• 命令提示符 win+r 输入cmd打开控制台(推荐使用) 资源管理器的地址栏前面加上cmd路径 在任意文件夹下面,按住shift+右键点击,可显示在此处打开Powershell窗口 管理员方式运行:选择管理员方式运行 常用Dos命令 #盘符...


    1. 开始—>系统—>命令提示符
    2. win+r 输入cmd打开控制台(推荐使用)
    3. 资源管理器的地址栏前面加上cmd路径
    4. 在任意文件夹下面,按住shift+右键点击,可显示在此处打开Powershell窗口




    C:\Windows\system32> D:


    C:\Windows\system32> dir


    C:\Windows\system32>cd Desktop










    C:\Windows\system32>ping www.baidu.com


    C:\Windows\system32>md test


    C:\Windows\system32>rd test




    C:\Windows\system32>del a.txt
  • 打开运行,输入cmd ,想要进入某个文件目录,输入cd 目录路径即可
    打开运行,输入cmd ,想要进入某个文件目录,输入cd  目录路径即可
  • 命令提示符打开资源管理器Searching for a file in Windows Explorer takes forever, but there’s a faster way if you’re willing to use the command prompt. 在Windows资源管理器中搜索文件需要花费很多时间,...


    Searching for a file in Windows Explorer takes forever, but there’s a faster way if you’re willing to use the command prompt.


    The amazing Twitter account SwiftOnSecurity posted this gem yesterday:


    Stupid dirty cheap way to search an entire Windows drive for wildcard text in a file name, that I use all the time. 50x faster than trying to use Explorer.

    一种愚蠢的廉价廉价方法,它在整个Windows驱动器中搜索我一直使用的文件名中的通配符文本。 比尝试使用资源管理器快50倍。

    1.) dir "search term*" /s

    1.)目录“搜索词*” / s

    means start from root and /s means subdirectoriesExample shows all .log files:dir *.log /s

    表示从root开始,/ s表示子目录示例显示所有.log文件:dir * .log / s

    — SwiftOnSecurity (@SwiftOnSecurity) April 30, 2018

    -SwiftOnSecurity(@SwiftOnSecurity) 2018年4月30日

    You can use this trick to search any drive and will usually finish in a few seconds. In the screenshot above, for example, I searched my drive for all files that include “justinpot” in the name by running dir \*justinpot* /s. Swift, in the tweet, searched for all log files on a drive by running dir \*.log /s.

    您可以使用此技巧搜索任何驱动器,并且通常会在几秒钟内完成。 例如,在上面的屏幕截图中,我通过运行dir \*justinpot* /s在驱动器中搜索名称中包含“ justinpot”的所有文件。 Swift在推文中通过运行dir \*.log /s搜索驱动器上的所有日志文件。

    Confused? Let’s break this down:

    困惑? 让我们分解一下:

    • dir is a command used to show files in the current directory, but which can also show files anywhere in the system.


    • The backslash tells dir to search from the root directory of the current drive.


    • /s tells dir to search all subdirectories.


    • Finally, * is used by command line apps as a wildcard. So *.txt will show you all files that end with “.txt”, while project* will show you all filenames that begin with the word “project”

      最后,命令行应用程序将*用作通配符。 因此*.txt将显示所有以“ .txt”结尾的文件,而project*将显示所有以“ project”开头的文件名

    Put it all together and you’ve got a quick way to search any drive pretty quickly. Give it a try, but note that this won’t work in PowerShell.

    放在一起,您就可以快速找到任何驱动器。 尝试一下,但请注意,这在PowerShell中不起作用。

    翻译自: https://www.howtogeek.com/fyi/this-command-prompt-trick-searches-way-faster-than-windows-explorer/


  • Once you’ve learned how to navigate directorieson Windows 10, the next step is learning how to find and open files using the Command Prompt. It’s just as easy as navigating through and opening a ...
    Microsoft Windows Logo

    Once you’ve learned how to navigate directories on Windows 10, the next step is learning how to find and open files using the Command Prompt. It’s just as easy as navigating through and opening a file in File Explorer. Here’s how it’s done.

