• 关于unity5与之前4的主要升级有 1.全新的图形引擎 2.云协作平台(类似于git这种版本管理) 3.更多的云端不同设备的测试 4.多平台的支持 貌似现在还支持了NS平台 unity编辑器下载地址...








    unity hub下载地址https://store.unity.com/cn/download?ref=personal

    1.首先下载hub搞一下个人版本的许可证(unity5个人版完全免费 因此直接正规渠道即可)


    3.安装编辑器 然后hub会自动将当前版本加入hub统一管理


    我在安装最新版本时出现 进入编辑器报错的情况 因此如果出现问题可以试一下历史版本 


    2.写出脚本后需要将脚本放置在对象下 成为对象的组件 才可以生效 

  • Unity 5实战 使用C#和Unity开发多平台游戏,Unity 5实战 使用C#和Unity开发多平台游戏,Unity 5实战 使用C#和Unity开发多平台游戏
  • unity 启动协程 Unity 5在这里。 为了每一个。 (Unity 5 is here. For everyone.) Today is the big day. We’re launching Unity 5 globally. Today. Yes, you can all download it now. 今天是个大日子。 我们...

    unity 启动协程

    Unity 5 is here. For everyone.

    Unity 5在这里。 为了每一个。

    Today is the big day. We’re launching Unity 5 globally.  Today.  Yes, you can all download it now.

    今天是个大日子。 我们正在全球范围内启动Unity 5。 今天。 是的, 您现在都可以下载它

    There are literally over a thousand improvements in Unity 5 that we’d love to talk about.  My quick blog today is not the place to do that.  This note is being posted just as I go on stage to officially launch Unity 5 at GDC in San Francisco.  We’re live streaming the launch and you will see Joachim, Ralph Hauwert, Todd Hooper, Will Goldstone go deeper on the technical upgrades in Unity 5.0.  You will also see David, of course!  And, there will be a few ‘guests’ from the industry on stage to talk about Unity 5 in their own words.  Visit our website at Unity3d.com for the latest details and explanations.  Also — Joachim will post some thoughts later this week once he gets through the craziness of the start of GDC.

    我们很乐意谈论Unity 5上的一千多项改进。 我今天的快速博客不是这样做的地方。 就在我上台在旧金山GDC正式启动Unity 5时发布了此便笺。 我们正在现场直播发布会,您将看到Joachim,Ralph Hauwert,Todd Hooper,Will Goldstone在Unity 5.0中进行技术升级。 您当然也会看到David! 并且,将有一些来自业界的“嘉宾”用他们自己的话来谈论Unity 5。 请访问我们的网站Unity3d.com ,以获取最新的详细信息和说明。 另外-约阿希姆(Joachim)一旦克服了GDC成立的疯狂,就会在本周晚些时候发表一些想法。

    While I can’t get into all the technical detail on Unity 5 in a short post, I do want to share with you the big ideas that we think define Unity 5.

    尽管我无法在短篇文章中深入介绍Unity 5的所有技术细节,但我还是想与大家分享我们认为定义Unity 5的重要构想。

    1. It is a graphics powerhouse capable of rendering beautiful, complex and detailed scenes.


    2. The highly extensible and feature rich editor is now 64-bit and is even more robust than ever with additions like our huge suite of integrated audio design tools*.  (* full multi-track audio mixer.  very cool.)

      高度可扩展且功能丰富的编辑器现在为64位,并且通过诸如我们庞大的集成音频设计工具套件*之类的附加功能,其功能比以往任何时候都更加强大。 (*完整的多轨音频混音器。非常酷。)

    3. Unity’s industry leading multiplatform support grow with WebGL and improves with better console platform support and the introduction of IL2CPP.  Unity now supports 21(!) platforms.

