• jq 鼠标按住重复执行单击Excel has many applications, like keeping track of inventory, maintaining a mailing list, making sales reports, and many others. Excel具有许多应用程序,例如跟踪库存,维护邮件...

    jq 鼠标按住重复执行单击

    Excel has many applications, like keeping track of inventory, maintaining a mailing list, making sales reports, and many others.


    As the database grows, one main issue many users encounter is getting duplicate values and rows. This can make your calculations inaccurate and will make people question your competency.

    随着数据库的增长,许多用户遇到的一个主要问题是获取重复的值和行。 这会使您的计算不准确,并使人们质疑您的能力。

    You could end up giving a summary report with duplicate values or even mailing a letter to the same person twice. So you'll need to find and remove the duplicates to avoid these small mistakes that could have serious implications.

    您最终可能会给出带有重复值的摘要报告,甚至两次给同一个人发一封信。 因此,您需要查找并删除重复项,以避免可能引起严重影响的这些小错误。

    选项1:使用删除重复工具 (Option 1: Using the remove duplicate tool)

    Since this problem happens a lot, there is a dedicated command on a ribbon that makes it easy to deal with duplicates. This is the case with recent versions of Microsoft Office suite, such as excel 2007 up to 2016.

    由于此问题经常发生,因此在功能区上有一个专用命令,可以轻松处理重复项。 最近版本的Microsoft Office套件就是这种情况,例如excel 2007到2016年。

    选择要处理的表 (Select the table you'll work on)

    First, you need to select the cells that are targeted, as the tool can be used to remove duplicates in entire rows or partially matching records.


    You can do this by selecting the table and then pressing Ctrl + A. You should make sure the original file is saved as the process deletes the dupes permanently.

    您可以通过选择表格,然后按Ctrl + A来执行此操作。您应确保原始文件已保存,因为该过程将永久删除重复对象。

    点击屏幕顶部的数据标签 (Click on the data tab at the top of the screen)

    Once you have selected the range, check the top of the screen and click the data tab. The different commands will be shown, and you should then check for ‘remove duplicates’ and click on it.

    选择范围后,请检查屏幕顶部并单击数据选项卡。 将显示不同的命令,然后您应检查“删除重复项”并单击。

    A small dialogue box will pop up on the screen. The first row is automatically selected as the ‘my data has header’ is ticked. If there is no header and the data starts at the 1st row, deselect that option.

    屏幕上会弹出一个小对话框。 由于勾选了“我的数据具有标题”,因此自动选择了第一行。 如果没有标题,并在第1行的数据开始,取消选择该选项。

    按确定按钮删除重复项 (Press the OK button to remove duplicates)

    The entire table is now selected, and thus you should go ahead and press the OK button. This will delete all duplicates. The deletion details appear on the screen with unique values remaining and the number of duplicate entries removed shown.

    现在已选择了整个表格,因此您应该继续并按“确定”按钮。 这将删除所有重复项。 删除详细信息显示在屏幕上,并保留唯一的值,并显示删除的重复条目数。

    However, if you want to remove partial duplicates based on specific columns, you should select them, leaving the rest. If the table contains many columns, it is best to unselect all and then just select those that need dupes removal.

    但是,如果要基于特定列删除部分重复项 ,则应选择它们,其余部分保留。 如果表包含许多列,则最好取消选择所有列,然后仅选择需要删除重复项的列。

    Once done, you should click OK. Then the duplicated information will be removed, and the details will be shown on the screen.

    完成后,应单击“确定”。 然后,将删除重复的信息,并且详细信息将显示在屏幕上。

    选项2:在Excel中使用高级过滤器 (Option 2: Using advanced filters in Excel)

    The advanced filter icon helps you to identify and delete duplicates in Excel. This can be used in the latest Microsoft Office suite and the 2003 version. You need to open your Excel spreadsheet and select all by clicking Ctrl + A.

    高级筛选器图标可帮助您识别和删除Excel中的重复项。 可以在最新的Microsoft Office套件和2003版本中使用它。 您需要打开Excel电子表格,然后单击Ctrl + A来全选。

    点击数据标签,然后点击排序和过滤器部分下的高级按钮 (Click the data tab then advanced button under the sort and filter section)

    You should then click on the Data tab at the top of the screen where different sections appear beneath it. Look for the sort & filter section and click on the advanced button.

    然后,您应该单击屏幕顶部的数据选项卡,其中不同的部分将显示在其下方。 查找排序和过滤器部分,然后单击高级按钮。

    A dialogue box will pop up on the screen where you can either select ‘copy to another location’ or ‘filter the list in-place.’ The latter hides all rows with duplicates while the former generates a copy of the records.

