• 交易的第一步 <br />1. 向顾客推销商品 <br />Dear Sir: May 1, 2001 Inquiries regarding our new product, the Deer Mountain Bike, have been coming in from all parts of the world....

    1. 向顾客推销商品

    Dear Sir: May 1, 2001
    Inquiries regarding our new product, the Deer Mountain Bike, have been coming in from all parts of the world. Reports from users confirm what we knew before it was put on the market - that it is the best mountain bike available. Enclosed is our brochure.

    Yours faithfully

    2. 提出询价

    Dear Sir: Jun.1, 2001
    We received your promotional letter and brochure today. We believe that your would do well here in the U.S.A. Kindly send us further details of your prices and terms of sale. We ask you to make every effort to quote at competitive prices in order to secure our business. We look forward to hearing from you soon..


    3. 迅速提供报价

    Dear Sir: June 4, 2001
    Thank you for your inquiry of June the 1st concerning the Deer Mountain Bike. It gives us great pleasure to send along the technical information on the model together with the catalog and price list. After studying the prices and terms of trade, you will understand why we are working to capacity to meet the demand. We look forward to the opportunity of being of service of you.


    4. 如何讨价还价

    Dear Sir: June 8, 2001
    We have received your price lists and have studied it carefully. However, the price level in your quotation is too high for this market, If you are prepared to grant us a discount of 10% for a quantity of 200, we would agree to your offer. You should note that some price cut will justify itself by an increase in business. We hope to hear from you soon.
    Yours truly

    5-1 同意进口商的还价

    Dear Sirs: June 12, 2001
    Thank you for your letter of June the 8th. We have accepted your offer on the terms suggested. Enclosed our will find a special price list that we believe will meet your ideas of prices. You should note that the recent advances in raw materials have affected the cost of this product unfavorably. However, for your order we have kept our prices down.


    5-2 拒绝进口商的还价

    Dear Sirs: June 12, 2001
    Thank you for your letter of June the 8th. We regret that we cannot meet your terms. We must point out that the falling market here leaves us little or no margin of profit. We must ask you for a keener price in respect to future orders. At present the best discount offered for a quantity of 200 is 5%. Our current situation leaves us little room to bargain. We hope you will reconsider the offer.

    6. 正式提出订单

    Dear Sir: June 15, 2001
    We have discussed your offer of 5% and accept it on the terms quoted. We are prepared to give your product a trial, provided you can guarantee delivery on or before the 20th of September. The enclosed order is given strictly on this condition. We reserve the right of refusal of delivery and/or cancellation of the order after this date.

    7. 确认订单

    Dear Sir: June 20, 2001
    Thank you very much for your order of June 15 for 200 Deer Mountain Bikes. We will make every possible effort to speed up delivery. We will advise you of the date of dispatch. We are at your service at all times.

    8. 请求开立信用证

    Gentlemen: June 18, 2001
    Thank you for your order No. 599. In order to execute it, please open an irrevocable L/C for the amount of US$ 50,000 in our favor. This account shall be available until Sep. 20. Upon arrival of the L/C we will pack and ship the order as requested.

    9. 通知已开立信用证

    Dear Sir: June 24, 2001
    Thank you for your letter of June 18 enclosing details of your terms. According to your request for opening an irrevocable L/C, we have instructed the Beijing City Commercial Bank to open a credit for US$ 50,000 in your favor, valid until Sep. 20. Please advise us by fax when the order has been executed.

    10. 请求信用证延期

    Dear Sir: Sep. 1, 2001
    We are sorry to report that in spite of our effort, we are unable to guarantee shipment by the agreed date due to a strike at our factory. We are afraid that your L/C will be expire before shipment. Therefore, please explain our situation to your customers and secure their consent to extend the L/C to Sept.30.

    11. 同意更改信用证

    Gentlemen: Sept. 5, 2001
    We received your letter today and have informed our customers of your situation. As requested, we have instructed the Beijing City Commercial Bank to extend the L/C up to and including September 30. Please keep us abreast of any new development.