      随着WebGL的发展,Unity业界领先的多平台支持不断增长,并通过更好的控制台平台支持和IL2CPP的引入而得到改善。 Unity现在支持21(!)平台。

    4. With the launch of Unity 5, we are launching Unity Cloud Build which is providing an option to developers to boost their productivity and efficiency through the cloud. You can learn more about Unity 5 here.

      随着Unity 5的发布,我们将启动Unity Cloud Build,它为开发人员提供了一种选择,可以通过云提高生产力和效率。 您可以在此处了解有关Unity 5的更多信息

    The business model…. one of the big questions for everyone.  We’re evolving the best licensing model in the business into something even better. We’re adding value and power so that everyone has the creative freedom they need to succeed.  Before I describe our pricing model, I want to take a moment and describe the philosophy behind the new pricing. I know I am on tricky ground in describing pricing philosophically.  For many, I am sure you’d rather just see the numbers.  Here goes.  First, know that our pricing for Unity 5 is as much about Unity and our values at Unity as it is about anything else. This is entirely different than with any company I have worked with in my life.  We did not start with setting a profit goal and working backwards.  We started with two goals and worked forward to our developers.

    商业模式…。 每个人面临的主要问题之一。 我们正在将业务中最好的许可模式发展到更好的状态。 我们正在增加价值和力量,以使每个人都有取得成功所需的创造性自由。 在描述我们的定价模型之前,我想花一点时间并描述新定价背后的理念。 我知道我在哲学上描述定价时会遇到棘手的问题。 对于许多人来说,我相信您宁愿只看数字。 开始。 首先,要知道我们对Unity 5的定价与Unity以及我们在Unity的价值观一样重要。 这与我一生工作过的任何一家公司完全不同。 我们从设定利润目标和倒退开始。 我们从两个目标开始,然后一直致力于开发人员。

    Goal #1 — One of the founding principles of Unity is the idea that we work hard to solve very hard technical problems so our developers / users won’t have to.  For this to be at all relevant, our best tools need to be a great value.

    目标#1 – Unity的基本原则之一是我们要努力解决非常棘手的技术问题,因此我们的开发人员/用户不必这样做。 为了使这一切相关,我们最好的工具必须具有很高的价值。

    Goal #2 — Deep in Unity’s culture is the principle of Democracy. The goal is to price in such a way as to reflect our principles.  Democracy is the principle we were founded on, and it means we do our best to put Unity in the hands of developers, Indies or Pros, that may not have the resources to pay for it.  Its about enabling most everyone to create with the best tools we can make.  I won’t get too soppy in this post — but is is an honor for me to work in a company so mission driven and principled.

    目标2:在民主文化中深入团结文化。 目标是以反映我们原则的方式进行定价。 民主是我们赖以建立的原则,这意味着我们将竭尽全力将Unity交给可能没有足够资源来支付它的开发人员,印度裔或专业人士。 它涉及到使大多数人都可以使用我们可以制作的最佳工具进行创建。 在这篇文章中,我不会太过露骨,但是对我来说,在这样一个以使命为导向,有原则的公司工作是很荣幸的。

    So, on to the pricing model.  We have two.

    因此,转到定价模型。 我们有两个。

    Unity 5专业版 (Unity 5 Professional Edition)

    With Unity 5 Professional Edition, we’re adding incredible value for teams of all sizes.  Unity 5 Pro will have same starting price point as with Unity 4 Pro, at  $75/month subscription or $1500 perpetual. Pro customers get all the power of Unity 5 plus:

    借助Unity 5 Professional Edition,我们为各种规模的团队提供了难以置信的价值。 Unity 5 Pro的起步价与Unity 4 Pro相同,起价为75美元/月,或永久性1500美元。 专业客户可获得Unity 5 plus的全部功能:

    • Team License


    • Unity Cloud Build Pro (12-month subscription)

      Unity Cloud Build Pro(12个月订阅)

    • Unity Analytics Pro (currently in beta)

      Unity Analytics Pro(当前为Beta)

    • Game Performance Reporting (currently in preview)


    • Asset Store Level 11 (a new collection of free assets available each month)


    • Access to previews and betas


    • No revenue limit, no revenue share


    We think this is a huge value.  Unity 5 Pro provides a huge upgrade from Unity 4, and it comes with a bunch of extra services and a team license, all for the base pricing of Unity 4.  Inflation gone backwards… or, put another way, better value than ever before.

