• 静态ip地址是什么意思

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    目前,在大数据时代下代理ip的用处变得十分重要,ip地址在大家身边的应用也是很多的,有很多的朋友不清楚固定ip地址是什么,下面就给大家详细介绍下相关信息: 1、静态ip地址又称为固定ip地址,是指长期分配给计算机...



    一般是特殊的服务器或者采用专线上网的计算机才拥有固定的 IP 地址而且需要比较昂贵的费用。静态 IP 是二级路由必须用到的。

    相信大家有所了解,固定IP是不会改变的,生活中一些游戏者往往也倾向于选择静态 IP 地址,因为沟通更容易。


  • tldr 是什么Imagentle/ShutterstockImagentle /快门 Unlike most internet acronyms, TLDR (or TL;DR) has found its way into news articles, professional emails, and evenMerriam-Webster’s Dictionary.But ...
    tldr 是什么

    tldr 是什么

    The word TLDR in big yellow letters against a black background.
    Imagentle/Shutterstock Imagentle /快门

    Unlike most internet acronyms, TLDR (or TL;DR) has found its way into news articles, professional emails, and even Merriam-Webster’s Dictionary. But what does TLDR mean, how do you use it, and where did it come from?

    与大多数互联网首字母缩略词不同,TLDR(或TL; DR)已进入新闻文章,专业电子邮件甚至Merriam-Webster词典中 。 但是TLDR是什么意思,您如何使用它以及它来自何处?

    太长; 没看 (Too Long; Didn’t Read)

    TLDR (or TL;DR) is a common internet acronym for “Too Long; Didn’t Read.” At face value, the phrase seems pretty easy to understand. But words and phrases can change depending on their context, and TLDR is no exception.

    TLDR(或TL; DR)是Internet的常见缩写,表示“ Too Long; 没看。” 从表面上看,该短语似乎很容易理解。 但是单词和短语可以根据其上下文而改变,并且TLDR也不例外。

    In its simplest form, TLDR is used to express that a piece of digital text (an article, email, etc.) is too long to be worth reading. A lone “TLDR?” without any explanation could be an intentionally rude or funny comment. In most cases, though, it’s just a witty acknowledgment that a small chunk of text is easier to digest than a large wall of text.

    TLDR以其最简单的形式表示一则数字文本(文章,电子邮件等)太长,不值得阅读。 一个孤独的“ TLDR?” 未经任何解释可能是故意的粗鲁或有趣的评论。 不过,在大多数情况下,这只是一个机智的承认,一小段文字比一长段文字更容易消化。

    That said, you’ll rarely see a lone “TLDR” in the comments for a web article (or anywhere, really). People tend to accompany their TLDR with a summary of what’s being discussed. At the bottom of a lengthy article on football, for example, you might find a comment that says “TLDR: the Patriots will win the next Super Bowl.”

    就是说,您很少会在网络文章的评论中(或实际上在任何地方)看到一个单独的“ TLDR”。 人们倾向于在其TLDR中附上所讨论内容的摘要。 例如,在一篇冗长的足球文章的底部,您可能会看到一条注释:“ TLDR:爱国者队将赢得下一个超级碗。”

    Along this same line, writers sometimes include a TLDR at the top or bottom of their web article, email, or text message. This is meant to be a summary of what the author is saying, and it’s a disclaimer that the details of a long text may not be worth every reader’s time. A ten paragraph product review for a crappy laptop, for example, could simply start with “TLDR: this laptop sucks.” That’s the quick summary, and you can read further for details.

    同样,作者有时在其网络文章,电子邮件或短信的顶部或底部包含TLDR。 这是对作者所说内容的总结,它是免责声明,长篇文章的细节可能不值得每个读者都花时间。 例如,对于一台笨拙的笔记本电脑进行的十段产品评论,可以简单地从“ TLDR:这台笔记本电脑很烂”开始。 这是快速摘要,您可以进一步阅读以获取详细信息。

    TLDR的历史可以追溯到2000年代初 (TLDR Dates Back to the Early 2000s)

    Like most internet slang, we don’t really know where the word TLDR came from. Our best guess is that the phrase originated from discussion boards like the Something Awful Forums and 4Chan during the early 2000s.