    学习完Windows 10上的目录导航后 ,下一步就是学习如何使用命令提示符查找和打开文件。 就像在File Explorer中浏览和打开文件一样简单。 这是完成的过程。

    First, open the Command Prompt on your PC by typing “cmd” in the Windows Search bar and then selecting “Command Prompt” from the search results.

    首先,通过在Windows搜索栏中键入“ cmd”,然后在搜索结果中选择“命令提示符”,在PC上打开命令提示符

    Command prompt app in windows search

    With the Command Prompt opened, you’re ready to find and open your file.


    使用命令提示符查找文件 (Find Files Using Command Prompt)

    Maybe you already know the file path to the item you want to open–maybe not. If not, you don’t need to search through File Explorer just to come back to the Command Prompt later. You can use this command instead:

    也许您已经知道要打开的项目的文件路径,也许还不知道。 如果不是这样,您不需要搜索文件浏览器就可以稍后再返回到命令提示符。 您可以改用以下命令:

    dir "\search term*" /s

    dir "\search term*" /s

    Just replace “search term” with, of course, the actual search term. So, if we wanted to locate our file called “Example File,” we’d use this command:

    当然,只要用实际的搜索词替换“搜索词”即可。 因此,如果我们要查找名为“示例文件”的文件,则可以使用以下命令:

    dir "\example file*" /s

    dir "\example file*" /s

    Command Prompt will now search and find all instances of the search term you entered. It will (1) show you the file path, and (2) give you the file name and extension.

    现在,命令提示符将搜索并找到您输入的搜索词的所有实例。 它将(1)向您显示文件路径,以及(2)给您文件名和扩展名。

    Find a file in the folder with dir command

    Now that we’ve found our file, let’s open it.


    使用命令提示符打开文件 (Open Files Using Command Prompt)

    To open the file, you need to navigate to the directory in the Command Prompt that contains the file you would like to open. In this example, we’ve created an “Example” folder in our “Documents” folder, so we’ll head there.

    要打开文件,您需要导航到命令提示符中的目录,该目录包含您要打开的文件。 在此示例中,我们在“文档”文件夹中创建了“示例”文件夹,因此我们将前往该文件夹。

    In Command Prompt, use the Change Directories command ( cd <folder> ) to navigate through your folders. Because we’re currently at the top level of the computer’s file system, we’ll need to go to “Documents” first and then “Example.” So, we’ll use this command:

    在命令提示符中,使用“更改目录”命令( cd <folder> )浏览文件夹。 因为我们目前处于计算机文件系统的顶层,所以我们需要先进入“文档”,然后再进入“示例”。 因此,我们将使用以下命令:

    cd Documents\Example

    cd Documents\Example

    Note that you must navigate to the immediate file structure. In this case, we can’t skip “Documents” and jump straight to “Example.”

    请注意,您必须导航到立即文件结构。 在这种情况下,我们不能跳过“文档”而直接跳至“示例”。

    Use the cd command to navigate folders

    Once you have inputted your command, press the Enter key. You’ll now be in that folder.

    输入命令后,按Enter键。 您现在将在该文件夹中。

    Command Prompt showing the user which folder they are currently in

    It’s now time to open the file within that folder. Our file is named “Example File.”

    现在是时候在该文件夹中打开文件了 。 我们的文件名为“示例文件”。

    To open the file, enter the file name and extension in quotations. In this case:

    要打开文件,请在引号中输入文件名和扩展名。 在这种情况下:

    “example file.docx”

    “example file.docx”

    enter file name and extension in command prompt to open file

    The file will now open.


    To make things a bit quicker, you can actually navigate to the correct folder and open the file in a single command. Assuming we are back at the top level, we would run this command:

    为了使操作更快一些,您实际上可以导航到正确的文件夹并通过单个命令打开文件。 假设我们回到顶层,我们将运行以下命令:

    “Documents\Example\example file.docx”

    “Documents\Example\example file.docx”

    Enter file open command in one command

    The only difference is you don’t add the cd command and the entire path is in quotations.


    翻译自: https://www.howtogeek.com/674537/how-to-find-and-open-files-using-command-prompt/

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