Icon” window we’ve seen a couple of times already. Choose one of the default icons or browse to any EXE, DLL, or ICO file that contains icons. After making and applying your selection, you’ll see the new icon in File Explorer, on the Desktop, or on the taskbar if you have your Shortcut pinned there.

    这将打开标准的“更改图标”窗口,我们已经看到过几次了。 选择默认图标之一,或浏览到包含图标的任何EXE,DLL或ICO文件。 做出选择并应用选择之后,如果将快捷方式固定在文件管理器,桌面或任务栏上,则会看到新图标。

    choose icon or click browse

    If you want, you can even customize those shortcut icons further by removing (or changing) the arrow overlays or preventing Windows from adding the “- Shortcut” text.


    更改固定在任务栏上的应用程序图标 (Change the Icon of Apps that Are Pinned to the Taskbar)

    Icons that are pinned to your taskbar are really shortcuts—they just don’t have the arrow overlay and “- Shortcut” text normally associated with shortcuts. As such, you can customize their icons in nearly the same way that you customize any shortcut icon. You just need to keep a few things in mind:

    固定在任务栏上的图标实际上是快捷方式-它们只是没有箭头覆盖和通常与快捷方式相关联的“-快捷方式”文本。 这样,您几乎可以像自定义任何快捷方式图标一样自定义其图标。 您只需要记住以下几点:

    • You can only customize the icons of apps that are actually pinned to the taskbar. If the icon is only on the taskbar because the app is currently running and it isn’t pinned there, you can’t customize it. So, pin it first.

      您只能自定义实际固定在任务栏上的应用程序的图标。 如果该图标仅在任务栏上,因为该应用程序当前正在运行且未固定在该图标上,则无法自定义它。 因此,请先固定它。
    • If an app is pinned, but is currently running, you’ll need to close the app before you can change the shortcut icon.

    • Just right-clicking a pinned app shows you the app’s jumplist. To access the regular context menu instead, hold the Shift key down while right-clicking the icon. Choose “Properties” from that menu and then the rest of the process will be familiar to you from the previous section.

      只需右键单击固定的应用程序即可显示该应用程序的跳转列表。 要改为访问常规上下文菜单,请在右键单击图标的同时按住Shift键。 从该菜单中选择“属性”,然后您将在上一节中熟悉其余的过程。
    choose properties command on taskbar shortcut's context menu

    在文件资源管理器中更改任何驱动器的图标 (Change the Icon of any Drive in File Explorer)

    There’s no simple built-in way to change the icons for drives in Windows. That doesn’t mean you can’t do it though. The easy way is to use a free app named Drive Icon Changer. There’s also a way that works a bit differently and involves a little Registry editing. You can read all about both methods in our guide to changing drive icons in Windows.

    没有简单的内置方法可以更改Windows中驱动器的图标。 但这并不意味着您不能这样做。 简单的方法是使用名为Drive Icon Changer的免费应用程序。 还有一种工作方式略有不同,并且涉及少许注册表编辑。 您可以在我们的Windows更改驱动器图标指南中阅读有关这两种方法的全部信息。

    drive icon changer window

    Drive Icon Changer is the easiest way, though you can do it from the registry if you’d prefer not to use extra software.

    Drive Icon Changer是最简单的方法,但是如果您不想使用其他软件,则可以从注册表中进行操作。

    Hopefully, this gives you enough information about changing icons that you can make things look just the way you want them.


    翻译自: https://www.howtogeek.com/howto/13631/customize-your-icons-in-windows-7-and-vista/


  • Windows 8.1安装完成以后,桌面上默认只有一个回收站图标,如果要把其他一些系统图标比如计算机、网络还有控制面板在桌面显示出来的话,可以通过在桌面上点击右键,然后选“个性化”-》更改桌面图标,就可以出现一...

