• 主板方面带杜比是什么意思Dolby is a trusted name in audio, but its latest product is a little different. “Dolby Dimension Headphones” isn’t an audio standard, like 5.1 Surround or Dolby Atmos, but a...


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    Dolby is a trusted name in audio, but its latest product is a little different. “Dolby Dimension Headphones” isn’t an audio standard, like 5.1 Surround or Dolby Atmos, but a new wireless headphone set you can buy.

    杜比(Dolby)在音频方面是一个值得信赖的名称,但其最新产品却有所不同。 “ Dolby Dimension耳机 ”不是5.1环绕声或杜比全景声(Dolby Atmos)之类的音频标准,而是可以购买的新型无线耳机。

    Dolby crammed the Dimension Headphones full of their audio tech, both licensed (technology that’s sold to other manufacturers to use in their products) and exclusive to this rare hardware release. Things may stay that way, or they may not: at $600 a pop, Dolby is unlikely to sell so many Dimension Headphones that it won’t consider licensing some of this new tech. That being the case, it’s worth breaking down what it’s all about.

    杜比(Dolby)塞满了Dimension耳机的音频技术,这些技术既已获得许可(已出售给其他制造商以用于其产品中的技术),又是此稀有硬件版本的专有技术。 事情可能会一直保持下去,或者可能不会保持下去:以每支600美元的价格销售,杜比不太可能出售如此多的Dimension耳机,因此它不会考虑授权使用这项新技术。 在这种情况下,有必要分解其全部内容。

    疯狂强大的硬件 (Crazy-Powerful Hardware)

    The Dimension Headphones use standard Bluetooth wireless, but they have more going on inside than perhaps any other pair of cans on the market. The electronics inside contain a Qualcomm Snapdragon processor—the kind usually seen in Android smartphones—to run all of the audio wizardry crammed inside. The set supports Bluetooth 4.2 and Low Energy profiles, along with standard smartphone calls via five microphones, APTX high-quality sound, and a 100-foot operating range.

    Dimension耳机使用标准的蓝牙无线技术,但与市场上的其他任何罐头相比,它们的内部功能更多。 内部的电子设备包含高通Snapdragon处理器(在Android智能手机中通常会看到的那种处理器),用于运行内部塞满的所有音频向导。 该设备支持蓝牙4.2和低功耗配置文件,以及通过五个麦克风的标准智能手机通话, APTX高质量声音和100英尺的工作范围。

    Dolby Dimension Headphones on charging base.

    Audiophiles will be glad to hear that the set includes beefy 40mm drivers with a 20-20,000 Hz frequency range—fairly standard in this upscale portion of the market. You can pair the headset to three different sources simultaneously, like a phone, laptop, and home theater system—there’s even a quick switching button to jump between them. Touch controls offer phone-style swipes for volume and tracking.

    音响发烧友会高兴地听到,该装置包括功能强大的40mm驱动器,其频率范围为20-20,000 Hz,这在该高端市场中是相当标准的。 您可以将耳机同时与三种不同的信号源配对,例如电话,笔记本电脑和家庭影院系统,甚至还可以通过快速切换按钮在它们之间进行切换。 触摸控件提供电话式滑动,用于音量和跟踪。

    You can charge the set in the usual way via a MicroUSB cable, but Dobly also includes a swanky magnetic charging cradle in the box.


    杜比LifeMix是高级降噪技术 (Dolby LifeMix is Advanced Noise Cancellation)

    The Dimension Headphones feature active noise cancellation, an electronic system that uses microphones and audio processing to cancel out persistent low-frequency noises. That’s not a new feature; active noise cancellation has been around for decades. But LifeMix is a new trick in the Dimension Headphones and a novel approach to the feature.

    Dimension耳机具有主动降噪功能,这是一种使用麦克风和音频处理来消除持续性低频噪声的电子系统。 这不是一个新功能; 主动噪声消除已经存在了数十年。 但是LifeMix是Dimension耳机的新花招,也是该功能的一种新颖方法。

    Dolby Dimension LifeMix app.

    LifeMix lets you change the level of noise cancellation, from totally off to “boost” at 11 (exactly the opposite of the old Spinal Tap joke). But in addition to blocking out the noises around you, LifeMix can highlight exterior sounds instead. This lets people focus intently on music or movie audio while still listening for external noises, like a baby monitor or doorbell. Advanced audio algorithms isolate frequencies of human voices for particular clarity.

    LifeMix可以让您将噪声消除的级别从完全关闭更改为“增强”(11级)(与旧的Spinal Tap笑话完全相反)。 但是,LifeMix除了可以阻挡周围的噪音之外,还可以突出显示外部声音。 这样一来,人们既可以专注于音乐或电影音频,又可以聆听婴儿监视器或门铃等外界噪音。 先进的音频算法可将人声的频率隔离开来,从而使其更加清晰。

    You can control the LifeMix feature using the touchpad on the headphones, or fine-tune it using the paired Dimension smartphone app. Speaking of which…

    您可以使用耳机上的触摸板控制LifeMix功能,或使用配对的Dimension智能手机应用程序对其进行微调。 说到…

    通过手机控制多设备配对 (Multi-Device Pairing Controlled With Your Phone)

    Dolby Dimension Headphones device switching buttons.