    屏幕上会弹出一个对话框,您可以在其中选择“复制到另一个位置”或“就地过滤列表”。 后者隐藏所有重复的行,而前者生成记录的副本。

    在“列表范围”下调整数据范围 (Adjust the range of data under the "list range")

    In the dialogue box, there is a list range field with data populated by Excel. If you want to change the range, you can do it by adjusting it under the ‘list range.’

    在对话框中,有一个列表范围字段,其数据由Excel填充。 如果您想更改范围,可以在“列表范围”下进行调整。

    Leaving the criteria range blank and copying to the field is only useful if you had chosen to copy to another place. Otherwise, leave it blank for the ‘filter the list in-place’ option.

    将条件范围留为空白并复制到该字段仅在您选择复制到另一个位置时才有用。 否则,将其保留为“就地过滤列表”选项的空白。

    勾选“仅唯一记录”框 (Tick the "unique records only" box)

    Under the same dialogue box, there is a field labeled "unique records only" - tick that box. This tells Excel to filter out duplicates while retaining unique entries.

    在同一对话框下,有一个标记为“仅唯一记录”的字段-选中该框。 这告诉Excel在保留唯一条目的同时过滤出重复项。

    单击确定以删除重复项 (Click OK to remove duplicates)

    After you've followed this process, you can click the OK button to get rid of the duplicates. The document then contains duplicate data except for the ones which have been removed.

    完成此过程后,您可以单击“确定”按钮删除重复项。 然后,该文档包含重复的数据(已删除的数据除外)。

    As the process assumes there are headers in the document, if the 1st row contains a duplicate, it will not be removed. Delete it manually if it is not a header.

    由于过程假定有文档中的标题,如果第一行包含重复的,也不会被删除。 如果它不是标题,请手动将其删除。

    When you're using the advanced filter process, you can only remove duplicates in the entire table as there is no choice of doing it partially. However, you can remove duplicates and, at the same time, create a copy of the data.

    使用高级筛选过程时,您只能删除整个表中的重复项,因为无法选择部分执行此操作。 但是,您可以删除重复项,并同时创建数据的副本。

    选项3:点击两次鼠标即可使用重复的卸妆工具 (Option 3: Using a duplicate remover tool with 2 mouse clicks)

    Apart from the in-built duplicate removers, you can use add-ons such as Ablebits duplicate remover to get rid of dupes. The tool is multi-purpose and can perform other functions as well. It works on all operating systems, and all Excel versions. Here we will focus on one way of using the tool that takes just 2 mouse clicks.

    除了内置的重复删除器,您还可以使用诸如Ablebits重复删除器之类的附件来消除重复 。 该工具是多功能的,还可以执行其他功能。 它适用于所有操作系统和所有Excel版本。 在这里,我们将重点介绍一种使用该工具的方法,只需单击两次鼠标即可。

    在感兴趣的表中选择单元格 (Select the cell in the table of interest)

    Check the table where you need to dedupe records, and on the Ablebits data click "dedupe table". This selects the the entire table, and the dialogue box will open with all columns chosen automatically.

    检查需要对记录进行重复数据删除的表,然后在Ablebits数据上单击“ dedupe table”。 这将选择整个表,并且对话框将打开,并自动选择所有列。

    从“选择操作”字段下的下拉列表中选择删除重复项 (Select delete duplicates from the drop-down list under "select the action" field)

    On the lower-right, there is a drop-down list under the select action field. Choose the delete duplicate option and press OK. The duplicate values will be deleted except for 1st occurrences.

    在右下角的“选择操作”字段下有一个下拉列表。 选择删除重复选项,然后按确定。 重复的值将被删除,除非是第一次出现。

    删除关键列中的重复项 (Removing duplicates in key columns)

    The 2 mouse click process can be used to remove duplicates on specific rows under crucial columns. To do this, uncheck the other columns leaving the ones you want to dedupe checked. Follow two points above, and the duplicates will be removed.

    2鼠标单击过程可用于删除关键列下特定行上的重复项。 为此,请取消选中其他列,然后选中要删除重复项的列。 请遵循上述两点,然后将删除重复项。

    The select action can be used for other operations such as copying duplicates to another location without deleting them. Use the drop-down menu to select accordingly so your Excel sheet is neat and without errors.

    select动作可用于其他操作,例如将副本复制到另一个位置而不删除它们。 使用下拉菜单进行相应选择,以使您的Excel工作表整洁且没有错误。

    最后的话 (Final Word)

    Wiping duplicates on Excel is simple using the three options highlighted above. The process is easy, and with this guide you can do it with a few clicks to get the ultimate assignment help and work assistance from Excel.

