• excel计算班级总分排名 在Excel中计算排名 (Calculating Rank in Excel) To do some research on sorting, I hauled one of the big, dusty Excel books off my shelf, to see if there were any scintillating ...


    To do some research on sorting, I hauled one of the big, dusty Excel books off my shelf, to see if there were any scintillating sorting secrets to uncover. Under Sorting, I saw "rank calculations" so I turned to that page, to see what it said about calculating rank in Excel.

    为了对分类进行一些研究,我从书架上拖了一大本尘土飞扬的Excel书籍,以查看是否有任何令人发指的分类秘密。 在“排序”下,我看到了“排名计算”,因此转到该页面,查看它在Excel中如何计算排名。

    The referenced page explained the RANK function, and included this warning, "Be sure the data set is sorted in either ascending or descending order." Hmmm...I'd never heard that before, and a quick check in Excel's Help proved that statement was wrong – the data set does NOT have to be sorted. Whew! I've been doing it right all along.

    参考页解释了RANK功能,并包含以下警告:“确保数据集按升序或降序排序。” 嗯...我以前从未听说过,快速检查一下Excel的“帮助”证明该语句是错误的-不必对数据集进行排序。 ew! 我一直都在做。

    您是否使用RANK功能? (Do You Use the RANK Function?)

    Maybe you use the RANK function every day, but I rarely need it. If I want to see which products have the highest prices, or which students have the best scores, I'd probably just sort the list.

    也许您每天都使用RANK功能,但我很少需要它。 如果我想查看哪些产品的价格最高,或者哪些学生的分数最高,我可能只需对列表进行排序即可。

    But now that I was in Excel Help anyway, I decided to learn a bit more about the RANK function. Maybe it has exciting features and hidden tricks to discover. (No, I hadn't been drinking, I'm just optimistic.)

    但是现在无论如何我都在Excel Help中,所以我决定进一步了解RANK函数。 也许它具有令人兴奋的功能和隐藏的窍门。 (不,我没喝酒,我只是乐观。)

    RANK功能基础 (RANK Function Basics)

    If you give the RANK function a number, and a list of numbers, it will tell you the rank of that number in the list, either in ascending or descending order.


    For example, here's a list of 10 student test scores, in cells B2:B11. To find the rank of the score in cell B2, enter this formula in cell C2:

    例如,这是在单元格B2:B11中列出的10个学生考试成绩的列表。 要在单元格B2中找到分数的排名,请在单元格C2中输入以下公式:


    = RANK(B2,$ B $ 2:$ B $ 11)


    There are 3 arguments for the RANK function:


    • number: in this example, the number to rank is in cell B2

      number :在此示例中,要排名的数字在单元格B2中

    • ref: We want to compare the number to the list of numbers in cells $B$2:$B$11. I used an absolute reference, so the referenced range will stay the same when we copy the formula down to the cells below

      ref :我们要将数字与$ B $ 2:$ B $ 11单元格中的数字列表进行比较。 我使用了绝对引用,因此当我们将公式复制到下面的单元格时,引用范围将保持不变

    • order: (optional) Use zero, or leave this argument empty, to find the rank in the list in descending order. For ascending order, type a 1, or any other number except zero. I left this blank, to find the rand in descending order. If you were comparing golf scores, you could type a 1, to rank in ascending order.

      order :(可选)使用零,或将此参数保留为空,以降序查找列表中的排名。 对于升序,请键入1或除零以外的任何其他数字。 我将此空白留空,以按降序查找randint。 如果您要比较高尔夫成绩,则可以输入1以升序排列。

    I copied the formula down to cell C11, and the scores were ranked in descending order, as promised.



    带有领带的RANK功能 (RANK Function With Ties)

    What happens to the ranking if some of the scores are tied? I was going to use the Olympics as an example, but it looks like every sport has different rules, so that won't work!

    如果某些分数并列,排名会怎样? 我将以奥运会为例,但看起来每项运动都有不同的规则,所以这行不通!

    In our example, if I change cell B7 to 43, it's tied with cell B3. Both cells are now ranked as 2, and it doesn't affect any of the other rankings. The score of 32 is still 4th, not 3rd, because there are 3 scores ahead of it.

    在我们的示例中,如果我将单元格B7更改为43,则它将与单元格B3绑定在一起。 这两个单元格现在都排名为2,并且不会影响其他任何排名。 32分的得分仍然是4,而不是3,因为前面还有3分。

    So, if you were handing out awards to the top students,


    • the score of 45 would get the first place blue ribbon

    • the two students with 43 would each get a second place red ribbon

    • no one would get a third place ribbon (green? white?)

