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    China, please stop your flying pace, wait for your people, wait for your soul, wait for your morality, wait for your conscience! Don’t let t

    China, please stop your flying pace, wait for your people, wait for your soul, wait for your morality, wait for your conscience! Don’t let the train run out off track, don’t let the bridges collapse, don’t let the roads become traps, don’t let houses become ruins. Walk slowly, allowing every life to have freedom and dignity. No one should be left behind by our era.”

  • CSDN 发布开源代码托管平台 CODE.CHINA

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    2020 年 9 月 10 日,中国专业 IT 开发者社区 CSDN 正式推出全新升级的开源平台 CODE.CHINA(codechina.csdn.net)。面向国际化市场,具备使用 GitLab 最新高可靠部署方案、独立第三方平台等特点,拥有海量用户基础...

    2020 年 9 月 10 日,中国专业 IT 开发者社区 CSDN 正式推出全新升级的开源平台 CODE.CHINAcodechina.csdn.net)。面向国际化市场,具备使用 GitLab 最新高可靠部署方案、独立第三方平台等特点,拥有海量用户基础和品牌加持。


    纵观近 30 年的科技创新,开源已成为全球技术应用和行业数字化发展的基石,尤其最近几年,开源的商业化得到了极大突破,开源正在成为全球科技的强劲驱动力。在开源生态中,开发者是最重要的核心生产力,中国开发者的数量已经成为世界第一,同时,随着以 AI 为代表的国产开源工具崛起,中国也正逐渐成为全球开源软件的主要使用者和核心贡献者,中国开源正在迎来黄金时代。在此背景下,中国专业 IT 开发者社区 CSDN,隆重推出全新升级的代码托管平台 CODE.CHINA。

    CODE.CHINA 的使命与特点

    CODE.CHINA 将秉承 CSDN 成就一亿技术人的使命,致力于服务全球中文开发者,参与开源、贡献开源、创造开源。

    CODE.CHINA 具有以下几个特点:

    • 独立第三方的开源平台:CODE.CHINA 作为独立的第三方开源社区,将无缝对接国内外各大公司、机构和个人开源项目。为开源开发者与用户架起桥梁,培养开发者使用和维护开源软件的良好习惯,培养和促进国内开源文化及社区的发展,打造强竞争力的软件开发环境。

    • 海量的用户基础和品牌加持:作为国内专业开发者社区,CSDN 拥有 3100 万开发者用户和强大的流量基础,将极大助力于项目方运营专属社群,不断提升效率。

    • 开放协作的国际化市场:CODE.CHINA 创建之始,就面向全球开源生态;同时,在发挥中国市场优势的情况下,与国外优秀开源项目充分对接,并助力其在中国市场化商业化的合作运营,多方合力创建开放、协作、共享的全球开源技术共同体。

    CODE.CHINA 产品特色

    最新上线的 CODE.CHINA 平台,基于全球顶级代码托管平台 GitLab 的最新版本搭建而成,完全继承了 GitLab 炉火纯青的 Git 仓库管理的功能,完善的权限管理、组织管理、分支管理、强大的 Merge Request 以及精巧实用的 WebIDE 功能。

    同时,CODE.CHINA 还采用了 GitLab 最新版本高可靠的部署方案,即前端部署 Web 服务、GitLab-Shell、Gitaly 仓库存储服务分离,保证系统弹性扩展,高可用、仓库数据安全。

    在产品体验方面,CODE.CHINA 具备 GitLab 最先进的技术,并充分考虑中国用户的使用习惯。未来,CODE.CHINA 将紧随 GitLab,逐步开放 DevOps 功能,结合 CSDN 社区,为广大开发者提供开源软件开发、运营、学习全方位服务。

    早在 2013 年 CSDN 就推出了开源代码托管平台 CODE,历经 7 年摸索,如今随着中国开源商业化以及开源生态条件的日益成熟,开源已经成为开放式创新的核心力量,此次全面升级的 CODE.CHINA,将承载新时期的使命和责任。

    CODE.CHINA 希望与开发者、行业伙伴和客户一起,积极探索开源如何在更广阔的领域、更多的场景,释放更大价值。在此,我们邀请更多的开发者入驻 CODE.CHINA 平台,使用开源、贡献开源,共同创造一个更好的开源生态。

    CODE.CHINA 欢迎您的到来,项目入驻申请请扫描下方二维码。

  • 【英语】China, A Global View

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    In the past one hundred years, we Chinese people keep working, China achieved incredible success in science, economy, politics and culture, which have made a great difference to the whole w...


