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  • qq2012旧版复活版Most webmasters often feel the grudge of finding the old articles written and forgotten. This is more often observed for the websites/ blogs that are updated regularly. The new posts ...


    Most webmasters often feel the grudge of finding the old articles written and forgotten. This is more often observed for the websites/ blogs that are updated regularly. The new posts often push the old posts deep within the heap of other posts hence tending to lose on traffic, though you may find some traffic coming from search engines, but it is more of an inconsistent form. There are few basic tips that may be followed to resurrect such articles for which you had put efforts.

    Affordable Web Hosting

    大多数网站管理员通常会因为发现旧的文章而被遗忘。 对于定期更新的网站/博客,这种情况更常见。 新帖子通常会将旧帖子推入其他帖子的深处,因此往往会造成流量损失,尽管您可能会发现一些来自搜索引擎的流量,但这种情况的格式更加不一致。 复活您已经努力的此类文章的基本技巧很少。

    Below are certain basic means usually used by webmasters across the Industry:


    * Creating SEO-friendly and instinctive categories * Simple Navigation Structure * Logical Search Engine Optimization * Inter-Linking the related articles across the website


    Despite all, sometimes even this won’t be enough to suffice the requirements. When newer content is added, all your great work would eventually be buried underneath the new one’s. There are certain other means by which you can resurrect the older blog articles.

    尽管如此,有时甚至还不足以满足需求。 添加新内容后,您所有的出色作品最终将被埋在新作品的下面。 还有某些其他方法可以使较旧的博客文章复活。

    将事物放在一起以不同的格式 (Putting things in a Different Format Altogether)

    Many a times a few articles are observed to earn liking, hence fetching massive amounts of traffic, but usually happens only until it stays on the first page of your blog and starts to lose the heat eventually. In that case bloggers may rebuild the content in an altogether different format. You may try to put that in a video format or may be add a reader poll to it with a reference link to the original (old) article. This should not only keep the topic going but would also send readers to your old article hence helping to bringing it back to life.

    很多时候,观察到一些文章很受欢迎,因此吸引了大量的流量,但是通常只有到它停留在博客的第一页并最终开始失去作用时,才会发生。 在这种情况下,博客作者可以以完全不同的格式重建内容。 您可以尝试将其放入视频格式,也可以在其中添加读者意见调查,并带有指向原始(旧)文章的参考链接。 这不仅可以使话题继续发展,还可以吸引读者阅读您的旧文章,从而有助于使它重新焕发活力。

    扩展主题 (Expanding the Topics)

    You may realize an enhancement for a certain topic that has been described by you in an older post, for example a certain technology that has been upgraded offering a better functionality, in that case you may draft information about the upgraded technology or a comparison based on the information stated in the previous article and the changes that the latest version includes. Have a link to the old post in that article, this should not only offer your readers with the latest information about an upgraded technology but would also make them refer the old posts allowing them to compare between the upgrades.

    您可能会实现对您在较早的帖子中描述的特定主题的增强,例如,已升级的某些技术提供了更好的功能,在这种情况下,您可以起草有关已升级技术的信息或基于以下内容进行比较前一篇文章中所述的信息以及最新版本中所做的更改。 在该文章中有旧文章的链接,这不仅应该为您的读者提供有关升级技术的最新信息,而且还应使他们参考旧文章,以便他们在升级之间进行比较。

    具有不同的尺寸 (Having a Different Dimension)

    Incase you don’t manage to find any scope to enhance the previously posted information, you may adopt a different approach and present things from a different dimension altogether. If you come across a product that has been caught in competition you may write about the factors that differentiates it from the others. Products and feature comparisons are a topic that helps users decide about a particular product or service, hence making the information unique and help users build trust in you and your website. Include reference links to the other products, feature comparisons, specifications that you had described in your posts previously under the “Also Refer” title to get more page views.