    12. 抱怨发货迟延

    Dear Sirs: Sept. 25, 2001
    Concerning our order No. 599 for 200 mountain bikes, so far you have shipped only 50 bikes against the shipment. We are notifying you that we reserve our right to claim on you for the shortage, if it is confirmed. We have given our customers a definite assurance that we would supply the goods by the end of September. We hope you will look into this urgent matter.

    Yours faithfully
    12a. 处理客户的抱怨

    Gentlemen: Sept. 30, 2001
    In response to your letter of Sept.25, we regret your complaint very much. Today we received information from Hong Kong that the remaining 150 bikes were on a ship that developed engine trouble and had to put into port for repairs. The trouble was not serious, and the vessel is now on her way. She would arrive at your place tomorrow or the next day.


    14-1 取消订货

    Dear Sirs: Oct. 2, 2001
    We are sorry that causes completely beyond your control have made it impossible for you to keep the shipment date of Sept. 30. Since you have failed to uphold your end of the agreement, we find it necessary to cancel our order. Unfortunately, our buyers cannot wait indefinitely for the units. We are sorry that it is necessary to take such a drastic step.

    14-2 谅解迟运原因

    Gentlemen: Oct. 2, 2001
    We have received of your notice of delay of shipment due to mechanical troubles on the ship. We are pleased that the order is now on its way. Thank you for the notice. We are eagerly awaiting the ship's arrival.
    Yours faithfully

    15. 货物损坏报告

    Dear Sirs: Oct. 4, 2001
    Upon arrival of your shipment, the ship's agents noticed that case No. 5 was damaged and notified us. The number of articles in the case is correct according to the invoice, but the following articles are broken: (List of articles)
    As you will see in our survey report and of the ship's agents', that these units are damaged and quite unsaleable. Please send us replacements for the broken articles; we await your reply in due course.

    16-1. 拒绝承担损坏责任

    Dear Sirs: Oct. 8, 2001
    Thank you for informing us of the damaged shipment. Since the units were packed with the best of care, we can only assume that the cases were handled roughly. We therefore urge you to lodge your claim with the insurance company.
    16-2. 承担赔偿责任

    Gentlemen: Oct. 8, 2001
    As soon as we got your letter we got in touch with the packers and asked them to look into the matter. It appears that the fault lies with the packaging materials used. We have since corrected the mistake. We apologize for the oversight, and are sending a new delivery immediately.


    17. 催要逾期货款

    Dear Sirs: Nov. 30, 2001
    It has come to our attention that your payment is one month overdue. The units ordered were delivered to you on September 26 and were invoiced on September 30. Payment is due on October 30. We look forward to seeing your remittance within a week.

    18. 付清逾期货款

    Dear Sirs: Oct. 3, 2001
    We have looked into the cause of the delay in payment and have found that our accounting department made an oversight in making your remittance. We are sorry for the inconvenience. The sum of US$ 20,000 has been sent to you by Telegraphic Transfer and should reach you sometime tomorrow.
  • 外贸邮件小工具

    2019-03-29 09:47:07
    工具功能: 1.获取发邮件时被退回的邮箱列表 2.excel报价表根据匹配列批量插出产品图片 3.报价数据整理,把从其他...5.邮件群发支持从excel中导入收件人,支持设置每封邮件的发送间隔,支持发送附件,及设置签名模板
  • 6. 外贸采集来的邮箱,想日大量群发! 7. 邮件总进垃圾箱,打开率超低 8. 试了几家邮件群发服务商,好像效果都一般,限制又多 9. 打算搭建自己的邮件服务器,费用超高,又很难维护 10. 邮件群发了几次,效


    1. 用企业邮箱群发,企业账号被发坏了!

    2. 用企业邮箱群发,当日有额度限制!只能发几百!

    3. 用如mailchimp群发,一不小心就封号、限号!

