• On Thursday this week (Sep 6, 2018), Ripple co-founder Chris Larsen revealed that Ripple has signed production contracts with more than 100 companies. It is reported that these companies are not onl...

    On Thursday this week (Sep 6, 2018), Ripple co-founder Chris Larsen revealed that Ripple has signed production contracts with more than 100 companies. It is reported that these companies are not only testing Ripple's technology, but also committed to integrating one or more Ripple products in the future.


    Ripple has a software technology solution designed to help financial institutions save time, increase transaction speed, track and reduce transaction costs. The cryptocurrency Ripple XRP is used for xRapid (Ripple's only XRP-enabled product), which is Ripple's encryption-centric solution for improving cross-border payments.


    Ripple CEO Brad Garlinghouse said earlier that Ripple signed a contract with a bank a week on average, which means that it can work with more than 50 banks a year. The success rate of cooperation is very impressive, and it shows that Ripple’s cross-border payment business level is very high and has been recognized by the industry. This outstanding performance is good for the xrp to usd exchange rate in the market.


    Brad Garlinghouse said that for Ripple, the year 2018 is incredible. Ripple has signed with Kuwait's largest bank - Kuwait National Bank, Ripple's dynamics will produce network effects with the strong momentum one contract a week. The more participants, the greater the value of joining.


    Ripple currently has 60% of its total XRP supply, with 91% of its investments locked in third-party escrow accounts. At present, this good ripple xrp news has brought a positive impact on the Ripple price. which has increased by more than 6% in one day, and the current xrp price has exceeded $0.3.


  • unity实现车辆模拟We’ve partnered with Microsoft to bring the autonomous vehicle simulator AirSim to Unity. This collaboration helps democratize the development capabilities for autonomous vehicles ...


    We’ve partnered with Microsoft to bring the autonomous vehicle simulator AirSim to Unity. This collaboration helps democratize the development capabilities for autonomous vehicles and drones by taking advantage of Unity’s performant engine, easy to use C# development environment, and quality content from the Unity Asset Store.

    我们已经与Microsoft合作,将自动驾驶汽车模拟器AirSim引入Unity。 通过利用Unity的高性能引擎,易于使用的C#开发环境以及Unity Asset Store中的优质内容,这项合作有助于使自动驾驶汽车和无人机的开发功能民主化。

    AirSim on Unity (AirSim on Unity)

    Created by the team at Microsoft AI & Research, AirSim is an open-source simulator for autonomous systems. It’s a platform comprised of realistic environments and vehicle dynamics that allow for experimentation with AI, deep learning, reinforcement learning, and computer vision. With AirSim on Unity, you have the opportunity to create and innovate on an entirely new ecosystem and platform.

    由Microsoft AI&Research团队创建的AirSim是用于自治系统的开源模拟器。 它是一个包含现实环境和车辆动力学的平台,可以进行AI,深度学习,强化学习和计算机视觉的实验。 借助AirSim on Unity,您将有机会在全新的生态系统和平台上进行创新。

    “Our goal with AirSim on Unity is to help manufacturers and researchers advance autonomous vehicle AI and deep learning. Unity gives its OEM clients the ability to develop realistic virtual environments in a cost-efficient manner and new ways to experiment in the world of autonomous and deep learning.”

    “我们在Unity上使用AirSim的目标是帮助制造商和研究人员推进自动驾驶汽车AI和深度学习。 Unity使OEM客户能够以经济高效的方式开发现实的虚拟环境,并以新的方式在自主和深度学习领域进行实验。”

    – Ashish Kapoor, Principal Researcher at Microsoft Research & AI

    Microsoft研究与AI首席研究员Ashish Kapoor

    强大而高效 (Powerful and performant)

    Thanks to the relentless focus on performance at Unity, AirSim on Unity offers smooth overall performance running at high frames per second. Paired with Visual Studio, you get the ultimate development environment that’s truly integrated and easy to use.