    使用上面突出显示的三个选项,在Excel上清除重复项很简单。 此过程很容易,您只需单击几下即可从本指南中获得Excel的最终任务帮助和工作帮助。

    When you're working in Excel you should always clean your data set, eliminating any unprofessional errors. If you come across any challenges, check that the data being processed is not subtotaled or outlined.

    在Excel中工作时,应始终清除数据集,以消除任何非专业性的错误。 如果遇到任何挑战,请检查正在处理的数据没有小计或概述。

    In such cases, you need to remove the subtotals and outline then use any of the methods above. The data will then be cleaned, making it much easier to work on them.

    在这种情况下,您需要删除小计并勾勒出轮廓,然后使用上述任何一种方法。 然后将清除数据,使其更容易处理。

    翻译自: https://www.freecodecamp.org/news/how-to-remove-duplicates-in-excel-delete-duplicate-rows-with-a-few-clicks/

    jq 鼠标按住重复执行单击

  • excel 删除重复项 在Excel 2007中删除重复项 (Remove Duplicates in Excel 2007)In Excel 2003 and earlier versions, you can use an Advanced Filter to remove duplicates. In Excel 2007, there's a new command...

    excel 删除重复项

    In Excel 2003 and earlier versions, you can use an Advanced Filter to remove duplicates. In Excel 2007, there's a new command on the Ribbon to make it easier to remove duplicates from a list.

    在Excel 2003和更早版本中,可以使用“ 高级筛选器”删除重复项 。 在Excel 2007中,功能区上有一个新命令,可以更轻松地从列表中删除重复项。

    Be careful with the Excel 2007 Remove Duplicates feature though – it really removes the duplicates. If you use an Advanced Filter instead, you have the option of hiding duplicates, or creating a unique list in a new location.

    但是请小心使用Excel 2007的“删除重复项”功能-它实际上会删除重复项。 如果改用高级筛选器,则可以选择隐藏重复项,或在新位置创建唯一列表。

    这个怎么运作 (How It Works)

    Update: Jason Morin asked a few questions about the Remove Duplicates feature, and how it works, so I'll answer the questions here. (Thanks Jason!)

    更新: Jason Morin询问了有关“删除重复项”功能及其工作方式的几个问题,因此我将在此处回答这些问题。 (感谢杰森!)

    1) Does the new Duplicates capability discern between text strings and numerical values that look the same on the screen?


    No, it treats the text strings and numbers the same. If the list has a 10 and a '10, they'll be treated as duplicates. There isn't a settings option that I can see, where you can adjust this. In the Advanced Filter feature, those would be seen as 2 unique items.

    不,它将文本字符串和数字视为相同。 如果列表包含10和'10,则将它们视为重复项。 我看不到任何设置选项,您可以在其中进行调整。 在“高级过滤器”功能中,这些将被视为2个唯一项。

    2) What about non-visible characters in the cell? Does it consider "Pen" and "Pen " the same? As a user I would view this as a duplicate, but Excel may not.

    2)单元格中的不可见字符如何处理? 它是否认为“笔”和“笔”相同? 作为用户,我会将其视为重复项,但Excel可能不会。

    No, those won't be treated as duplicates, because the space character in the second entry makes it different. Advanced Filter would do the same.

    不,这些不会被视为重复项,因为第二个条目中的空格使它与众不同。 高级筛选器将执行相同的操作。

    3) How does it decide WHICH duplicate to remove in the data set?


    The first instance of each item is left, and all subsequent entries are deleted.


    4) I assume if I'm working with record set (>1 column), I need to concatenate data from columns to create a unique identifier for each record, then run the Duplicates on the new column I created.

    4)我假设如果我正在使用记录集(> 1列),则需要连接列中的数据以为每个记录创建唯一的标识符,然后在我创建的新列上运行重复项。

    You can use the check marks in the Remove Duplicates dialog box, and select all the columns you want to include. Only if all the included columns are duplicated, will an item be removed. Advanced Filter works the same way, but without the check marks.

    您可以在“删除重复项”对话框中使用复选标记,然后选择要包括的所有列。 仅当所有包含的列都重复时,项目才会被删除。 高级筛选器的工作方式相同,但没有复选标记。

    删除重复项 (Remove Duplicates)

    In this example, the list in cells A1:A10 contains a few duplicates.