    我们认为这是一个巨大的价值。 Unity 5 Pro提供了从Unity 4的巨大升级,并提供了许多额外的服务和团队许可,所有这些费用都是Unity 4的基本价格。

    Unity 5个人版 (Unity 5 Personal Edition)

    Democracy is something we believe in. It’s in the DNA of those that work at Unity. It’s one of the things that drew me to the company. It’s also one of the things that is most important to the games industry. So with that in mind, we are launching Unity 5 Personal Edition. Unity 5 Personal Edition provides all the power of Unity 5 engine and editor. To clarify — this is important — it is the same Unity 5 engine and editor as in the Pro Edition.  It comes with all the features including  Profiler, Occlusion Culling, Render-to-Texture, and Post-Processing Special Effects as well as all the big Unity 5 features like Physically-based Shading, Enlighten, reflection probes and much more.

    民主是我们的信念。这是Unity员工的DNA。 这是吸引我进入公司的一件事。 对于游戏行业来说,这也是最重要的事情之一。 因此,考虑到这一点,我们将启动Unity 5 Personal Edition。 Unity 5 Personal Edition提供了Unity 5引擎和编辑器的所有功能。 为了阐明这一点(这很重要),它是与Pro Edition中相同的Unity 5引擎和编辑器。 它具有所有功能,包括探查器,遮挡剔除,渲染到纹理和后处理特殊效果,以及Unity 5的所有主要功能,例如基于物理的阴影,Enlighten,反射探针等。

    Unity 5 Personal Edition is free.  No royalty.  Free.

    Unity 5 Personal Edition是免费的。 没有版税。 自由。

    Unity 5 Personal Edition is for professional developers, Indies, hobbyists and studios with revenue under $100,000 and funding under $100,000.

    Unity 5 Personal Edition适用于收入低于100,000美元且资金低于100,000美元的专业开发人员,印度裔,业余爱好者和工作室。

    You can see a full comparison of the licenses here.


    Download Unity 5, play with it, experiment with it, and create something beautiful and lasting.

    下载Unity 5,进行试用,尝试并创建美观持久的产品。

    Today is a big day.  I hope you are as excited about it as we are at Unity.

    今天是重要的一天。 希望您像我们在Unity一样对它感到兴奋。

    John Riccitiello


    翻译自: https://blogs.unity3d.com/2015/03/03/unity-5-launch/

    unity 启动协程

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  • Unity5实战 使用C#和Unity开发多平台游戏,清华大学出版社
  • unity3d5.6_Unity 5

    2020-09-06 21:11:37
    unity 5.xToday, at the biggest show in the game development industry, we threw the veil off of Unity 5 and announced that it’s coming this year! This release is about combining all perspectives of ...


    Today, at the biggest show in the game development industry, we threw the veil off of Unity 5 and announced that it’s coming this year! This release is about combining all perspectives of game development together. We’re adding crazy fancy middleware to Unity, helping you out with your business, optimizing the engine dramatically, creating better workflows and filling gaps where we knew we could do better.

    今天,在游戏开发行业最大的展览上,我们揭开了Unity 5的面纱, 并宣布将于今年推出! 此版本将游戏开发的所有观点结合在一起。 我们正在Unity中添加疯狂的花哨中间件,以帮助您开展业务,显着优化引擎,创建更好的工作流程并填补我们知道可以做得更好的空白。

    You will be blown away.



    Unity 5.0 ushers in the 64-bit era, we’re upgrading PhysX to the newest and most powerful 3.3, and a new multithreaded job scheduler will be introduced so that you can light all the cores on fire.