    • everyone else gets one of those orange "Participant" ribbons 😉


    使用RANK功能打破关系 (Breaking Ties With the RANK Function)

    In some cases, ties aren't allowed, so you have to find a way to break the tie. We could keep track of the number of minutes that each student worked on the test, and use that time to break any ties.

    在某些情况下,不允许平局,因此您必须找到打破平局的方法。 我们可以跟踪每个学生在测试中花费的分钟数,并利用这段时间打破任何关系。

    I added the Test Times in column A, and a TieBreak formula in column D.



    = IF(COUNTIF($ B $ 2:$ B $ 11,B2)> 1,RANK(A2,$ A $ 2:$ A $ 11,1)/ 100,0)


    The TieBreak formula checks to see if there's more than one instance of the number in the entire list ($B$2:$B$11).

    TieBreak公式检查整个列表中是否存在一个以上的数字实例($ B $ 2:$ B $ 11)。

    • If there is more than one instance, it ranks the Times in ascending order and divides that by 100, to get a decimal amount. Note: The divisor, 100, could be changed to another number, if you were working with a longer list.

      如果实例不止一个,它将按递增顺序对Times进行排名,然后将其除以100,以获得十进制数。 注意:如果要使用更长的列表,则除数100可以更改为另一个数字。
    • If there is only one instance, the result is zero.


    Finally, you can combine the RANK function results with the TieBreak results, to get the final ranking.



    您将如何打破关系? (How Would You Break the Ties?)

    I'm sure there are other ways to break the ties, so if you use something different, please mention it in the comments. Thanks! __________

    我确定还有其他打破关系的方法,因此,如果您使用其他方法,请在评论中提及。 谢谢! __________

    翻译自: https://contexturesblog.com/archives/2010/03/22/calculating-rank-in-excel/


  • excel中计算某年某月有多少天(函数:EOMONTH;DAY)描述函数操作步骤操作截图 描述 计算某年某月有多少天 函数 EOMONTH DAY 操作步骤 如果年月A1,那么输入 =DAY(EOMONTH(A1,0)) 得到A1当月的天数。 操作截图 .....












  • 夏普比率excel_在Excel中计算比率

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    夏普比率excel 在Excel中计算比率 (Calculate a Ratio in Excel) In Excel, if you divide 2 by 8, the result is 0.25. If you format the cell as a fraction, the cell might show 1/4 as the result. But how ...


    In Excel, if you divide 2 by 8, the result is 0.25. If you format the cell as a fraction, the cell might show 1/4 as the result. But how can you calculate a ratio in Excel? See the steps below.

    在Excel中,如果将2除以8,则结果为0.25。 如果将单元格格式化为小数,结果单元格可能会显示1/4。 但是如何在Excel中计算比率? 请参阅以下步骤。

    Here's a worksheet with 2 divided by 8, with the result showing as a ratio, in cell D2, and as a decimal number in cell D4.


    视频:在Excel中显示比率 (Video: Show a Ratio in Excel)

    Watch this short video to see how to show a ratio in Excel. It shows 2 different formulas that you can use. The written steps are below the video.

    观看此简短视频,了解如何在Excel中显示比率。 它显示了两个可以使用的公式。 书面步骤在视频下方。


    在Excel中显示比率 (Show a Ratio in Excel)

    What if you want to show the result as a ratio? How can you get the cell to show 1:4 instead of 1/4? There may be other ways, but here's the formula that I used.

    如果要以比率显示结果怎么办? 如何使单元格显示1:4而不是1/4? 可能还有其他方法,但这是我使用的公式。

    =B2/GCD(B2,C2) & ":" & C2/GCD(B2,C2) 

    比率公式如何工作 (How the Ratio Formula Works)

    NOTE: This formula requires that the Analysis ToolPak be installed, in Excel 2003 and earlier versions.

    注意:此公式要求在Excel 2003和更早版本中安装Analysis ToolPak。

    The formula:


    • divides each cell by the greatest common divisor (GCD)

    • puts a colon between the two numbers -- ":"


    另一个比率公式 (Another Ratio Formula)

    Another way to calculate ratio is with the TEXT and SUBSTITUTE functions -- these functions work in all versions of Excel, without the Analysis Tookpak installed.