    4. 邮件群发退信严重,导致其它正常的邮件也无法顺利发送!

    5. 企业邮箱被拉黑名单,无法发信了!

    6. 外贸采集来的邮箱,想日大量群发!

    7. 邮件总进垃圾箱,打开率超低

    8. 试了几家邮件群发服务商,好像效果都一般,限制又多

    9. 打算搭建自己的邮件服务器,费用超高,又很难维护

    10. 邮件群发了几次,效果不好,失去了信心,开始怀疑人生






    邮件群发目标是什么?多久完成(群发几次)? 邮件模板设计?发送后的统计跟进?


    可以把设计好的邮件,发送到各个邮件客户端测试。比如 邮件到达收件箱系列文章08:2020年3月海外十大邮件客户端排行榜




  • 今天,将为大家分享7个回复率极高的外贸开发信邮件模板,希望能帮助外贸朋友提高订单数。外贸开发信模板一:Hi Sir/Madam,Glad to hear that you’re on the market for furniture,we specialize i...




    Hi Sir/Madam,

    Glad to hear that you’re on the market for furniture,we specialize in

    this field for 14 years,with the strength of ERU&USA ANTIQUE

    FURNITURE,with good quality and pretty competitive price.

    Also we have our own professional designers to meet any of your requirements.

    Should you have any questions,call me,let’s talk details.

    Best regards!



    Dear purchasing manager,

    Hello,this Lily Lee from xxx company,our company is a professional xx

    manufacturer with years‘s experience.so we want to avail ourselves of

    opportunity establishing business relation with you.

    Please link our company web site:………….if you want to know more about our product.By the way,free sample are available.

    Thank you in advance!

    Best regards!


    Company name:






    Subject:XX(products name)you need/XX factory/xx good quotation

    Dear Sirs:

    We glad to get your information posted on xxxxxx.that you are in the

    market for XXXX.We would like to take this opportunity to introduce our

    company and products,with the hope that we may work together in future.

    This is(Name)from(Company Name)which is specializing in(Products

    Name)for many years.According to your information posted on xxxx,we’d

    like to introduce this item for you,and its future have

    XXXXXXXXXXX(products information)…..

    If you want to see more items,pls visit our website Should any of these

    items be of interest to you,please let us know.We will be happy to give

    you a quotation upon receipt of your detailed requirements.

    We look forward to hearing from you soon.

    Best Regards,

    Your name(position)



    Hey guy,

    XYZ trading here,exporting LANTERNS with good quality and low price in US.

    Call me,let’s talk details.



    Cell phone:***


    Dear Mr.Mound Klamath,

    Glad to get your contact info from India mart!

    We supply homogenizers and ice cream freezing machine with good quality

    and very competitive price.Hope to be a partner of your company!

    E-catalog will be provided if needed.

    Email me or just call me directly.Thank you!

    Best regards,









    To:Purchase Manager

    Re:Supplier of Deep Groove ball bearing

    April 29,2010

    Dear Sirs,

    It is glad to write to you with keen hope to open a business

    relationship with you.I obtained your company name and email address

    from the Internet.

    Ningbo Fenghai Bearing Co.,Ltd.is a factory specialized in Deep Groove

    ball bearing.Our products had adopted ISO9001:2000 Quality System


    For more information,we would like to let you know our company web site as below.

    Hope to hear good news from you.

    Sincerely Yours,


    Export Manager

    Ningbo Co.,Ltd.






    Hi,purchasing manager.

    Good day!

    We are XXXX supplier,and we have researched&designed some new product.

    If you are interested in,I’ll send you our catalogue.

    Thanks for your valuable time.




    company name



    TEL:+86 XXXXX

    FAX:+86 XXXXX

  • EmailCamel海外群邮 - 外贸SOHO开发信群发解决方案 痛点 外贸开发信过程中总遇到以下问题? 退信严重 我们的客户邮箱是已经很久了,或者是抓取、或者从其它渠道获得的邮箱,发邮件后总是有大量的退信 进...