    In the past one hundred years, we Chinese people keep working, China achieved incredible success in science, economy, politics and culture, which have made a great difference to the whole world. Especially in culture, some inventions are helpful for the world.



    For one thing, China has four great inventions. They are paper-making, printing, gunpowder and the compass. They were introduced into the West before the mordern civilization of Europe and made a influence on science and technology of the West. For example, the emergence of typography and paper-making changed the current situation that only monks can read and accept education. It made it convenient to spread culture. The use of gunpowder freed the minds of medieval catholics in Europe. The compass made it possible for European navigator Columbus to discover America and Magellan to sail around the world, which greatly accelerates the development of the world economy.


    For another, the Confucius institute, founded in 2004 at the university of Maryland, is the first Confucius institute in the United States. Students performed a fan dance, song Chinese folk song " the jasmine flower" and performed lion dance on 10th anniversary on September 26, 2014. As  of July 2012, there are 387 Confucius institutes,. 509 primary and middle school Confucius classrooms have appeared in 8 years. And now, more than 160 universities in 62 countries are lining up to apply for Confucius institutes. From then on , Confucius institutes are knocking on the door of the world of culture communication.



    Not only the culture, but also the ecomomic achievements of China also have a huge impact on the world economy. On December 11, 2001, China entered the World Trade Organization becoming the 143rd member.Then China can make full use of the world's reaources.The investment environment of China and the efficiency of Chinese companies have improved. At the same time, it is also benificial to the froeign investors. Because the barriers to enter into the Chinese market have fallen. And the space they can invest in China has expanded. Economic exchanges between countries are more frequent. We can say that we have achieved economic win-win result.


    As we all know, in 2008, the whole world was watching China. The 29th Olympic Games was held in Beijing, China, which let people from all over the world know about China, and let more and more foreigners know about Chinese culture. Meanwhile, it has also boosted the rapid and good development of the global economy.




    To sum up, all the achievements of China and its rapid development promote the development of the world. As we can imagine, China will develop better. So, let's wait and see.



    PS: With this article, I commemorate the last English lesson of my university. And I'll miss you so much Carolyn Ebersole.(LEFT)





  • Mysterious China

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    China is one of the four ancient civilizations .

                China is one of the four ancient civilizations ,it is history dating back  thousands of years . China has experienced a slave society and a long feudal society ,it was a very long history , a rich history and various culture has been create by Chinese people .

               Qin dynasty was built in 221 BC , it was the first feudal country in China and created a new era . After Qin dynasty , China has nearly 2 thousands years in feudal society . The political ,economic and culture has made many achievements during this period.  In the times of war and peace alternating , papermaking is a big invention in the history . Paper is been used in record the whole history of China and propagate the culture .  There are many dynasty in the history of China ,some dynasty are weak or short ,but the other dynasty is really very strong and powerful . 

                Such as Tang dynasty , it is one of the biggest and strongest dynasty in China in that period . There are so many famous people appeared in Tang dynasty . Libai is one of the most famous poets ,he left many famous poetries and his poetry is still widely spread around the world , he is full of legendary in his whole life . In Tang dynasty period ,women are more free than any other dynasty .A woman we need to talk about ,she is the wife of  emperor ,she is young ,beautiful and mystery ,as one of the four beauties ,she may be change the destiny of Tang dynasty and add make history more colorful in her short life .  Another famous woman in Tang dynasty is an emperor , I think almost every Chinese people are knew she . Emperor Wu is the only female emperor in the Chinese history ,under her reign , women and men have equal rights . She made a legend in China . 

                History will never stop its steps ,dynasty changes rapidly .There is no dynasty still exist .  After Qing dynasty ,which is the last dynasty in China , China has end up feudal society and towards a new society . New period has come ,are you ready ?

  • 深入解析Bluemix China云平台技术架构

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    深入介绍Bluemix China的平台特性 Bluemix China云平台的系统及网路结构 分享构建全栈云服务的经验
  • hello china!!!