    在Windows 8.1安装完成以后,桌面上默认只有一个回收站图标,如果要把其他一些系统图标比如计算机、网络还有控制面板在桌面显示出来的话,可以通过在桌面上点击右键,然后选“个性化”-》更改桌面图标,就可以出现一个桌面图标设置的窗口,如下图:

    如图选上要在桌面显示的图标然后确定就可以了,不过在Windows 10系统中,个性化菜单中这一项“更改桌面图标”的设置就没有了(至少在未激活的Win10是没有的),那么这种情况应该如何解决这个问题呢,其实也比较简单,就是在Win10的开始-》运行命令“rundll32.exe shell32.dll,Control_RunDLL desk.cpl,,0”,就可以直接打开桌面图标设置窗口了,大致如下图:

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  • mac 菜单图标删除Your Mac’smenu bar can start to look a lot like the Windows system trayafter you install a few programs. Here’s how to declutter the menu bar and get those icons under control. ...
    mac 菜单栏图标删除

    mac 菜单栏图标删除


    Your Mac’s menu bar can start to look a lot like the Windows system tray after you install a few programs. Here’s how to declutter the menu bar and get those icons under control.

    安装一些程序后,Mac的菜单栏开始看起来很像Windows系统托盘。 这是整理菜单栏并使这些图标受到控制的方法。

    In older versions of OS X, could only move Apple’s first-party icons, for things like battery and Wi-Fi, and only within the right side of the menu bar, where other first-party icons lived. You couldn’t move icons for third-party apps. But all that’s changed with the release of macOS Sierra, which allows you to move any icon anywhere you want. This should have happened 15 years ago, but we’ll take it.

    在较旧的OS X版本中,只能移动Apple的第一方图标(例如电池和Wi-Fi),并且只能移动菜单栏右侧的其他第一方图标所在的位置。 您无法移动第三方应用程序的图标。 但是随着macOS Sierra的发布,这一切都发生了变化,它允许您将任何图标移动到所需的任何位置。 这本应该在15年前发生,但我们会接受。

    如何在macOS Sierra中重新排列菜单栏图标 (How to Rearrange Menu Bar Icons in macOS Sierra)

    To move any menu bar icon, simply hold the “Command” key, then click and drag the icon. You can move any icon anywhere this way.

    要移动任何菜单栏图标,只需按住“ Command”键,然后单击并拖动图标即可。 您可以通过这种方式将任何图标移动到任何地方。

    This means you can move third party icons over to the right, into territory Apple previously held as sacred. So if you want to put itsycal beside the clock, you can:

    这意味着您可以将第三方图标移到右侧,移至Apple先前认为神圣的地区。 所以,如果你想要把itsycal时钟旁边,您可以:


    And it gets even crazier. You can move Apple’s built-in icons to the left, forcing them to mingle with the commoners:

    而且变得更加疯狂。 您可以将Apple的内置图标向左移动,迫使它们与普通用户混合在一起:


    This is anarchy.


    Of course, it wouldn’t be Apple without some kind of arbitrary decision that takes away your choice. And when it comes to menu bar icons, Apple has decided that the Notification Center must take up the top-right position, complete with unnecessary white space to its right. It is sacred, it is unmovable, and there nothing you can do about it.

    当然,如果没有某种任意决定会带走您的选择,那就不是Apple。 对于菜单栏图标,苹果公司决定通知中心必须占据右上角的位置,并在其右边留有不必要的空白。 它是神圣的,不可移动,对此您无能为力。

    And as mentioned earlier, Apple also doesn’t let you hide third-party icons, the way Windows has for years and third party Mac apps like Bartender ($15) make possible. If the clutter is all too much for you, you can hide the menu bar entirely until you need it.

    而且如前所述,Apple也不允许您隐藏第三方图标,Windows多年以来的这种方式以及第三方Mac应用程序(如Bartender) (15美元)使之成为可能。 如果您觉得杂物太多,可以完全隐藏菜单栏,直到需要它为止。

    如何在旧版本的OS X中重新排列菜单栏图标 (How to Rearrange Menu Bar Icons in Older Versions of OS X)

    If you’re stuck running a pre-Sierra version of OS X, you can still move icons by holding “Command” and dragging the icon around.