    如果您没有找到任何范围来增强以前发布的信息,则可以采用不同的方法,并从不同的角度展示事物。 如果您遇到竞争中的产品,则可能会写出区别于其他产品的因素。 产品和功能比较是一个主题,可以帮助用户确定特定的产品或服务,从而使信息独特,并帮助用户建立对您和您网站的信任。 在前面的“也请参阅”标题下包含指向其他产品的参考链接,功能比较,规格,以获取更多页面视图。

    允许读者进行交流 (Allow readers means to Communicate)

    Due to the increasing rate of spams, most webmasters prefer to turn off the commenting feature in their blogs. But, it also restricts genuine users to post a comment and share there views on the topic. What you may do is use a plugin that may close the ability to comment after a certain time frame. This would not only get more content added to the page but can also allow users to share the additional information that they have. The more the discussion the more richness the particular page achieves, furthermore, a new visitor would get to read almost all the information about the topic from different angles. Every new comment added to a particular blog would seem to the search engines as if some new content is added to the page hence making it fresh again hence making it to crawl your page again.

    由于垃圾邮件的数量不断增加,大多数网站管理员更喜欢在博客中关闭评论功能。 但是,这也限制了真正的用户发表评论并在那里共享有关该主题的观点。 您可能会使用一个插件,该插件可能会在特定时间段后关闭发表评论的功能。 这样不仅可以将更多内容添加到页面,还可以允许用户共享他们拥有的其他信息。 讨论越多,特定页面的内容就越丰富,此外,新访客将可以从不同的角度阅读有关该主题的几乎所有信息。 在搜索引擎中,每个添加到特定博客的新评论似乎都将某些新内容添加到页面中,从而使其重新变得新鲜,从而使其再次爬网您的页面。

    根据主题分类文章 (Segregate Articles Based on Topics)

    If there is a certain topic that you often write about, you may build a new article describing the topic and add reference links alongside the appropriate description. This can inturn help users finding all the articles on a topic at one place and enable bookmarking it for future references. This can further benefit you in terms of SEO and it’d improve the internal linking.

    如果您经常写某些主题,则可以撰写一篇描述该主题的新文章,并在适当的描述旁边添加参考链接。 这样可以帮助用户在一个地方找到某个主题的所有文章,并为该书签添加书签以供将来参考。 这可以使您在SEO方面进一步受益,并且可以改善内部链接。

    You may create a blog post listing the articles with reference links and some description about the same that had received liking in the past. This though seems to be a casual and a promotional approach, but would surely get some liking from regular visitors to your website as they would find the articles at much ease without wasting much time. Though the category links does the same thing, but the only difference is you cannot see the description for an article.

    您可以创建一个博客文章,其中列出了带有参考链接的文章以及有关过去喜欢的文章的一些描述。 尽管这似乎是一种休闲和促销的方法,但是肯定会吸引普通访问者访问您的网站,因为他们可以轻松地找到文章而不会浪费很多时间。 尽管类别链接执行相同的操作,但是唯一的区别是您看不到文章的描述。

    促进社交网络上的链接 (Promoting links over Social Networks)

    You may make a list of certain articles that describes about a certain which may be of use even today. You may then promote it over social networking sites, just make sure to mix it up with the new one’s. Moreover you need to be very sure about the relevance and whether it would actually be useful to the people in your network. This should make the article go viral again and bring it back to life in a relatively shorter period of time.

    您可能会列出某些文章,以描述某个特定的文章,甚至在今天也可能有用。 然后,您可以在社交网站上进行推广,只需确保将其与新网站混合使用即可。 此外,您需要非常确定相关性以及它是否实际上对网络中的人员有用。 这将使该文章再次流行起来,并在相对较短的时间内将其恢复活力。

    Using such simple tricks can help you achieve better traffic to the left-out web pages hence increasing page-views which can affect the overall views and bounce rates in a positive way.


    Web Hosting UK

    翻译自: https://www.eukhost.com/blog/webhosting/tips-to-resurrect-the-old-blog-articles/


  • QQ2009(复活版+超强显IP),能显示对方ip地址,不是很稳定
  • Syncy Docker复活版,基于原Syncy 2.5.3魔改而来
  • qq2009显ip复活版 Excel复活节日期和IP地址 (Excel Easter Dates and IP Addresses) As you know, Excel can do almost anything! Recently, I changed the server that my site and blog are on, and Excel helped ...


    As you know, Excel can do almost anything! Recently, I changed the server that my site and blog are on, and Excel helped with the IP Addresses. And since it's that time of year, let's see how Excel can calculate Easter dates for us.