    由于不懈地关注Unity的性能,因此AirSim on Unity可以以每秒高帧数的速度提供流畅的整体性能。 与Visual Studio结合使用,您将获得真正集成且易于使用的终极开发环境。

    跨平台支持 (Cross-platform support)

    We embrace seamless cross-platform support as a core principle, which is why AirSim on Unity runs on both Windows and Linux. No matter which platform you choose, you have access to the same feature-set to run highly performant autonomous simulations.

    我们将无缝跨平台支持作为核心原则,这就是为什么Unity上的AirSim在Windows和Linux上均可运行的原因。 无论选择哪种平台,您都可以使用相同的功能集来运行高性能的自主仿真。

    与ML-Agents进行实验 (Experiment with ML-Agents)

    Unity’s own machine learning initiative ML-Agents can be integrated into AirSim’s capabilities, allowing for even more experimentation. The open source ML-Agents are available through GitHub and have been positively received with well over 4,000 stars. With the release of AirSim on Unity, the two communities now have a common ground to experiment, develop, and evolve together.

    Unity自己的机器学习计划ML-Agents可以集成到AirSim的功能中,从而可以进行更多的实验。 开源ML-Agent可通过GitHub获得,并获得了4,000多颗星的好评。 随着AirSim在Unity上的发布,这两个社区现在有了共同的基础,可以共同进行实验,开发和发展。

    “Using the new AirSim tools, we have trained and evaluated our ML agents for unmanned aerial vehicles inside Unity in mere hours vs. training them in the real world over several days and weeks.”


    – Anurag Rana, CEO at Threye

    Threye首席执行官Anurag Rana

    快速构建环境 (Build environments fast)

    The Unity Asset Store provides an expansive library of high-quality content that you can use to quickly and easily build complex virtual environments for your simulation.

    Unity Asset Store提供了一个扩展的高质量内容库,您可以使用该库来快速轻松地为您的仿真构建复杂的虚拟环境。

    To get you started, we offer the Windridge City environment as a free download from the Unity Asset Store. This beautiful environment supports both automotive and drone experimentation across urban, suburban, and rural locations. Windridge City is open source just like AirSim, so modify and use it freely.

    为了让您入门,我们提供了Windridge City环境 ,可以从Unity Asset Store免费下载。 这个美丽的环境支持在城市,郊区和农村地区进行汽车和无人机试验。 与AirSim一样,Windridge City是开源的,因此可以自由修改和使用。

    A big thank you goes out to NatureManufacture and Indago for their efforts in bringing Windridge City to life. They used their own resources and leveraged tools from the Unity Asset Store including “EasyRoads3D” by Unity Terrain Tools and “Gaia” by Procedural Worlds. Another thank you goes out to Rythmos who helped create the AirSim wrapper code. These partners share our passion for advancing autonomous simulation research and embody the quality and diversity of companies in our ecosystem.

    非常感谢NatureManufactureIndago为使Windridge City 栩栩如生付出的努力。 他们使用了自己的资源和来自Unity Asset Store的杠杆工具,包括Unity Terrain Tools的“ EasyRoads3D”Procedural Worlds的“ Gaia”。 还要感谢Rythmos ,他帮助创建了AirSim包装器代码。 这些合作伙伴分享了我们对推进自主仿真研究的热情,并体现了我们生态系统中公司的质量和多样性。

    在Unity上开始使用AirSim (Get started with AirSim on Unity)

    By keeping the AirSim API unchanged, providing sample demo projects, and offering Windridge City as a free download, you can quickly get started with AirSim. Here is a list of helpful resources:

    通过保持AirSim API不变,提供示例演示项目并免费下载Windridge City,您可以快速开始使用AirSim。 以下是有用的资源列表:

    The GitHub repository contains a new Unity folder with the AirSim wrapper code, car and drone demo projects, and documentation. The car and drone projects work with existing sample scripts available in the GitHub repository, including HelloCar.py and HelloDrone.py.

