• chrome浏览器书签同步At this point, Google Chrome is prolific. You likely use it on your desktop computer and laptop, as well as any mobile devices you may have. Keeping things in sync between all of ...



    At this point, Google Chrome is prolific. You likely use it on your desktop computer and laptop, as well as any mobile devices you may have. Keeping things in sync between all of your devices is easy-peasy, thanks to Google’s handy sync settings.

    在这一点上,谷歌浏览器功能丰富。 您可能会在台式机,笔记本电脑以及任何移动设备上使用它。 借助Google便捷的同步设置,您可以轻松地使所有设备之间保持同步。

    It’s worth noting that everything we’re going to cover here should be enabled by default. If you’re having an issue or turned some of these settings off in the past, however, this is how it’s done—no matter if you use Windows, macOS, Linux, iPhone, or Android.

    值得注意的是,我们将在此处介绍的所有内容均应默认启用。 但是,如果您在过去遇到问题或关闭了其中的某些设置,则可以使用此方法完成操作-无论使用Windows,macOS,Linux,iPhone还是Android。

    第一步:在桌面上启用同步 (Step One: Enable Sync on the Desktop)

    We have to get this shindig started over on the desktop, so fire up Chrome on your PC and let’s do this thing.


    First, click the three button menu in the top right corner, then scroll down to Settings.



    At the top of this menu you’ll find some tweaks specific to your Google account. The second click-able box is “Advanced sync settings”—go ahead and give that little guy a click.

    在此菜单的顶部,您会发现一些针对您的Google帐户的调整。 第二个可点击的框是“高级同步设置”,请继续点击该小家伙。


    This is where you can tweak all of your sync settings. You can either change the dropdown box to “Sync everything,” which is what I roll with, or use the “Choose what to sync” option to pick-n-choose your stuff.

    您可以在此处调整所有同步设置。 您可以将下拉框更改为“同步所有内容”,也就是我随身携带的内容,也可以使用“选择要同步的内容”选项来选择内容。


    If you go with the latter, make sure the “Bookmarks” option is checked. If you went with the former, well, you should be good to go.

    如果您选择后者,请确保选中“书签”选项。 如果您选择了前者,那么您应该很好。

    Click the “OK” box to close everything up, and you’re finished here.


    第二步:在移动设备上检查同步设置 (Step Two: Check Your Sync Settings on Mobile)

    Now, jump on over to your phone. It doesn’t matter if you use Android or iOS, these settings should be basically the same.

    现在,跳到手机上。 不管您使用的是Android还是iOS,这些设置都应该基本相同。

    Again, tap the three-dot button in the upper corner, then tap “Settings.”



    At the very top of this menu, you should see your name and “Syncing to <email address>” dialog. Tap that.

    在此菜单的最顶部,您应该看到您的姓名和“正在同步到<电子邮件地址> ”对话框。 点一下


    This will display account-specific settings. Just below your accounts, there is an option that reads “Sync.” Tap it.

    这将显示特定于帐户的设置。 在您帐户的下方,有一个显示为“同步”的选项。 点一下


    First, make sure the “Sync” option is toggled on.



    Below that, you can specify data types to sync. Again, I roll with “Sync everything,” but you can disable this to pick and choose what you’d like—just make sure “Bookmarks” are enabled.

    在此之下,您可以指定要同步的数据类型。 同样,我使用“同步所有内容”,但是您可以禁用它来选择您想要的内容-只需确保启用“书签”即可。

    Once everything looks kosher, you can back out.


    第三步:确保一切都正确同步 (Step Three: Make Sure Everything Synced Properly)

    With all that done head back into Chrome’s menu on mobile, then select “Bookmarks.”



    It should automatically open to “Mobile Bookmarks,” but you can access the rest of your bookmarks by opening the hamburger menu on the left side.



    If everything synced properly, all of your bookmarks should now show up here. You’re done!

    如果一切同步正确,您的所有书签现在都应显示在此处。 你完成了!

    翻译自: https://www.howtogeek.com/64366/how-to-sync-google-chrome-bookmarks-with-your-android-phone/


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  • Chrome的插件,将Android手机的屏幕画面实时同步投影显示在PC的屏幕上,还能直接在电脑上对手机进行远程控制操作(仅仅需一根数据线 ) http://vysor.io/ 抛弃仿真器 你是Android开发人员吗?Vysor为...

    Total Control

    Total Control 手机控-电脑控制手机:


    Chrome的插件,将Android手机的屏幕画面实时同步投影显示在PC的屏幕上,还能直接在电脑上对手机进行远程控制操作(仅仅需一根数据线 )


  • 一个 Chrome 查单词插件 支持划词,自动加入扇贝单词生词本,方便手机同步学习。.zip,好学单词-ChaZD 查字典的分支,支持划词,自动加入扇贝单词生词本,方便手机同步学习。
  • First of all, Vysor is a Chrome Application so you need to install  Google Chrome  first before going on. Next, just simply install  Vysor Chrome Extensions . Press Launch App and ...



    Looking for a tool that could mirror non-rooted android phone's screen and allow user to gain a full control on computer? Here is a good news. A new wonderful just-released application called Vysor could do the job for you! I gave it a try already and I must say that I am quite impressive on what it can do.

    First of all, Vysor is a Chrome Application so you need to install Google Chrome first before going on.

    Next, just simply install Vysor Chrome Extensions.

    Press Launch App and then Vysor will appear. Please note that its look and its workflow might be different by platform.

    Now pick your phone up and enable USB Debugging since phone and computer needs ADB for communication.

    Find Devices and choose one that appear.

    If your phone pop up a dialog like below. Press OK to allow USB Debugging. If you accidentally press Cancel, just remove and plug a USB cable once again.

    If your phone ask you to install an application called Vysor, do it. Wait for some second and your phone screen will appear on Vysor ... Done!

    You can control everything through your computer screen with Keyboard and Mouse: Left Click = ClickRight Click = Back and Middle Click = Home

    From the experiment I found that framerate is not so high, there is still some delay and image will lose the quality if screen's details are changed too much before getting better within few seconds. Although it is not perfect but I must say that it is good enough for real use.

    However I found that it is pretty useful. And since it is a Chrome Application so it could be installed on any platform such as Windows, Mac OS X, Linux and also Chromebook. Please give it a try. It worths time spent. =D

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