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  • 软件工程概论 游戏工程概论 (Introduction To Game Engineering) This course requires a lot of patience and dedication and in this tutorial you will be learning about a lot of interesting elements and ...


    This course requires a lot of patience and dedication and in this tutorial you will be learning about a lot of interesting elements and components which you have been wondering till now, about how games are developed and engineered.


    This is the tutorial which will give you a detailed overview of all the internal architecture and components required for Game development.


    什么是游戏? (What is a Game?)

    Well, you all have heard about the term Game. A Game can be defined as an activity enrolled for amusement as a prepared form of play that basically undertakes for enjoyment and/or as an educational tool.

    好吧,你们都听说过游戏一词。 游戏可以定义为一种为娱乐而注册的活动,它是一种主要为娱乐而准备的游戏形式和/或作为一种教育工具。

    According to Game Theory, which is a study of mathematical models, while playing a game, there is either a win or a loss or a tie among the candidates participating in the game and that is based on the actions performed or the decisions taken during the gameplay.

    根据对数学模型进行研究的“ 游戏理论” ,在玩游戏时,参加游戏的候选人之间是赢还是输,或者是平局,这是基于游戏过程中执行的动作或做出的决定。游戏玩法。

    The key components almost every game is having are its objectives, regulations and conventions, challenges, and interaction. While a player plays any game, it usually involves mental or physical stimulation and frequently both. This eventually boosts up human senses and reacting and thinking capability also (which we will discuss in the Advantages of Game Engineering and playing part). Many games help develop practical skills (like simulation games), while other serve as a form of doing exercises (VR and X-box oriented Games), while some other games helps developing educational or psychological potential.

    几乎每款游戏都具有的关键组成部分是目标,法规和约定,挑战和互动。 玩家玩任何游戏时,通常都涉及精神或身体刺激,并且经常同时发生。 最终,这将增强人类的感知能力以及React和思考能力(我们将在“ 游戏工程优势”和“游戏性”中进行讨论)。 许多游戏有助于发展实用技能(例如模拟游戏),而其他一些游戏则可以作为锻炼的一种形式(VR和面向X-box的游戏),而其他一些游戏则有助于开发教育或心理潜能。

    什么是电子游戏? (What is a Video Game?)

    A video game can be defined as a game that runs on electronic devices which involves humans interacting with a user interface(UI) for generating visual responses on any video device like TV screen or computer monitor. This electronic game when played by a user, deals with a set of graphics, images or even audio to make the game more interactive.

    视频游戏可以定义为在电子设备上运行的游戏,其中涉及人类与用户界面(UI)进行交互以在任何视频设备(如电视屏幕或计算机监视器)上生成视觉响应。 该电子游戏由用户玩时,会处理一组图形,图像甚至音频,以使游戏更具交互性。

    In simple words, video games are the digital entertainment platform (which is a form of software) that humans "play" via a computer, TV, smart phones, tablets or other gaming consoles. The word video in video game was a traditional add-on which came into existence when people used raster display device (still used in some places), but after the 20th century, this term was used for any type of display device which had the capability to produce two- or three-dimensional images/videos.

    简而言之,视频游戏是人类通过计算机,电视,智能手机,平板电脑或其他游戏机“玩”的数字娱乐平台(软件的一种形式)。 在视频游戏这个词视频是传统的附加在其上应运而生,当人们使用光栅显示设备(在一些地方仍在使用),但在20世纪之后,被用于任何类型的显示设备,其有能力这个词产生二维或三维图像/视频。

    游戏开发 (Game Development)

    Game development is the procedure of creating video games which involves working on some platform/software to develop the game. The development is undertaken by a game developer which can be one person or a team of Game Engineers (for constructing the overall structure and game play), Designers (for designing the objects and animations), Coders (for coding and giving life to the game including logics, score and other calculations), Project Manager (for managing and promoting the game), Game Tester (who will test the game after it has been developed to find bugs in the game, if any). All of these human resources come under Game developers and the process of developing the complete game is termed as Game Engineering.