    Remove Duplicates 01

    Follow these steps to remove the duplicates.


    • Select any cell in the list, or select the entire list

    • On the Ribbon's Data tab, click Remove Duplicates.

    Remove Duplicates 02
    • In the Remove Duplicates dialog box, select the column(s) that you want to remove duplicates from

    • Check the box for My Data Has Headers, if applicable, then click OK.

    Remove Duplicates 03
    • A confirmation message will appear, showing the number of duplicates removed, and the number of unique items remaining. Click OK to close the message.

      将出现一条确认消息,显示已删除重复项的数量以及剩余的唯一项目的数量。 单击确定关闭消息。

    观看删除重复视频 (Watch the Remove Duplicates Video)

    Here's a very short video that shows the steps to remove duplicates in Excel 2007.

    这是一段很短的视频,显示了在Excel 2007中删除重复项的步骤。


    翻译自: https://contexturesblog.com/archives/2009/12/14/remove-duplicates-in-excel-2007/

    excel 删除重复项

  • excel 删除重复项 在Excel 2013列表中删除重复项 (Remove Duplicates in Excel 2013 List) If I need a list of unique items from a long list, I usually use an Advanced Filter, because it leaves the original...

    excel 删除重复项

    If I need a list of unique items from a long list, I usually use an Advanced Filter, because it leaves the original list alone, and extracts a list of unique records. The filter can be done in place, or sent to another range, on the same sheet, or a different sheet. It's easier in newer versions of Excel though - here's how to quickly remove duplicates in Excel 2013.

    如果需要长列表中的唯一项列表,则通常使用Advanced Filter ,因为它不考虑原始列表,而是提取唯一记录列表。 过滤器可以在同一张纸上或在另一张纸上就地完成,或发送到另一个范围。 不过,在新版本的Excel中更容易-这是在Excel 2013中快速删除重复项的方法。

    This screen shot shows the Advanced Filter dialog box, which lets you extract a list of unique records.



    删除重复工具 (Remove Duplicates Tool)

    In Excel 2007, the Remove Duplicates tool was introduced, and I wrote about that a few years ago. It’s a quicker way to strip duplicates out of a list, but it works on the original list – it doesn’t create a separate list of unique items.

    在Excel 2007中,引入了“删除重复项”工具,几年前我就写过有关此内容的文章。 这是从列表中删除重复项的较快方法,但它适用于原始列表-不会创建单独的唯一项目列表。


    The tool still works the same way, in Excel 2013, and I’ve finally made a video to show how it works. You can use it on a single column list, or a list with two or more columns.

    该工具在Excel 2013中仍然以相同的方式工作,我终于制作了一个视频来演示其工作原理。 您可以在单列列表或两列或更多列的列表上使用它。

    Add check marks for the columns that you want to check for duplicates, then click OK.



    And remember, make a backup before you start! If you’ve bought a copy of my Excel Tools add-in, just click the “Make Backup” button.

    请记住,在开始之前进行备份! 如果您购买了我的Excel Tools加载项的副本,只需单击“进行备份”按钮。


    视频:在Excel 2013列表中删除重复项 (Video: Remove Duplicates in Excel 2013 List)

    To see the steps for removing duplicates from a list in Excel 2013, please watch this video. The steps are the same in Excel 2007 and 2010. Remember to make a backup of the file, or the list, before you start.

    要查看在Excel 2013中从列表中删除重复项的步骤,请观看此视频。 这些步骤在Excel 2007和2010中相同。在开始之前,请记住对文件或列表进行备份。


    翻译自: https://contexturesblog.com/archives/2013/11/26/remove-duplicates-in-excel-2013-list/

    excel 删除重复项

  • 目前来看,Excel可以实现单行删除重复项,但是Power Bi,无法实现,只是可以全部删重(就像Excel选中全部再删重一样的效果) 过程: 众所周知:Excel删除重复项是这样的: 1、选中某一列删重 (这一列...


