• facebook有哪些信息Ever since worldwide lockdown and restriction on travel have been imposed, platforms like #Facebook, #Instagram, #Zoom, #GoogleDuo, & #Whatsapp have become more important than ...


    Ever since worldwide lockdown and restriction on travel have been imposed, platforms like

    #Facebook, #Instagram, #Zoom, #GoogleDuo, & #Whatsapp have become more important than ever to connect with your loved ones (apart from the source of memes and entertainment :D)

    In the article “Impact of the Coronavirus Pandemic on Global Social Media Usage, It mentioned that the time spent on the social media app increased by over 61%-65% globally.

    As users are spending a lot of time browsing the different digital content throughout the day. At the same time, companies are busy finding solutions for the user’s requirements.

    “COVID-19 forced companies to rethink their product offerings.”

    In order to empathize with users, companies like Whatsapp and Google Duo have increased its group video calling limits. But to achieve that, companies are paying very high costs — the cost of resources (human & tech), security, & space.

    Facebook, the most popular social media platform has also seen an extreme spike in global usage due to COVID-19 pandemic. However, increased traffic was not translating into good business.

    To solve this problem, Facebook has come with the most cost-efficient and smart product- “Care” an emoji; a new kind of contextual content filter.



    “冠状病毒大流行对全球社交媒体使用的影响 ”一文中 ,它提到在社交媒体应用程序上花费的时间在全球范围内增加了61%-65%以上。

    随着用户花费大量时间全天浏览不同的数字内容。 同时,公司正忙于寻找满足用户需求的解决方案。

    “ COVID-19迫使公司重新考虑其产品。”

    为了吸引用户, WhatsappGoogle Duo等公司提高了其群组视频通话限制。 但是要实现这一目标,公司将付出非常高的成本-资源(人力和技术),安全性和空间成本。

    由于COVID-19大流行,最受欢迎的社交媒体平台Facebook的全球使用率也急剧上升。 但是, 增加的流量并不能转化为良好的业务。

    为了解决这个问题,Facebook推出了最具成本效益和最智能的产品-“ Care ”表情符号; 一种新型的上下文内容过滤器。

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    为什么要使用新的表情符号? (Why a new emoji?)

    As daily routines changed overnight, motivation for using social media also changed- Facebook has realized this very quickly.

    随着日常工作在一夜之间发生变化,使用社交媒体的动机也发生了变化-Facebook 很快意识到了这一点。

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    As you can see in the above-mentioned report; Top motivation among 16–24 age group are:

    如您在上述报告中所见; 16-24岁年龄组的主要动机是:

    To fill up spare time (46%).


    To find funny or entertaining content (46%)


    To stay in touch with what my friends are doing (42%)


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    Facebook has given an extra emoji (a contextual content filter) to react on the content, as most of the people are sharing motivational quotes, quarantine stories (e.g. Online meetings/classes, learning new things, spending time with parents or kids), COVID news, and last but not the least- memes.

    Facebook还带有一个额外的表情符号( 上下文内容过滤器 )对内容作出React,因为大多数的人都分享励志报价, 检疫故事 (如在线会议/班,学习新的东西,花时间与父母或孩子),COVID新闻 ,最后但并非最不重要的模因

    表情符号如何解决业务问题? (How an emoji can solve a business problem?)

    The foundation was laid in Feb 2009; when Facebook introduced the reaction emojis to the world- Like, Love, Haha, Wow, Sad, & Angry. These were nothing but contextual content filters for Facebook. With the help of the user’s reaction on a particular content, they will filter out similar kinds of users/content based on the checklist (Gender, Age, Location, Interests, Language, etc.) and create a training data set for its ads communication engine.

    基金会成立于2009年2月。 当Facebook将React表情符号介绍给世界时,例如Like,Love,Haha,Wow,Sad和Angry。 这些不过是Facebook的上下文内容过滤器 。 借助用户对特定内容的React,他们将基于清单(性别,年龄,位置,兴趣,语言等)过滤掉类似类型的用户/内容,并为其广告传播创建训练数据集发动机。

    Facebook is using the concept of Emotional Intelligence to create an effective and robust communication engine for ads business. #BigData & #MachineLearning is the backbone of that project.

