• latex单词拼写检查A spelling exclusion list is a list of words you can force Word to flag as misspelled, even when they are listed in the main dictionary as correctly spelled words. We will show you ...



    A spelling exclusion list is a list of words you can force Word to flag as misspelled, even when they are listed in the main dictionary as correctly spelled words. We will show you how to add a custom list of words you want to always flag as misspelled.

    拼写排除列表是可以迫使Word标记为拼写错误的单词的列表,即使它们在主词典中被列为正确拼写的单词也是如此。 我们将向您展示如何添加您希望始终标记为拼写错误的单词的自定义列表。

    For example, if you tend to type “suing” rather than “using”, or “parent” rather than “patent”, the normal spell check will think “suing” and “parent” are correctly spelled words, when that’s rarely what you meant to type. Or perhaps you are following style guidelines and using specific spellings of words, such as “theatre” instead of “theater”. In these examples, you would add the words “suing”, “parent”, and “theater” to the exclusion list so they are excluded from the main dictionary and flagged as misspelled no matter what.

    例如,如果您倾向于键入“ suing”而不是“ using”,或者键入“ parent”而不是“ patent”,则正常的拼写检查会认为“ suing”和“ parent”是正确的拼写单词,而这很少是您所需要的。打算打字。 或者,也许您正在遵循样式准则,并使用特定的单词拼写,例如“剧院”而不是“剧院”。 在这些示例中,您将在排除列表中添加单词“ suing”,“ parent”和“ theater”,以便将它们从主词典中排除并标记为拼写错误。

    Flagging words as misspelled doesn’t mean they will be automatically corrected. If you actually did mean to use one of those words in any specific instance, you can choose whether to ignore the word each time the spell check flags it. The exclusion list is a roundabout way of “removing” words from Word’s main dictionary.

    将单词标记为拼写错误并不意味着它们会被自动更正。 如果您确实确实打算在任何特定情况下使用这些单词之一,则可以选择是否在每次拼写检查标记该单词时忽略该单词。 排除列表是从Word的主词典中“删除”单词的一种round回方式。

    Exclusion list files are standard text files. You can edit them with any text editor like Notepad, or even Word itself (as long as you save it in a text only format). When you installed Word, at least one exclusion list file was created. These files are initially empty, waiting for you to add words to them. Our exclusion list files are located in the following location on our Windows 10 system. Replace “Lori” with your user name on your system.

    排除列表文件是标准文本文件。 您可以使用任何文本编辑器(如记事本)或Word本身(只要将其保存为纯文本格式)进行编辑。 安装Word时,至少创建了一个排除列表文件。 这些文件最初是空的,等待您向其中添加单词。 我们的排除列表文件位于Windows 10系统上的以下位置。 将“ Lori”替换为系统上的用户名。


    Depending on your version of Windows, the location of your exclusion list files may be different. If you’re not sure where to find your exclusion list files, you can search for the files in a File Explorer (or Windows Explorer) window. All the files will start with “ExcludeDictionary” and end with the extension “.lex”. So, if you search for “ExcludeDictionary*.lex”, you should find the files (that’s an asterisk after “ExcludeDictionary”).

    根据您的Windows版本,排除列表文件的位置可能不同。 如果不确定在哪里可以找到排除列表文件,则可以在“文件资源管理器”(或Windows资源管理器)窗口中搜索文件。 所有文件都将以“ ExcludeDictionary”开头,并以“ .lex”扩展名结尾。 因此,如果您搜索“ ExcludeDictionary * .lex”,则应该找到文件(在“ ExcludeDictionary”之后加星号)。

    Once you’ve found the location of your exclusion list files, you may see multiple files. How can you tell which one to use? The file name is structured to help you determine exactly that. The main part of the file name includes a two-character language code, such as “EN” for English and “FR” for French. After the language code, there are four alphanumeric (hexadecimal) digits called a “language LCID”. This indicates which dialect of the specified language that exclusion file covers. There is a complete list of language LCID codes, however that list doesn’t include the language codes. There is a list that includes language codes, but it is not as complete as the previous list.

    找到排除列表文件的位置后,您可能会看到多个文件。 您怎么知道要使用哪个? 文件名的结构可帮助您准确确定。 文件名的主要部分包括两个字符的语言代码,例如英语为“ EN”,法语为“ FR”。 语言代码之后,有四个字母数字(十六进制)数字,称为“语言LCID”。 这指示排除文件涵盖指定语言的哪种方言。 有完整的语言LCID代码列表,但是该列表不包含语言代码。 有一个包含语言代码列表 ,但是不如之前的列表完整。

    We found two files on our system as shown on the image below. We only have one English file, but there could have been more than one file with “EN” in the name. If that were the case, we would refer to the last four characters in the first part of the file name (before the extension) and match up those characters with the “Language – Country/Region” items in the list of language LCID codes to find the file you should use. In our example, “EN” is the language code and “0409” is the language LCID for United States English, so we’re going to use the “ExcludeDictionaryEN0409.lex” file.