    EmailCamel海外群邮 - 外贸SOHO开发信群发解决方案



    • 退信严重

    • 进垃圾箱

    • 企业邮箱当日发信额度太少

    • 用国外的EDM服务商,账号总是容易被限制

    • 用国外的EDM服务商,打开速度超慢,操作不习惯

    • 企业邮箱被群发坏了

    • 企业邮箱被退信了,说被黑名单了

    • 发信速度慢


    • 日群发万封以上,不影响企业邮箱(用服务商的服务器发)
    • 群发一对一,邮件模板能实现如客户名自动替换
    • 外贸企业有多个业务员,想让他们的账号分开,互不影响
    • 群发费用太高,能包月就好了
    • 群发最好不进垃圾箱,打开率高,发信效果好
    • 不要封号,能沟通,找解决方案
    • 详细的发信报告统计:打开率、点击率、退信率、退订率、投诉率
    • 发信速率快





    海外群邮版本:共享版 或者 独立版


    计费方式:群发包 或者 独立版PLUS平台费
    海外群邮版本:独立版 或者 独立版PLUS


  • 邮件硬件层面: 1. 邮件群发服务器必需在海外 理由:在海外的服务器丢件少、延迟少、到达率高 2.邮件发信IP必需优质,有专门测试工具,可以测试发信IP信誉值(可以联系EmailCamel索要) 理由:如果IP没有信誉...
  • 13,产品订单记录到后台并自动发送通知邮件到管理员邮箱,省去经常登录后台查看烦恼,不再丢单,提升客户满意度,记录客户IP地址,了解客人所处国家地区 新闻方面: 1,支持新闻分类 2,添加新闻自动生成静态网页...
  • 有不少外贸行业的企业使用邮件推广的方式去获取有效客户,向目标客户的邮箱进行邮件营销,在邮件推广的过程中可能会遇到许多问题,为了避免造成不必要的麻烦,下面就给大家介绍下外贸邮件推广需要需要的几个事项。...
  • 外贸企业HTML5整站模板是一款窄平风格的HTML5外贸企业或者培训企业网站模板
  • 建议支持Jmail(在线发信组件,不支持则不能发留言、订单通知邮件) 建议支持ASPjpeg(图片缩略图水印组件,不支持则不能生成产品小图及加水印) 系统升级主要方面: 1,增加MSN、Skype、QQ、yahoo及旺旺聊天等工具多...
  • 对于外贸人来说邮件是最常用的沟通方式,且多达50%的消费者也更喜欢通过邮件接收优惠信息。然而,每个人的邮箱中广告邮件如此多,你的邮件如何能够脱颖而出呢?作为外贸人,想让收件人真正阅读你的邮件,你又该怎么...
  • 对于外贸企业而言,保护企业邮箱是至关重要的,千万不要有侥幸心理,每天大量用企业邮箱发送开发信。发信额度及发信频率都要控制。 ...吃过企业邮箱苦头的老板,就要求禁止用企业邮箱群发邮件。...外贸邮件
  • 对于广大外贸业者来说,【TOM】企业邮箱是其不可替代工具。几乎所有的外贸企业都利用企业...05- 外贸邮件收发安全指导,预防被黑被骗 06- 邮件SSL加密传输 07- 智能反垃圾系统,屏蔽规则内垃圾邮件,如收到反馈垃圾邮件
  • 1.未付款订单的催款模板(请根据您产品自身特点对描述内容进行修改) Dear *** We havegotyourorderof***.Butitseems thattheorderisstill unpaid.Ifthere’sanythingIcanhelpwiththe price,size,etc.,...
  • 外贸发开发信多半是使用的企业邮箱,经常遇到客户咨询,比如: 进垃圾箱从本质上说,是对方的垃圾邮件过滤器认为你是发垃圾邮件,所以放到垃圾箱。垃圾邮件过滤器靠什么识别,靠发信域信誉值(发信IP+发信域,就是你...
  • 那么,如何发外贸邮件,及如何写开始信就很重要了。以下是我个人收集的一些邮件营销技巧,分享给大家。 一、怎样提高外贸邮件的打开率? 外国人和中国人对于邮件的习惯不一样,国外人每天打开电脑第一件事就是...
  • 外贸英文邮件范文