    像大多数互联网语一样,我们真的不知道TLDR这个词的来源。 最好的猜测是,该词组源自2000年代初期的论坛,如Something Awful Forums和4Chan。

    Merriam-Webster’s Dictionary (which accepted “TL;DR” as a word in 2018) claims that the word was first used in 2002, but provides no evidence to support its claim.

    《韦氏词典》(Merriam-Webster's Dictionary)(于2018年接受“ TL; DR”作为单词) 声称该单词于2002年首次使用,但没有提供证据支持其主张。

    A Google Analytics graph showing how often people search for the phrases "TLDR" or "TL;DR." Over the years, searches for "TLDR" have gone up, while searches for "TL;DR" have decreased.
    Google Analytics 谷歌分析

    As of right now, the earliest recorded use of TLDR (then spelled “TL;DR”) dates back to January of 2003, when it was added to Urban Dictionary. There are also some forum posts that contain the word “TL;DR” from later that same year.

    截至目前,最早记录的TLDR使用(当时拼写为“ TL; DR”)可追溯到2003年1月,当时将其添加到Urban Dictionary中 。 也有一些论坛帖子包含同年晚些时候的“ TL; DR”一词。

    Since 2004, Google searches for the term “TLDR” or “TL;DR” have slowly climbed. Sadly, Google Analytics started in January 2004, so we can’t look any further back than that. You can see that use of the word “TLDR” has far exceeded “TL;DR” since 2004, which is why we’ve dropped the semi-colon for most of this article.

    自2004年以来,Google搜索“ TLDR”或“ TL; DR”一词的人数逐渐增加。 遗憾的是,Google Analytics(分析)始于2004年1月,所以我们再回头看看。 您可以看到,自2004年以来,“ TLDR”一词的使用已远远超过了“ TL; DR”,这就是我们在本文大部分内容中都删除了分号的原因。

    您如何使用TLDR? (How Do You Use TLDR?)

    Generally speaking, you should only use TLDR when summarizing a piece of text, whether you’re the author or commenter. Using the phrase TLDR without offering a useful summary for the content can come off as intentionally rude (but of course, that may be your intention).

    一般而言,无论您是作者还是评论者,都仅应在汇总文本时使用TLDR。 在不提供内容摘要的情况下使用TLDR短语可能会故意失误(但是,当然,这可能是您的意图)。

    When using TLDR as a commenter, your job is very simple. Provide a useful summary that other readers can understand or leave a snarky “TLDR” and come off as rude or childish.

    当使用TLDR作为评论者时,您的工作非常简单。 提供有用的摘要,其他读者可以理解或留下一个狡猾的“ TLDR”,并且粗鲁或幼稚。

    A man wonders if he should reply to his boss' long email with a hefty TLDR.
    fizkes/Shutterstock 笛子/快门

    When using TLDR as an author, your job is a little more complicated. Placing a TLDR-summary at the beginning of an article or email can save the reader’s time or serve as a quick introduction, but it can also give the reader a reason to skip the details of your text.

    当使用TLDR作为作者时,您的工作要复杂一些。 在文章或电子邮件的开头放置TLDR摘要可以节省读者的时间或作为快速介绍,但也可以使读者有理由跳过文本的详细信息。

    A TLDR-summary at the end of a long text is sometimes more desirable, as it allows you to sum up all of the details that the reader is digesting. But in some situations, this use can feel a bit sarcastic. It’s as if the author is acknowledging that their own wall of text can adequately be understood in a single sentence.