    如果您仍然无法运行Sierra的Sierra之前版本,则仍然可以通过按住“ Command”并在周围拖动图标来移动图标。

    However, this will only work with the clock, battery, Wi-Fi, Time Machine, audio, fast user switching and Bluetooth icons. It doesn’t work with the Spotlight or Notification Center icons, which are always located at the right side of the bar. It also doesn’t work with icons provided by third-party applications. But, if you just have a handful of preinstalled icons you want to rearrange, you can do it in a few seconds.

    但是,这仅适用于时钟,电池,Wi-Fi, Time Machine ,音频,快速用户切换和蓝牙图标。 它不能与始终位于栏右侧的SpotlightNotification Center图标一起使用。 它也不适用于第三方应用程序提供的图标。 但是,如果您只需要重新安装几个预安装的图标,则可以在几秒钟内完成。


    如何在所有版本的macOS中删除菜单栏图标 (How to Remove Menu Bar Icons in All Versions of macOS)

    You can also remove some first-party icons altogether the same way. Drag Siri’s inexplicably colorful icon off the menu bar, and you can remove it with one swift motion.

    您也可以完全以相同的方式删除一些第一方图标。 将Siri莫名其妙的彩色图标拖离菜单栏,即可快速移动将其删除。


    If you later decide you miss Siri’s hot mess of colors alongisde those monochrome icons, you can re-enable it in System Preferences. This is true for most first-party menu bar icons. (Some may not even appear by default–like Bluetooth–but you can choose to show them from the Bluetooth pane in System Preferences.)

    如果以后您决定错过Siri的热乱颜色以及这些单色图标,则可以在“系统偏好设置”中重新启用它。 对于大多数第一方菜单栏图标都是如此。 (默认情况下,有些甚至可能不会出现,例如蓝牙,但是您可以选择从“系统偏好设置”的“蓝牙”窗格中显示它们。)


    Sadly, you cannot hide third-party icons this same way.


    You can generally remove these icons by clicking them and selecting “Quit” or a similar option in their menus. This quits the application running in the menu bar, so you don’t want to do this if you actually need the functionality provided by the icon.

    通常,您可以通过以下方式删除这些图标:单击它们,然后在其菜单中选择“退出”或类似选项。 这会退出在菜单栏中运行的应用程序,因此,如果您确实需要图标提供的功能,则不想执行此操作。


    Depending on the application, you may be also able to hide the icon from its settings. For example, to hide the Evernote icon, open the Evernote application, click Evernote > Preferences, and uncheck the “Show Evernote Helper in the menu bar” option. You’ll lose the ability to quickly add a note from the menu bar, but Evernote will leave your menu bar alone.

    根据应用程序的不同,您也许还可以从其设置中隐藏图标。 例如,要隐藏Evernote图标,请打开Evernote应用程序,单击Evernote>首选项,然后取消选中“在菜单栏中显示Evernote助手”选项。 您将失去从菜单栏中快速添加便笺的功能,但Evernote将不理会菜单栏。

    Other apps, like Dropbox, give you no such option. But there is a way around that.

    其他应用程序(例如Dropbox)则没有这种选择。 但是有一种解决方法。

    如何使用调酒师重新排列第三方图标 (How to Rearrange Third-Party Icons with Bartender)

    If you want to hide icons and get them out of the way without actually quitting the application–or if you just want to rearrange the icons and place them in a more convenient order–you’ll have to use third-party software for this.


    Bartender is a popular application for doing this on a Mac. There’s a four-week free trial, but a full license will cost you $15 for use on all your Macs. It’s up to you whether this is worth it, but Bartender allows you to both rearrange the app icons (on pre-Sierra versions of OS X) and hide them as many as you like in an overflow menu. You can also have icons appear on your Mac menu bar when they update, but keep them hidden most of the time.

    Bartender是在Mac上执行此操作的流行应用程序。 有一个为期四周的免费试用期,但要在所有Mac上使用完整许可证,则需要花费15美元。 这是否值得,取决于您,但是Bartender允许您重新排列应用程序图标(在Sierra之前的OS X版本上)并在溢出菜单中根据需要隐藏尽可能多的图标。 您也可以在Mac菜单栏上进行更新时显示图标,但大多数情况下将其隐藏。


    如何自定义内置菜单栏图标 (How to Customize Built-In Menu Bar Icons)

    Lastly, while we’re on the subject, many of the system icons that come with your Mac can also be configured to look different. Generally, these options appear in the System Preferences window, which you can open by clicking the Apple icon and selecting System Preferences.

