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    minecraft PE Java版 minecraft PE 我的世界(携带版).jar
  • 你好! 这是一个 Minecraft 袖珍版安装程序! 最新版本始终可用。 只需单击一下,您就可以安装 Minecraft PE
  • Minecraft PE1.16.200.57Beta.apk
  • minecraft pe0.9.0build6 4.0+

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    minecraft pe0.9.0build6 4.0+
  • 林业PE Dmitriy Medvedev( )为Minecraft PE提供的非官方林业端口。 官方论坛-https:
  • modpe-mods 我的世界Minecraft PE(ModPE)mods
  • mcpe框是下载地图,mod,纹理,种子,Skins为Minecraft PE的地点的No1地点。 :check_mark_button:free下载。每天抑制。您正在寻找Minecraft Pocket Edition - Bedrock引擎的地图,Mods,Addons,纹理包,种子,皮肤...
  • 在一个应用程序中查看Minecraft PE上最酷的地图,mod,插件,纹理等,所有这些都可让您享受! MCresources是Minecraft基岩版(以前称为MCPE或Pocket Edition)的内容共享平台。 我们展示高质量,娱乐性和有价值的...
  • minecraft服务器Minecraft Pocket Edition (PE) is every bit as popular as the PC edition. Today we’re taking a look at how to run a lightweight Minecraft PE server to keep your worlds preserved and ...


    Minecraft Pocket Edition (PE) is every bit as popular as the PC edition. Today we’re taking a look at how to run a lightweight Minecraft PE server to keep your worlds preserved and available (even when the device they were built with isn’t online).

    《我的世界》袖珍版(PE)与PC版一样受欢迎。 今天,我们正在研究如何运行轻巧的Minecraft PE服务器,以保持世界的可用性和可用性(即使使用它们构建的设备不在线)。

    为什么要运行Minecraft PE服务器 (Why Run a Minecraft PE Server)

    If you’ve spent any time playing Minecraft PE or have a gaggle of Minecraft PE players in your household, you know the primary frustration is similar to the PC experience: if player X isn’t active then all the work the other players have done on player X’s shared world is unavailable.

    如果您花了任何时间玩Minecraft PE或家里有一群Minecraft PE播放器,您就会知道主要的挫败感类似于PC体验:如果播放器X不活跃,则其他播放器所做的所有工作在玩家X的共享世界上不可用。

    We were first inspired to investigate running a small private PE server after watching all the neighborhood kids get together for the umpteenth time to play Minecraft PE only to discover that the world they had spent the most time on was missing because the kid with the world wasn’t there that day. As a result there are dozens and dozens of cool buildings scattered across all the devices that come and go from our home network, but these structures never get left behind for the next players.

    在观看所有邻居孩子在无数次聚在一起玩Minecraft PE之后,我们第一次受到启发去研究运行小型私人PE服务器,却发现他们花了最多时间的世界不见了,因为那个与世界在一起的孩子不在那天没有。 结果是,数十个很酷的建筑物散布在我们家庭网络中来回的所有设备上,但是这些结构永远不会遗留给下一个玩家。

    By sticking a small Minecraft PE server somewhere on your network — a desktop commonly left on, a media server, or a Raspberry Pi — you can enjoy a persistent world that players can easily hop in and out of, and remains available for everyone at all times.

    通过将小型Minecraft PE服务器粘贴在网络上的某个位置(通常是留在桌面上的桌面,媒体服务器或Raspberry Pi),您可以享受一个持久的世界,玩家可以轻松地跳入和跳出,并且仍然可供所有人使用次。

    With very little effort you can enjoy a persistent server with support for plugins that breaks the Minecraft PE experience free from the portable devices that typically constrain it.

    只需花费很少的精力,您就可以享受支持插件的持久服务器,从而使Minecraft PE体验从通常会限制其的便携式设备中解放出来。

    安装PocketMine (Installing PocketMine)

    Unlike the PC server world where there is an official and variety of unofficial solutions, the PE server world is a tad more limited. Right now the only viable game in town is a very-much-under-development project known as PocketMine.