    千次阅读 2016-11-02 17:13:58
    1、向顾客推销商品  Dear Sir:May 1,2001  Inquiries regarding our new product, the Deer Mountain Bike, have been coming in from all parts of the world. Reports from users confirm what we knew be
  • 而下面这些外贸开发信模板通过在邮件中引用假期/New Year这一因素来放大来这种影响。 在你的销售型外贸开发信模板中添加幽默感和趣味性也将提高你的回复率,潜在客户通常会因为你增加了一些个性化元素而感到惊喜和...
  • 模板适合做外贸婚纱和婚纱定制服务的网站,这是一个成品网站,内含2200多套婚纱数据,只要把内容和价格按自己的要求稍微修改一下就可以快速上线销售。  这个模板在之前的基础之上有添加了很多有用的功能和常用的...
  • 淘宝买来的,还可以,分享给大家,希望对大家又帮助。
  • 按照邮件的撰写形式大体可以分为两类:纯文字邮件&HTML邮件。平常我们所采用的大部分是纯文字邮件,顶多在里面插入一个图片之类;而HTML邮件则是使用HTML语言编辑或者撰写的邮件,说的通俗一点,就是我们收到的...
  • 因此,比较好的销售邮件模版应该是这样的:1、邮件标题,应该引人入胜,直切主题2、简明的个人介绍3、你能提供什么,有什么价值4、成功案例(或者其它有影响力的对象对你的产品的评价)5、清晰明了的...
  • Your Order with [your company name] Dear [customer name]: We were very sorry to learn that your order [order number] was damaged during shipping. Per your request, we are sending a new shipm
  • 这里不说外贸开发信的编写技巧(网上很多),这里站在发送外贸开发信的角度,怎么发才能让潜在客户回复邮件。 这里不说通过企业邮箱来日发几十、上百邮件。咱们说说通过外贸EDM邮件营销,外贸EDM邮件群发软件日发千...
  • 1.未付款订单的催款模板。(请根据您产品自身特点对描述内容进行修改)Dear xxxWe have got your order of XXXXXX。 But it seems that the order is still unpaid. If there’s anything I can help with the price,...
  • 阿里巴巴外贸圈名人堂讲师、宁波新东方工贸有限公司总经理Harris朱秋城做了一个分享。他指出,当前受海外疫情影响比较明显的三大市场分别是北美、欧盟以及日韩,而这同样也是中国外贸出口的最主流的目标市场。 对于...
  • 今天跟大家分享总结一些开发模板供大家参考。 一、发了开发信后客户没回音,催! Dear ***, Sorry to troubleyou again!Please find mymail below. Could you please kindly check by return today? Because we’ll ...
  • 2019-05-08 深圳 暴雨 经过了2个星期的开发,项目基本有了一个雏形,但是总体进度而已只算能35%。 功能清单: ...写邮件:未完成 ...D,模板替换:尚未开发 群发邮件: A,发件功能:尚未开发 定时邮...
  • 今天花了一天的时间来实现一个最简单的发送邮件功能,调用的是腾讯企业邮箱SMTP协议,发送一个邮件。 但是这基本就相当于一个demo,完全没有接入数据库的。 而且,很多功能没有,比如定时发送,联系人列表,发送...
  • 开展邮件营销,想要达到理想的营销效果,直观呈现给客户的邮件外观至关重要,而确立一款适合的模板可以让您事半功倍。那么怎样才可以挑到中意的模板呢?经常有客户跟我讲“我是做xxx行业的,有没有适合xxx的模板?”...



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