    GitHub存储库包含一个新的Unity文件夹,其中包含AirSim包装器代码,汽车和无人机演示项目以及文档。 汽车和无人机项目可以与GitHub存储库中的现有示例脚本一起使用,包括HelloCar.py和HelloDrone.py。

    The Windridge City environment is available from the Unity Asset Store and requires Post Processing Stack v2 which you can install via the Unity Package Manager using these instructions.

    德里奇市环境 可从Unity资源商店和需要后处理堆栈V2您可以通过统一包管理器安装使用 这些指令

    Note that the Windows and Linux releases are labeled as “beta”. While AirSim supports the core APIs, we are excited to have the Unity community experiment and help us bring out its full potential.

    请注意,Windows和Linux版本标记为“ beta”。 虽然AirSim支持核心API,但我们为Unity社区实验而感到高兴,并帮助我们发挥其全部潜力。

    Feel free to share feedback directly in the GitHub repository. Happy experimenting!

    随意在GitHub存储库中直接共享反馈。 实验愉快!

    翻译自: https://blogs.unity3d.com/2018/11/14/airsim-on-unity-experiment-with-autonomous-vehicle-simulation/


  • Surfaceplasmon-polariton (SPP) waves are most commonly used for optical sensing because of the ease of the excitation of an SPP wave when the fluid is partnered with a metal. If the fluid is replaced...
  • According to a press release, PICC has partnered with blockchain information tracking and management systems company VeChainto achieve a digital t...

    According to a press release, PICC has partnered with blockchain information tracking and management systems company VeChain to achieve a digital transformation of the insurance industry.

    China's push for blockchain

    Although the Chinese government continues to maintain a strict position on cryptocurrencies, blockchain technology companies that provide disruptive solutions in this area continue to align with the long-term plans set by China's superpower.

    The application of blockchain in China is limited to financial products and management tracking. In other words, the distributed system used to transform the traditional paper insurance industry represents another first.

    PICC is a state-owned company that provides insurance for accidents and commercial contracts through its three subsidiaries.

    The insurance industry relies heavily on manual legacy claims management systems to generate paper records of individuals or businesses. However, this practice leads to inefficiencies in the process of data collation, verification and auditing, which makes the insurance process involving all parties expensive and time consuming.

    VeChain joins the battle

    Under the terms of the agreement, PICC will adopt the VeChain enterprise blockchain solution to mitigate illegal activities such as insurance fraud and inaccurate underwriting.

    The insurance giant believes that leveraging blockchain technology will bring "digital transformation" to the broader insurance industry, providing faster processing times, accurate KYC assessments, mitigating fraud, and improving the overall customer experience.

    PICC also intends to use VeChain's IoT strength to provide “instant compensation” to affected parties and increase the former's annual income.

    The blockchain solution was developed in collaboration with Shanghai-based VeChain and DNV GL, a Nordic company providing technical solutions for a wide range of industries including food, beverage, energy, oil and gas, and marine.

    PICC will not teach blockchain technology to customers. However, its goal is to seamlessly integrate a robust blockchain network into its existing infrastructure.

    VET is becoming more and more attractive

    VeChain has previously worked with DNV GL on projects in multiple industries – DNV GL holds a small stake in VeChain after a private transaction in May 2008 – to drive its focus on building blockchain-based governance And the business ecosystem.

    VeChainThor is VeChain's public chain, running on VET tokens, supporting the development of security and government frameworks, allowing organizations to control assets, information and revenue through robust distributed systems.

    Sunny Lu, co-founder of VeChain coin, expressed his thoughts:

    “Working with PICC has expanded our business in the insurance industry. We are confident that we will work with DNV GL to provide quality services and products to PICC.

    For the pilot, PICC will first test VeChain's solution for a specific use case, then fully expand the blockchain system to create a “collaboration ecosystem” for customers and even competitors.

    And this will make a big deal in VeChain history.

