• 美国博士申请文书怎么呢?本文无忧考网提供了一篇美国土木工程博士申请个人陈述范文,大家可以根据文章理清自己的写作思路。I am planning to pursue graduate studies towards a Ph.D. degree at your school of ...



    I am planning to pursue graduate studies towards a Ph.D. degree at your school of engineering starting from the fall of 2008.

    My interest in the building structure can be traced back to my success in high school years, when I excelled my fellow classmates in physics and geometry. This not only fired off my interest in structural design but also helped to lay solid groundwork for my undergraduate studies in civil engineering, which heavily involved mechanics in physics and solid geometry.

    With excellent scores in the compulsory national university entrance examination, I won acceptance in 1991 into the Beijing Polytech University, one of China’s top 10 engineering schools, particularly well-known for its structural engineering. For five years at this university, I received strict and thorough training in areas such as building structures, building materials. Soil mechanics and foundation, concrete and masonry structures, construction, steel structure and earthquake resistant structure. I also took every opportunity to participate in co-po work and projects commissioned by construction and design companies.

    Opportunities abound for civil engineers and civil engineering students in China, which now houses the world’s fastest growing major economy. At every year’s job fair held on the campus of the Polytech University, more than 200 positions compete for 60-odd graduating students. Under such circumstances, undergraduate students in their fifth year are also in high demand for internship at various construction companies and design institutes. Virtually every student gets a full workload immediately upon starting the internship and assumes considerable responsibilities soon afterwards.

    I became the luckiest among the lucky by winning a rare opportunity for any civil engineer: to participate in the design of the Beijing Western Railway Station, the largest urban structure in China up to date. This happened while I interned, along with five other schoolmates, at the Beijing Architectural Institute. This institute has designed virtually all the modern landmark buildings in China, including the famous Great Hall of the People and the Museum of Revolutionary History on the Tiananmen Square, the Beijing Railway Station and the Asian Games Village. It was on the strength of my academic merits that I got to enjoy these opportunities.

    The Western station project in Beijing consisted of the mail hall (70,000 square meters), south wing building group (40,000 square meters) and north wing building group (35,000 square meters). My task was to assist in the design of a shopping centre in the south wing which had 16,000 square meters. I independently accomplished a quarter of the design for the whole building, mainly responsible for the foundation design, calculation and drawing of steel distribution of beam, floor, columns and concrete piles. I cherished this opportunity to apply the knowledge I had learned in the classroom to the real world problems and I worked with my utmost dedication.

    I, however, soon found out that, even in this monumental project, design techniques applied in many cases left much to be desired. When treating the wind load, the earthquake force and the effect of frozen soil, historical data and intelligent estimates were used in place of accurate measuring. This phenomenon made me determined to improve my knowledge and skills in a graduate program that can teach sophisticated know-how, such as yours.

    It regrettably turned out that the design of the mail hall was seriously flawed, which drew intense media attention nationwide. The structure sank two meters after completion. As experts continue to help the court determine who is responsible, I myself have been awed by this drama and kept researching it ever since it became known.

    My tentative explanation, submitted to take into account the underground water’s power of buoyancy, even though the structure base was put below the waterbed. The structure floated until enough load was mounted. The proper construction method therefore should have involved artificial precipitation until the completion of structure.

    Upon graduation in 1996, I joined the Beijing Biggest Co., one of the four largest construction companies in China, and immediately took on management duties as an assistant manger at the construction site. I have supervised steel engineering, concrete engineering and platform engineering for there twenty-three story buildings in the Beijing DD residential area, a total of 60,000 square meters in apartments. In this capacity, I was compelled to learn management skills which had never been taught in the classroom. Although construction management is not what I foresee to be a lifetime pursuit, I executed my duty meticulously and creatively. I became the first construction site manager in the company to conduct experiments comparing box-weir maintenance and the traditional manual watering method. By using box-weir method, weak concrete and cracks in the concrete were eliminated. Through these important, albeit small, steps of improvement, I have derived immense satisfaction.