    Unity 5.0迎来了64位时代,我们正在将PhysX升级到最新,功能最强大的3.3,并且将引入新的多线程作业调度程序,以便您可以点亮所有内核。

    But the biggest thing of Unity 5.0 is our new physically-based unified shading system (example screenshot below) and the new Geomerics’ Enlighten real-time global illumination engine.

    但是Unity 5.0的最大优点是我们新的基于物理的统一着色系统(下面的示例屏幕截图)和新的Geomerics的Enlighten实时全局照明引擎。


    If you haven’t heard of Enlighten yet, it’s the most advanced lighting system the games industry knows and is used for some of the most beautiful games today, across many art styles. For examples, just take look at Battlefield 4 or Plants vs Zombies: Garden Warfare both.

    如果您还没有听说过Enlighten,那么它是游戏行业所知道的最先进的照明系统,并且用于许多艺术风格的当今一些最漂亮的游戏。 例如,只需看一下《战地风云4》或《植物大战僵尸:花园大战》。

    The lighting workflow is made even more incredible by the first-ever in-editor real-time lightmap previews based on Imagination’s PowerVR Ray Tracing technology. Artists receive near instantaneous feedback on changes to lighting in-scene while lightmap baking completes in the background meaning artists can keep playing and refining without interruption.

    基于Imagination的PowerVR光线追踪技术的首次编辑器内实时光照贴图预览使照明工作流程变得更加不可思议。 当灯光映射在后台完成时,美术师会收到几乎即时的有关照明场景变化的反馈,这意味着美术师可以不间断地进行演奏和提炼。

    Game visuals often get the most glory, but without the backing of incredible sound, the best of game designs falls flat. That’s why Unity 5.0 is introducing a completely overhauled sound system, which is much more robust and has visual tools for sound designers. The entire audio pipeline was ripped out and reconstructed to be more flexible and efficient. The first huge addition to this pipeline is our awesome Audio Mixer providing the power to create highly complex and dynamic soundscapes in game.

    游戏视觉效果通常会获得最大的荣耀,但是如果没有令人难以置信的声音的支持,那么最好的游戏设计就会变得平淡无奇。 这就是为什么Unity 5.0引入了全面检修的声音系统的原因,该系统更加健壮,并且具有针对声音设计者的可视化工具。 整个音频管道都被撕掉并重建,以更加灵活和高效。 该管道的第一个巨大补充是我们超赞的音频混音器,可在游戏中创建高度复杂和动态的音景。


    There are a load of other improvements as well. Several big changes to Mecanim like StateMachine Behaviors make the tools even more incredible. NavMeshes get an upgrade, SpeedTree is integrated, and a set of 2D physics effectors add important changes that affect a wide variety of developers.

    还有很多其他改进。 对Mecanim的一些重大更改(例如StateMachine Behaviors)使这些工具变得更加不可思议。 NavMeshes进行了升级,集成了SpeedTree,并且一组2D物理效应器添加了影响许多开发人员的重要更改。

    Unity 5 will also introduce our Unity Cloud integration, a big part of our new focus on helping developers succeed beyond phases of game construction and in the crowded and competitive landscape of mobile games. It’s integrated, easy to use, and gives developers the tools to cross-promote their games with other developers via interstitial ads.

    Unity 5还将介绍我们的Unity Cloud集成,这是我们新重点的重要组成部分,该新重点致力于帮助开发人员在游戏构建阶段以及拥挤且竞争激烈的手机游戏领域中取得成功。 它是集成的,易于使用的,并为开发人员提供了通过插页式广告与其他开发人员进行交叉促销的工具。

    But that’s not where it stops, not by a long shot. Unity has long been one of the leading engines for games on the web and it’s a position we take seriously. That’s why we’re finally announcing the work we’ve been doing with Mozilla to get WebGL and asm.js support in Unity. The results are already pretty awesome. In fact, we’ll have a nice shiny playable WebGL demo of Dead Trigger 2 (big thanks to our friends at Madfinger!) at GDC, so make sure to drop by and take a look! WebGL deployment will be available as an add-on in Unity 5.

