• ql是什么意思_QL的完整形式是什么?

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    ql是什么意思 QL:别笑了! (QL: Quit Laughing!) QL is an abbreviation of "Quit Laughing!". QL是“ Quit Laughing!”的缩写。 。 It is an expression, which is commonly used in messaging or chatting on ...


    QL:别笑了! (QL: Quit Laughing!)

    QL is an abbreviation of "Quit Laughing!".

    QL是“ Quit Laughing!”的缩写。

    It is an expression, which is commonly used in messaging or chatting on social media networking sites like Facebook, Yahoo Messenger, and Gmail, etc. It is used to indicate a circumstance on the social media online chat, when during a conversation a person wants to say that don't laugh or stop laughing or just quit laughing forever.

    它是一种表达形式,通常用于在Facebook,Yahoo Messenger和Gmail等社交媒体网站上进行消息传递或聊天时使用。它用于指示社交媒体在线聊天中的情况,当一个人想要聊天时要说不要笑或停止笑或永远不要笑。

    So, normally it shows that either he or she on the social media platform regard as likely to perform the conversation where a person wants to convey to other people to stop laughing and stay silent.


    Example of online conversation:


        1.	Person1: Hey Professor is looking at you, HAHA.
        2.	Person2: QL, I'll kill you.
        3.	Person1: LOL.

    Example 2:


        1.	Person1: You look so bad while laughing, you should QL.
        2.	Person2: Oh really, HAHAHA.

    This kind of circumstance normally arises in conversations of social media online chatting or messaging. Now, these days, the demands of acronyms are very high on social media online chatting or messaging, so the users usually use QL as a replacement for Quit Laughing!.

    这种情况通常出现在社交媒体在线聊天或消息传递的对话中。 现在,这些天来,对社交媒体在线聊天或消息传递的首字母缩写词要求很高,因此用户通常使用QL来代替Quit Laughing!

    While this slang is very common in social media platforms, still many are unaware of this slang.


    In the corporate industry too, these slangs are common and used in a very large manner. The industry itself likes those employees who are smart enough and stay updated with such digital languages which are familiar, easy and are good at time management.

    在公司行业中,这些语也很常见,并且使用量很大。 该行业本身喜欢那些足够聪明的员工,并使用熟悉,易用且擅长时间管理的数字语言保持最新状态。

    So, in the future whenever you want to convey to other people that they should stop laughing or just quit laughing, you can use QL instead of Quit Laughing!.

    因此,将来无论何时您想传达给其他人,他们都应该停止笑或停止笑,您可以使用QL代替Quit Laughing!

    翻译自: https://www.includehelp.com/dictionary/ql-full-form.aspx


  • dp模式是什么意思 DP:显示图片 (DP: Display Picture) DP is an abbreviation of the Display Picture. It is also called a profile picture. It denotes a picture which is in commonly used as a display ...


    DP:显示图片 (DP: Display Picture)

    DP is an abbreviation of the Display Picture. It is also called a profile picture. It denotes a picture which is in commonly used as a display picture by uploading on a profile of social networking site like Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, etc. to show your visual identity.

    DP是Display Picture的缩写 。 也称为个人资料图片。 它表示一种图片,通常通过将其上传到诸如Facebook,Twitter,Tumblr等社交网站的个人资料上来作为显示图片,以显示您的视觉识别。

    Display pictures can be stated as: "A picture which draws particular attention towards one person on social media or other internet social media account profile which denotes that person’s visual identity." It is also stated as a profile picture, but according to its name, it does not describe a particular user’s profile, so, a large number of people like it better to call it a Display Picture (DP).

    可以将显示图片表示为:“在社交媒体或其他Internet社交媒体帐户资料上特别关注一个人的图片,该图片表示该人的视觉识别。” 它也被描述为个人资料图片,但是根据其名称,它并未描述特定用户的个人资料,因此,许多人更喜欢将其称为“ 显示图片(DP)”

    A user can also crop, filter, change the display picture's background, change contrast and brightness, etc.


    DP full form

    Image source: https://diyuehb.com/explore/blank-profile-picture.html


    其他术语(DP:数据处理) (Other term (DP: Data Processing))

    DP also is an abbreviation of Data Processing. It is a method of operations that uses computer software to systematize and handle data, generally a huge sum of numeric data. It is also used to organize, arrange, manage, analyze, calculate, process and store data. In easy terms, it is the exchange of unprocessed data to significant information through a process of operations that integrates computer systems, software, etc.