    My vigorous academic training and exposure to intricate design problems and complex construction management issues has stood me in good stead professionally compared to my peers. My plan to further my career through advanced studies stems from self-confidence in my academic calibre and also a strong desire to solve design and construction problems encountered at work. I have researched your program based on the materials I have available to me and decided that advanced studies under your seasoned guidance will be a shortcut for me to reach my goal. I request that you give my application for admission and financial support favourable consideration.











  • 美国研究生院计算机专业申请个人陈述(ps)范文:‘for knowledge itself is power’. this is one of my favorite precepts and at this point in my life when i am about to complete my graduation and my future ...


    ‘for knowledge itself is power’. this is one of my favorite precepts and at this point in my life when i am about to complete my graduation and my future spreads in front of me like a dream, this adage has never influenced my life more than this before.

    knowledge and proper training are essential to succeed in todays highly competitive world. the best place where i can achieve this is in the united states of america - the undisputed leader in developing new products and processes. not only is america the birthplace of my chosen field of study, it has also nurtured it for its full growth and continuous development. to achieve my goals, i want to pursue a masters program in computer science. it is the ideal way for me to gain the knowledge and skills to stand tall as a computer professional.

    during my undergraduate studies, i acquired a comprehensive knowledge of computer hardware in all its complexity. i also learnt of diverse software and their applications. the highly dedicated teaching staff of my college taught me the various concepts involved in the field of computer engineering. some of the subjects i studied were computer graphics, computer methodology and algorithms, logic circuits, principles of communication engineering, c programming, object oriented programming as well as programming using different tools.

    i take a keen interest in networking and database management systems. as a part of my final year curriculum, i am working on a project with one of the indias finest web-site designing companies - microgiga info. sys. ltd. the aim of the project is to create a web-site. the web-site, called "jobs4all", aims to provide the user with a job depending upon his qualifications. various database concepts, programming scripts and the maintenance of a server are some of the features included in our web-site. some of the products and tools used are asp scripts, java scripts, microsoft access 97, personal web server, etc. i am also interested in system programming. for this very reason, i have selected compiler construction as the elective subject for my final year.

    there is truly no end to learning, as this has become a world where a constant addition to abilities is the key to growth in a dynamic world. i am fortunate to belong to a family that places a high value of education. i have been given all the encouragement and facility to develop my talents and interests. i have completed several courses in public speaking and leadership training. sports, music and reading also fill my life. i was also one of the organizers for the open software competition in technomania 98, which is an inter-college festival annually, organized annually by my college. i am also an active participant in various events held in other institutes.

    i seek to fulfill my goals in an environment that encourages creativity and motivation. i feel confident that the staff and facilities in your institute will provide me with such an environment. i am well aware of the demands of studying in the more competitive american environment. i am certain that i am mentally and physically competent to succeed at your school. i am basically a hard working and a sincere person. my enthusiasm and urge to excel will help me to make the best use of every learning opportunity.

    in conclusion i would like to say that the knowledge gained from 4 years of engineering has provided me with a solid foundation. this will certainly help me in my desire to specialize in my chosen field. my country india has a thriving software industry. i aim to study abroad and return with the skill and competence to find my mark and be a vital part of this booming, futuristic industry. i assure you of my sincerity, dedication and hard work

  • 要想让美国大学教授对你感兴趣,一篇漂亮的个人陈述是必不可少的,在众多的申请文书中,个人陈述的写作最为重要也是极具挑战的,下面就通过范文的分享,来看看美国大学计算机专业的个人陈述应该如何?A fourth-year...


    A fourth-year student grounded solidly in the basics of computer science, I am writing in pursuit of graduate studies that I hope can help me acquire cutting-edge expertise in software programming in general and parallel processing in particular.

    Intrigued by the power of the computer since high school, I have been trying to stay on top of the computer science by concentrating my undergraduate studies on those subjects that underpin the discipline, particularly mathematics and electronics. To build up my solid knowledge in these subjects, I have taken virtually all the related courses that the university has had to offer. These courses include Algorithm & Data Structure, Mathematical Modeling, Network Theory, Digital Circuit, Discrete Mathematics, and Electric Circuit. With a sophisticated understanding in these areas, I have been well positioned to appreciate the basic theories of computer science and their applications to software development.