    与拥有正式和各种非官方解决方案的PC服务器世界不同,PE服务器世界的局限性更大。 目前,该镇唯一可行的游戏是一项名为PocketMine的开发中项目,目前尚在开发中。

    We want to stress the development part. We’ve had a ton of fun playing with PocketMine and, for the most part, have had very few issues with it. However, compared to the absolute rock solid performance we’ve gotten out of both the official PC server and the third-party servers like Bukkit and Cauldron, the development aspect of Pocket Mine is pretty obvious. You should be fully braced to read logs, poke around forums when things don’t work quite the way you expect, etc. Further, it currently has no mob support. Although the things mobs give you (like wool and silk) are in the game the mobs don’t spawn and you can’t spawn them with spawn eggs.

    我们要强调发展部分。 使用PocketMine玩得很开心,而且在大多数情况下,遇到的问题很少。 但是,与绝对的坚如磐石的性能相比,我们从官方PC服务器和Bukkit和Cauldron等第三方服务器中都获得了收益,Pocket Mine的开发方面非常明显。 您应该完全有能力阅读日志,在事情无法按您预期的方式工作时在论坛上闲逛等等。此外,当前它不支持暴民。 尽管怪物在游戏中为您提供了东西 (例如羊毛和丝绸),但它们不会生成,您也无法使用生成的卵生成它们。

    All that said, if you’ve come this far and have been playing Minecraft with mods on the PC and were comfortable installing Minecraft servers, it’ll be a walk in the park.


    To get started, visit the PocketMine website and grab a copy of the installer for your operating system. Unlike the universal java-based installation offered by the mods and servers we’ve looked at in previous lessons, PocketMine has pretty diverse installation needs based on your OS. We’re going to walk you through the Windows installation and encourage you to read the clear instructions on the PocketMine site for OS X and Linux.

    首先, 请访问PocketMine网站并获取适用于您的操作系统的安装程序的副本。 与我们在前面的课程中介绍过的mod和服务器提供的基于Java的通用安装不同,PocketMine根据您的OS具有非常多样化的安装需求。 我们将引导您完成Windows安装过程,并鼓励您阅读PocketMine网站上针对OS X和Linux的明确说明。

    Once the installer is downloaded, run it and select your installation directory (the same cautions from all previous lessons about good naming and directory placement apply).


    When you run the server for the first time, regardless of the operating system you’ve installed it on, you’ll be prompted to run through the configuration wizard. If you chose not to, you can always edit the configuration files later, but we recommend you make some tweaks now. Here’s a breakdown of the questions the wizard asks.

    首次运行服务器时,无论安装了什么操作系统,都将提示您通过配置向导运行。 如果您选择不这样做,则以后可以随时编辑配置文件,但是我们建议您现在进行一些调整。 这是向导询问的问题的细分。

    How much RAM?The default (and recommended amount) is 256MB. Raise the amount later if you find you need it.
    Survival or Creative?Default is Survival, change the value from 0 to 1 for Creative.
    Max Online Players?Default is 20; this setting is largely irrelevant for a private home server as you likely will never have enough players in your living room to max the server out.
    Enable Spawn Protection?This is a yes/no toggle that enables a default zone of 16×16 blocks around the world’s spawn point that is immune from damage or editing. If you want to edit the size of the zone you’ll need to use a text editor to edit the “spawn-protection” value in the server.properties file.
    OP Player Name?Whichever player you name here will be the primary admin of the server. You can add other operators later.
    Whitelist?By default the whitelist is off, you can turn it on here. You’ll need to use server commands later to add or remove players from the whitelist. We left it off. It’s not worth the headache of adding in every new PE player that shows up.
    Enable RCON?RCON is short for “Remote Console”. It allows you to telnet into your server and control the server console. Unless you’re installing this on a machine in the corner of your basement or a headless server, you usually won’t need it.
    多少RAM? 默认(和建议的数量)为256MB。 如果发现需要,稍后加价。
    生存还是创意? 默认值为生存,将广告素材的值从0更改为1。
    最大在线玩家数? 默认值为20; 此设置对于私人家用服务器基本上不相关,因为您的客厅中可能永远不会有足够的玩家来最大化服务器的性能。
    启用S​​pawn保护? 这是一个“是/否”切换,可启用世界产生点周围的默认区域16×16块,不受损坏或编辑。 如果要编辑区域的大小,则需要使用文本编辑器来编辑server.properties文件中的“ spawn-protection”值。
    OP玩家名称? 您在此处指定的哪个播放器将是服务器的主要管理员。 您可以稍后添加其他运算符。
    白名单? 默认情况下,白名单处于关闭状态,您可以在此处将其打开。 您稍后将需要使用服务器命令从白名单中添加或删除播放器。 我们放弃了。 添加出现的每个新的PE播放器都不值得头痛。
    启用RCON? RCON是“远程控制台”的缩写。 它允许您远程登录到服务器并控制服务器控制台。 除非将其安装在地下室角落的计算机上或无头服务器,否则通常不需要它。

