• Demand forecasting

    2020-12-11 21:35:40
    Demand forecasting致力于为大家提供学习、参考最实用的资源,对Demand forecasting有需要的朋友,赶快来...该文档为Demand forecasting,是一份很不错的参考资料,具有较高参考价值,感兴趣的可以下载看看
  • Demand Aggregators

    2020-12-25 16:59:12
    <div><p>The population based demand estimator now scales the estimate value down by total number of inhabitants in drt service area and multiplies it with fleet size. The resulting demand estimate ...
  • demand 用法

    千次阅读 2018-12-18 19:43:56
    我们说的 demand sb do sth ,其实是下面第4个用法的简写形式。  demand (that可省略)sb (should可省略) do sth。  下面附上demand作动词的用法:  1. demand + 名词或代词  demand后接名词或代词时,其主语...

    我们说的 demand sb do sth ,其实是下面第4个用法的简写形式。
      demand (that可省略)sb (should可省略) do sth。

      1. demand + 名词或代词
      The foreign customer demanded an apology from the saleswoman in the supermarket.
      As is known, fishing is a job that demands great patience.
      2. demand + 动词不定式
      She demanded to be told everything about it.
      3. demand sth. from / of sb.
      Yesterday evening, the couple came to my house and demanded help from / of me.
      4. demand +从句
      demand后接宾语从句时,从句谓语一般要用虚拟语气,即"should + 动词原形";其被动语态为 "should + be +动词过去分词\",其中should可以省略。例如:
      The manager demanded that the workers (should) work extra hours to complete the task ahead of time.
      All the settlers nearby demanded that the nightclub (should) be moved away as soon as possible. 附近所有居民都要求那家夜总会尽早搬走。

  • demand_forecasting-源码

    2021-03-26 01:00:57
  • Seoul Bike Demand.ipynb

    2021-05-04 15:02:13
    Seoul Bike Demand.ipynb
  • <p>Currently, the group constraint <code>demand_share</code> relates the generation of the declared technologies to the <em>total</em> consumption, i.e. including storage consumption and exports. That...
  • Demand Planning

    2009-05-17 11:19:33
    Demand planning training
  • on demand feature

    2020-12-09 04:00:40
    <div><p>I prepared code with on-demand service. What do you think about that? <p>Changes: - We need ObservableCollection as ItemSource to use automatic refresh. I keep IList as Type but we need ...
  • Record on demand

    2020-12-08 19:01:53
    <p>An enhancement that would be great for us is to start /stop video recording on demand just like in elgalu selenium with docker commands: docker exec grid start-video/stop-video. The case for us is ...
  • Libs On Demand

    2020-12-25 23:24:05
    <div><p>Hi, i checked your libs on demand branch and looks like it's not working. If i understanding right, you want to load only requered js files. If you can deeply explain your implementation, ...
  • Bikesharing_demand-源码

    2021-02-16 07:24:59
  • <div><p>A template applied to newly installed apps always results in half-enabled OnDemand (on main screen) even though the template has has all ondemand flags disabled. The ondemand sub-functions ...
  • load on demand

    2021-01-02 08:37:27
    <p>I am wondering if you have plans to build on demand feature in this project. I know thiat is complicated thing. <p>I worry that will be problem when I attach collection with 1 million records. Do ...
  • demand becomes demands

    2021-01-05 13:02:36
    <div><p>"user demand" should be changed to "user demands"</p><p>该提问来源于开源项目:kubernetes/website</p></div>
  • On Demand Mode

    2021-01-07 11:21:05
    --on-demand_timeout". Thus, "--on-demand_timeout 900" will activate this mode, and set the timeout to 15 minutes. One thing to note, is that the timeout is in seconds. Finally, the scanner...
  • demand of 和 demand for 区别在哪