    Facebook正在使用“ 情商”的概念为广告业务创建有效且强大的通信引擎 #BigData和#MachineLearning是该项目的基础。

    What is emotional intelligence?


    Daniel Goleman Psychologist/Author, has explained in his book Emotional Intelligence:-

    心理学家/作者丹尼尔·戈尔曼(Daniel Goleman)在他的《 情商》一书中做了解释:

    Emotional Intelligence refers to how well we handle ourselves & our relationships: the four domains; self-awareness, self-management, empathy, social skills.

    情商是指我们如何处理自己和我们的关系:四个领域; 自我意识,自我管理,同理心,社交技巧。

    Let’s put this Emotional Intelligence in the context of business:


    Customer-awareness: How well we know our customers?


    Data-management: How well we process our data?


    Empathy: How well we know what our customers are feeling?

    移情 :我们对客户的感受有多了解?

    Social Skill: How well we are connected with our customers?

    社交技巧 :我们与客户的联系程度如何?

    The movement pandemic was announced, private messaging and video calling are the two segments that have witnessed an upsurge in usage. These are services that Facebook does not generate any revenue. As a result, Facebook’s ads business was suffering and it was struggling to maintain its communication engine up and running.

    运动大流行被宣布,私人消息和视频通话是使用率上升的两个部分。 这些是Facebook不会产生任何收入的服务。 结果,Facebook的广告业务遭受重创,并且努力保持其通讯引擎的正常运行。

    Last month April 2020, Facebook releases any other contextual content filter — “Care”- an emoji.

    2020年4月,上个月,Facebook发布了其他任何上下文内容过滤器-“ Care ”-表情符号。

    As a result, Facebook will cut short the processing time and redirect the right kind of content (ads content) to the end-user.


    它是如何工作的? (How does it work?)

    If you read Facebook’s data policy document, you will find out that Facebook collects the content, communications, and other information you provide when you use Facebook, including when you sign up for an account, create or share content and message or communicate with others. This can include information in or about the content that you provide (e.g. metadata), such as the location of a photo or the date a file was created.

    如果您阅读了Facebook的数据政策文档,您会发现Facebook会收集您在使用Facebook时提供的内容,通讯和其他信息,包括您注册帐户,创建或共享内容和消息或与他人进行通讯时。 这可以包括您提供的内容中或有关您提供的内容(例如,元数据)的信息,例如照片的位置或文件的创建日期。

    Apart from these, Facebook also collects information about how you use Facebook, such as


    您查看或参与的内容的类型,您使用的功能,您执行的操作/React。 (the types of content that you view or engage with, the features you use, the actions/reaction you take.)

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    Let’s understand the other side (Facebook for Business) of the story. Today’s date, every business has an online presence. They share some information with Facebook whenever the user uses their website/app and vice versa.

    让我们了解故事的另一面(Facebook for Business)。 今天的日期,每个企业都有在线业务。 每当用户使用其网站/应用程序时,它们便与Facebook分享一些信息,反之亦然。

    案例分析 (Case Study)

    To explain this, I have created a sample USER PERSONA.

    为了解释这一点,我创建了一个示例USER PERSONA。

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    影响力 (Impact)

    Global Web Index shows that younger age groups are particularly keen on researching products online via social networks.


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    Conclusion: In this fast pacing digital world, Designers and Product Thinkers have to be very creative and adaptive when it comes to solving the real problem. Even a small design change can create a huge impact on the product and business.

    结论:在这个快节奏的数字世界中,设计师和产品思想家在解决实际问题时必须具有很大的创造力和适应能力。 即使是很小的设计更改也可能对产品和业务产生巨大影响。

    This was all about this article: Design | Data | Emotional Intelligence

    这就是有关本文的全部内容: 设计| 数据 情商

    Thanks for reading.