    另一种计算比率的方法是使用TEXT和SUBSTITUTE函数-这些函数可在所有版本的Excel中运行,而无需安装Analysis Tookpak。

    In this example, there is a list of video dimensions on the worksheet.


    TEXT and SUBSTITUTE formula for ratio

    To see the ratio, enter this formula in cell E4:



    = SUBSTITUTE(TEXT(B4 / C4,“#/ ######”),“ /”,“:”)

    The result is 4:3 -- the ratio for those screen dimensions.


    此比率公式如何工作 (How This Ratio Formula Works)

    In this formula:


    • First, the width(B4)  is divided by the height (C4)

    • The TEXT function formats the result as a fraction -- "#/######"

      TEXT函数将结果格式化为分数- “#/ ######”

    • The SUBSTITUTE function replaces the slash with a colon -- "/",":"

      SUBSTITUTE函数将斜杠替换为冒号- “ /”,“:”

    获取样本文件 (Get the Sample File)

    To see the sample file used in the video, with both Ratio formulas, go to the Excel Ratio Formula page on my Contextures website. The zipped file is in xlsx format, and does not contain any macros.

    要查看视频中使用的示例文件以及两个比率公式,请转到Contextures网站上的Excel Ratio Formula页面 。 压缩文件为xlsx格式,不包含任何宏。

    翻译自: https://contexturesblog.com/archives/2009/01/16/calculate-a-ratio-in-excel/


  • 日期计算excel 在Excel中计算日期范围内的项目 (Count Items in a Date Range in Excel) If you have a list on your Excel worksheet, and a date in each row, you can use a formula to count items in a date ...


    If you have a list on your Excel worksheet, and a date in each row, you can use a formula to count items in a date range. For example, how many Pencil shipments went out in September, based on the Ship Date column?

    如果您在Excel工作表上有一个列表,并且每行都有一个日期,则可以使用公式对日期范围内的项目进行计数。 例如,根据“发运日期”列,9月有多少笔铅笔发货?

    计算日期范围内的项目 (Count Items in a Date Range)

    This screen shot shows a few rows of the list with the order details for this example. We'll add a start and end date for a date range, and count items in that date range.

    此屏幕快照显示了清单的几行以及此示例的订单详细信息。 我们将为日期范围添加开始日期和结束日期,并计算该日期范围内的项目。


    使用COUNTIFS和单元格引用 (Use COUNTIFS and Cell References)

    The easiest way to find the number of shipments is to use the COUNTIFS function (Excel 2007 and later) and enter the product name, and the start and end dates on the worksheet.

    查找发货数量的最简单方法是使用COUNTIFS函数 (Excel 2007及更高版本),然后输入产品名称以及工作表上的开始日期和结束日期。

    In this example, there is a drop down list of products in cell A2. The Start date is entered in cell D1, and the End date in cell D2.

    在此示例中,单元格A2中有一个产品下拉列表。 在单元格D1中输入开始日期,在单元格D2中输入结束日期。


    创建COUNTIFS公式 (Create the COUNTIFS Formula)

    To calculate the number of Pen shipments in the date range, enter this formula in cell F2:



    = COUNTIFS(B5:B18,A2,F5:F18,“> =”&D1,F5:F18,“ <=”&D2)

    • The first argument, B5:B18, is the first range to check for criteria.


    • The 2nd argument, A2, is the range with the value for criteria 1 (Product)


    • The 3rd argument, F5:F18, is the range to check for criteria 2.


    • The 4th argument, ">="&D1, is the cell with the value for criteria 2 (the Start date), and the operator to use with that value (greater than or equal to)

      第四个参数“> =”&D1是具有条件2的值的单元格(开始日期),并且是使用该值的运算符(大于或等于)

    • The 5th argument, F5:F18, is the range to check for criteria 3.


    • The 6th argument, "<="&D2, is the range with the value for criteria 3 (the End date), and the operator to use with that value (less than or equal to)

      第六个参数“ <=”&D2是具有条件3的值(结束日期)的范围,并且运算符使用该值(小于或等于)

    The result will show a count of the number of times that all the criteria are met.



    To get the total units for a different date range, change the product name or start and end dates in the heading section. In the next screen shot, the result shows that there was 1 Binder shipment between August 15th and September 15th.

    要获取不同日期范围内的总单位,请在标题部分中更改产品名称或开始日期和结束日期。 在下一个屏幕截图中,结果显示在8月15日至9月15日之间有1批Binder发货。


    翻译自: https://contexturesblog.com/archives/2013/10/24/count-items-in-a-date-range-in-excel/


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