    千次阅读 2018-01-06 22:34:18
     demand of:.......的要求;关于......的要求。表示谁的要求。后面如果是人,那么相当于所有格,可换成sb's demand。 demand for :对…的需求。针对什么事情的要求。 "Whatever we do is the demand of the ...
      demand of:.......的要求;关于......的要求。表示谁的要求。后面如果是人,那么相当于所有格,可换成sb's demand。
      demand for :对…的需求。针对什么事情的要求。
      "Whatever we do is the demand of the public. " she says.(这里的the demand of the public=the public's demand)
      The management reacted to the demand of workers by increasing their wages since April.
      The pound of flesh, which I demand of him dearly bought, it is mine, and I will have it.
      我向他要求的一磅肉是我出了大价钱买下来的。 它是属于我的,我一定要把它拿到手。
      Extensive advertising can cause a factitious demand for an article.
      This massive investment indicates that there is demand for virtualization of resources inside the cloud.
      Demand for the application would be inconsistent and experience peaks and valleys.
  • ARC Open OnDemand应用程序
  • on demand autocompletion

    2020-11-22 08:13:05
    Could be possible to add an option to turn it off or at least to have the autocompletion on demand (e.g. ctrl+a)? <p>thanks</p><p>该提问来源于开源项目:sasha-alias/sqltabs</p></div>
  • Ondemand download

    2020-11-29 03:06:08
    So, I should be able to see the list of files, but download them on demand - much the way Dropbox app works.</p><p>该提问来源于开源项目:syncthing/syncthing-android</p></div>
  • Disable on demand

    2021-01-09 05:28:45
    <p>is it possible to disable logging on demand with something like that : <p><code>User::withoutActivityLog->update($request->all());</code></p> <p>It will be useful for example if I have somes ...
  • 此接口允许用户直接从 MATLAB 访问 Barchart OnDemand REST API。 Barchart OnDemand REST API 提供的所有市场数据均由 Barchart Solutions 提供。 版权所有 :copyright: 2018。所有市场数据由 Barchart Solutions ...
  • Clean on demand

    2020-11-21 15:49:30
    <div><p>Remove all code implementing and referring to the old, by now obsolete, OnDemand Machinary. Took the opportunity to reduce the size of the SISitripCluster by 4 bytes. <p>purely technical. the ...
  • Driver On Demand-开源

    2021-05-03 05:42:35
    Drivers on demand项目是一个在Linux中提供透明驱动程序安装的系统,主要使用perl作为客户端(以及用于热插拔的bash脚本)和perl / xml后端。
  • Tiling on demand

    2020-12-09 05:39:14
    s possible to tile images on demand and not beforehand? I am not seeing anything about it in the documentation but I would like to be sure. Looking at all the images servers out there, none are ...
  • demand paging 使用Excel On Demand切片器节省空间 (Save Space With Excel On Demand Slicers)In one of my sample files, you can select criteria for an Advanced Filter with Slicers. There are 3 Slicers at ...

    demand paging

    In one of my sample files, you can select criteria for an Advanced Filter with Slicers. There are 3 Slicers at the top of the sheet, and an output range below that.  And now, AlexJ has created a compact version of that technique, with the Slicers hidden until you need them. (He's on a mission to rid the world of space-hogging Slicers.)

    在我的一个示例文件中,您可以选择带有“切片器”的“高级过滤器”的条件。 工作表顶部有3个切片器,其下有一个输出范围。 现在,AlexJ已经创建了该技术的精简版,其中隐藏了Slicers,直到您需要它们为止。 (他的任务是摆脱太空跳跃切片机的世界。)

    带有切片器的原始高级过滤器 (Original Advanced Filter with Slicers)

    Here's a screen shot of my original Advanced Filter with Slicers worksheet. Select one criterion from each Slicer, or clear a Slicer, then click a button to run the Advanced Filter.  The matching data is shown in the output area.

    这是我原来的带有“切片器”的“高级筛选器”工作表的屏幕截图。 从每个切片器中选择一个条件,或清除一个切片器,然后单击一个按钮以运行“高级筛选器”。 匹配数据显示在输出区域中。

    One thing that you might not notice right away  -- the headings in the output range are drop down lists, so you can choose any fields that you want from the source data.


    按需高级过滤器切片器 (Advanced Filter Slicers On Demand)

    In my original file, the Slicers were pretty small, because each field only had 2 or 4 items. In a real-life setting, your data fields probably have many more items than that.

    在我的原始文件中,切片器非常小,因为每个字段只有2或4个项目。 在现实生活中,您的数据字段可能包含更多的项目。

    That's what inspired AlexJ to create a "Slicers on Demand" version for this technique – he needed several Slicers, and each one had many items. There wasn't room on the worksheet for all of the Slicers, so AlexJ added a bit of code, to make the Slicers appear when needed.