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    hello china!!! hello china!!!hello china!!!hello china!!!hello china!!!hello china!!!hello china!!!hello china!!!hello china!!!hello china!!!hello china!!!hello china!!!hello china!!!hello china!!!hel...
  • Echarts地图china.js

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    使用Echarts进行地图绘制展示的时候,需要china.js的引入 但是官网貌似已经停止了china.js的下载,官方建议使用百度地图代替 当时觉得麻烦,就找到了china.js的下载资源 链接永久有效,如果失效可以留言私发 ...
  • What is china

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    What is China? The People’sRepublic of China, commonly knows as China, is located in east Asia, andborders 14 nations or any other county in the world, it is the most populationstate in the world, ...
  • EasyList China国内镜像

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    http://www.ikay.me/list/easylistchina.txt 与官方服务器每15分钟同步一次 本文固定链接:http://www.ikay.me/easylistchina/ adblock plus 插件 http://files.cnblogs.com/files/qiyer/abp.crx.zip ...
  • hack China

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  • A.char a[10]="china"; B.char a[10],*p=a;p="china" C.char *a;a="china"; D.char a[10],*p;p=a="china" 解析:因为字符数组a是作为字符串常量存在的,只能在定义时赋值,不能像这样在后面对数组进行赋值...
  • India and China Origins

    2017-06-25 04:08:32
    A long time ago there are no himalayas between India and China, the both cultures are frequently exchanged and are kept in sync at that time, but eventually himalayas rise up. With that at first the ...
  • echarts中国地图china.js下载

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    上次想写一个中国地图,发现需要一个china.js 然后百度搜了搜,发现都是收费或者需要积分的 后来找朋友要了一个,今天给大家分享一下,china.js、echarts-gl 链接: ...
  • 修改spn ...-- China --> - <spnOverride numeric="46000" spn="China Mobile" /> - <spnOverride numeric="46001" spn="China Unicom" /> - <spnOverride numeric="46002" spn="C...
  • Apache Flink China Apache Flink China最新发布的活动的大家可以在 活动行 ,这个还有微信小程序, 然后在上面搜"Apache Flink Meetup",微信公众号可以关注 “Ververica”。 下面整理并分享一下 Apache Flink ...
  • opencart china 书籍主题

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    opencart china 书籍主题
  • Echarts关于中国地图的china.js文件

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  • Culture of China

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    The Culture of China is home to one of the world's oldest and most complex civilizations(文明). China boasts(自夸,自称) a history rich in over 5,000 years of artistic, philosophical, political, and ...
  • composer laravel china 中文镜像

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    在安装laravel-admin时发现之前一直使用的composer中文镜像下载下来的1.5.15版本,百度了一下发现这个项目已经不在...这是laravel china镜像的说明地址 在执行数据库迁移的时候可能会报错 字符串长度超出 ...
  • Speaking of the richest man in China, many people may think ofMa Huateng, who was crowned the richest man in China this year with a net worth of 42 million.Ma now worth to look at, he can afford to ...
  • printf("%3s,%7.2s,%.4s,%-5.3s\n","CHINA","CHINA","CHINA","CHINA");

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    printf("%3s,%7.2s,%.4s,%-5.3s\n","CHINA","CHINA","CHINA","CHINA"); return 0; } 结果: 解析: %3s, 格式输出字符串,右对齐,超出3个长度的,就全部输出; %7.2s, 输出字符串占7个位置,...
  • 今天的私有云China Runs On ChinaOpenStack days china 作为国内迄今为止最具权威与规模的 OpenStack 基金会官方盛典,时隔一年再次空降北京,与无数 OpenStacker 一同向世界宣言:「China Runs On OpenStack」!...
  • Paper:2020.02.09钟南山团队首篇新冠病毒论文《Clinical characteristics of 2019 novel coronavirus infection in China》翻译并解读 导读:刷新认知!钟南山团队发布新冠病毒最新论文:潜伏期最长24天,与肺炎...
  • RubyGems使用RubyChina镜像

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    1. 如何使用这是RubyChina镜像站点http://gems.ruby-china.org/(淘宝gems站点的镜像已重定向到这里)所描述的方法。gem sources --add https://gems.ruby-china.org/ --remove https://rubygems.org/ $ gem sources...
  • 虽然没去现场,看看PPT也是好的。 https://github.com/gopherchina/conference/tree/master/2019
  • china.js显示中国地图

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    china.js显示中国地图 //运用vue写的 ```var app = new Vue({ el: '#app', data: { points:[],//各个省份下的客户数量 maxDate:'', tableData: [] }, methods: { //在后台查出要显示的数据`` ge...
  • easylist和easylistchina订阅地址

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  • china.js实现中国地图

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  • Echarts 中国地图(包括china.js文件)

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    用Echarts写中国地图需要导入china.js(现在官方不提供下载,个人找的在最下面有),根据需要的效果如下。位置可以自己在option里面修改   &lt;!DOCTYPE html&gt; &lt;html&gt; &lt;head&...



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