    最后,当我们讨论这个主题时,Mac随附的许多系统图标也可以配置为看起来不同。 通常,这些选项显示在“系统偏好设置”窗口中,您可以通过单击Apple图标并选择“系统偏好设置”来打开。

    For example, you can click the battery icon on the menu and select “Show percentage” to toggle the showing of your battery percentage on the bar. You can click the Date & Time icon in System Preferences, select Clock, and use the options here to choose how the time appears in the menu bar — or hide the date and time entirely.

    例如,您可以单击菜单上的电池图标,然后选择“显示百分比”以在栏上切换电池百分比的显示。 您可以单击“系统偏好设置”中的“日期和时间”图标,选择“时钟”,然后使用此处的选项来选择时间在菜单栏中的显示方式,或完全隐藏日期和时间。


    For the fast user switching menu, which will show your full name on the menu bar by default if it’s enabled, click the Users & Groups icon in System Preferences, select Login Options, click the lock, and then type your password. Use the “Show fast user switching menu” to control whether the fast user switching menu appears on the bar, and whether it shows your full name, account name, or just an icon.

    对于快速用户切换菜单(如果已启用,默认情况下会在菜单栏上显示您的全名),请单击“系统偏好设置”中的“用户和组”图标,选择“登录选项”,单击锁,然后键入密码。 使用“显示快速用户切换菜单”来控制快速用户切换菜单是否显示在栏中,以及它是否显示您的全名,帐户名或仅一个图标。


    Do a little exploring, you may find something useful you didn’t know was there!


    翻译自: https://www.howtogeek.com/215978/how-to-rearrange-and-remove-your-macs-menu-bar-icons/

    mac 菜单栏图标删除

  • Windows Phone 菜单

    2013-06-05 18:14:20
     Windows Phone中的菜单栏最多可以显示4个图标按钮。这些图标会自动地被从左向右添加到菜单栏中。如果还有额外的选项可以通过菜单项来添加,这些菜单项默认是不显示的。只有在点击菜单栏右侧的省略号(或省略号下方...

    一.Application Bar

        Windows Phone中的菜单栏最多可以显示4个图标按钮。这些图标会自动地被从左向右添加到菜单栏中。如果还有额外的选项可以通过菜单项来添加,这些菜单项默认是不显示的。只有在点击菜单栏右侧的省略号(或省略号下方的区域)时才会显示出来,在电话屏幕的方向改变时,系统会自动处理菜单栏的方向(包括按钮和菜单项)。

    按钮中的图标应该是48 x 48像素的,其他的尺寸会自动被缩放为48x48的,不过这通常会导致失真。


        在一个新建的Silverlight for Windows Phone项目中,默认的MainPage.xaml文件中有一段被注释掉的代码,这就是与ApplicationBar相关的代码:

         < phone:PhoneApplicationPage.ApplicationBar >
    < shell:ApplicationBar  IsVisible ="True"  IsMenuEnabled ="True" >
    < shell:ApplicationBarIconButton  IconUri ="/Images/appbar.add.rest.png"  Text ="Add"  Click ="btnAdd_Click" />
    < shell:ApplicationBarIconButton  IconUri ="/Images/appbar.minus.rest.png"  Text ="Minus"  Click ="btnMinus_Click" />
    < shell:ApplicationBar.MenuItems >
    < shell:ApplicationBarMenuItem  Text ="菜单项1"  Click ="menuItem1_Click" />
    < shell:ApplicationBarMenuItem  Text ="菜单项2"  Click ="menuItem2_Click" />
    </ shell:ApplicationBar.MenuItems >
    </ shell:ApplicationBar >
    </ phone:PhoneApplicationPage.ApplicationBar >

    图中的IconUri并不存在,我们需要自己来添加图标文件,注意图片的Build Action属性应该为Content,然后修改相应的路径即可。关于图标我们可以在本机的X:\Program Files\Microsoft SDKs\Windows Phone\v7.0\Icons目录下找到。IsVisible用来控制菜单栏的可见性,IsMenuEnabled用来控制是否弹出菜单项。同时我们还可以为图标按钮和菜单项添加Click事件处理程序。