    Aided by the firm command of the basics, I have found it not only easy but also exciting to study the various subjects covered by my major. As most of my classmates, I took a variety of courses ranging from AI to Computer Network, from AI Programming to Knowledge Engineering, from Pattern Recognition to Software Engineering, and from Database Design to Programming Language Design. But I distinguished myself by my academic record, which places me as one of the very top students in my class. My grades in these course never went below A or B. I have also stood out as one of the few who have taught themselves Real Time System and Computer Graphics.

    Armed with sound training in the basic theories and applied technologies, I have been able to move on into deeper and wider areas of computer science. Early in my university life, I began to understand that the modern computer's base, the Turing machine, was reaching its limits in AI. Gradually, I have narrowed down my research interest to parallel & distributive computing, which I understand can significantly boost the performance of personal computers by giving them some of the functions of mainframe computers.

    Of all the areas of computer science, parallel processing fascinates me the most. The term first came to me when I read the book Computer Organization & Design: the Hardware/Software Interface as part of my Computer Architecture course. By teaching me how the performance of computers can be improved through pipelining and parallel processing, the book reshaped my thinking in computer science.


    My lab experience deepened my understanding of parallel processing. In my third year, I worked on a GIFT project with Dr. Komatsu, chief researcher of IBM Tokyo Research Laboratory and Dr. Koseki, one of Dr. Komatsu's colleagues. The project was to introduce the architecture supports that can allow compilers to derive more parallelism from programs. These architecture supports include three designs, a conditional execution mechanism to execute instructions without normal conditional jump instructions, speculative execution mechanism, and a dynamic memory disambiguation mechanism to execute memory access instructions simultaneously.

    As undergraduate students seldom get to be involved in actual research, I took full advantage of the opportunity of working in the lab. I particularly enjoyed the seminars held twice a week as part of the lab work. At these seminars, I engaged in in-depth discussions with Master's students under Dr. Komatsu's seasoned guidance. The lab experience is adding weight and insights to my graduation paper An Improvement of Software pipelining using Loop Transformations. In this paper, I will introduce a translation algorithm using loop interchange and loop skewing. This algorithm can minimize the initiation interval of loop nest to improve the performance of software pipelining.

    Through my lab experience and other research, I have developed a long-term professional objective: the advancement of the parallel processing technology. While I have strong faith in this technology, I also know its limitations as it is today. Some sequential algorithms can't be easily translated into fast parallel algorithms and most compilers can only distribute works on one platform. Another unsettled problem is that programming parallel computers is now still a manual work. But even the modern language (like Java, C++) can do some automatic translation work. If a compiler can be developed to translate and distribute work into different platforms, personal computers will be able to work like mainframe computers at a fraction of the mainframes' costs. This will make it possible to connect all the computers in the world and speed up all the processes.

    To help take the parallel processing technology beyond what is capable of today, I have to undertake more advanced studies. This, I believe, can only be accomplished in a quality graduate program like yours. I plan to pursue a master's degree with a concentration on paralleling and distributing compilers, operating systems or computer networks, a combination thereof. With the training that goes into such an advanced degree, I think I will be able to take great strides towards fulfilling my professional objective. When I do, I think I will be standing on the cutting-edge of the computer science.


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    尊敬的院领导们: 你们好! 我是 08 级服装设计系 xx 班的学生 xx。来我校一年以来,在对服装设计专业有 一定了解后,发现此专业有众多名师,学校也给予高度重视,就业前景、发展 前途十分光明。能就学于此,实在是很荣幸。

    但是,就我本人而言,也逐渐发现对此专业的种种不适应。服装设计专业并非 我所喜爱的,我对服装设计专业课程的热情和对自身学习本专业的信心存在很 大缺失。在这种不喜爱与不自信下,我很难全身心投入对服装设计专业的学习 中。

    而相比较之下,我更喜欢美术教育专业,一直以来对此专业也很关注。对于将 来的就业,我也想从事有关于教育方面的工作。我也相信,我会报以最大的热 情全身心的投入到美术教育专业的学习中。 因此,我想申请转系。由我校服装设计专业转向美术教育专业。希望领导能予 以批准。此致 敬礼! 申请人:








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