    如您所知,Excel几乎可以执行任何操作! 最近,我更改了站点和博客所在的服务器,而Excel帮助了IP地址。 既然是一年中的那个时候,让我们看看Excel如何为我们计算复活节日期。

    复活节日期计算 (Easter Dates Calculation)

    It's Easter this Sunday, but if you'd like to verify that, or find out when Easter will be next year, use one of the Easter date calculations that Jerry Latham shared here, a few years ago.

    这个星期日是复活节,但如果您想验证一下,或者想知道明年什么时候复活节,请使用几年前杰里·莱瑟姆(Jerry Latham)在此处分享的复活节日期计算方法之一。

    • There are several worksheet formulas, and notes on their limitations.

    • There are also four User Defined Functions, that use different methods for calculating the Easter date.


    In the screen shot below, the following formula is in cell B4:



    = DOLLAR((“” 4 /“&B2)/ 7 + MOD(19 * MOD(B2,19)-7,30)* 14%,)* 7-6

    To download a workbook with the code and formulas, to to my Contextures website.


    Excel和IP地址 (Excel and IP Addresses)

    As I mentioned earlier, I recently had my Contextures site and this blog moved to a different server. I hope that it is faster, and has minimal down time.

    如前所述,我最近有了Contextures网站,并且此博客移至其他服务器。 我希望它速度更快,并且停机时间最少。

    The only casualty that I've found so far is the comment section on this blog. Unfortunately, comments that were posted during the loooong transition time (March 14th to March 25th), were lost in the shuffle.

    到目前为止,我发现的唯一人员伤亡是此博客上的评论部分。 不幸的是,在改版时间(3月14日至3月25日)中发布的评论在混洗中丢失了。

    Other than that, things seem to be okay, but please let me know if you notice anything missing, or broken.


    IP地址转换 (IP Address Conversion)

    One of the key steps for moving to a new servers was to create DNS records for the them.


    The form had boxes for the IPv4 address and the IPv6 address. Uh-oh!

    该表格具有用于IPv4地址和IPv6地址的框。 哦!

    Fortunately, I found examples of the different formats.


    • IPv4:

      IPv4 :

    • IPv6: 0:0:0:0:0:ffff:c0a8:6301

      IPv6 :0:0:0:0:0:ffff:c0a8:6301

    To get that IPv6 address, I used an online converter.


    IP如何转换? (How Are IPs Converted?)

    Looking at those two IP addresses, I couldn't see how one was converted to the other. More Googling took me to this page that explains the conversion.

    查看这两个IP地址,我看不到一个如何转换为另一个。 更多Google搜索使我转到了解释转换的页面

    • Each chunk of the IPv4 address is converted from decimal to hex, to get the IPv6 version.

    • The hex version each converted chunk becomes 2 characters

    • Those 8 characters are at the end of the IPv6 address.


    When I used the online conversion tool, all the IPv6 addresses started with the same string:


    • 0:0:0:0:0:ffff:


    According to Wikipedia, that is the prefix used when PIv4 is mapped to an IPv6 address

    根据Wikipedia的说法,这是 PIv4映射到IPv6地址时使用的前缀。

    在Excel中转​​换IP地址 (Convert the IP Addresses in Excel)

    Fortunately, my registrar said that the IPv6 version wasn't required, so I just entered my IPv4 addresses.


    But even though I didn't need one, why not build an IPv4 to IPv6 converter in Excel? It can convert Decimal to Hex, and it's better than an online tool! Am I right?

    但是,即使我不需要一个,为什么不在Excel中构建IPv4到IPv6转换器呢? 它可以将Decimal转换为Hex,并且比在线工具更好! 我对吗?

    Here's a screen shot of the first few columns on the conversion sheet.


    NOTE: This project was just for fun, and might not be accurate for what you need. If you need an IPv4 address converted to IPv6 format, check with your registrar or your hosting company.

    注意 :此项目只是为了娱乐,可能与您的需求不符。 如果您需要将IPv4地址转换为IPv6格式,请与您的注册商或托管公司联系

    转换公式 (Conversion Formulas)

    There are 3 sets of formulas for the conversion, and a final formula to pull the pieces together.