    After these brief questions, the installer will indicate what your external IP address is and what the internal IP address of PocketMine’s host is in case you wish to set up port forwarding for external access.


    Note: If you’re following this tutorial shortly after publication it’s likely that the main release of PocketMine hasn’t caught up with the massive new Minecraft PE 0.9.5 release; you’ll need to download the development build from the PocketMine website. Installation is easy, you just need to copy a single *.PHAR file into your existing PocketMine installation folder.

    注意如果您在发布后不久紧跟本教程,则可能是PocketMine的主发行版未能赶上大规模的Minecraft PE 0.9.5新发行版。 您需要从PocketMine网站下载开发版本。 安装很容易,您只需要将一个* .PHAR文件复制到现有的PocketMine安装文件夹中即可。

    Let’s join the server now. To get started on the server, just fire up a copy of Minecraft PE on a device connected to the Wi-Fi. The server will be automatically detected.

    现在加入服务器。 要开始使用服务器,只需在连接到Wi-Fi的设备上启动Minecraft PE的副本。 服务器将被自动检测到。

    Fantastic, we’re on a world that isn’t hosted on our device (or the device of another player). We’re free to wander around, build, and perform any of the actions we could normally perform on a regular local Minecraft PE game.

    太棒了,我们所处的世界不在我们的设备(或其他播放器的设备)上。 我们可以随意游荡,构建和执行通常可以在本地Minecraft PE游戏中正常执行的任何动作。

    Of course, part of the fun is playing around with the kind of enhancements that only a server can offer. Let’s take a look at the plugin system for PocketMine.

    当然,部分乐趣来自于只有服务器才能提供的增强功能。 让我们看一下PocketMine的插件系统。

    将插件添加到PocketMine (Adding Plugins to PocketMine)

    Just like the platforms that run large Minecraft servers, PocketMine supports plugins. Installing them follows the same straightforward plug and play protocol. Once you’ve found a plugin you want to use, shut the server down, copy the plugin file to the /plugins/ directory in the server directory, and restart the server.

    就像运行大型Minecraft服务器的平台一样,PocketMine也支持插件。 安装它们遵循相同的简单即插即用协议。 找到要使用的插件后,关闭服务器,将插件文件复制到服务器目录中的/ plugins /目录中,然后重新启动服务器。

    The one and only place to find PocketMine plugins at the moment is the official directory. There you’ll find a wide range of plugins that mirror (albeit on a smaller scale) the functionality of many popular Bukkit plugins.

    目前唯一可以找到PocketMine插件的地方是官方目录 。 在那里,您会发现各种各样的插件(尽管规模较小)可以反映许多流行的Bukkit插件的功能。

    The first plugin we installed on our PocketMine server was the EssentialsTP plugin, which is a suite of teleportation/travel commands that adds in our absolute favorite multiplayer server feature: the home command.

    我们在PocketMine服务器上安装的第一个插件是EssentialsTP插件 ,它是一套传送/旅行命令,它添加了我们绝对喜欢的多人服务器功能:home命令。

    After adding the EssentialsTP plugin to your /plugins/ directory and restarting, all players on your server will have access to a variety of useful travel commands including /sethome and /home which allows them to set multiple “homes” and move between them. No more getting lost or wasting time moving between in-game creative build sites. Home is just a /home command away.