    长文本结尾处的TLDR摘要有时更可取,因为它使您可以总结读者正在消化的所有详细信息。 但是在某些情况下,这种使用可能会有些讽刺。 好像作者承认他们自己的文字墙可以在一个句子中充分理解。

    As for professional or scholarly use, it just depends on the context. As a rule of thumb, don’t throw around TLDR anywhere you wouldn’t say LOL. But if you really want to use TLDR in a professional environment (it’s big among programmers, marketers, and writers), consider saying “TL;DR” instead. It looks fancier than the basic TLDR, and it’s accepted as a word by Webster’s Dictionary.

    至于专业用途还是学术用途,仅取决于上下文。 根据经验,不要在不会说LOL的地方乱扔TLDR。 但是,如果您真的想在专业环境中使用TLDR(在程序员,市场营销人员和作家中占很大比例),请考虑改为使用“ TL; DR”。 它看起来比基本的TLDR还要奇特,并且被韦伯斯特词典(Webster's Dictionary)接受为单词。

    So, TLDR: TLDR is a useful way to summarize details and speed up communication. Use it when it feels right, and try to avoid sounding rude.

    因此,TLDR:TLDR是总结细节并加快沟通速度的有用方法。 感觉良好时使用它,并尽量避免听起来粗鲁。

    Sources: Know Your Meme, Merriam-Webster

    资料来源: 认识你的模因Merriam-Webster

    翻译自: https://www.howtogeek.com/435266/what-does-tldr-mean-and-how-do-you-use-it/

    tldr 是什么

  • 充电器兼容qi是什么意思 Andrey Suslov/Shutterstock, WPA/Qi Andrey Suslov / Shutterstock,WPA /齐 If you’ve taken the time to shop for a wireless charger, then you’ve probably bumped into the term ...


    An illustration of a wireless charger with the Qi logo.
    Andrey Suslov/Shutterstock, WPA/Qi Andrey Suslov / Shutterstock,WPA /齐

    If you’ve taken the time to shop for a wireless charger, then you’ve probably bumped into the term “Qi-Certified.” But what the heck is Qi, and why should you use a Qi-Certified wireless charger?

    如果您花时间购买无线充电器 ,那么您可能会碰到“ Qi认证”一词。 但是Qi到底是什么,为什么要使用经过Qi认证的无线充电器?

    Qi只是无线充电标准 (Qi Is Just a Wireless Charging Standard)

    Qi (pronounced “chee”) is a standard for wireless energy transmission. It’s a format that’s maintained by the Wireless Power Consortium (WPC), and it aims to standardize wireless charging across all devices in the same way that the USB or Bluetooth standards have standardized data transmission across all devices.

    Qi(发音为“ chee”)是无线能量传输的标准。 这种格式由无线电源联盟(WPC)维护,旨在以与USB或蓝牙标准在所有设备之间标准化的数据传输相同的方式来标准化所有设备上的无线充电。

    But why does wireless charging need to be standardized?


    Well, without a standard like Qi, wireless charging would be a serious pain in the ass. Imagine if every smartphone used its own unique cable instead of Micro-USB, USB-C, or Lightning. Without the Qi standard, that’s the nonsense that you’d have to deal with.

    好吧,如果没有Qi这样的标准,无线充电将是一个沉重的麻烦。 试想一下,如果每个智能手机都使用自己独特的电缆而不是Micro-USB,USB-C或Lightning。 没有Qi标准,这就是您必须处理的废话。

    We say “basically” because, technically speaking, it’s possible for unstandardized wireless chargers to work with unstandardized phones. But co-mingling power standards with unsupported devices is both ineffective and dangerous.

    我们之所以说“基本”,是因为从技术上讲,非标准的无线充电器可以与非标准的手机一起使用。 但是,将功率标准与不受支持的设备混合在一起既无效又危险。

    Qi标准使事情变得安全而轻松 (The Qi Standard Keeps Things Safe and Easy)

    Wireless chargers rely on magnetic induction or magnetic resonance to transmit energy (Qi uses both). It’s sort of like the magnetic field that surrounds the Earth. Your phone contains a coil that converts this magnetic energy into electrical energy, which then charges the battery. Simple, right?