    翻译自: https://uxdesign.cc/all-about-facebooks-expressive-emojis-d556c513ca95


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  • 可以用ls -l或者ll来查看文件的属性 ...1 位是文件的类型,- 普通文件,d 目录文件,b 块设备,c 字符设备,l 符号链接文件,p 管道文件pipe,s 套接字文件socket; 2-4 三位是文件所属组的权限位,其中r为读权限、w

    可以用ls -l或者ll来查看文件的属性

    [root@centos ~]#ls -l a.txt
    -rw-r–r--. 1 root root 9 Feb 6 11:49 a.txt
    ① ② ③ ④ ⑤ ⑥
    1 位是文件的类型,- 普通文件,d 目录文件,b 块设备,c 字符设备,l 符号链接文件,p 管道文件pipe,s 套接字文件socket;
    2-4 三位是文件所属组的权限位,其中r为读权限、w为写权限、x为执行权限,S为超级权限,X为特殊权限;
    5-7 三位是文件所属组的权限位;
    . 位是表示SElinux的开关;
    ② 位是表示文件的硬链接数量;
    ③ 位是文件的所属用户和所属组的信息;
    ④ 位是文件的大小;
    ⑤ 位是文件默认的mtime也就是修改时间;
    ⑥ 位是文件的名称;

    stat file
    access time 访问时间,atime,读取文件内容
    modify time 修改时间,mtime,改变文件内容(数据)
    change time 改变时间,ctime,元数据发生改变

    格式:touch [OPTION]… FILE…
    -a 仅改变 atime和ctime
    -m 仅改变 mtime和ctime
    -t [[CC]YY]MMDDhhmm[.ss] 指定atime和mtime的时间戳
    -c 如果文件不存在,则不予创建

    [root@centos7 ~]#touch a.txt
    [root@centos7 ~]#stat a.txt
      File: ‘a.txt’
      Size: 0           Blocks: 0          IO Block: 4096   regular empty file
    Device: 802h/2050d  Inode: 201446171   Links: 1
    Access: (0644/-rw-r--r--)  Uid: (    0/    root)   Gid: (    0/    root)
    Access: 2020-03-26 10:25:37.215482671 +0800
    Modify: 2020-03-26 10:25:37.215482671 +0800
    Change: 2020-03-26 10:25:37.215482671 +0800
     Birth: -
    [root@centos7 ~]#touch -a a.txt
    [root@centos7 ~]#stat a.txt
      File: ‘a.txt’
      Size: 0           Blocks: 0          IO Block: 4096   regular empty file
    Device: 802h/2050d  Inode: 201446171   Links: 1
    Access: (0644/-rw-r--r--)  Uid: (    0/    root)   Gid: (    0/    root)
    Access: 2020-03-26 10:26:22.451479809 +0800
    Modify: 2020-03-26 10:25:37.215482671 +0800
    Change: 2020-03-26 10:26:22.451479809 +0800
     Birth: -
    [root@centos7 ~]#touch -m a.txt
    [root@centos7 ~]#stat a.txt
      File: ‘a.txt’
      Size: 0           Blocks: 0          IO Block: 4096   regular empty file
    Device: 802h/2050d  Inode: 201446171   Links: 1
    Access: (0644/-rw-r--r--)  Uid: (    0/    root)   Gid: (    0/    root)
    Access: 2020-03-26 10:26:22.451479809 +0800
    Modify: 2020-03-26 10:26:45.006478382 +0800
    Change: 2020-03-26 10:26:45.006478382 +0800
     Birth: -
    [root@centos7 ~]#touch -t 02020202 a.txt
    [root@centos7 ~]#stat a.txt
      File: ‘a.txt’
      Size: 0           Blocks: 0          IO Block: 4096   regular empty file
    Device: 802h/2050d  Inode: 201446171   Links: 1
    Access: (0644/-rw-r--r--)  Uid: (    0/    root)   Gid: (    0/    root)
    Access: 2020-02-02 02:02:00.000000000 +0800
    Modify: 2020-02-02 02:02:00.000000000 +0800
    Change: 2020-03-26 10:28:42.318470961 +0800
     Birth: -
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