    在将EssentialsTP插件添加到/ plugins /目录并重新启动之后,服务器上的所有播放器都可以访问各种有用的旅行命令,包括/ sethome和/ home,这允许他们设置多个“家”并在它们之间移动。 无需再在游戏内的创意制作网站之间浪费时间或浪费时间。 Home只是/ home命令而已。

    With just a few minutes effort, you now have a permanent Minecraft PE server; long gone are the days of waiting on your creations for the owner of the device to arrive and load up the world.

    只需几分钟,您就可以拥有一个永久的Minecraft PE服务器。 等待您的作品等待设备所有者到达并加载世界的日子已经一去不复返了。

    翻译自: https://www.howtogeek.com/202961/how-to-run-a-local-minecraft-pe-server-for-fun-and-persistent-world-building/


  • Docker上的Minecraft PE服务器 本文档适用于图像lomot / minecraft基岩: 启动服务器 1.在您的服务器上安装Docker apt install docker.io 或者您可以按照以下文档操作: 2.创建服务器数据文件夹 该...
  • 写了一个docker版的bedrock minecraft PE 服务器 测试支持ubuntu14.04以上版本,支持centos7,6代没有测试,理论也会支持,其实只要docker版本够了任意发行版都支持,下面是我从我的github里面复制过来的服务器搭建...

    写了一个docker版的bedrock minecraft PE 服务器


    当前服务器核心版本: 镜像版本: lomot/minecraft-bedrock:1.7.0-1



    1. 先在服务器上安装docker

       apt install docker.io
    2. 创建服务器数据目录

      数据目录用于存放地图资料,配置文件,包括ops.json, permissions.json, server.properties, whitelist.json, worlds, 如果数据目录里面没有旧的数据,后面则会自动创建。 目录可以自定,这里以/opt/mcpe-data为例

       mkdir -p /opt/mcpe-data


    把命令里面的 "/opt/mcpe-data" 换成你自己的目录

    docker run -d -it --name mcpe \
      -v /opt/mcpe-data:/data \
      -p 19132:19132/udp lomot/minecraft-bedrock:1.7.0-1


    docker stop mcpe
    docker rm mcpe



    docker attach mcpe

    按 ctrl + p + q 退出控制台
    不要用ctrl+c 或者 ctrl+d,不然服务会关闭

    手动 关闭/开启/重启/删除 服务器

    docker stop/start/restart/rm mcpe

    删除服务器后 /opt/mcpe-data里面的数据不会丢失


    docker cp /path/to/xxx mcpe:/mcpe/server



    docker exec -it mcpe /bin/bash


    docker run -d --restart=on-failure:5 -it --name mcpe \
      -v /opt/mcpe-data:/data \
      -p 19132:19132/udp lomot/minecraft-bedrock:1.7.0-1

    在shell中输入 "exit" 可以退出



    Docker 地址


    github 项目地址



  • 我所有的脚本都使用了适用于Minecraft PE 0.8.1及更高版本的BlockLauncher 版权ModPE脚本-KillerBLS Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License"); you may not use this file except in ...
  • 拿去用吧,要越狱哟,4s都可以流畅运行
  • Minecraft PE的插件,可在死亡或首次加入时以随机坐标将生成的代码添加到您的服务器。 PocketMine API版本为3.0.0。 该插件适用于GenisysPro或Litecore之类的内核。 为自己定制 如果要更改生成半径,则可以更改...
  • 幸运插件 该插件在打破Gold块时会导致意外(幸运或不幸)事件发生。
  •  1.去  ... 拿到树莓派版的安装代码,新建pocketmine目录并且进入,执行以下命令 ...<Minecraft PE Server on Raspberry Pi 2>   转载于:https://www.cnblogs.com/hardi/p/4939580.html

     1.去 http://www.pocketmine.net/ 拿到树莓派版的安装代码,新建pocketmine目录并且进入,执行以下命令

    sudo apt-get install perl gcc make automake libtool autoconf m4
    wget -q -O - http://get.pocketmine.net/ | bash



    2.修改 compile.sh 文件,如果直接执行会提示找不到libtool

    vim compile.sh

    查找到 “type libtool” 这行,将”type libtool“改成“type libtoolize”,然后wq保存退出


    3.执行 compile.sh 文件

    4.下载 这个版本(点我下载) 的php压缩包,并解压到bin目录下

    5.下载 这个版本(点我下载)的phar文件,将名字改为PocketMine-MP.phar并替换掉原来文件

    6.执行 start.sh 文件,进行服务器配置


    nohup ./start.sh &








    <How to set up a Minecraft Pocket Edition server on the Raspberry Pi>

    <install can't find libtool>

    <Minecraft PE Server on Raspberry Pi 2>



  • 详细剖析MinecraftPE的通讯原理 用于开发基于mcpe通讯的相关软件
  • Goodbye, Minecraft PE !