    无线充电器依靠磁感应或磁共振来传输能量(Qi会同时使用)。 有点像环绕地球的磁场。 您的电话包含一个线圈,该线圈将磁能转换为电能,然后为电池充电。 简单吧?

    A girl freaking out while holding an exploding phone. Clearly, she didn't use a Qi-Certified wireless charger.
    HomeArt/Shutterstock 家用艺术/快门

    That’s why it’s technically possible for unstandardized wireless chargers to work unstandardized receivers in phones. But let’s imagine a world without wireless charging standards. You’d run into three big problems:

    这就是为什么非标准的无线充电器在技术上可以在电话中的非标准接收器上工作的原因。 但是,让我们想象一个没有无线充电标准的世界。 您将遇到三个大问题:

    • Overloading Phones: Smartphones have built-in voltage limiters that prevent wired overcharging. But wireless charging relies on a coil, like a coil on an electric stovetop. Without a wireless charging standard, a high powered wireless charger (say, 25 watts) could damage a low-powered wireless phone’s coil (which may have a limited range of 0-5 watts) along with its battery and other internals.

      手机过载:智能手机具有内置的电压限制器,可防止有线过度充电。 但是无线充电依赖于线圈,就像电炉灶上的线圈一样。 如果没有无线充电标准,高功率无线充电器(例如25瓦)可能会损坏低功率无线电话的线圈(可能具有0-5瓦的有限范围)及其电池和其他内部组件。

    • Overheating: This is already a common problem for high-voltage (or cheap) wireless chargers. Without proper power management or ventilation, heat will build up and damage your phone. Enough heat can cause a battery to deteriorate, which can also lead to fires.

      过热:对于高压(或廉价)无线充电器,这已经是一个普遍的问题 。 如果没有适当的电源管理或通风,热量将会积聚并损坏手机。 热量过多会导致电池变质,还可能引起火灾。

    • Heat Transfer to Nearby Objects: Without built-in Foreign Object Detection (FOD), a wireless charger may be inclined to push magnetic energy at things that aren’t phones, like pieces of metal or nearby objects. This can cause overheating, fires, or burns.

      热量到附近物体的传递:如果没有内置的异物检测(FOD),无线充电器可能会倾向于将磁能推向不是手机的东西,例如金属碎片或附近的物体。 这可能会导致过热,火灾或燃烧。

    The Qi wireless charging standard effectively ensures that we’ll never run into these problems. When a phone or charger is Qi-Certified, it’s tested by the Wireless Power Consortium for safety, effectiveness, and compatibility. Qi-Certified devices must operate from 0-30 watts (the Qi standard can go up to 1 kilowatt, but not for phones), pass temperature tests, and comply with Qi FOD standards. They also need to be compatible with all other Qi-Certified devices (phones or chargers), the same way that all Micro-SD cards work with all Micro-SD ports.

    Qi无线充电标准有效地确保了我们永远不会遇到这些问题。 如果手机或充电器获得Qi认证,则将通过无线电源联盟的安全性,有效性和兼容性测试。 经Qi认证的设备必须在0到30瓦之间运行(Qi标准可以达到1千瓦,但不适用于电话),必须通过温度测试,并符合Qi FOD标准。 它们还需要与所有其他经过Qi认证的设备(电话或充电器)兼容,就像所有Micro-SD卡可以与所有Micro-SD端口一起使用一样。

    存在其他无线充电标准,这些标准已死 (Other Wireless Charging Standards Exist, and They’re Dead)

    The Powermat (PMA) from 2009. It operates on the PMA charging standard, which has been superseded by Qi.
    Powermat 动力垫

    We’re talking about Qi as if it’s the only standard for wireless charging. That’s because, while there are other wireless charging standards, they aren’t really relevant anymore.

    我们正在谈论Qi,好像它是无线充电的唯一标准。 这是因为,尽管还有其他无线充电标准,但它们实际上不再相关。

    Honestly, we’re okay with that. Different wireless charging standards don’t play nice together, so it’s better (at a consumer level) for all phones and wireless chargers to support a single format. But for the sake of knowledge and tech history, what are some of the other wireless charging standards?