    DP也是数据处理的缩写。 它是一种使用计算机软件来系统化和处理数据(通常是大量的数字数据)的操作方法。 它还用于组织,安排,管理,分析,计算,处理和存储数据。 简单来说,就是通过集成计算机系统,软件等的操作过程将未处理的数据交换为重要的信息。

    Corporations and organizations use commonly computer systems and software to execute a sequence of operations to acquire information by processing unprocessed data. The outcome with lots of information is presented in the structure appearance of diagrams, reports, and graphics, etc. There is a huge number of software accessible in the market to process operations on the data. The examples of this software are MS Word, PowerPoint, and MS Excel, etc.

    公司和组织通常使用计算机系统和软件来执行一系列操作,以通过处理未处理的数据来获取信息。 在图表,报告和图形等的结构外观中提供了包含大量信息的结果。市场上有大量可用于处理数据操作的软件。 该软件的示例包括MS Word,PowerPoint和MS Excel等。

    DP full form

    Some processes which comprises by Data processing are,


    • Validation:


      This process makes certain that the data which is provided is clear, accurate and functional.


    • Sorting:


      This process is used to organize and arrange items in some series of sequence either ascending or descending.


    • Summarization:


      This process is used to diminish complete information showing data into its summarized format which is also defined as main points.


    • Aggregation:


      This process is used to merge numerous segments of data into its combined format for purposes such as statistical analysis to retrieve more information about specific groups based on particular variables.


    • Analysis:


      This process makes use of specialized and extremely precise algorithms and statistical calculations.


    • Classification:


      This process is used to divide data into a variety of classifications.


    翻译自: https://www.includehelp.com/dictionary/dp-full-form.aspx


  • fyi 在邮件里是什么意思 仅供参考:供您参考 (FYI: For Your Information) FYI is an acronym of "For Your Information". It is a widespread internet slang used these days in text messaging, instant ...

    fyi 在邮件里是什么意思

    仅供参考:供您参考 (FYI: For Your Information)

    FYI is an acronym of "For Your Information". It is a widespread internet slang used these days in text messaging, instant messaging, and chatting on Facebook, WhatsApp and Twitter. At the same time, it is also used in sharing information with colleagues or friends through email or paper which is printed, which by specifying a situation to provide information to other individuals from the one who wants that information. The information made available for use by using FYI does not request for instant action, it is a piece of extra information to increment the most important message or information.

    FYI是“供您参考”的缩写 。 这是如今在文本消息传递,即时消息传递以及在Facebook,WhatsApp和Twitter上聊天时使用的广泛的Internet lang语。 同时,它还用于通过打印的电子邮件或纸张与同事或朋友共享信息,这可以通过指定一种情况将信息提供给想要该信息的人。 通过FYI可供使用的信息不要求立即采取行动,它是增加最重要的消息或信息的一条额外信息。

    Let's suppose some examples to understand this internet slang well,


    Example 1:


        Person: Hi  
        Online distributor: Hello sir, how can I help you?  
        Person: Can you please tell me; is my product still in warranty period?  
        Online distributor: Sorry sir. FYI, your product is no more in warranty period.  

    Example 2:


        FYI, All leather doesn't just come from cows.

    Generally, FYI is used in casual and business spoke informal conversations like on e-mail, instant messaging or through memo messages, etc. The use of FYI in discussion or chat conversation is considered casual or informal. If the use of FYI is not done appropriately, then it appears discourteous and egotistical. As a consequence, it is recommended to keep away from FYI in conversation.

    通常, FYI用于休闲和商务用语的非正式对话,例如电子邮件,即时消息或通过备忘录消息等。在讨论或聊天对话中使用FYI被认为是休闲或非正式的。 如果FYI的使用不当,则显得不礼貌和自负。 因此,建议您在谈话中远离FYI

    FYI full form

    优点 (Advantages)

    • The undertaking of formal speech in any conversation or writing on any social media texting gets lesser.


    • The recognition of these internet slang words are well versed to the users so that it reduces the keystrokes.


    • The traditional synonym gets replaced by these slang words.


    • These internet slangs generate narrative meanings for the words which subsist.


    • These internet slangs uses the least number of characters required to put into words a message.

      这些Internet lang语使用最少的字符数来编写消息。

    • The use of proper punctuations, grammar, and capitalizations, etc can be avoided when using these internet slang words.


    缺点 (Disadvantages)

    Most of the disadvantages occur at those places where formal conversation followed such as in corporations, organizations, etc.


    • A large problem that occurs with instant messaging in the corporations or organizations is that they can simply lead to miscommunications.


    • These days, in case of texting and messaging the temptation to spend extra time with friends and colleagues, gets out of hand, when it interferes with common everyday routines.


    翻译自: https://www.includehelp.com/dictionary/fyi-full-form.aspx

    fyi 在邮件里是什么意思

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