    目前来看,Excel可以实现单行删除重复项,但是在Power Bi中,无法实现,只是可以全部删重(就像Excel选中全部再删重一样的效果)








     那么,在Power Bi Desktop 中,又是怎么样进行删除重复项的呢?不清楚,那就试试看。






    目前来看,Excel可以实现单行删除重复项,但是在Power Bi中,无法实现,只是可以全部删重(就像Excel选中全部再删重一样的效果)

    PS:在数据足够多且复杂的时候,在Power Bi 中选中不同的列删除重复项,依然会有不同的结果,请留意

  • 表格中删除重复项的方法:首先打开excel工作表,点击顶部导航栏的“数据”选项;...表格中删除重复项首先我们先打开excel工作表,这时我们可以看到A7:I7与A14:I14是重复的。打开之后将鼠标移到...
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    2018-10-19 10:05:00
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  • Excel 删除重复项

    2019-08-02 20:53:11
    选中要筛选的数据 点击菜单栏的数据→删除重复数据,根据需要删除。
  • excel删除重复的行When you are working with spreadsheets in Microsoft Excel and accidentally copy rows, or if you are making a composite spreadsheet of several others, you will encounter duplicate rows...
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  • Excel中删除重复项的详细操作

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    其实Excel也有这样的功能,而且更简单,在Excel 2007,选中要处理的数据,点菜单“数据”,然后点按钮“删除重复项”,然后确定就OK了。在Excel2003也有类似的功能,不过实验了一下清理的并不彻底,建议还是用...
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  • 例如,要删除包含重复电子邮件的行,那么Easy Data Transform如何在Excel中删除重复的行?下面一起来看看吧。 先在您的Mac上安装Easy Data Transform mac。 Excel用户经常希望删除具有重复值的行。例如,要删除包含...
  • ExcelVBA使用删除重复项获取不重复记录 关注微信公众号:VBA168 每天更新Excel VBA经典代码,祝你工作和学习更轻松! 利用单元格区域的RemoveDuplicates方法可以去除重复值,从而获取不重复值列表,如下图所示。 ...
  • 筛选是EXCEL中非常常用的命令,其中包括自动筛选和高级筛选,今天我们就要使用高级筛选命令,对重复数据进行删除。。操作步骤:1、选中表格区域,或将鼠标定位表格,依次点击【数据】——【筛选——【高级筛选】...
  • 概要: Microsoft Excel ,可以创建宏来删除列表重复项。也可以创建宏来比较两个列表,并删除第二个列表那些也出现第一个(主)列表的项目。如果您想将两个列表合并一起,或者如果只想看到新的信息...
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    千次阅读 2014-05-04 19:42:00
    自定义排序 框选需要主次排序的区域 开始—排序和筛选—...数据—删除重复项 选择要删除的列 删除A列的重复项后,B列留下了最小值 转载于:https://www.cnblogs.com/ytyt2002ytyt/p/3707782.html...
  • Excel2007下面操作起来非常简单:进数据菜单-点"删除重复项"-只勾选需要判断重复记录的列选中-点确定,OK自动就删除了重复的记录了. Excel2003下面要稍微复杂一点:1.进数据菜单2.找到高级筛选,注意列表区域和条件区域...
  • excel删除重复

    2021-04-26 15:05:50
    如何在Excel中删除重复项所在整行? 写的很详细了
  • EXCEL重复项

    2013-11-19 15:15:23
  • EXCEL VBA 删除重复数据

    2011-07-12 16:28:32
    EXCEL VBA 删除重复数据 宏实现
  • 删除excel中某一列的重复项

    千次阅读 2018-09-30 21:07:45
    给图片打标签的过程,需要提取数据集excel的标签。 有大量重复项,用python程序解决了这个小问题。 一、提取下表I列的所有菜肴标签   二、代码 二、代码 import xlrd def open_excel(fileName=...
  • 请问各位大神:CRange类的这个成员函数怎么用: void RemoveDuplicates(VARIANT& Columns, long Header) { static BYTE parms[] = VTS_VARIANT VTS_I4 ; InvokeHelper(0x9bc, DISPATCH_METHOD, VT_...
  • Excel vba语句:ActiveSheet.Range("$E$4:$I$68").RemoveDuplicates Columns:=Array(1, 2, 3, 4), _ Header:=xlNo 怎么转化成Delphi 我写成:ExcelAppxie.ActiveSheetRange...这个vba语句就是删除重复项的作用
  • In the article, Python scripts to format data in Microsoft Excel, we used Python scripts for creating an excel and do various data formatting. Python is an interesting high-level programming langu...
  • Excel中删除重复数据(用VBA代码)

    万次阅读 2012-03-21 12:52:10
    请仔细阅读并修改相关数据。我推荐使用第二种方法,是我修改的,很好用,第三种情况用得比较少。  第一种情况保留不重复的记录行,...Sub 删除重复数据() '删除col列的重复数据 '本例是删除标题为sheet1的EXCEL



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