    老实说,我们对此表示满意。 不同的无线充电标准不能同时发挥作用,因此(在消费者级别)所有电话和无线充电器最好支持单一格式。 但是出于知识和技术历史的原因,其他一些无线充电标准是什么?

    Well, there’s Powermat (PMA), which uses magnetic induction to charge devices. Remember those funky charging mats from 2008 or 2009? Those were PMA wireless chargers. Samsung Galaxy phones (the S8, S9, and S10) still support the PMA standard (alongside Qi), but people complain that the S10 doesn’t work with all PMA chargers.

    好吧,有Powermat(PMA),它使用磁感应为设备充电。 还记得2008年或2009年那些时髦的充电垫吗? 那些是PMA无线充电器。 三星Galaxy手机(S8,S9和S10)仍支持PMA标准(以及Qi),但人们抱怨 S10不能与所有PMA充电器一起使用。

    The other notable wireless charging standard is called AirFuel (formerly Rezence) which relies on magnetic resonance to charge devices. It’s supported by a handful of outdated devices that nobody cares about, including an iPhone 5s case.

    另一个值得注意的无线充电标准称为AirFuel (以前称为Rezence),它依靠磁共振为设备充电。 包括iPhone 5s外壳在内的一些过时的设备 ,无人问津,都支持它。

    Should these alternative wireless charging standards get another shot at life? That’s like asking if it’s okay for another USB standard to come out. It might drive competition a little bit, but it would also make everything more complicated than it needs to be.

    这些替代性无线充电标准是否应该重新焕发生命? 这就好比问问另一个USB标准是否可行。 它可能会稍微推动竞争,但也会使一切变得复杂。

    Qi标准的未来 (The Future of the Qi Standard)

    Wireless charging is a hot topic right now, and it’s hard to tell where things are going. The technology is still in its early stages, and while charging a phone on a plastic stand is nice and all, wireless charging has a lot of potential for future applications.

    无线充电现在是一个热门话题,很难说清事情的发展方向。 这项技术仍处于早期阶段,虽然可以在塑料支架上为手机充电非常好,但无线充电在未来的应用中仍具有很大的潜力。

    Just don’t expect a wirelessly charged car anytime soon.  As of right now, the WPC seems to be laser focused on… kitchen appliances and power tools. Hey, don’t judge, we all have to start somewhere, right?

    只是不要期望很快就会有无线充电的汽车。 截至目前,WPC似乎专注于…… 厨房用具电动工具 。 嘿,不要判断,我们都必须从某个地方开始,对吧?

    A phone charging on a Qi-Certified wireless charging pad.
    Daniel Jedzura/Shutterstock 丹尼尔·杰祖拉/ Shutterstock

    The name of the game here is efficiency and convenience. There’s no point in selling a wireless charger if it wastes power, charges significantly slower than wired solutions, or is too inconvenient for regular use. Right now, the Qi standard can support up to 1 kilowatt of power transfer. By focusing on kitchen appliances and power tools, the WPC will hopefully find a way to perfect wireless kilowatt power transfer, while also figuring out how to build integrated wireless chargers (in counter tops, under carpeting, etc.).

    这里的游戏名称是效率和便利性。 如果无线充电器浪费功率,充电速度明显慢于有线解决方案,或者对于常规使用而言非常不便,那么出售无线充电器毫无意义。 目前,Qi标准可以支持高达1千瓦的功率传输。 通过专注于厨房用具和电动工具,WPC有望找到一种完善无线千瓦功率传输的方法,同时还可以弄清楚如何构建集成的无线充电器(在桌面,地毯下等)。

    不要购买未经认证的无线充电器 (Don’t Buy Un-Certified Wireless Chargers)

    If a wireless charger isn’t Qi-Certified, then you should avoid buying it or using it. Qi-Certified chargers from Anker, CHOETECH, and Yootech are already incredibly cheap, and they come with the guarantee that your phone won’t overheat or become damaged while wirelessly charging.