    如下图所示,我们在系统上找到了两个文件。 我们只有一个英文文件,但可能有多个文件名中带有“ EN”。 如果是这种情况,我们将引用文件名第一部分的后四个字符(扩展名之前),并将这些字符与语言LCID代码列表中的“语言-国家/地区”项目相匹配,以找到您应该使用的文件。 在我们的示例中,“ EN”是语言代码,“ 0409”是美国英语的语言LCID,因此我们将使用“ ExcludeDictionaryEN0409.lex”文件。


    Once you’ve determined which exclusion list file to use, right-click on the file and select “Open with” from the popup menu.



    A dialog box displays asking how you want to open the file. Click “More apps”.

    出现一个对话框,询问您如何打开文件。 点击“更多应用”。


    Scroll down in the list and select “Notepad”. If you always want to use Notepad to edit “.lex” files, click the “Always use this app to open .lex files” check box so there is a check mark in the box. Then, click “OK”.

    在列表中向下滚动并选择“记事本”。 如果您始终要使用记事本编辑“ .lex”文件,请单击“始终使用此应用程序打开.lex文件”复选框,以便在该复选框中打勾。 然后,单击“确定”。


    The exclusion list file opens and is initially empty. Type the words you want to add to your exclusion list, putting one word on each line. Make sure you include all forms of the word you want Word to flag as being misspelled. For example, we included three forms of the word “theater” and two forms of “parent”.

    排除列表文件将打开,最初为空。 键入要添加到排除列表中的单词,在每一行上放一个单词。 确保您包括希望Word标记为拼写错误的所有形式的单词。 例如,我们包括“剧院”一词的三种形式和“父母”一词的两种形式。


    When you’re done adding to the list, save the file.



    If you’ve had Word open while changing the exclusion list file, the changes won’t take effect yet. You must close Word and reopen it for Word to recognize the newly added contents of the exclusion list file.

    如果您在更改排除列表文件时打开了Word,则这些更改尚未生效。 您必须关闭Word并为Word重新打开它才能识别排除列表文件中新添加的内容。

    When any of the words in the exclusion list are found and flagged while performing a spell check, you may not be able to select the correct spelling. However, if you have the option enabled that automatically checks your spelling as you type, you will see red squiggly lines under the words you added to the exclusion list file, allowing you to notice these words in your document and change them.

    在执行拼写检查时,如果在排除列表中找到任何单词并对其进行了标记,则您可能无法选择正确的拼写。 但是,如果启用了在键入时自动检查拼写的选项,则会在添加到排除列表文件中的单词下看到红色的波浪线,使您可以在文档中注意到这些单词并进行更改。

    Another way to customize Word’s spell check tool is to use custom dictionaries. These are text files that allow you to add words the spell checker that are not in the main dictionary but you don’t want Word flagging as misspelled. You can also limit spell checking to the main dictionary only. This is useful if you’ve created custom dictionaries that you don’t want to use currently but you don’t want to delete either.

    自定义Word的拼写检查工具的另一种方法是使用自定义词典 。 这些是文本文件,可让您向单词拼写检查器添加单词,这些单词不在主词典中,但您不希望单词标记为拼写错误。 您还可以将拼写检查仅限于主词典 。 如果您创建了当前不希望使用但又不想删除的自定义词典,这将非常有用。

    翻译自: https://www.howtogeek.com/245781/how-to-exclude-certain-words-from-spellcheck-in-word/


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    如果是Word 拼写检查失效,且设置确实正常,则可能是校对语言发生错误。

  • 在默认情况下,Word拼写检查是开启的,当输入一个错误的词时(尤其是错误的英文单词),该词下面自动加上红波浪线加以标识,从面提醒文档编辑者。某些时候输入一个正确的词也会出现红波浪线,为什么呢?这就要弄清楚 ...

    在默认情况下,Word拼写检查是开启的,当输入一个错误的词时(尤其是错误的英文单词),该词下面自动加上红波浪线加以标识,从面提醒文档编辑者。某些时候输入一个正确的词也会出现红波浪线,为什么呢?这就要弄清楚 Word 根据什么判断错误词组的。原来 Word 有一个词库,里面保存着很多词,它就根据词库中的词判断,如果词库中没有的词,它就认为是拼写错误,用红波浪线标出来。当然,也可以把当前标识错误的词添加到词库或忽略,它就不会用红波浪线标识了。

    如果觉得Word拼写检查多余或不习惯,可以把它取消。我们将介绍 Word2013、2010 和 Word2003 的取消方法,以满足不同用户的需要。


    假如在 Word 后加 er,则 Worder 下面自动出现红波浪线,如图1所示:




    可以把 Worder 添加到 Word 词库,也可以忽略,还可以更改(即纠正)Worder。

    二、取消或开启 Word2013、2010 拼写检查

    1、依次选择“文件” → 选项 → 校对,打开“Word 选项”窗口,如图3所示:


    2、不勾选“在 Word 中更正拼写和语法时”下面的所有选项,即“键入时检查拼写、键入时标记语法错误、经常混淆的单词和随拼写检查语法”。

    3、再输入错误的词组(拼写错误),Word 就不会用红波浪线标出了。


    三、取消或开启 Word2003 拼写错误检查

    1、依次选择“工具”菜单 → 选项,点击“拼写和语法”选项卡。


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    文件 → 选项 → 校对

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