    游戏开发是创建视频游戏的过程,涉及在某些平台/软件上进行游戏开发。 开发工作由游戏开发人员进行,游戏开发人员可以是一个人或一组游戏工程师 (用于构建整体结构和游戏玩法), 设计师 (用于设计对象和动画), 编码器 (用于编码并赋予游戏生命)包括逻辑,得分和其他计算), 项目经理 (用于管理和推广游戏), 游戏测试器 (开发该游戏后会测试该游戏以发现游戏中的错误(如果有)的人)。 所有这些人力资源都归游戏开发人员所有,开发整个游戏的过程称为游戏工程

    The first video games were developed and released in the year 1960. But for running those games, mainframe computers were required and were not available (at that time) to common public. Later, commercial games were made in 1970s with the era of 1st - generation video games along with consoles and home computers (desktops).

    第一款视频游戏是在1960年开发和发布的。但是,为了运行这些游戏,大型计算机是必需的,并且当时(当时)普通大众无法使用。 后来,随着第一代视频游戏以及游戏机和家用计算机(台式机)时代的到来,商业游戏诞生于1970年代。

    谁是游戏开发商? (Who are Game Developers?)

    Game Developers are the people who create a game from scratch, and they work like software developers with a specialization in video game development - where the focus of the developer lies in creating video games. A game developer's team may vary from one person who undertakes every tasks (in developing a complete game) to a large business firm in which, to develop a game - the responsibilities are divided among individual disciplines, like programming, design, art & game play planning, testing, etc.

    游戏开发人员是从头开始创建游戏的人,他们像软件开发人员一样从事视频游戏开发方面的工作-开发人员的重点在于创建视频游戏。 游戏开发人员的团队可能有所不同,从承担所有任务(开发完整游戏)的人到大型商业公司(开发游戏),大型公司的职责划分为各个学科,例如编程,设计,美术和游戏规划,测试等

    It is to be noted that a small game can be developed by one or two individuals (like Mario, Puzzle, Maze), but when it comes to large games like GTA, IGI, NFS, COD etc, a whole team of developers work to accomplish the game to success.


    There are developers who have specialization in different game developing software (eg. Unity 3D, Unreal etc) or animating software (eg. Autodex Maya, Blender etc). Also developers may be specialized in a certain gaming platforms or game consoles (like the Nintendo's - Wii U, Sony's PlayStation 4, Microsoft's X-box etc), while other developers may develop games for specific devices like personal computers or smart phones.

    有些开发人员专门研究不同的游戏开发软件(例如Unity 3D,Unreal等)或动画软件(例如Autodex Maya,Blender等)。 此外,开发人员可能专门研究某些游戏平台或游戏机(如Nintendo的-Wii U,Sony的PlayStation 4,Microsoft的X-box等),而其他开发人员可能针对诸如个人计算机或智能手机之类的特定设备开发游戏。

    游戏开发工具 (Game Development Tools)

    Game development tools are specialized software solutions which allow and facilitate the development of a video game easier. In developing a game, the team of developers may need animation software to design a player, or trees, or any other object being used in the game; or a coder may need Visual Studio or MonoDevelop editor to inject specific code to move a game object, all these tools come under Game development tools. In other words we can say that the tools required to develop the complete game comes under the tag-line of game development tools. All these tools helps in engineering a game.

    游戏开发工具是专用的软件解决方案,可以轻松地促进视频游戏的开发。 在开发游戏时,开发团队可能需要动画软件来设计玩家,树木或游戏中使用的任何其他对象。 或者编码人员可能需要Visual StudioMonoDevelop编辑器来注入特定的代码来移动游戏对象,所有这些工具都属于游戏开发工具。 换句话说,我们可以说开发完整游戏所需的工具属于游戏开发工具的标语。 所有这些工具都有助于设计游戏。

    翻译自: https://www.studytonight.com/3d-game-engineering-with-unity/introduction


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