    VET Info

    The VeChain price is at $0.019323, rose 10.14%. The VET to USDT is still at the top of the VeChian market.





  • We are pleased to have partnered with CloudFlare to offer its innovative next-generation content-delivery and caching service which all shared and reseller hosting customers can take advan...



    We are pleased to have partnered with CloudFlare to offer its innovative next-generation content-delivery and caching service which all shared and reseller hosting customers can take advantage of by enabling it directly within the cPanel control panel. Many of the features offered are absolutely free to use, including its content delivery network (CDN), content caching and malicious traffic protection.

    我们很高兴与CloudFlare合作,提供其创新的下一代内容交付和缓存服务,所有共享和转销商托管客户都可以通过直接在cPanel控制面板中启用它来利用该服务。 提供的许多功能是绝对免费的,包括其内容交付网络(CDN),内容缓存和恶意流量保护。

    In this article, we’ll explain just what CloudFlare is, what it does and why all kinds of websites – from static to dynamic websites and blogs – can benefit from the services CloudFlare offers that helps to ‘supercharge your website’.


    It is probably a good time to try and explain what category CloudFlare fits in and what exactly the service competes with. Of course, CloudFlare competes with the likes of Amazon’s CloudFront and others – but, strictly-speaking – it isn’t just a CDN. Try to consider the CDN aspect as one of the features which CloudFlare offers – realistically, it fits in more than one category. Things like content caching, code compression and minification, and malicious traffic protection – these are not offered by other CDN providers.

    现在可能是一个很好的时机,尝试解释CloudFlare适合的类别以及该服务与之竞争的内容。 当然,CloudFlare可以与Amazon的CloudFront等公司竞争,但严格来说,它不仅仅是 CDN。 尝试将CDN方面视为CloudFlare提供的功能之一-实际上,它可用于多个类别。 诸如内容缓存,代码压缩和压缩以及恶意流量保护之类的内容-其他CDN提供商未提供。

    Using CloudFlare


    CloudFlare is surprisingly very easy to set up and use. In fact there is very little that you need to do. The service works on the network level – all you need to do is change your domain’s nameservers, and it does the rest. On set up, it automatically determines where it needs to send requests if it needs to be processed by our servers (e.g. server-side applications which you have installed – such as forums). Note that server-side applications are still served by our servers – CloudFlare will direct that traffic to our servers.

    令人惊讶的是,CloudFlare非常易于设置和使用。 实际上,您几乎不需要执行任何操作。 该服务在网络级别上起作用–您要做的就是更改域的名称服务器,其余的工作就完成了。 设置后,如果需要由我们的服务器(例如,您已安装的服务器端应用程序,例如论坛)进行处理,它将自动确定需要将请求发送到何处。 请注意,服务器端应用程序仍由我们的服务器提供服务-CloudFlare会将流量定向到我们的服务器。

    Benefits of CloudFlare


    • Accelerates your website’s speed and performance with its distributed delivery network spanning 23 data centres worldwide.


    • Compresses and minifies CSS and JavaScript, and consolidates multiple JavaScript files into single requests.


    • Caches your site’s content: This way, requests may not even need to reach our servers if CloudFlare can deliver a cached version of the page they’re trying to reach.


    • Protects your website against malicious traffic by blocking them before they reach your website. You have fine-grained control over what CloudFlare should do with any malicious traffic it detects.

      通过阻止恶意流量进入您的网站,从而保护您的网站免受恶意流量的侵扰。 您可以精细地控制CloudFlare应该如何处理其检测到的任何恶意流量。

    Let’s take a look at each benefit in detail.


    Content delivery network


    Using CloudFlare brings almost immediate benefits – its content delivery network helps to reduce hops and lowers latency. Because CloudFlare has delivery points around the world, wherever your visitor is – they will experience a fast and speedy experience visiting your website.