    如果无线充电器未经Qi认证,则应避免购买或使用它。 来自AnkerCHOETECHYootech的经过Qi认证的充电器已经非常便宜,并且它们提供了保证,在无线充电时您的手机不会过热或损坏。

    If you want to buy an older PMA or AirFuel charger (for whatever reason) make sure that your device complies to their charging standards first. Or, you could just drop $12 on a Qi-Certified charger from CHOETECH.

    如果您想购买旧的PMA或AirFuel充电器(无论出于何种原因),请确保您的设备首先符合其充电标准。 或者,您也可以在CHOETECH的经过Qi认证的充电器上花费12美元。

    Sources: Wireless Power Consortium, MakeZens, Wikipedia

    资料来源: 无线电源联盟MakeZensWikipedia

    翻译自: https://www.howtogeek.com/425885/what-is-a-qi-certified-wireless-charger/


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    在决定蚂蚁在行走方向的状态转移概率时,引入了一个随机搜索的过程,引入了启发因子,在根据所求问题空间的具体特点,给蚁群算法一个初始的引导,这个过程极大的增加了算法的时间有效性,从而使蚁群算法的有效应用成为可能。我们经常用表示信息启发式因子,它反映了蚂蚁在移动过程中所累积的信息素在蚂蚁移动时所起的作用,值越大,则表示该蚂蚁越倾向于选择其他蚂蚁走过的路径,表明蚂蚁之间协作性越强。用表示期望启发式因子,它反映了蚂蚁在移动过程中启发信息在蚂蚁选择路径中的受重视程度, 值越大,则该状态转移概率越接近于贪婪规则。





  • 意思是取余数 字符串切片 操作:s[N:M],从N到M,但是不包括M name = "Python语言程序设计课程" print ( name [ 0 ] , name [ 2 : - 2 ] , name [ - 1 ] ) #输出结果为:P thon语言程序设计 程 ...
  • 智课雅思词汇---十九、前缀se是什么意思 一、总结 一句话总结:前缀:se-表示“分开, 离开, 区别开” 前缀:se- 【词根含义】:分离 【同源单词】:secede,secession,secessionism,secrecy,secret 前缀:se-...
  • 权衡 N+1 冗余 UPS 配置之间的 成本部署速度与可靠性 摘要 随着通过软件实现 IT 容错的持续改进越来越 多的数据中心倾向于采用 N+1 冗余的 UPS 架 构而非 2N 架构一般而言实现 N+1 冗余配 置的常见方式有两种将多个...
  • 关于趋势系数和气候倾向

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  • 探究:软件工程中的test oracle到底是什么意思

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    [1] 软件测试中的test oracle指什么? https://www.zhihu.com/question/30250441 [2] Xie T. Augmenting Automatically Generated Unit-Test Suites with Regression Oracle Checking[J]. 2006, 4067:380-403. ...
  • 倾向性评分匹配 Propensity Score Matching

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    一、倾向性评分匹配是什么倾向性评分匹配是一种统计学方法,用于处理观察研究的数据。 二、匹配 首先我们有T变量:干预(0/1),代表政策/措施等是否有实施,即区分实验组与原始控制变量组。变量Y:观察结果,...
  • 人工智能时代,所需要了解人工智能的基本常识

