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    ipconfig /flushdns


  • windows_网络重置_重置网络_命令

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    背景:有时windows会莫名没有网,此时重置下网络,大多就好了 操作:用管理员身份,打开cmd窗口,一般输入下面1、2条目,然后重启系统,就好了 1、重置IP 设置,恢复到默认自动获取IP 和DNS 服务器地址 netsh ...





    1、重置IP 设置,恢复到默认自动获取IP 和DNS 服务器地址

    netsh int ip reset


    netsh winsock reset


    netsh winhttp  reset  proxy


    netsh advfirewall reset


    ipconfig /flushdns


  • DNS is used to translate between a human-readable name like poftut.com and IP address like 45.79.1333.118. DNS can use both UDP and TCP protocols but generally, UDP protocol is preferred. In this tuto...

    DNS is used to translate between a human-readable name like poftut.com and IP address like 45.79.1333.118. DNS can use both UDP and TCP protocols but generally, UDP protocol is preferred. In this tutorial, we will learn how to flush, clear the DNS cache with ipconfig /flushdns command. This tutorial can be applied to the All Windows Operating system versions like Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, Windows Server 2003, Windows Server 2008, Windows Server 2012, Windows Server 2016, Windows Server 2019 without a problem. This will not require special privileges like Administrator.

    DNS用于在易于poftut.com名称(例如poftut.com和IP地址(例如45.79.1333.118之间进行转换。 DNS可以同时使用UDP和TCP协议,但通常首选UDP协议。 在本教程中,我们将学习如何使用ipconfig /flushdns命令刷新,清除DNS缓存。 本教程可以毫无问题地应用于所有Windows操作系统版本,例如Windows XP,Windows 7,Windows 8,Windows 10,Windows Server 2003,Windows Server 2008,Windows Server 2012,Windows Server 2016,Windows Server 2019。 这将不需要管理员等特殊特权。

    什么是DNS缓存? (What Is DNS Cache?)

    For every domain name, DNS will query the DNS Server normally. But this may create a bottleneck in busy times. In order to prevent this bottleneck, DNS services use a cache mechanism. Learned DNS records are stored in a cache for some time. If during this period a DNS is queried cache returns if exists.

    对于每个域名,DNS都会正常查询DNS服务器。 但这可能会在繁忙时期造成瓶颈。 为了防止出现此瓶颈,DNS服务使用缓存机制。 学习到的DNS记录会在缓存中存储一​​段时间。 如果在此期间查询DNS,则如果存在则返回缓存。

    打印并列出当前的DNS缓存条目 (Print and List Current DNS Cache Entries)

    We can print or list currently cached DNS entries with the /displaydns option of ipconfig command.


    > ipconfig /displaydns
    Print and List Current DNS Cache Entries
    Print and List Current DNS Cache Entries

    As we can see from screenshot domain names are stored in DNS cache with related information. There is the following information

    从屏幕截图中可以看到,域名与相关信息一起存储在DNS缓存中。 有以下信息

    • Record Name specifies the name of the DNS record

    • Record Type specifies the type of DNS entry

    • Time To Live provides the validity time of the DNS entry

    • Data Length

    • Section


    使用ipconfig / flushdns命令刷新DNS条目(Flush DNS Entries with ipconfig /flushdns Command)

    In order to clear this DNS cache, we will use ipconfig command with /flushdns parameter. This will remove all DNS entries except localhost because it is a local system DNS record.

    为了清除此DNS缓存,我们将使用带/flushdns参数的ipconfig命令。 这将删除除localhost以外的所有DNS条目,因为它是本地系统DNS记录。

    > ipconfig /flushdns
    Flush DNS
    Flush DNS

    We can see that flush is completed successfully from the screenshot.


    LEARN MORE  What is Network Address Translation (NAT)?

    从运行框中清除DNS缓存 (Flush DNS Cache From Run Box)

    In the previous example, we have used a command line which is named cmd.exe. We can also run ipconfig /flushdns command from Run like below. This will open a command line and run the command to clear and delete all DNS cache entries. Then the command line will be closed automatically.

    在前面的示例中,我们使用了名为cmd.exe的命令行。 我们也可以像下面这样从Run运行ipconfig /flushdns命令。 这将打开命令行并运行命令以清除和删除所有DNS缓存条目。 然后命令行将自动关闭。

    Run Command
    Run Command

    检查DNS缓存条目是否刷新(Check DNS Cache Entries Whether Flushed)

    We can check whether flush is effective with the ipconfig /displaydns command again like below.