    使用CloudFlare几乎带来了直接的好处-其内容交付网络有助于减少跳数并降低延迟。 由于CloudFlare在世界各地都设有交付点,无论您的访客在哪里–他们都会在访问您的网站时获得快速便捷的体验。

    Compression and code minification


    Part of the work on making your website as speedy and responsiveness as possible is making sure your code is optimised. The CloudFlare optimiser does just that – it compresses CSS and JavaScript code as much as possible and combines multiple JavaScript files into a single request to lower the overhead of multiple network requests.

    使您的网站尽可能快速和快速响应的部分工作是确保代码得到优化。 CloudFlare优化器就是这样做的-它尽可能地压缩CSS和JavaScript代码,并将多个JavaScript文件组合到一个请求中,以降低多个网络请求的开销。

    CloudFlare does this automatically without requiring you to make any software or code changes. Quite simply, the only thing you need to do is to change your domain’s nameservers – CloudFlare does the rest.

    CloudFlare会自动执行此操作,而无需您进行任何软件或代码更改。 简而言之,您唯一需要做的就是更改域的名称服务器-剩下的事情由CloudFlare完成。

    Caching of site content


    It automatically determines what part of your website can be cached and what can’t, and it does this for you seamlessly. Caching allows CloudFlare to deliver the content which a visitor is requesting without ever needing to reach our servers in the first place. With content caching, many requests are handled completely on CloudFlare’s network without having to reach our servers at all.

    它会自动确定您网站的哪些部分可以缓存,哪些内容不能缓存,并为您无缝完成。 缓存使CloudFlare可以交付访问者所请求的内容,而无需首先到达我们的服务器。 借助内容缓存,CloudFlare的网络上可以完全处理许多请求,而完全不必到达我们的服务器。

    As you can imagine, this can save you a lot of bandwidth and server resources.


    Protects against malicious traffic


    It sounds unbelievable but is true – CloudFlare helps to protect your website against malicious traffic, and can defend against a wide-variety of malicious attacks like SQL injections, XSS and DDOS attacks. How does it do this, you ask? CloudFlare handles millions of requests every day, and along with external sources like Spam Honeypot, has a broad view on whether traffic attempting to access a website is malicious. On default settings, CloudFlare will block most malicious traffic from even reaching your website.

    这听起来令人难以置信,但却是事实– CloudFlare有助于保护您的网站免受恶意流量的侵扰,并且可以防御各种恶意攻击,例如SQL注入,XSS和DDOS攻击。 您问这是怎么做到的? CloudFlare每天处理数百万个请求,并且与Spam Honeypot等外部来源一起,对试图访问网站的流量是否为恶意软件具有广泛的了解。 在默认设置下,CloudFlare将阻止大多数恶意流量甚至到达您的网站。

    CloudFlare gets more intelligent over time and learns about new threats very quickly. What types of threats does it help protect against, you ask?

    随着时间的流逝,CloudFlare变得更加智能,并很快了解新的威胁。 您会问,它可以防御哪些类型的威胁?

    • SQL Injections


    • XSS (Cross-Site Scripting) Attacks


    • DDOS Attacks


    • Comment and post spammers


    How do I get started using CloudFlare?


    It’s really easy. Simply log in to your cPanel control panel and find CloudFlare which is listed under the Software/Services category. Then simply:

    真的很简单。 只需登录到cPanel控制面板,然后找到“ 软件/服务”类别下列出的CloudFlare 。 然后简单地:

    • Enter in your e-mail address and check your e-mail for CloudFlare login details


    • Change your domain’s nameservers to the ones specified by CloudFlare


    • Configure a few options, and you’re done – it’s that simple


    We’ve created a page on our website where you can learn more about CloudFlare.


    Have a question about CloudFlare? Call our knowledgeable sales team on 0800 862 0380.

    关于CloudFlare 的问题 吗? 致电我们经验丰富的销售团队0800 862 0380

    翻译自: https://www.eukhost.com/blog/webhosting/cloudflare-cdn-and-optimisation/


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