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  • 车型SUV、CRV和HRV、MPV是什么意思

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  • 2.什么是倾向值匹配法? 将各个手册单元多维度的信息,使用统计方法简化成一维的数值,是为倾向值,然后据之进行匹配,匹配的目的就是要找寻实验组和对照组样本中拥有相同(或者相似)倾向值的样本,它们之间的差异...
  • 什么是大数据风控? >>保险公司是怎么监视我们的? >>大数据风控时代,买保险要注意什么? 近几年,想必大家都真真切切地感受到了大数据,已经出现在了我们生活中的方方面面。 比如打开淘宝,推
  • 接口通常被用来表示附属描述或行为如:Runnable、Clonable、Serializable 等等,因此当你 使用抽象类来表示行为时,你的类就不能同时是 Runnable 和 Clonable(注:这里的意思是指 如果把 Runnable 等实现为抽象类的...
  • 与第一种方法相比,新的Python版本更倾向于使用format方法。它的使用也更加灵活,下面我们简单介绍一下。  它的基本使用格式如下:  template.format(p0, p1, ..., k0=v0, k1=v1, ...)  template是一个字符串...
  • 什么是SEO?搜索引擎优化是什么意思? 搜索引擎优化(SEO)是所有方法的总称,可用于确保您的网站及其内容在搜索引擎结果页面(SERP)上的可见性。 这些方法不同于您在网站幕后可以实现的技术实践(我们倾向于将其...
  • 倾向值匹配(PSM)指南

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    什么倾向值匹配? 样本选择偏误会带来内生性问题: 比如在比较读研究生对于工资的影响时,要选择能力、智商、家庭背景、工作单位等都差不多的样本进行比较,所以需要样本匹配. 样本匹配的核心 共同支撑假设 ...
  • foo是什么意思??

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    计算机中的foo是什么? 举报|2015-01-29 18:44匿名 | 浏览 663 次 来自:手机知道  计算机 我有更好的答案 分享到: 就像经济学家有时候使用术语“widget”来最终...
  • NB-IoT是什么

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    这确实是个问题,我家电冰箱才花了699元,如果装一个20美元的通信模块,成了物联网智能冰箱,价格一下涨到730元,我一定不买了,别问我为什么?穷!  不过,据说通信模块可以降到5美元以下的,我们还是应该...
  • 战略决定结构是什么意思

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  • 对于新注册使用LinkedIn领英的人来说,LinkedIn领英人脉的规则一定是最让人头痛的问题之一,因为我刚开始用LinkedIn领英的时候,就是被这个折磨到差点放弃。 但LinkedIn领英又是全球最大的职场社交平台,... 什么是L
  • 一线工程师告诉你嵌入式真实现状与发展前景

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  • BI到底是什么?来听听他们怎么说

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    文|帆软数据应用研究院 互联网时代信息技术的飞速发展使得企业的信息化程度不断提高,企业数据呈现出爆发式增长的态势。相应地,企业数据量越大,数据问题就暴露得越明显,数据驱动决策的需求...那么BI到底是什么...
  • RS232 RTS和CTS是什么意思

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    34RTS和CTS是什么意思? 解释一:RTS:终端我准备发数据给你,快用CTS应答,准备好没? CTS:好了,来吧 解释二:CTS:主机,我有数据,请求接收 RTS:我是主机,就绪,请求发送。 ...
  • PSM 倾向性匹配(一)基础知识

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    PSM 倾向性匹配 文章目录1.基础知识1.1 什么叫处理效应1.2ATE ATT ATU1.3 选择难题2.随机分组 1.基础知识 1.1 什么叫处理效应 对于个体iii而言,其未来收入为yyy ,有 yi={y1i 若 Di=1y0i 若 Di=...
  • 到底什么是嵌入式?什么是单片机?

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    但是,如果要问具体什么是嵌入式,什么是单片机,它们之间究竟有什么区别,我相信大部分人并不能解释清楚。 今天,小枣君就给大家做一个入门科普,揭秘上述问题的答案。与此同时,我还会给大家介绍一下,我们经常...
  • [ZT]车型SUV是什么意思

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  • 倾向得分匹配分析 (PSM) 已经在诸多领域得到了应用。虽然 PSM 不能完全解决内生性问题,但却能在很大程度上缓解自我选择问题导致的偏差。在前期文献中,Becker & Ichino (2002, Stata Journal, ...
  • 在区块链的相关探讨中,有把“挖矿”一词的含义扩大的倾向,在这里我们认为,只有生成区块的计算行为,即运维分布式账本与去中心网络的行为,才是真正意义上的挖矿。简单地说,只有生产区块,才是挖矿。即便放宽要求...



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