fedora 下,使用拨号上网是一件比较麻烦的事情,不过如果你愿意手动配置的话,这些也不是一件特别麻烦的事情。下面是我在 Fedora 12 尝试过的方法,比较方便。因为 Fedora 提供了配置工具来设置拨号上网的参数。我们这里要使用的工具是 pppoe-setup, pppoe-connect, pppoe-stop.




[edit@localhost ~]$ su 
然后运行 pppoe-setu 命令。该命令位于 /sbin/ (在 /usr/sbin/ 下面也有一个同样的命令,这是一个符号连接到/sbin/ 的同名) 
[root@localhost edit]# /sbin/pppoe-setup   

然后你会看到 pppoe-setup 会输出如下的提示。 

Welcome to the PPPoE client setup.  First, I will run some checks on  
your system to make sure the PPPoE client is installed properly...  


现在它提示你输入你在 ISP 所用的用户名(也叫做帐号)。 
Enter your Login Name (default edit):  123456   



Enter the Ethernet interface connected to the PPPoE modem  
For Solaris, this is likely to be something like /dev/hme0.  
For Linux, it will be ethX, where 'X' is a number.  
(default eth0):  


Do you want the link to come up on demand, or stay up continuously?  
If you want it to come up on demand, enter the idle time in seconds  
after which the link should be dropped.  If you want the link to  
stay up permanently, enter 'no' (two letters, lower-case.)  
NOTE: Demand-activated links do not interact well with dynamic IP  
addresses.  You may have some problems with demand-activated links.  
Enter the demand value (default no):  

接下来,要求你输入如何设置 DNS 参数,我选择的是输入: server  

Please enter the IP address of your ISP's primary DNS server.  
If your ISP claims that 'the server will provide dynamic DNS addresses',  
enter 'server' (all lower-case) here.  
If you just press enter, I will assume you know what you are  
doing and not modify your DNS setup.  
Enter the DNS information here: server 

现在,要求你输入对应于帐户的密码(这有些类似于你在银行帐户的密码一样,这些参数可以从你的互联网服务提供商得到) , 系统会让你输入两次密码确认。 

Please enter your Password: xxxxxx
Please re-enter your Password: xxxxxx


Please enter 'yes' (three letters, lower-case.) if you want to allow  
normal user to start or stop DSL connection (default yes):  

Please choose the firewall rules to use.  Note that these rules are  
very basic.  You are strongly encouraged to use a more sophisticated  
firewall setup; however, these will provide basic security.  If you  
are running any servers on your machine, you must choose 'NONE' and  
set up firewalling yourself.  Otherwise, the firewall rules will deny  
access to all standard servers like Web, e-mail, ftp, etc.  If you  
are using SSH, the rules will block outgoing SSH connections which  
allocate a privileged source port.  

The firewall choices are:  
0 - NONE: This script will not set any firewall rules.  You are responsible  
           for ensuring the security of your machine.  You are STRONGLY  
           recommended to use some kind of firewall rules.  
1 - STANDALONE: Appropriate for a basic stand-alone web-surfing workstation  
2 - MASQUERADE: Appropriate for a machine acting as an Internet gateway  
                 for a LAN  
Choose a type of firewall (0-2): 0   

Start this connection at boot time  

Do you want to start this connection at boot time?  
Please enter no or yes (default no):

现在,系统开始总结你设置的参数。要求你确认,此时,你可以输入一个小 y 来确认。 
** Summary of what you entered **  

Ethernet Interface: eth0  
User name:          *sunzhou_110  
Activate-on-demand: No  
DNS addresses:      Supplied by ISP's server  
Firewalling:        NONE  
User Control:       yes  
Accept these settings and adjust configuration files (y/n)?   
Adjusting /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/ifcfg-ppp0  
Adjusting /etc/ppp/chap-secrets and /etc/ppp/pap-secrets  
   (But first backing it up to /etc/ppp/chap-secrets.bak)  
   (But first backing it up to /etc/ppp/pap-secrets.bak)  

Congratulations, it should be all set up!  

Type '/sbin/ifup ppp0' to bring up your xDSL link and '/sbin/ifdown ppp0'  
to bring it down.  
Type '/sbin/pppoe-status /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/ifcfg-ppp0'  
to see the link status.  

但是,此时你还无法联网,你必须手动建立连接, 此时需要运行 pppoe-connect 命令。如果你看到了下面的绿色输出表明你可以在网上冲浪了。 :)

[root@localhost edit]# /sbin/pppoe-connect   

RTNETLINK answers: No such process

RTNETLINK answers: No such process
Using interface ppp0  
Connect: ppp0  /dev/pts/1  
PAP authentication succeeded  
local  IP address 
remote IP address  
primary   DNS address
secondary DNS address

此时你可以运行下面的命令,如果看到域名被正确解析且有回应,则一切 OK
[edit@localhost ~]$ ping www.baidu.com

PING www.a.shifen.com ( 56(84) bytes of data.
64 bytes from icmp_seq=1 ttl=54 time=41.7 ms
64 bytes from icmp_seq=2 ttl=54 time=39.9 ms
64 bytes from icmp_seq=3 ttl=54 time=39.9 ms
64 bytes from icmp_seq=4 ttl=54 time=39.9 ms




[root@localhost ~]# /sbin/pppoe-stop 
Terminating on signal 15 
Connect time 0.6 minutes. 
Sent 2558 bytes, received 2166 bytes. 
cat: /var/run/pppoe-adsl.pid.start: No such file or directory 
pppoe: read (asyncReadFromPPP): Session 5001: Input/output error