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    Resharper 2018-08-09 09:38 by swarb, ... 阅读, ... 评论, 收藏, 编辑 https://www.cnblogs.com/ShaYeBlog/p/3554253.html   https://www.cnblogs.com/mmbbflyer/p/6...
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    2016-07-19 14:20:26
  • Resharper support

    2020-12-28 05:52:57
    <h2>If you have ReSharper installed, you should note that ReSharper does not support IntelliSense for 3rd-party code generation tools. You'll need to uninstall the extension or disable its ...
  • Resharper compatibility

    2020-12-28 22:15:50
    property access shown as error in Resharper: <code><Setter Property="IsEnabled" Value="{c:Binding !DataContext.IsRemoved}"/> ! pointed as not expected token. And I can ...
  • resharper plugin

    2020-12-30 23:46:34
    <div><p>In the comments to issue #5 you mention a resharper plugin, is this something you are working on, have on the todo list or "might do it but there is a ton of other stuff to do first"?...
  • Resharper base

    2020-12-27 04:04:52
    <div><p>Extracting some base classes from ReSharper 6.1.1 and later so we don't have to copy-paste everything for each new version which is creating a bit of a mess. <p>Also includes the project ...
  • resharperCan someone explain to me the big deal about ReSharper? Sure, I tried Refactory and I dug it. I know they disappeared and screwed some folks over, but it was a nice solid offering. Now eve...


    Can someone explain to me the big deal about ReSharper?  Sure, I tried Refactory and I dug it.  I know they disappeared and screwed some folks over, but it was a nice solid offering.  Now everyone is talking about ReSharper, and forgive me, but I'm just not feeling it. 

    有人可以向我解释有关ReSharper的大事吗? 当然,我尝试了Refactory并进行了挖掘。 我知道他们不见了,把一些人搞砸了,但这是一个不错的选择。 现在每个人都在谈论ReSharper并原谅我,但我只是感觉不到。

    • It feels VERY unpolished, and there's just no excuse for lack of polish these days.

    • It looks lousy at ANY "unusual" font size (Lucida Console 14pt Bold)

      任何“不寻常的”字体大小看起来都很糟糕(Lucida Console 14pt Bold)
    • It's context menus are far to deep to be useful.

    • It doesn't support a very wide range of refactorings, and it doesn't appear to glean a lot from the context of the current cursor position.


    Frankly, it looks like a Java program (wonder why? ;) ) and just doesn't fit in Visual Studio.NET.

    坦白说,它看起来像一个Java程序(为什么??)),但不适合Visual Studio.NET。

    On the other hand, CodeRush is continuing to blow me away. 

    另一方面, CodeRush继续让我震惊

    • It's polished

    • It's radically customizable (almost to a fault)


    • It's easily extensible by a code plugin model OR standard Regular Expressions

    • It's graphics are JAW DROPPING.  You literally have to see it to believe it.

      它的图形是JAW DROPPING。 您实际上必须看到它才能相信它。
    • The Linked Identifiers are crazy useful.


    It takes a little while to get use to, and I need to make a cheat sheet to keep track of the shortcuts, but I'm digging it EVERY SINGLE DAY.


    Sorry to sound like such a P.I.M.P. for these guys, but seriously, it's pure sex.  The UI stuff is hotter than Whidbey.  If you see me at TechEd, holler at me and I'll give you a demo.

    对于这些人来说,听起来像是个PIMP,很抱歉,但说真的,这纯粹是性。 UI的东西比Whidbey更热。 如果您在TechEd上看到我,请大声疾呼,我将给您演示。

    翻译自: https://www.hanselman.com/blog/resharper-vs-coderush


  • ReSharper VS插件

    2020-06-23 10:44:35
    ReSharper是一款由jetbrains开发的针对C#, VB.NET, ASP.NET, XML,和XAML的编辑器。沿袭了jetbrains开发工具一贯的优良传统,ReSharper拥有高度智能的纠错,30多种高级代码重构功能,方便的单元测试工具,快速导航、...
  • ReSharper.2017

    2017-08-10 09:14:32
    ReSharper.2017 VS插件
  • resharper-xunit, 用于 xUnit.net的ReSharper runner 适用于ReSharper的 xUnit.netReSharper插件为 xUnit.net 测试增加了支持。 它支持以下内容:xUnit.net 1.x 和 2.0从源代码或者编译的程序集( 比如 ) 中发现和...
  • ReSharper 2017 2.2

    2017-12-18 22:26:11
    ReSharper 2017 2.2 新版本 欢迎下载 啦啦啦啦啦啦
  • Resharper设置

    千次阅读 2018-10-01 20:45:00
    给VS安装StyleCop插件 其实在Resharper中有个扩展,上面也有StyleCop插件可以安装 Resharper中的StyleCop会给出很多的编写代码的规则




  • Resharper快捷键

    2015-10-05 21:26:05
  • resharper-plugins-源码

    2021-04-09 02:08:59
    ReSharper和Rider插件 姓名 最新的ReSharper版本 最新车手版本 内部可见 演讲助手 StyleCop ao
  • Usage of ReSharper

    2020-12-25 19:58:31
    <div><p>This is not a bug per se, but more of a general suggestion that using ReSharper is great just format and reduce the code when possible. In the following screenshot, ReSharper points out that ...
  • Resharper 2019 support

    2020-12-31 17:04:56
    <div><p>Supposedly version 1.2.13 should work with resharper 2019. But the plugin isn't showing up in the list. <a href="url">...
  • ReSharper2017注册文件

    2017-12-18 15:09:50



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