    这就是启发AlexJ为此技术创建“按需切片机”版本的原因-他需要几个切片机,每个切片机都有很多项目。 工作表上没有足够的空间来容纳所有Slicers,因此AlexJ添加了一些代码,以使Slicers在需要时出现。

    看到切片器出现 (See the Slicers Appear)

    This animated screen shot shows how to make the Slicers appear, by clicking one of the pivot table filter fields. The selected field is highlighted too, to make it stand out on the worksheet. Then, click a different field, to see its Slicer.

    此动画屏幕快照显示了如何通过单击数据透视表过滤器字段之一来使“切片器”出现。 所选字段也突出显示,以使其在工作表中突出。 然后,单击其他字段,以查看其切片器。

    切片机的外观 (How the Slicers Appear)

    You might have seen AlexJ's Pop Up Slicers workbook, a couple of weeks ago – it had one Slicer, grouped with macro buttons. This week's technique is simpler to set up, but has the same result – the Slicers only appear when you need them.

    您可能已经在几周前看过AlexJ的Pop Up Slicers工作簿 -它有一个Slicer,按宏按钮分组。 本周的技术设置起来更简单,但结果却是相同的-切片器仅在您需要时出现。

    When you click on a pivot table filter field, the Slicer for that field appears.


    There is code that runs when you select a cell on the worksheet.


    • If the selected cell is in a pivot table (like the pivot table filters here), the code gets the name of the pivot field.

    • Then, a macro checks the shapes on the worksheet, to see if any have that pivot field name (all the Slicers are named with a "k_" prefix, and the pivot field name)

      然后,一个宏检查工作表上的形状,看是否有那个枢轴字段名称(所有切片器都以“ k_”前缀和枢轴字段名称命名)
    • If a matching Slicer is found, it is made visible.


    隐藏的管理员部分 (Hidden Admin Section)

    There is a hidden Admin section on the worksheet too. Click the Outline buttons to show that section, if you want to adjust the Slicers.

    工作表上也有一个隐藏的“管理员”部分。 如果要调整切片器,请单击“轮廓”按钮以显示该部分。

    There are two buttons to help you manage the Slicer setup:


    • Click the Show All button, to make all the Slicers visible. In this screen shot, they are stacked up in column C

      单击全部显示按钮,使所有切片器可见。 在此屏幕快照中,它们堆叠在C列中
    • Click the Position All button, to align all the Slicers with the top left corner of the active Slicer


    获取按需切片机工作簿 (Get the Slicers on Demand Workbook)

    To see how the Slicers work, go to the AlexJ Sample Files page on my Contextures website. In the Filters & Slicers section, look for FL0004 -- Advanced Filter with Slicers on Demand, and click the link to download the file.

    若要查看Slicers的工作方式, 请转到 Contextures网站上的AlexJ Sample Files页面 。 在“过滤器和切片器”部分中,查找“ FL0004-带有按需切片器的高级过滤器” ,然后单击链接以下载文件。

    The zipped file is in xlsm format, and contains macros. There are notes in the workbook, that explain the file setup, and how the code works.

    压缩文件为xlsm格式,并包含宏。 工作簿中有一些注释,它们解释了文件设置以及代码的工作方式。

    翻译自: https://contexturesblog.com/archives/2017/08/03/save-space-excel-demand-slicers/

    demand paging

  • demand_forecasting_template
  • modelos_demanda-源码

    2021-04-03 12:07:56
  • Demand_sales_daily-源码

    2021-03-29 20:11:25
  • Demand.ar weirdness

    2021-01-09 06:44:35
    got strange behavior while using Demand.ar <p>this sounds as expected: <pre><code> ( x.free; x = { var q0 = Impulse.ar(1); SinOsc.ar(EnvGen.ar(Env([0,Demand.ar(q0,0,Dseq([300,800],inf)),60],...
  • On demand timed reset

    2020-12-02 15:52:02
    <div><p>Usually the on demand categories are to allow a particular permission for a specified time. But sometimes it happens to grant or deny an on demand permission permanently, but then the next ...



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