    我们可以再次使用ipconfig /displaydns命令检查刷新是否有效,如下所示。

    > ipconfig /displaydns
    Check DNS Cache Entries Whether Flushed
    Check DNS Cache Entries Whether Flushed

    As we can see other DNS entries are deleted successfully. There are only localhost and arpa DNS entries which are static.

    如我们所见,其他DNS条目已成功删除。 只有localhostarpa DNS条目是静态的。

    使用Clear-DnsClientCache PowerShell命令清除DNS缓存 (Flush DNS Cache with Clear-DnsClientCache PowerShell Command)

    PowerShell provides very same of the traditional MS-DOS commands. We can use all of the MS-DOS commands in PowerShell too. We can flush the DNS cache records with the ipconfig /flushdns command like below. First, we will open PowerShell from the start menu by writing powershell like below.

    PowerShell提供了与传统MS-DOS命令完全相同的功能。 我们也可以在PowerShell中使用所有MS-DOS命令。 我们可以使用ipconfig /flushdns命令刷新DNS缓存记录,如下所示。 首先,我们将通过如下所示编写powershell从开始菜单中打开PowerShell。

    Open PowerShell
    Open PowerShell

    Then we will type the command like below.


    PS> ipconfig /flushdns
    Flush DNS with PowerShell
    Flush DNS with PowerShell

    使用PowerShell Clear-DnsClientCache Cmdlet刷新DNS (Flush DNS with PowerShell Clear-DnsClientCache Cmdlet)

    Powershell provides a new way to clear DNS client cache or flush DNS with the Clear-DnsClientCache cmdlet. We will just execute the command below.

    Powershell提供了一种新的方式来清除DNS客户端缓存或使用Clear-DnsClientCache cmdlet刷新DNS。 我们将只执行以下命令。

    PS> Clear-DnsClientCache

    翻译自: https://www.poftut.com/how-to-flush-dns-and-reset-tcp-ip-with-ipconfig-flushdns-command-in-windows/

  • macos 清空dns缓存If you work on websites, you’ll occasionally need to reset your computer’s DNS cache, particularly after editing records or ... While flushing the DNS cache on Windows is easy...
    macos 清空dns缓存

    macos 清空dns缓存

    If you work on websites, you’ll occasionally need to reset your computer’s DNS cache, particularly after editing records or changing hosts. While flushing the DNS cache on Windows is easy with a dedicated command, Mac users have to use a bit of a workaround.

    如果您在网站上工作,则偶尔需要重置计算机的DNS缓存,尤其是在编辑记录或更改主机之后。 尽管使用专用命令很容易在Windows上刷新DNS缓存 ,但Mac用户必须使用一些解决方法。

    清除Mac上的DNS缓存 (Clear Your DNS Cache on Your Mac)

    To clear your DNS cache on your Mac, open the Terminal, which you can find in Applications > Utilities or by searching with Spotlight, and then run the following command:


    sudo killall -HUP mDNSResponder

    Enter your password when it’s requested.


    So, what does this command actually do? What’s happening here is that you’re kind of tricking your system into flushing the cache. Wikipedia explains:

    那么,此命令实际上是做什么的? 这里发生的事情是您在欺骗您的系统以刷新缓存。 维基百科解释:

    The SIGHUP signal is sent to a process when its controlling terminal is closed. It was originally designed to notify the process of a serial line drop (a hangup). In modern systems, this signal usually means that the controlling pseudo or virtual terminal has been closed. Many daemons will reload their configuration files and reopen their logfiles instead of exiting when receiving this signal. nohup is a command to make a command ignore the signal.

    当SIGHUP信号的控制端子关闭时,它会发送到进程。 它最初旨在通知串行线掉线(挂断)过程。 在现代系统中,此信号通常意味着控制伪或虚拟终端已关闭。 许多守护程序将重新加载其配置文件并重新打开其日志文件,而不是在收到此信号时退出。 nohup是使命令忽略信号的命令。

    Obviously you don’t need to know all of the rest of that. But now you do.

    显然,您不需要了解所有其他内容。 但是现在你知道了。

    There’s a lot of conflicting information on the web about this procedure. Some sites claim you need to run more commands than this on High Sierra, for example, while others make this command unnecessarily long. So far as we can tell, however, the command above is all that’s actually necessary. Here’s how to check your work.

    网络上有很多与此过程有关的信息。 例如,某些站点声称您需要在High Sierra上运行比此命令更多的命令,而其他站点则使此命令不必要地冗长。 据我们所知,上面的命令实际上是必需的。 这是检查工作的方法。

    检查您的DNS是否实际重置 (Check if Your DNS Is Actually Reset)

    Not sure if your DNS reset actually worked? Closing your web browser before flushing the cache can help in some situations, but if that doesn’t seem to be working you can quickly verify that your cache is empty in two ways.