    These formulas locate the 3 dots in the IPv4 address


    1. =FIND(".",[@IPv4])

      = FIND(“。”,[@ IPv4])
    2. =FIND(".",[@IPv4],[@Dot01]+1)

      = FIND(“。”,[@ IPv4],[@ Dot01] +1)
    3. =FIND(".",[@IPv4],[@Dot02]+1)

      = FIND(“。”,[@ IPv4],[@ Dot02] +1)

    IP号码 (IP Numbers)

    These formulas to pull out the decimal numbers, between the dots


    1. =--LEFT([@IPv4],[@Dot01]-1)

      =-LEFT([@ IPv4],[@ Dot01] -1)
    2. =--MID([@IPv4],[@Dot01]+1,[@Dot02]-[@Dot01]-1)

      =-MID([@ IPv4],[@ Dot01] +1,[@ Dot02]-[@ Dot01] -1)
    3. =--MID([@IPv4],[@Dot02]+1,[@Dot03]-[@Dot02]-1)

      =-MID([@ IPv4],[@ Dot02] +1,[@ Dot03]-[@ Dot02] -1)
    4. =--REPLACE([@IPv4],1,[@Dot03],"")

      =-REPLACE([@ IPv4],1,[@ Dot03],“”)

    十六进制 (Hex)

    These formulas convert each decimal number to hex


    1. =TEXT(DEC2HEX([@IP01]),"00")

      = TEXT(DEC2HEX([@ IP01]),“ 00”)
    2. =TEXT(DEC2HEX([@IP02]),"00")

      = TEXT(DEC2HEX([@ IP02]),“ 00”)
    3. =TEXT(DEC2HEX([@IP03]),"00")

      = TEXT(DEC2HEX([@ IP03]),“ 00”)
    4. =TEXT(DEC2HEX([@IP04]),"00")

      = TEXT(DEC2HEX([@ IP04]),“ 00”)

    IPv6地址 (IPv6 Address)

    The formula in column B combines all the pieces, and starts with the mapping prefix (MapPre). The result is changed to lower case

    B列中的公式将所有部分组合在一起,并以映射前缀(MapPre)开头。 结果更改为小写

    1. =LOWER(MapPre &[Hex01]&[Hex02]&":"&[Hex03]&[Hex04])

      = LOWER(MapPre&[Hex01]&[Hex02]&“:”&[Hex03]&[Hex04])

    从IPv6转换为IPv4 (Convert from IPv6 to IPv4)

    Then, because why not, I made another set of formulas to convert IPv6 addresses to IPv4.


    This was easier, because each chunk is equal length – there's no need to find the location of each chunk.


    These formulas use the HEX2DEC function, to convert the 2-digit hex codes to decimal numbers. You can download the sample file, to see the formulas.

    这些公式使用HEX2DEC函数将2位十六进制代码转换为十进制数字。 您可以下载示例文件,以查看公式。

    获取IP地址样本文件 (Get the IP Addresses Sample File)

    To see all the formulas for the IP address conversion, go to the Excel Sample Files page on my Contextures site.

    若要查看IP地址转换的所有公式,请转到Contextures网站上的“ Excel示例文件”页面

    In the Functions section, look for FN0054 – Convert IP Addresses IPv4 to IPv6. The zipped file is in xlsx format, and does not contain any macros.

    在“ 功能”部分中 ,查找FN0054 –将IP地址IPv4转换为IPv6 。 压缩文件为xlsx格式,不包含任何宏。

    翻译自: https://contexturesblog.com/archives/2018/03/29/excel-easter-dates-and-ip-addresses/


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    最近几天,听说PanDownload 复活了有人接盘了,重新制作上线推出了更加强劲的复活版!但是笔者去下载了一下,发现并不能使用于是经过百般搜寻,发现被人提供的已经是旧版了于是,我找到了...
  • 而之前比较热门的还有「百度输入法」,它是基于百度大数据和中文分词技术的智能输入法,支持拼音和五笔,桌面支持 Windows、Mac,手机支持Android和iOS平台,词库量丰富,拥有智能组词、长句输入...



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