    These headphones can handle three simultaneous connections, but anyone willing to drop $600 on them probably has even more gadgets they’d like to hook up. The Dimension smartphone app can handle an additional five connections, swapping them out on the cans’ one-touch physical controls without the need to unpair and re-pair the headphones themselves. It’s a handy feature, provided your Android or iPhone is one of the devices you always want to connect to (and that seems like a safe bet).

    这些耳机可以同时处理三个连接,但是任何愿意花600美元购买它们的人都可能会想要连接更多的小工具。 Dimension智能手机应用程序可以处理另外五个连接,将它们替换为易拉罐的一键式物理控件,而无需取消配对和重新配对耳机本身。 如果您的AndroidiPhone是您一直想连接的设备之一(这似乎是个安全的选择),那么这是一个方便的功能。

    头部追踪始终成直角 (Head Tracking Always Has The Right Angle)

    The Dimension headphones include a head tracking feature. Why? The answer is a little unorthodox, at least outside of the realm of VR. The system uses directional sound virtualization—the same tech that powers “virtual” surround sound from just two drivers for video games—to simulate sound coming from a single directional source, like a TV.

    Dimension耳机具有头部跟踪功能。 为什么? 答案有点不合常规,至少在VR领域之外。 该系统使用定向声音虚拟化技术(该技术仅通过两个视频游戏驱动程序“虚拟”环绕声提供动力)就可以模拟来自单个定向信号源(如电视)的声音。

    Combined with the virtual surround of Dolby Atmos, which is enabled in most newer Blu-ray home video releases and home stereo receivers, the head tracking component creates a consistent profile with the sound of the movie coming from the TV, no matter which way your head is actually pointed. So if you suddenly turn your head to the right for an ambient noise you heard via LifeMix—say, a baby monitor—a sound intended to be on the center surround channel will come mostly from the left headphone driver, instead of equally from both.

    结合了在大多数较新的蓝光家庭视频发行版和家庭立体声接收器中启用的杜比全景声( Dolby Atmos)虚拟环绕声,无论您采用哪种方式,头部跟踪组件都可以与电视中的电影声音形成一致的轮廓头实际上是尖的。 因此,如果您突然将头转向右侧以通过LifeMix听到声音(例如婴儿监视器),则打算放在中央环绕声道中的声音将主要来自左耳机驱动器,而不是来自两者。

    Dolby Dimension Headphones feature head tracking for consistent surround sound.

    It’s a neat trick, and one that wouldn’t be possible without Dolby software and some pretty sophisticated hardware running at both ends. But it might also be a bit disorienting if you’re expecting a standard headphone listening experience, so it’s a good thing it’s optional.

    这是一个巧妙的技巧,如果没有杜比软件和两端都运行的相当复杂的硬件,这是不可能的。 但是,如果您期望获得标准的耳机收听体验,这可能也会使您感到迷惑,因此,它是可选的,这是一件好事。

    其他耳机会获得这些功能吗? (Will Other Headphones Get These Features?)

    It’s unclear. Dolby doesn’t typically sell hardware directly to consumers, preferring to license its software and services to everything from electronics manufacturers to stadiums and movie theaters. Barring a radical shift in the company’s direction, it seems unlikely that Dolby is eager to compete with the likes of Sony, Bose, and Sennheiser.

    还不清楚 杜比(Dolby)通常不会直接向消费​​者出售硬件,而是倾向于将其软件和服务授权给从电子制造商到体育馆和电影院的所有产品。 除非公司方向发生重大变化,否则杜比似乎不太可能渴望与索尼,博斯和森海塞尔等公司竞争。

    That being the case, it wouldn’t surprise us to see some of the proprietary technology in the Dimensions Headphones leaking out to other headphone manufacturers, specifically in high-end sets aimed more at home use than travel or sports. Dolby may be using its branded set to test out some of these features as it develops yet more standards for its partners to include in future products.

    在这种情况下,Dimensions耳机中的某些专有技术泄漏给其他耳机制造商,尤其是针对高端家用设备(而不是旅行或运动)的设备泄漏到其他耳机制造商,这不足为奇。 杜比(Dolby)可能会使用其品牌套装来测试其中的某些功能,因为它会为其合作伙伴开发更多的标准以使其包含在未来的产品中。

    Or, Dolby could buck our expectations and make Dimensions its own line of consumer audio products. Stranger things have happened. We’ll likely see in late 2019 or early 2020, when a replacement set of Dolby Dimensions Headphones would be due, or similar products from Dolby’s partners begin appearing.

    或者,杜比(Dolby)可能违背我们的期望,并将Dimensions作为其自己的消费音频产品线。 发生了奇怪的事情。 我们可能会在2019年末或2020年初看到替换杜比维度耳机的套装,或者杜比合作伙伴的类似产品开始出现。

    翻译自: https://www.howtogeek.com/402812/what-are-dolby-dimension-headphones/


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