    不确定您的DNS重置是否真的有效? 在刷新缓存之前先关闭Web浏览器在某些情况下会有所帮助,但是,如果这似乎不起作用,则可以通过两种方式快速验证缓存是否为空。

    The first is site-specific. At the Terminal, type dig followed by the site’s URL. For example:

    首先是特定于站点的。 在终端上,键入dig然后键入站点的URL。 例如:

    dig howtogeek.com

    In the “Answer Section” of the results, you’ll see the IP address that your computer knows for the site listed.


    If you don’t see the new IP address, consider changing DNS settings on your Mac and flushing the cache again.


    For a more global (non site-specific) method, you can also confirm that the cache is reset with the Console, which you can find in Applications > Utilities or by using Spotlight. With your system highlighted in the left panel, type “mDNSResponder” into the search box, hit Enter, type “Cache size” alongside that first query, and then hit Enter again. Like this:

    对于更全局(非特定于站点)的方法,您还可以通过控制台确认缓存已重置,可以在“应用程序”>“实用程序”中或使用Spotlight找到该控制台。 在左侧面板中突出显示系统的情况下,在搜索框中键入“ mDNSResponder”,按Enter,在第一个查询旁边键入“ Cache size”,然后再次按Enter。 像这样:

    Now, with your Console window still open, head back to your Terminal window and run the following command:


    sudo killall -INFO mDNSResponder

    You should see the DNS Cache size highlighted in the Console window. Now run this command:

    您应该看到控制台窗口中突出显示的DNS缓存大小。 现在运行以下命令:

    sudo killall -HUP mDNSResponder

    And then, run this command once again:


    sudo killall -INFO mDNSResponder

    You should see the cache size change in the Console window. In the screenshot above, you can see that our cache size changed considerably after issuing the commands.

    您应该在“控制台”窗口中看到缓存大小更改。 在上面的屏幕截图中,您可以看到发出命令后,我们的缓存大小发生了很大变化。

    翻译自: https://www.howtogeek.com/180356/how-to-reset-the-dns-cache-on-mac-os-x/

    macos 清空dns缓存

  • 在使用电脑的时候,我们常常会遇到网络问题,每次检测完之后会提示DNS服务器未响应,这时候很多用户不知道怎么办,其实遇到Windows7系统DNS服务器未响应很好解决的,如果你不懂的话,不妨看看小编提供的解决方法。...
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  • 下面是两个关于netsh的用法,将... 第一个是用netsh命令来修改电脑的IP地址,子网掩码,默认网关和DNS.  @echo off  netsh interface ip set address "本地连接" static
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    一般情况下,在配置好IP地址,不能上网问题,cmd下能够ping通所有ip地址,这种情况是dns有问题。我们可以通过命令来修复注册表中的。 在cmd 下输入netsh winsock reset,然后重启电脑就行。...
  • 因为新配置的IP和DNS可能还没有生效,可以使用刷新dns命令使DNS配置生效 ipconfig /flushdns 其它网络重置常用指令如下: 查看网络状态netstat 跟踪路由信息,使用此命令可以查出数据从本地机器传输到目标主机...
  • netsh winsock reset ...winsock是Windows网络编程接口,winsock工作在应用层,它提供与底层传输协议无关的高层数据传输编程接口 netsh winsock reset 是把它恢复到默认状态。 中文名 重置 Winsock 目录 外文名 ...
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  • ipconfig /flushdns
  • 很多用户在玩游戏或访问网页时,经常出现无法连接服务器的问题,用户在检查网络状态正常的情况下,我们可通过修改DNS服务器地址来解决win10系统无法登陆游戏或连接DNS服务器的问题,在小编今天为大家提供的文章内容...
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  • 方法一:Win+S 打开windows搜索框,输入cmd即可,即打开命令提示符 方法二:Win+R,输入“cmd”即可 文章目录常用命令查看Windows电脑CPU核心数,线程数开启多核处理器多核CPU,提高资源利用 常用命令 ############...
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  • windows10系统DnS服务器未响应如何办??在使用电脑的时候,大家常常会碰到网络故障,每次检查完以后会提示DNs服务器未响应,这时候许多网友不熟悉如何办,其实碰到windows10系统DNs服务器未响应很好处理的,如果你...
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  • 跟踪路由信息,使用此命令可以查出数据从本地机器传输到目标主机所经过的所有途径。 ipconfig /flushdns 刷新dns netsh winsock reset 网络重置 netshadvfirewallreset ...
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