    但这不是止步不前,不是长远的目标。 长期以来,Unity一直是网络游戏的领先引擎之一,我们对此非常重视。 这就是为什么我们最终宣布我们一直在与Mozilla进行合作以在Unity中获得WebGL和asm.js支持的工作。 结果已经非常棒了。 实际上,我们将在GDC上提供一个出色的,可玩的,令人毛骨悚然的《死亡触发2》的WebGL演示(非常感谢Madfinger的朋友!),因此请务必顺便看看! WebGL部署将在Unity 5中作为附加组件提供。


    And, as you’d expect, Unity 5 is available now for pre-order from the Unity Store. You can also feel free to contact your local sales rep. Those who pre-order Unity Pro 5 will also receive Unity Pro 4.

    而且,正如您期望的那样,现在可以从Unity Store预订Unity 5。 您也可以随时与您当地的销售代表联系 。 预订Unity Pro 5的人还将获得Unity Pro 4。

    Btw. if you were wondering, the new GUI system is getting really close and it’ll be included in Unity 4.6, which will also be the last major update in the Unity 4 cycle.

    顺便说一句。 如果您想知道,新的GUI系统已经非常接近,它将包含在Unity 4.6中,这也是Unity 4周期的最后一个主要更新。



    翻译自: https://blogs.unity3d.com/2014/03/18/unity-5/


  • unity5标准资源包

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  • Unity5实战 使用C#和Unity开发多平台游戏 书中的源码和资源
  • Unity4 升级到 Unity5 更新小记

    为了某一个Bug,把游戏工程从Unity4.6 升级到Unity5 测试,中间出现了一些问题,小记。

    (1) Plugin的使用变化

    在Unity5.0中,对于每一个导入的DLL、SO、Jar这些看起来像 Plugin 文件的文件,都会有一个选项设置其作用平台。从Unity4.6 升级到 Unity5.0 的时候,有一些文件不能被正确的判断平台,就会在Platform 选项上设置为 所有 ,就出现了下面的错误。

    我们只要找到 对应的文件,然后设置其作用的平台就可以解决这个BUG。

    对于DLL,如果这个DLL文件并不是Plugin文件,就取消掉 Platform 的任何勾选。

    (2) 废弃了 AddComponent(string) 接口 

    从Unity4.6 更新到Unity5.0 ,打开工程后,Unity会自动检测代码并且转换代码到新的API。AddComponent(string) 这个API被转换到下面的样子。

    addedComponent = UnityEngineInternal.APIUpdaterRuntimeServices.AddComponent(go, "Assets/PlayMaker/Actions/AddComponent.cs (56,21)", component.Value);

    在UnityEditor 环境下能正常运行居然,但是在导出Xcode工程时报错:

    Assets/PlayMaker/Actions/AddComponent.cs(56,88): error CS0619: `UnityEngineInternal.APIUpdaterRuntimeServices.AddComponent(UnityEngine.GameObject, string, string)' is obsolete: `Method is not meant to be used at runtime. Please, replace this call with GameObject.AddComponent<T>()/GameObject.AddComponent(Type).'

    意思就是说这个API呗废弃了,现在只能使用 AddComponent(T) 了。

    于是修改,先用System.Type.GetType(string) 获取Type,然后在AddComponet 。






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  • unity5.x完全自学手册

    2017-10-31 20:12:14
  • Unity5实战使用C#和Unity开发多平台游戏》源码及pdf文件 存在百度网盘中
  • unity4升级到unity5注意事项解析

    千次阅读 2016-10-08 18:54:24
  • Unity 5光照贴图烘焙

    2019-04-14 18:58:34
    Unity 5光照贴图烘焙



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