    2017-12-26 22:21:00
    记得2015年的时候,我最好的朋友HPY给我介绍了一款非常有趣的游戏,它叫Minecraft,是PE版的,我当时还觉得幼稚和生硬,后来下载了一个玩玩发现远远没那么简单。 她先是教会我使用南瓜灯,用床睡觉,我后来还建立了...

        后来学会了联机,在联机工具里面和群认识了好多好朋友(排名不分前后),@小树苗 @嚼着口香糖闯天下 @‘風夏° @涂山雅雅の @风雨而下 @晨风、 @柠檬✘初夏 @-镜- @晓雨 @”Roll。笨蛋 @萌音合ฅ @无名氏 @八重樱 @猥琐,最符合你 @为了你 @繁华落尽丶只剩皮囊罢了 @吴磊12.26srkl/. @༺☞【莫♥筱】☜ @蜘蛛侠【毕德】 @醉·dream·梦 ,还有几个已经删了我的,但我依然会记得你们,记得我们曾经的美好时光。
        MCPE,再见!我曾经在mc里面经历了好长一段时间的快乐,那是我第二次(也是至今为止最后一次)体验那童真的美好环境,我不会忘记那些现在或者曾经和我一起快乐的好朋友 们——至少不会完全忘记,那个深蓝的大海,小岛在中间,我们在上面跳着跑酷,刷着金苹果。。
                                          文章许可:CC-BY-ND 4.0

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  • 我们已移出资源库--------- https://www.pocketmine.net/
  • 功能说明 是否曾经想制作自己的命令? 好吧,现在可以了! 使用功能插件,用户可以设置功能,然后在运行特定命令时将运行该功能-Enjoy:D 变更日志 2.0.0版:2018年5月13日。感谢JackMD! - Updated to version ...
  • GoPerms 袖珍/基岩版服务器实现。 该插件提供权限系统的实现。 在制品
  • 博基 无效。 请在看到叉子。
  • GenisysPro是Minecraft:Pocket Edition和Minecraft:Windows 10 Edition的功能丰富的服务器软件。 GenisysPro基于具有扩展功能。 大多数代码最初是由成员。 Genisys提供的一些功能: 支持多个客户端版本 插件的...
  • 06:18:19 [INFO ] 正在启动 Minecraft: BE v1.13.0 06:18:19 [INFO ] Selected Zlib Provider: 2 (cn.nukkit.utils.ZlibThreadLocal) 06:18:19 [INFO ] 正在于 *:19132 启动服务器 06:18:19 [INFO ] 此服务器正在...
  • docker-minecraft-pe-源码

    2021-02-25 07:38:47
    服务器将从MS下载最新的Minecraft pe 数据文件将保存在/ home / minecraft / server中 docker pull mazhewitt/docker-minecraft-pe sudo useradd -m minecraft sudo mkdir /home/minecraft/server sudo chown -r ...
  • default-skin-pack-minecraft-pe
  • Minecraft-PE-Mods 我的mod和示例的集合:#ModPE。 &#Native C ++ Modding。
  • 支持Minecraft PE 0.14.3 纯JavaScript 轻松发送和收听任何数据包 RakNet通过支持 安装 只需运行 npm install pocket-minecraft-protocol 然后查看我们的examples以获取灵感! 贡献者 该项目由以下人员负责:
  • 【PC+PEminecraft搭建服务器

    万次阅读 2016-10-05 19:53:27
  • 网页-minecraft-服务器状态 Minecraft服务器状态显示在网页上(PC或PE) 教学内容请参见: : 演示: :



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