    下面演示通过托管代码创建菜单栏,在程序中引用ApplicationBar类需要添加using Microsoft.Phone.Shell;名称空间。完整代码如下:

    public  MainPage()

                ApplicationBar applicationBar;
    =   new  ApplicationBar();

    this .ApplicationBar  =  applicationBar;

    =   true ;
    =   true ;
                ApplicationBarIconButton btnAdd 
    =   new  ApplicationBarIconButton( new  Uri( " /Images/appbar.add.rest.png " , UriKind.Relative));
    =   " cancel " ;
                ApplicationBarIconButton btnMinus 
    =   new  ApplicationBarIconButton( new  Uri( " /Images/appbar.minus.rest.png " , UriKind.Relative));
    =   " close " ;
                ApplicationBarMenuItem menuItem1 
    =   new  ApplicationBarMenuItem( " 菜单项1 " );
                ApplicationBarMenuItem menuItem2 
    =   new  ApplicationBarMenuItem( " 菜单项2 " );
    +=   new  EventHandler(btnAdd_Click);
    +=   new  EventHandler(btnMinus_Click);
    +=   new  EventHandler(menuItem1_Click);
    +=   new  EventHandler(menuItem2_Click);
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  • 经常有人问在windows打开图片时提示“windows无法查看照片因为内存不足”这种情况该如何解决? 在使用windows双击打开图片时,一般默认是使用windows照片查看器打开但有些图片打开却提示“windows照片查看器无法显示...
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  • 第九章 图标Windows任务条  如果问一个非程序人员Windows最好的特色是什么,得到的答案应该是系统最有吸引力的图标。无论是Windows98现在支持的通用串行总线(USB)还是WDM(看上去有点像一个软件协会而不象普通的...
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     注1:这是凯旋自己的 Windows 7 装机日志,着重记录怎样优化、精简与净化 Windows 7 SP1 以上版本。有些理念未必符合各人情况,不用每样照搬。  注2:*号开头的段落表示需要重启电脑。  下面立即开始装机...
  • 3. 程序控制应用程序图标 4. 桌面屏幕信息 5. 本地窗体菜单 创建窗体 AIR 主要提供了下列方法用于创建程序窗体: AIR 自动为每个程序创建第一个窗体。这个窗体根据应用程序描述文件设置进行初始化。...
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  • 共享要求:Windows 7Windows XP处于同一个工作组,比如WORKGROUP,本文在Windows 7旗舰版和一、在Windows 7端共享设置1、检查设置Windows 7工作组Windows 7工作组设置方法如下:在桌面“我的电脑”图标上...
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    -------《Windows7开机加速全攻略》全文导航-------- Windows7开机加速全攻略一:序章 Windows7开机加速全攻略二:系统开机原理篇 Windows7开机加速全攻略三:开机设置优化 Windows7开机...
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    Windows 7 颠覆传统:Win7 颠覆了以往新出的操作系统一定比旧版更耗资源、速度更慢的传统印象。以俗称 Superbar 的全新任务栏 (New Taskbar) 替换从 Win95 时代起用了十几年的传统任务栏。支持 Multi-Touch 多点触控...
  • 我的同事Jason Perlow已经试过Windows 7了,并且很不喜欢它。而且更可悲的是,他痛恨的都是Windows 7升级的地方,虽然说任何事情包括微软所做的改进都不可能满足所有人,但仔细发现Jason所讨厌的这些特性都是可以...
  • WINDOWS目录下的程序(中英文对照表) backlight.exe 电源设置 btftpclient.exe 蓝牙资源管理器 bubblebreaker.exe 连球游戏 calc.exe 计算器 ca
  • Windows 7 家庭基础版系统精简了家庭高级版本系统的部分功能,特别是Aero特效的简化,导致在Windows 7 家庭基础版的系统设置桌面背景及屏保等功能时在控制面板和桌面右键菜单中是没有 个性化 这个组件的,用户会发现...
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