• Planning your upgrade with Upgrade Advisor You should use the Upgrade Advisor tool (if it is available in your environment) to ensure that you have met the requirements for upgrading to the cu...

    Planning your upgrade with Upgrade Advisor

    You should use the Upgrade Advisor tool (if it is available in your environment) to ensure that you have met the requirements for upgrading to the current release and to generate an upgrade plan.

    Before you begin

    To use the Upgrade Advisor tool, your system must meet the following requirements:

    • It must have a valid support contract.
    • It must be enabled to send AutoSupport messages to NetApp.
    Attention: If your system does not meet these requirements, you should consult the Release Notes and Upgrade Guide for this Data ONTAP release to prepare a detailed upgrade plan.

    About this task

    Upgrade Advisor is an online tool, available on the NetApp Support Site, that simplifies the process of planning Data ONTAP upgrades. When you submit your system identification and target release to Upgrade Advisor, the tool compares AutoSupport data about your system to known requirements and limitations of the target release. Upgrade Advisor then generates an upgrade plan (and optionally a back-out plan) with recommended preparation and execution procedures.

    To generate an upgrade plan, you must have identifying information for your system (host name, system ID, or serial number) and you must have selected a target upgrade release. You can also select other options, including the following:
    • Create a plan for an HA pair, including nondisruptive upgrades.
    • Create a back-out plan.
    • Compare upgrade scenarios.

    For more information about Upgrade Advisor, see the Upgrade Advisor Help screens.


    1. Locate and record the system host name, system ID, or serial number of your system by entering the following command at the command line:sysconfig
      The system identification information is near the top of the display.
    2. From a web browser, log in to the My AutoSupport home page on the NetApp Support Site at the following URL: support.netapp.com/NOW/asuphome
    3. Click the Launch My AutoSupport link.
    4. Enter the host name, system ID, or serial number of your system when prompted.
    5. Select the system that you want to upgrade from those listed.
    6. Select the latest AutoSupport record from the ASUPs row.
    7. Click the Upgrade Advisor tab.
    8. Select the Data ONTAP release to which you want to upgrade from the Target Versions menu.
    9. Select the upgrade method and the level of detail you want included in your upgrade plan.
    10. Click Continue to generate your upgrade plan.

    After you finish

    It is not necessary to follow further instructions in this Upgrade Guide after you generate and execute an upgrade plan by using Upgrade Advisor. Nonetheless, you might want to consult this guide for details and background information.


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